7 Free Facerig Alternatives for Android & iOS

FaceRig is a platform that empowers you to have fun creating multiple avatars and animating them. But since FaceRig is not available right now, lots of its fans are looking for alternatives.

Luckily, there are lots of free FaceRig alternatives for Android and iOS that enables you to make avatars quick and simple. Plus, all these apps have different concepts – you can make a copy of yourself, an anime character, or even an animal!

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Here’s the list of 7 best apps in that category you should try. Have a look!

Avatoon – Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker & Cartoon Me


Let’s start with an app called Avatoon. This is an app that empowers you to make a virtual copy of yourself that can be animated.

This app has multiple instruments that will help you to make a stunning detailed character that will look like you. There are more than 500 things that you can tune here so you can easily spend a couple of hours picking the clothes and hair. Plus, you can literally every little detail on the model’s face — from the shape of your eyes to freckles.

Another thing that needs neds to be mentioned is the number of hair options. Not only there are hundreds of haircuts you can try but you can even make in-depth color customization. There are lots of ombre effects and all that so you can make sure the model looks as close to you as possible.

Besides, the app captures you face so the model could recreate all your facial expressions and emotions. This tool works really great and you can actually feel like you’re looking into a mirror. You can also record vids and GIFs with your hero and post it on you IG or TikTok. You can even make a sticker pack with your model and use it while chatting with your mates.

Avatoon 1 Avatoon 2


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EMOJI Face Recorder


EMOJI is an app that empowers you to make cartoonish animated avatars that are able to talk.

First of all, the app has versatile avatar options but there are lots of animal options as well. Plus, all the models are made in 3Dso they can literally shake their heads around and all that. The coolest thing about this app is that you can connect your face to the model and it will recreate your emotions. The models can even repeat your words.

Beyond that, you can tune your models with funny accessories like hats or glasses. You can also pick the mood for the model and it will repeat the actions you do with your face but with a particular emotion. Here are the available moods — funny, sad, crying, sleepy, grumpy, and lots of the other one.

Furthermore, you can switch the bg themes and even make your own unique ones (there’s even an automatic dark mode that turns on a particular time). Therewith, you can male GIFs and short vids with your model and share it as you desire. The app even has auto-posting buttons that upload the vids to your IG or Twitter.



Anime Avatar Creator: Make Your Own Avatar

Anime Avatar

As you can guess by the title, Anime Avatar Creator is an app that empowers you to make virtual copies of yourself that are drawn in manga style.

This app enables you to get creative and think about how you would look in the anime world. The app has hundreds of templates and skins you can use to make a perfect model.

Herewith, you are allowed to change every little detail on the model — form face to the outfit. As for the face, you get to go through multiple steps till it’s finished — you can pick the nose and eye shape, add blush, freckles, and even scars. The same goes for the hair — there are lots of hairstyles and styles you can try. Plus, you can pick from various hair colors and even made complex ombre looks.

Unfortunately, you can’t animate your character in this app. But you can put it in different positions and save it as pics. Therewith, you can try various backdrops, stickers, and text bubbles. Plus, you can make a sticker pack with your model and use it while chatting.

Anime Avatar 1 Anime Avatar 2


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Anymoji-3D Emoji Avatar & Cartoon Yourself


Anymoji-3D is another app that empowers you to connect your face to emoji models and make them move and repeat after you.

This app is very similar to the EMOJI, but the heroes in this one look more like the ones you have on your sticker gallery. The only difference is that all the models you can try here are animals. There are lots of options for you — from penguins and deer to unicorns.

As it was already mentioned, you can use your face as a controller to make those cute avatars to repeat your facial expressions. Therewith, all the models are 3D so you can move your head around and shake it as you want. You can also personalize your model a bit more by adding multiple accessories to them.

It’s also possible to switch the bg of the hero to monochrome or any other theme. Besides, you can record short vids and GIFS of your avatar making any facial expressions and all that. The app even empowers you to post the vids directly to TikTok, IG, or Snap if needed.

animoji 1


Mirror: Emoji Maker, Avatar, Avatoon Face Stickers


The Mirror is another app that empowers you to make cute stickers that look like a cartoonish version of your face.

The main aim of this app is to let you make your own virtual model that will look like you. This model can be then used as a sticker, a meme, or as your SM profile pic. Besides, the app has multiple skins and accessories that you can use to get close to your own appearance.

You basically get to set every detail of your face — its shape, your nose, lips, and all that. Plus, the app has multiple hairstyle options so you can be sure you find something similar to yours. You can also make a complex hair color by mixing shades and making ombre. When you’re done with that, you can add earrings, glasses, makeup, and so on.

Once your model is completed, you can add it to your keyboard to use while chatting. Thereby, you can play with backdrops, put it in a pose, and take a pic to use on your SM.

Mirror 1 Mirror 2


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3D Avatar Creator, emoji maker & keyboard | Bemoji


Bemoji is an app that empowers you to make avatars that match your and your mate’s appearance.

The app has lots of customization options so you get to make the exact copy of yourself but more cartoonish. You can tune everything from the shape of the face to the freckles. Plus, the app has various hair options that empower you to make complex hair dyeing styles — from ombre to bright accents.

Once you’re done with the model’s look, you can shift the bg and take pics to use on your SM. You can also set the list of poses and sensations and record vids with your model. The vids can be shared on TikTok or IG directly from the app.

On top of that, you get to alter your model into a sticker pack that you can use while chatting. The pack connected to your keyboard and you can use it on any messenger. You can also save it as a PNG and put it on your actual pics and selfies.

Bemoji 1 Bemoji 2


Magic Launcher – Memoji & Animoji, Live Wallpaper

Magic Launcher

And lastly, Magic Launcher is an app that empowers you to make the cutest animated avatars.

The app has a huge compilation of versatile models, and there are lots of animal options as well. Therewith, you can connect the model to your face for it to repeat all your facial expressions. It needs to be said, all the models are 3D so you can share your head ad move it around.

Plus, you can decorate your model as you like. The app has multiple accessories like hats or glasses that will make it even more personalized. Besides, there are lots of holiday-related decor packs so you can have fun on Halloween or Christmas. You can also set the backdrop of your avatar — there are multiple themes available and its number is constantly growing.

Once the model looks exactly like you want it to look you can record GIFs and short vids with it repeating after you. Unfortunately, the hero can’t speak but you can add text bubbles to it. Besides, the app empwoers you to post your vids directly to TikTok or IG which is cool. Apart from the mall this avatar stuff, the app also works as a launcher and has lots of fun tools like apps manager and all that.

Magic Launcher 1 Magic Launcher 2


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