23 Best MP3 Song Download Apps & Websites

Who can live without music nowadays? And it’s always more convenient when you have any song you want to be saved on your device! But in the era of constant protection of artists’ rights, it seems impossible to have music downloaded on your phone.

However, we created this article to prove you are wrong! We prepared the best MP3 song download apps & websites. And if you want to make the process of listening more fun, you can also check out the best music visualizer apps.


We could have started this list with more popular travel apps such as Deezer or even Spotify, however, we found this curious app that actually allows you to download music straight to your smartphone’s memory. In other words, you can save the music here straight to your SD card.

In case you want to download the music you need to install the PC version of Musicify, and only then will you be able to transfer the music to your phone and listen to it using the Musicify player.

One of the best advantages of this app is that it allows you to download music from the most popular media services, such as youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and so on.

And, as you have already guessed, Musify allows you to download videos as well. After you have downloaded a video you can convert it into an MP3 format a ride in the app. By the way, the app supports the downloading of 8K videos.

If your internet signal is powerful enough, you can use Musicify to download multiple media files at once. And if you are using the PC version of this app you can use its cutter that is built into the browser.

What is more, the developers of this app promise us that the app has a faster speed of downloads than the other apps, however, it doesn’t depend on the app it actually depends on the type of internet signal that you have.

The app contains some ads. By the way, some users complain that Musicify tends to crash on some devices. However in all other aspects, the app shows itself quite decently, so we definitely recommend trying it.


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Deezer: Music & Podcast Player

It’s not a secret that most of the music download apps are going to be Android apps only, but still trying to present to you all the variety of them including those which are available both for IOS and Android devices.

For example, Deezer. This is not exactly a music-downloading app, but we can claim that it allows you to download music within itself. It works similarly to Spotify, where you can just save the music to your phone’s cache. And that’s how you can listen to this music offline later.

Deezer provides a crazy variety of any world music, so this streaming service isn’t worse than the other ones. It is available to any user in the world and it’s absolutely free. All you have to do is just to download the app, create your account, and just start listening to the music.

When you want to save a song to your phone’s cache, so you can listen to it offline later, you just click on the small button on the right side of the song and it will be saved. Of course, this is just one of Deezer’s great features.

Here’s a short list of other significant advantages of this app:

  • you can get personalized recommendations from the app
  • create your playlists
  • listen to podcasts
  • discover translated lyrics
  • add music to your favorites, and much more.

Of course, Deezer is not exactly a music-downloading app as we already said before, but on the other hand, it is an official music distributor with great interface design and usability.



To be honest, Tidal is one of the best music apps in the market in general. It’s totally free, it allows you to save the tracks to your phone’s memory, it has created interface design, no ads, and all the latest releases of all the popular artists.

You can use it for downloading MP3 songs to your iPhone or Android. You just need to create your account as usual and therefore you will be able to listen to more than 90 million outer tracks which are presented in the app.

What is more, the app can be synchronized with smart TVs, and various services such as Amazon Alexa, and so on. In total, there are more than 150 integration possibilities. Tidal also includes music videos that you can watch.

You can create your own playlists and save them to your phone’s cache. Let’s consider it to be the downloading of music. Despite the fact that the app is free, all the music presented here is totally legal.


Mp3 Music Downloader app

We wouldn’t give this app such a high ranking if it wasn’t for song downloading. This is a standard Android app, but with the main feature of the possibility to get MP3 songs right to your device.

It has quite a standard interface, with the search bar placed at the top of the screen where you can just enter the name of this song and find the music that you want to find. The app will show you the possible variants that you can click on and, therefore, don’t load.

What is more, the app has a list of the recent most popular trending hits. If you’re interested you can just scroll the main page and explore new music. And of course, there is a possibility to listen to the song before you decide whether you wanted to download it or not.

You can also create your playlists and search music by tags. However, keep in mind that not all the songs are presented here since it’s not an official music app.

And, it’s sad, but some songs have really low quality. But all in all, it’s one of the oldest apps in this category on the Google Play market, and it has a significant number of users so it can be trusted.

Mp3 Music Downloader app1

Music Downloader For Mp3

In general, this app doesn’t differ much from other music streaming apps for iOS devices that allow its users to save the music to their cache. Even though the name of this app sounds like a music downloader for mp3, in reality, the app only allows you to save the songs in its system.

To be more precise, this is a music streaming app. And it is also a free music player with a convenient user interface. One advantage of music downloader is that it includes more than 200 million free songs from YouTube. But the developers warn you in advance that this is not a YouTube music downloader.

More than 5 million songs are presented in high quality. Therefore you can just listen to the music right in the app. By the way, this is a good tool if you need an app that would allow you to play YouTube videos in the background.

When you just open the homepage of the music downloader you see the recommendations and categories. However, everything is organized quite chaotically and the best way to find a certain song is just to type its name into the search bar.

And of course, the music downloader has some additional features such as a music timer, music visualizer, and other insignificant advantages.

Music Downloader For Mp31

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ByClick Downloader

On this note, let’s take a break from apps and explore one website in this category. This downloader is a typical example of how music download websites work today. This is actually a downloader of the videos, but later you can convert those videos into MP3 songs.

You can download videos more than from 40 websites, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. What is more, ByClick Downloader supports such browsers as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Unlike the majority of music-downloading websites, ByClick is more or less easy to use.

At least it’s not difficult to navigate here and find where to click to download the songs and not just watch the ads. What is more, this website allows you to download the whole YouTube playlists and channels. You will also be able to download the videos in the highest quality possible.

And of course, you will be able to track your downloads in real-time mode.

And if you decide to go for the premium version of the service, you will be offered a number of features, for instance, conversion of the songs to various formats, using the website without the ads, having the ability to cut ringtones, downloading subtitles, and so on.

It’s actually really cool that the website is available in two versions the free one and the one with the paid subscription which is not that expensive.

ByClick Downloader1

Pandora: Music & Podcasts

Pandora is quite a trivial music streaming app, but it’s one of the few apps for both Android and iOS platforms that allows downloading music in some kind of way. You probably already know how Pandora works.

You just add songs here to your playlist or to your favorites and you can also save them to your phone’s cache. Once again, it’s not considered the classical downloading of MP3 songs but as we mentioned earlier this option is practically unavailable for iOS devices.

Therefore, you can enjoy the experience of Pandora where you can find all the latest hits and releases and immediately say them to your phone so you can listen to them online.

One advantage here is this is an official music distribution app. And it’s free. Well, of course for that you will have to listen to some ads that this app includes, but you literally pay nothing for the songs.


HitPaw Video Converter

And again here we have software, that allows its users to download videos from the internet that later you can convert into MP3 files. Once again. All the most popular services such as Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube are available for download.

To make a long story short, here’s a quick list of what this software is capable of:

  • You can convert your videos and audio files into more than 1,000 different formats
  • You can also download videos from all platforms
  • HitPaw also allows you to download the whole playlist and channels in bulk at the highest speed (but this option is only available for Windows users)
  • There are also some additional features such as the conversion of images and gifts and so on.
  • Editing features are also here

The only thing which is not that Pleasant is that the software comes only with a short free trial period. After that, you will have to go for the yearly subscription which is not that expensive in case you are using this software in collaboration with someone.

HitPaw Video Converter1

MP3 Music Downloader App

There’s not much to say about this app. This is your standard Android app for downloading music and even though it’s one of the oldest apps on the market with more than 10 million downloads, it’s not the most reliable thing.

We would recommend only using it in case you have no other options. And the problem is not that it has too many ads or a poorly designed interface, but the fact that it constantly crashes. There are however some cool tracks in high quality that you can download anytime.

You can search for a track using the search bar that’s placed as usual at the top of the screen. Moreover, the app has categories of music sorted by genre, so you can just click on it and explore a certain one. But all in all, the functionality of the app is questionable.


Cloud Music Offline Downloader

And not so a popular music-downloading app for iPhones that by the way makes more sense in downloading MP3 music than any other apps in this category.

Speaking shortly, cloud music offline downloader allows you to import music from several services, for example, airdrop, files, Apple Music, Wi-Fi transfer, and other Cloud storage.

Therefore, you can actually download an MP3 song to your device and play it without an internet or Wi-Fi connection. What is more, the app allows you to import files from other apps whatever it means.

Another cool but not so important feature is that Cloud Music Offline Downloader allows you to work not only with MP3 files but with files of other formats. And it includes all features of a music player for example here you will find an equalizer, sleep timer, background playback, and so on.

The only disadvantage of this cloud music offline downloader is that it has ads and if you want to remove it you have to go for the paid subscription. But in other aspects, this is one of the leaders for iOS devices in terms of downloading mp3 music straight to their devices.


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We would classify this website as the Hidden Gem in the world of free downloads of MP3 music. To be more precise, this is not a website but a website from which you can get software that will allow you to download music and save it to your devices.

The software claims it has access to more than 20 million audio tracks. What is more, it has an intuitive search engine, therefore, making finding any track as easy as ever before. You can affect the search by the track title, playlist, album, artist name, and so on.

One of the advantages here is that the search results are almost always accurate. What is more, MP3 Jam gives you an opportunity to discover new artists and new tracks.

The majority of the songs that are presented here are presented in high quality. The download speed is also decent and you can discover music and different artists sorting by genres. The software is absolutely free which is another advantage.


MP3Juice: Mp3 Music Downloader

This might be nice your best app in terms of user interface convenience and usability, but it definitely performs the function that it claims it allows you to download MP3 music.

All you have to do is just so install this app and type the name of this song into the search bar that you want to get to your device and after that MP3 Juice will show you possible options. You can download those to your phone.

Before downloading you can select the quality of the song and the preferable audio format that you want to get. In fact, there are two formats. You can also select the folder where you want to make a download and also adjust some insignificant settings that you will find on your own.

The Apostle claims that it includes more than 45 million tracks. There is a music player. It trial that you don’t load here has the built-in album art and audio info. What is more, you can download the lyrics of the song. However, keep in mind that the app works not on every device, and actually, some users complain about it.

MP3Juice: Mp3 Music Downloader1

Free Music – Unlimited Free MP3 Music Streaming Player and Playlist Manager

This is another music player and music downloader for iOS devices however we’re not sure about its functionality. It is extremely obsolete but it seems to be working and since there are not so many options in this field for iPhone users, you can try this one if no other app worked.

While this app is called an MP3 player, in fact, this is a tool that allows you to download dozens of tracks for free. You just need to type in the track’s name in the search bar and see what this app has. However, note that because Free Music is an old app, it can lack some latest releases and the latest songs in general.

One additional feature of the free music app is its radio feature. Initially, this app was created for iPod but later it became available for iPhone users. You can attack the search for music by genres, albums, countries, and so on. We can’t say this is the best app ever but if you have an older iPhone you can actually go for this one.

Free Music 1

Music Downloader – DownloadMusic

Nothing unusual, just another MP3 downloader for Android devices here. The main difference between this app and the other ones in this category is that it has a simple but really convenient-to-use interface.

By opening the app you can just see the list of the most popular tracks downloaded in the app or you can just use a surge bar and find the track that you need.

The majority of songs are presented in high quality and you can download them in seconds but just clicking on the icon on the right side of the screen. Among the additional features of this music downloader, you can find the downloading history feature, a player feature, and that’s pretty much it.

If you just want to download a couple of tracks fast without extra hassle we would recommend going for this music downloader. However, its main significant disadvantage is the excess of ads.

Music Downloader - DownloadMusic1

Free Music and Video Downloader

It’s one of the oldest software on the market. However, it’s still comfortable to use for any type of person. The reason for that is that it has an intuitive platform so its users can download both music and videos from a variety of sources.

There is also a surge bar where the users can type in the name of the artist or the name of the song that they are looking for. After they found the track they can download it in seconds. The best Hallmark of this software is its Simplicity and speed.

Moreover, the tool is customizable and it allows you to sort the music files into a folder, set up and download a folder, and other aspects. The tool allows you to download up to 10 files at once.

You can download both music and video files. All in all, this is another great tool for those who want to have an access to free MP3 songs.


MP3 Music Downloader & Song Downloader

Here they go again with another Android app for downloading the music. It works really similar to the app that we described just before this one. You can just answer the app then type in the name of the song into the search bar, and find what you need.

Before downloading the song you can listen to it so you are sure about the quality. The app has the feature of an inbuilt player, however, it is not that powerful. In all other aspects, this is an extremely simple and standard app. And, as usual, it is distinctive of the excessive amount of ads.

MP3 Music Downloader & Song Downloader1

Musi – Simple Music Streaming

Musi is another streaming app for iOS. It has a user-friendly interface, it’s easy to use, and it provides quite a generous selection of music.

It has all the main features of a streaming app, for example, the search bar, the ability to create playlists, to add music to your favorites, and, what is more important, save the track you love into your phone’s cache.

One advantage of music is its music player that allows you to listen to your favorite tracks and artists right in the app in the best quality possible.

Musi won’t let you download the MP3 tracks straight to your iPhone device, but it’s even better because the songs downloaded that way won’t just be visible on your phone. And this app is absolutely free with inbuilt purchases.


4K Download

This is one of the most convenient and popular websites to download music from YouTube or other video services and convert it to an MP3 format right away. The virtue of a 4K video downloader is that it allows you to choose between the HD, 1080p, HD 720P, 4k, and 8K resolutions.

Therefore, you have access to the best quality music. This app offers the features like an app proxy and smart mode. Here you can even extract YouTube subtitles.

And one of the best features of the 4K video downloader is the fact it’s supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. In addition, it is supported by all popular. The only downside here is its free trial period lasts for only one day. After that, you’ll have to go for a paid subscription.


Music Download & Mp3 Music Downloader

This is basically a copy of one of the previous apps we described before. As you can see, downloading of Mp3 music is much easier for Android users since they have such a wide selection of apps in this category. However, they need to be careful with those since they often contain some sort of scam or malware.

In this particular case, this is a more or less acceptable app for downloading Mp3 songs to your Android device. The choice of songs is quite limited though. You can listen to a song before you decide whether you want to download it or not. And keep in mind that the app is FULL of popping-up ad banners.

Music Download & Mp3 Music Downloader1

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Music Downloader – MP3 Music

Unlike the previous Android apps, this one stands out for its clear and bright UI design and the absence of annoying ads. It provides quite a limited number of tracks that you can download to your iPhone but it’s still better than nothing.

When you open the main menu you first can explore the music by genres, artists, albums, and years or releases. There is an in-built player where you can listen to songs.


Music Get – MP3 & Music Downloader from Cloud

You probably already guessed by the name of this app that it allows iOS users to download Mp3 songs from cloud storage right to the phone’s memory.

Here you can open the app, and explore various folders in GoogleDrive, DropBox, and OneDrive, to find interesting tracks to add to your phone. By the way, the folders are constantly updated with new files. One aspect that is quite dubious is that you will have to spend some time exploring those folders.

Music Get - MP3 & Music Downloader from Cloud1

Music Downloader: MP3 Archive

This is one more music streaming app for iOS devices and it’s really curious because in this case it actually combines a music streaming app and the app that actually allows you to download the songs to your device. It has more than a decent user interface design and the feature of smart search.

The amount of songs that are presented here is quite okay, it’s not perfect and the app is locking lots of the latest music releases, but taking into consideration its wide possibilities in terms of music downloading, you can actually skip that part.

The app can be around in the background, it has additional player features such as a sleep timer, settings customization, and so on. It is convenient to listen to the music right in this app and this music downloader has some amount of ads that can be removed by going for the paid subscription.

Music Downloader: MP3 Archive

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Mp3 Music Downloader + Music Downloader

Last but not least app for downloading music on Android devices is quite a standard Android app in this sense. The basic advantage of apps in this category is the fact that they are lightweight and won’t occupy much space in your phone’s memory.

The app claims that it has one of the largest music libraries among the apps, however, it’s quite tricky to find new releases here. It will be suitable only for those who want to download older songs.

When it comes to the usage of this app everything is pretty simple if you open the app, enter the name of the song into the search bar, listen to the song, and if everything’s all right, click on the download icon on the right side.

Mp3 Music Downloader + Music Downloader1
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