16 Best plant identification apps for Android & iOS

When we go hiking, going out to nature, by the river or taking a walk, we see plants. They surround us throughout our lives, and we are indebted to them for oxygen.

Beautiful flowers always grow in the gardens and plots near the house, but we have no idea what they are called. We don’t know the details of their growth, their peculiarities and so on.

It turns out that even if we have seen a beautiful plant somewhere, it is almost impossible to find it – because in flower shops no one will understand about what we are talking about by description.

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What if you’re in the woods and there are no people who know about it? Then you will not define what kind of plant is in front of you. In this case, were developed apps that help you to recognize a flower, plant or tree almost without your participation, just by its image.

We found for you 17 Best plant identification apps for Android & iOS, which you can download to your smartphone and use when necessary.


plantifier-logoPlantifier will be useful for all lovers of plants, flora and beautiful greenery around. You can use it only if you don’t need to know the name of the plant immediately – you won’t get what you need instantly. The whole service is based on the MyGarden.org forum, whose users are experts in the field.

How the whole recognition process works: you upload a photo of the plant, flower or tree you are interested in and that’s it! After a while, users will help you find out what it is. If the Expert Advisor has answered you correctly and really helped you, you mark it. In general, Plantifier is a convenient service for learning something new about plants and to highlight information from people who are passionate about flora.



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PictureThis – Flowers&Plants Identification

picturethis-logoIn this application you will be able to quickly find out the necessary information. On a walk or camping trip, your children are constantly asking questions about the surrounding plants, and you do not know what to answer them? To satisfy your curiosity, you can start looking for information on the Internet, but it will be much longer than you would like. The PictureThis app will help.

PictureThis allows you to identify plants, succulents, trees and even cacti in seconds. Simply point the camera at the flower and the app will detect it with 98% accuracy. You’ll find more information, details about care and watering, and interesting facts and tips from professionals.

Also, the service can remind you about the watering if you already have plants. PictureThis will help you to teach your children something new and interesting, as well as learn new information yourself.

picturethis-screen picturethis-screen2


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PlantSnap – Identify Plants, Flowers, Trees&More

plantsnap-logoPlantSnap is a service developed with the help of the Earth.com portal. If you are fond of picking mushrooms, studying plants or just constantly wondering what is growing around you, this application will be useful for you.

The PlantSnap library has more than half a million plants, herbs, mushrooms and succulents. The entire archive has been created by the users themselves, and as you can see, it is regularly updated.

The application works with a machine learning algorithm to help you determine exactly which plant is in front of you. You can find up to 2,000 new plants every month. The application works in conjunction with its website, so you can even immediately upload your snapshots to your smartphone and they will be available on your computer as well.

A plant map is also available. If you want to find a particular flower or a category, PlantSnap will give you this opportunity. All of the application’s features are available through a paid subscription that costs less than $3 a month.

plantsnap-screen plantsnap-screen2


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What’s that flower?

whats-that-flower-logoPhoto identification is not always effective and useful. Often, to get more accurate information, you will have to search for information, use a browser search, or simply settle for inaccurate information. The What’s that flower application will help you to simplify your search, quickly find the plant you are interested in or similar to it.

Service offers you to do your own search. Choose the color of the plant, the region of its growth, a specific place of residence and some other external features – the number of petals or the length of the stem. So the results of your request will decrease in quantity and you will more likely find the flower you are interested in.

If you still want to use a photo search, remove all annoying advertisements or enable standalone mode, you will have to buy an Advanced Usage Mode.

whats-that-flower-logo whats-that-flower-screen


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inaturalist-logoA little more than just a plant search, the iNaturalist app can offer you. Here you can not only record and write down all your observations and findings, but also share them with other interested people, as well as communicate with the whole community.

iNaturalist is one of the most popular and recognized applications for identifying and searching for plants. More than 400 scientists and researchers are working to build a full base of plants and you can even join them.

Discover something new. You can find plants hundreds of miles away, study them by photo and description, and create your own plant inventory. You can get comments and discussions from naturalist groups about your findings. You can also create your own project or watch someone else’s research – become part of the naturalist community on iNaturalist.

inaturalist-screen inaturalist-screen2


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PlantNet Plant Identification

plantnet-logoPlantNet is a scientific project aimed at collecting information about wild plants on city sidewalks, near houses and in parks. It’s a whole civil engineering project that can replace a real botanist.

With the help of the application you will be able to better study and understand the many plants that exist on planet Earth – ferns, flowers, mosses and much more. Plants are so similar to each other that it is not difficult for an ordinary person to mistake them, but with PlantNet you can forget about this problem.

All you have to do is take a picture of the interesting plant and you’ll know its name and features right away. Users who load wild plants directly are especially appreciated. In this way, true scientists can study the progress of growth or even capture new species.

There are a lot of virtually identical flowers and herbs in the world, so even the smallest detail can be important – be it spikes or a special shade of petals. Now PlantNet recognizes more than 20,000 different plants, but their number is constantly growing and increasing.

Multiflora identification will allow you to identify a plant even more accurately, even if you do not know which category it belongs to.

plantnet-screen plantnet-screen2


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Nature Free – Europe

nature-free-logoGuests, tourists and residents in Europe can use a special service designed exclusively for the region. Do you want an application that can be used offline? Then Nature Free will interest you.

You can search for plants, flowers and even some animals you have found among the 750 species available for free. There is also an extended paid version – it includes more than 2,000 species. In addition to the classic description, you will also be able to hear the sound of this bird singing, see the plant from different angles and learn about some of its interesting features.

All types of free version are available offline, but it is better to have access to the Internet to find additional information. Of course, the developers do not guarantee you the full accuracy of the definition, but the probability of getting the right information is very high.

nature-free-screen nature-free-screen2


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seek-logoIt’s not enough to just identify plants? Do you want to be able to find an animal near you if necessary? In this case, Seek is the right tool for you. This utility was developed together with iNaturalist, so their design is very similar.

Seek has image recognition technology and actively uses it in its work, as well as everything that is tracked on their website – for example, a list of the most frequent plants and animals in your area. This is why Seek requests permission to locate you.

For being active, you earn icons that allow you to access research conducted in conjunction with “Our Planet” on Netflix. Your curiosity gives you the chance to learn more about life and advance your search.

seek-screen seek-screen2


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Flora Incognita

flora-incognita-logoThe application immediately attracts interest by the design of its home page. There are several colors on it, the middle of which serve as menu buttons. Now the question “What’s it blooming there” will not leave you in the dark.

Flora Incognita has more than 4.5 thousand different plants in its catalogue, which are found all over the world. The process of identifying plants is simple and intuitive: you take pictures of the plant itself – its bud, flower, stem or leaves and the service begins its work.

You will be presented with its geography, toxicity, protection status and many other facts. In the application itself you will also be able to record all your observations. Bring in information about the plants, trees, flowers and many other things that you have met. You get a whole diary with a lot of useful information. Keep in mind that indoor plants are not identified.

flora-incognita-screen flora-incognita-screen2


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Wild Edibles Forage

Wild-edibles-logoPlant research is an incredibly exciting activity. Some people like it so much that they even create special applications that relate to their hobbies. That’s how the Wild Edibles Forage app was developed. It is a real tool and encyclopedia for beginners florists and naturalists.

With Wild Edibles Forage you can explore and track plants that grow in your backyard. What if there’s an incredibly rare plant out there and you don’t even know it? Each of the plants has up to 8 of its images and photos – so you can study in more detail the greenery you are interested in. Small details, features and information about growth regions – all this is also taken into account in the description.

When you travel, you can even leave notes right on the map. Turn on GPS and Wild Edibles Forage will automatically detect where you are. You can also record your observations or plant information right there. The app allows you to get full information about the plants – toxicity, poison, characteristics and even smells.

Wild-edibles-screen2 Wild-edibles-screen


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FlowerChecker, plant identification

flowerchecker-logoThe app with an incredibly cute icon – a white flower on a blue background. FlowerChecker is your assistant in determining the species of plants, and also gives you the necessary information or additional images of the plant.

All you need to do is take a picture of a flower, bush, tree or even lichen. An experienced team of experts will give you complete and comprehensive information about the plant.

Statistically, more than 90% of your plants can be recognized. The developers of FlowerChecker believe that it is possible to recognize a plant only with the participation of a person – artificial intelligence is not able to do it.

That’s why you pay 1 dollar for each identification. On average, it takes from a few minutes to several hours to recognize a single plant, depending on its rarity. In order to try out the functionality, you are offered with 3 free recognitions. This way you will understand how efficient FlowerChecker is for you and whether it is worth buying.

flowerchecker-screen flowerchecker-screen2


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GardenTags – Plant ID & Care

garden-tags-logoWould you like to introduce all the plants from your garden? Or do you need tips on how to take care of them, as well as the nuances of growing them? In this case, you can recommend the GardenTags app. This is a full service for gardeners, which is not only convenient to use, but also useful.

Create your own profile and add to it everything that grows in your backyard. It’s like an electronic flowerbed where each of the plants will give you the information you need. You get complete instructions on how to grow them, irrigation mode and much more.

GardenTags has built-in automatic flower and plant recognition. If you doubt the result or it’s just a rare specimen, more than 100,000 gardeners will help you to solve this problem. Want to get a lot of other tips? For example, what’s best to grow in your climate, how to take care of each plant so that it can develop to its fullest and much more.

Looking for inspiration? Even with this, GardenTags can help you. See hundreds of garden and flowerbed ideas shared by other professionals and amateurs. With GardenTags, your backyard can turn into a home for plants.

garden-tags-screen garden-tags-screen2


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iPlant with Brigitte Mars

iplant-with-briggitte-mars-logoAt least once in your life you’ve heard of useful and medicinal plants. After that, you wonder if something that will help you instantly grows right next to you, and you don’t even know it. Inspired by this idea, the scientist Brigitte Mars developed the application.

Brigitte Mars is a specialist in herbs and plants, their medicinal and nutritional properties and many other things concerning flora. When you search through photos, you get full information about the plant – its etymology, properties, components and contraindications. Searching for interesting plants, you get such a lot of new information, which you would not find by using the search engine. Knowledge leads to self-sufficiency!

It is worth noting that before using herbs as a medicine you will need to consult a specialist. Do not neglect your health, even if you are sure that it will do you good.

iplant-with-briggitte-mars-screem iplant-with-briggitte-mars-screen2


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vTree – Virginia Tech Tree Identification

vtree-logoIt would seem that it is impossible to describe all the trees and plants in North America. Virginia Tech decided to prove the opposite and at least try to describe them all. vTree is a complete digital directory of dendrology, which contains complete information about almost a thousand species of trees and shrubs. Impressive, isn’t it?

The search in vTree is based on criteria and description. Initially you share your GPS coordinates with the application. On the basis of this service makes conclusions about possible plants near you and offers to answer the clarifying questions. Having gone all this way, you will get one or more possible options.

You can also send a personal or highly specialized question directly to one of Virginia Tech’s specialists, Dr. Dendro. You will be promptly answered directly from the research center. In general, it should be noted that vTree is a full-fledged digital reference book that contains full information about trees – including photos of their bark, leaves and map with locations.

vtree-screen vtree-screen2


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ipflanzen-logoThe application is a catalogue of various plants – garden, park, forest and other. To identify each of them, a special key is used, which is a series of questions for the user. These are clarifications of the flower shape and structure, leaf shape, petals and bud color. There is also a clarification on the season and other factors – because of them additional questions may be added.

Each identified plant is shown to you in the photo along with its scientific name, of course, is indicated and generally accepted. Unfortunately, iPflanzen does not have any detailed information about the plant.

That is, once identified, you will have to look for other data in your browser. But you can also install iGarten (garden plants) and iForest applications. They already contain detailed information – etymology, features, characteristics and interesting facts. Get the data you want from 3 apps at the same time – iGarten, iForest and iPflanzen.

ipflanzen-screen ipflanzen-screen2


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Garden Answers Plant Identifier

garden-answers-logoIf you are afraid that some of the plants in your garden or near your home may be dangerous for your children or pets, you can now easily identify them. Use the Garden Answers Plant Identifier app to help you with this complex issue and you’ll know exactly if there’s a potential threat near you.

To identify a flower or plant, you will need to take a snapshot and send it directly to the application. You will immediately receive comprehensive information from experts about it, its use in horticulture and gardening, as well as properties. The mechanism of artificial intelligence allows you to recognize more than 20 thousand plants and answer the most popular questions.

As we have already mentioned, there is a system of search of key questions. The archive has more than 200 thousand of the most popular facts, questions and answers. Those matches that you are most interested in and you want to keep them – you can add them to the category “Favorites”. Using Garden Answers Plant Identifier will help you to easily navigate through this huge green world.

garden-answers-screen garden-answers-screen2


The world around us is constantly changing, evolving or regressing. Plants can either disappear forever or new species can emerge that have never been seen before. In order to know exactly what is growing in your yard, you should use the presented applications.

When you go camping, go out with friends to the lake or just decide to do gardening – in any case, applications to identify plants will help you. Your smartphone is an indispensable helper in the world of plants, flowers and trees, and specialized services will only make your life easier.