11 Free Apps to Reduce Your Screen Time (Android & iOS)

Have you ever noticed that you spend way too much time on your mobile? Fortunately, there’s a simple way to get this under your full management.

There are lots of free apps to reduce your screen time (Android and iOS) that can help you minimize the time you use your mobile. These apps can be very helpful for students, writers, or anyone who gets easily distracted. Some of these apps only cover your mobile and the other ones empower you to watch over the screen time of your children.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Freedom | Block Distracting Apps and Websites

FreedomLet’s start with an app called Freedom. This is an app that empowers you to limit the apps or web pages that draw you off from work.

The main goal of this app is to get your gadget under full management. Thus, you can flip off the apps that don’t let you stay focused and regulate your screen use as you want. This app puts all the apps you have into one list and you can mark the ones you want to temporary lock.

And if you’ll try to reach the blocked app there will be a screen reminding you to go back to work (or whatever). The app can sync between all your gadgets and there are no limits for its number. Plus, you can control all your gadgets no matter which one you currently use.

Herewith, you can make blocking schedules for particular timing or days. These plans can cover both web pages and apps and you can set it up for up to a week prior. Plus, the app has a locker mode that turns off your mobile entirely for the time you’ll set. This is great when you start using the app and still may want to sneak out to play some games.

Freedom1 Freedom2


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Moment – Screen Time Tracker

The second app is called Moment and this is an app that can help you to stay off your mobile when you need to center on something.

This app tracks how often you use your mobile in a day as well as the apps you use the most. Yeah, most mobiles can do the same but this app takes it deeper. The app can show you the exact time frames for every app you’ve been using for the last week. And if you’ll want to see the earlier times you can also view it in the history section.

On top of that, you can use this app to arrange the goals for the life organization you want to achieve. For instance, you can arrange the aim to not use your mobile for the next three hours cause you need to work or whatever. Then, the app will monitor if you actually use the device or not and if you don’t it will give you a reward.

It may sound pointless but its way easier to keep yourself together when you’ve set the goal. Wherein, the app syncs between all your gadgets and observes your activity on all of them. The app also posts various articles and tips on how to not be diverted by your mobile.



Screen Time – Restrain yourself & parent control


Screen Time is another app that can help you accustom yourself to digital detox.

The main point of this app is to help you overcome your dependence on mobiles. Plus, the app aims to help you get rid of all the situations when you pointlessly scroll your Insta feed for hours without even realizing it. Thus, since the day you’ll start incorporating this app into your life it will show you stats on how much attention you pay to your gadget.

Therewith, the app marks all the apps you use and shows you graphs with the ones you use the most. It can even show you the exact time interval for any app or web page you’ve been on. Then, when your eyes are open, you can set timing frames for all the apps you have. You can make a whole schedule for an entire week and set different duration boundaries for apps or web pages.

So, when you’ll exceed the border the app will notify you that it’s time to settle your mobile away now. On top of that, you can make the list of app essentials that would always be accessible for you. The app tuns on subscription packs but it has a free trial so you could estimate if it works for you.

screentime1 screentime2


Flipd — Stay Focused, Remove Distractions


Flipd is an app that will help you to stay concentrated on your work no matter how badly you want to check out what’s new on your gadget.

If you’re the kind of person who gets easily interrupted on the gadget during work this app will be your BFF. The main aim of this app is to simply flip off your entrance to the apps that draw your attention the most so that you could stay centered. Wherein, it’s your job to mark the apps you want to lock.

Thus, the app can observe the time you usually spend on your gadget and show you the stats for the most-used apps. Then, you can pick the apps you want to turn off and set the timer for it. You can even make a full-on weekly timetable for all the apps you have.

Plus, you can establish time frames for the apps so the app will send you an alert to put aside your gadget when the time is out. There’s also a complete lock mode that just flips off your entire gadget so you can’t reach anything on it. You can also pick the apps that should always be turned on like phone calls or whatever.



SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused

SPACESPACE is an app that can teach you to leave your mobile untouched when you need to center on something.

The main aim of this app is to help you minimize your screen use and it has all the tools for that. Thus, the app tracks the hours you waste on your gadget and gives you regular stats on it. Plus, SPACE also shows you all the apps you use the most along with the time periods when you’ve used it. It might be quite shocking to realize you’re actually wasting half a day on Instagram.

Wherein, you can use the apps to make block-lists for some apps that divert you the most. Thus, you can exclude some apps from your screen for the time you need to work. Plus, you can flip off all the notifications to not have the want to look who’s texted or what notification you’ve got.

However, you can pick the exception apps that will always work like phone calls or texts from your close ones. You can also try the dimming mode that turns your screen black (it works with the timer). You can even estimate your result with the ones other users have to stay motivated.



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Screen Time & Parental Control App by ZenScreen

ZenScreenScreen Time by ZenScreen is an app that can help you center on your priorities by limiting access to interrupting apps. This app traces your screen use and marks the apps you use the most during the day. It sends you daily and weekly stats so you can estimate the most-used apps.

The outstanding thing about this app is you can not only use it to trace the activity of your mobile but you can also watch over your children if you have any. Herewith, the app traces the unhealthy usage of the apps (like scrolling through your Twitter for three hours or more) and reminds you to go take a rest from your gadget. You can also set up a tool that will put time frames for the apps in the evenings.

As for the parental supervision tools, the app empowers you to arrange for up to five gadgets at the same time. You need to consider that all the gadgets you plan to watch over for should also have this app installed so you won’t get to just spy on your kids.

ZenScreen1 ZenScreen2


Social Fever – Stop Smartphone Addiction


Social Fever is an app that gets to prevent your gadget addiction.

This app can help you to stay centered on your real-life by border the usage of interrupting apps. Since your first day with this app, it will start tracking the screen use and marking the apps you used more often.

When you’ll detect all the apps that consume all your free time, you can set up time frames for all of them. And when the time will run out the app will block it. Plus, you can ask the app to send you reminders to put a gadget away and go do something.

You can also arrange aims to yourself and view its regular stats in the app. Besides, the app takes care of our health so it alerts you when the music in your headphones it loud, the screen is too bright and it can even suggest you go and drink water.

Fever1 Fever2


DinnerTime Plus


DinnerTime Plus is an app that will teach you to stay aside from your gadget.

Have your parents ever told you that you shouldn’t use your mobile at dinner? Well, this app is a literal interpretation of these words. This app has all the tools for parental supervision but you can also use it to maintain your screen use.

As for the parental part, the app empowers you to see what your kid is doing on his device, set break reminders for him, and flip of some games or apps. You can put time frames for the apps as well. That said, your kid should also have the app on his mobile so you can’t just spy on him.

As it was already said, you can also trace your own screen use with this app. Furthermore, you can make schedules with time frames for all the apps. The app runs on subscriptions but it has a free try-on.

DinnerTime1 DinnerTime2


AppDetox – App Blocker for Digital Detox

As its name suggests, AppDetox is an app that will incorporate digital detox habits into your life.

This app traces your screen use and points you on the apps that take too much of your daily time. Plus, you can flip off some apps to stay centered on your priorities. You can also establish the timer frames and even plans for the apps and when the time is over it will be automatically blocked.

Wherein, the app has a full-on locked mode that doesn’t let you get into your mobile at all. Besides, if you pay too much attention to your gadget the app will send you reminders to go have a rest. You can also view all the times you’ve turned off the lock on the app and entered it anyway.

The app also has some tools for parental supervision if needed. Thus, you can watch over what your kids are doing on their gadgets right now. You can also send them reminders to take a pause and go do something. Your kids need to have the same app on their gadgets so you can not just spy on them.



AntiSocial: phone addiction

AntiSocial is an app that can help you get more productive by regulating the usage of apps.

This app empowers you to see what percentage of the day you spend on your gadget. Plus, you can also estimate your results with the ones other users have. The app will give you detailed stats off your screen use with the number of hours you waste on each app.

When you’ll realize how many hours you lose on apps you can use managing tools the app has. Thus, you can mark the apps that divert you and the app will flip them off. Furthermore, you can establish time frames for some apps, and if you’ll try yo pend them the app won’t let you. They will also send you reminders to settle your gadget aside and take a pause.

On top of that, you can view the history of all times when you’ve unlocked some apps on purpose and used them anyway. The app worked in the background so you don’t have to open it every day and there are also no ads.



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RealizD – Screen Time Tracker


And lastly, RealizD is an app that can help you to bypass gadget dependence and get efficient.

The central aim of this app is to let you know how much attention you pay to your gadget and help you to regulate it. Thus, you can make arrangements for the apps you want to turn off and RealizD will do it. You can establish timers and time frames for all the apps separately.

Wherein, the app gives you regular stats on when you’re occupied by your gadget the most. The app can even track how many times you’ve picked the gadget in your hands in a day. You can also establish the alerts that will tell you to take a rest from the gadget.

Plus, you can do full-on timetables with timeframes for the apps. The can sync on all your gadgets and control all of them at the same time. You can also set goals for not use some apps and when you’ll reach it the app will reward you.

RealizD1 RealizD2


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