11 Creepy Mobile Games (Free for Android & iOS)

Calling all thrill-seekers! Do you crave chills that crawl down your spine and a healthy dose of unsettling atmosphere? Look no further than your mobile device. In this haunting collection, we’ll unveil free creepy mobile games that will lurk in the shadows of your phone, waiting to pounce.

From bone-chilling puzzles to unsettling narratives, these experiences will test your nerves and have you checking over your shoulder. So, if you dare to delve into the dark side of mobile gaming, get ready for an unforgettable journey into the depths of dread.

While you chill with these creepy solo games, check out our picks for the best split-screen horror games for a frightfully fun co-op experience!

The Sign – Interactive Horror

Calling all horror fans! “The Sign” delivers a chilling interactive experience for your phone, completely free on Android and iOS. Taking inspiration from the creepy cursed video trope of the 90s, the game injects a modern twist: the horror unfolds through your smartphone.

Your friend Gabriela becomes entangled in a nightmarish situation after viewing a disturbing video followed by a chilling phone call. As you delve deeper to help her, the cursed video mysteriously appears on your phone, plunging you both into a race against time.

“The Sign” shines with its interactive storytelling. Your choices in chat messages directly impact the narrative and your relationships with the characters. Can you trust everyone? The answer may hold the key to unraveling the dark secret behind the video and saving your loved ones.

The scares aren’t limited to text messages. Prepare for a chilling journey filled with puzzles, hidden clues scattered across images, documents, and even video calls. Mini-games and spooky visuals add another layer of immersion to this thrilling horror adventure.

So, if you’re looking for a free, interactive horror experience that will keep you up at night, download “The Sign” and see if you can break the curse before it’s too late. Just remember, in this game, every decision counts.


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Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer

Eyes: Horror & Coop Multiplayer throws you into a chilling adventure, perfect for fans of spooky thrills on the go. This free mobile game puts you on edge as you explore a haunted mansion, its decaying halls stalked by nightmarish creatures.

The atmosphere is thick with dread. Creaking floorboards, flickering lights, and unsettling sounds heighten the tension as you navigate the maze-like mansion. But you’re not alone in this terror.

The recent addition of a cooperative multiplayer mode lets you team up with a friend, sharing the scares and boosting your chances of survival.

With a variety of monsters to encounter, each with unique designs and terrifying attacks, Eyes offers a fresh scare every time you play. The developers haven’t stopped there – you can even create your own custom monster for a truly personalized horror experience.

Whether you crave solo thrills or prefer the camaraderie of a friend by your side, Eyes: Horror & Coop Multiplayer delivers a potent dose of mobile horror. So, download it today, turn off the lights, and see if you have what it takes to escape the clutches of darkness.


Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital throws you into a chilling atmosphere as you take on the role of Jake, investigating a mysterious disappearance within the creepy halls of a dark hospital. This free mobile game for Android and iOS promises a thrilling adventure filled with puzzles, exploration, and spine-tingling scares.

The gameplay offers a diverse mix of mechanics. You’ll meticulously search eerie rooms for clues, solve puzzles to uncover the hospital’s secrets, and even face off against terrifying ghosts.

While the option to hide from danger adds a layer of tension, the ability to fight back with weapons like knives and upgradable guns brings a welcome sense of empowerment.

Beyond the initial chills, Endless Nightmare 2 boasts a surprisingly deep narrative. Presented from a first-person perspective, the game challenges your logical reasoning as you piece together the hospital’s dark past and uncover the truth behind the disappearances.

This intricate plot is further enhanced by the beautifully rendered 3D graphics and a haunting soundscape that’s best experienced with headphones.

Whether you crave a suspenseful puzzle experience or a good scare, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital offers something for every horror enthusiast. With its blend of exploration, combat, and a rich storyline, this free mobile game promises hours of thrilling entertainment.

However, be prepared for some in-app purchases if you want to progress smoothly, as some user reviews mention.


The Letter – Horror Novel Game

Calling all horror aficionados with a taste for twists and tough decisions – The Letter beckons. This free-to-start mobile game for Android and iOS is more than just a spooky story; it’s an interactive journey where you control the fate of multiple characters entangled in a chilling curse.

Inspired by classic Asian horror, The Letter takes you to the Ermengarde Mansion, a place steeped in a dark legacy. Don’t expect a linear path. The narrative unfolds through the eyes of seven unique characters, each with their own perspective and relationships on the brink.

Here’s where the chills begin – the choices you make significantly impact the story. Will you mend a broken bond or let it sever? Will you risk saving a friend from a horrifying demise, or turn a blind eye? The weight of their destinies rests on your every decision.

With over 700,000 words spread across a non-chronological storyline, The Letter promises a lengthy and captivating experience. But it’s not just about the scares. The game delves into themes of love, loyalty, and the complexities of human connection, making the characters all the more relatable.


The Healing – Horror Story

Craving a horror experience that chills you to the bone and keeps you guessing? Look no further than “The Healing,” a free mobile game available for Android and iOS.

The game throws you headfirst into a mysterious group chat with complete strangers. But this isn’t your average social gathering. A haunting figure known as Dr. Crow, shrouded in a plague doctor mask, throws a wrench into the normalcy, sending shivers down your spine.

As the story unfolds, unsettling symbols appear around your house, cryptic video calls arrive, and puzzling clues land in your lap. The unsettling question arises: what dark secret binds you to these strangers? “The Healing” masterfully weaves a narrative where nothing is as it seems, and danger lurks around every corner.

The beauty of this interactive horror lies in its player-driven nature. Your choices, from chat messages to puzzle solutions, directly influence the story’s course and ultimate ending. You forge relationships with the other characters, each with their own secrets and agendas. Can you unravel the truth before it’s too late?

With voice messages, chilling video calls, and personalized user profiles, “The Healing” offers an immersive horror experience that transcends the boundaries of a mobile game. So, if you’re ready to face your fears and unravel a bone-chilling mystery, download “The Healing” and prepare to be spooked.


True Fear: Forsaken Souls 1

Calling all horror enthusiasts! True Fear: Forsaken Souls 1 offers a chilling adventure in a mobile format. Step into the shoes of Holly Stonehouse, searching for her missing sister and shrouded in the secrets of her family’s past.

The game establishes a suspenseful atmosphere from the get-go, with Holly investigating eerie locations like her sister’s house and an abandoned asylum.

While the free demo provides a generous hour of gameplay, it’s just a taste of the full experience. To unravel the complete mystery, a purchase unlocks the remaining 70% of the game.

However, the free portion offers a compelling introduction, packed with puzzles to solve, cutscenes to watch, and notes to unearth. Players can even choose their preferred gameplay style – hunt for hidden objects or tackle escape room-like challenges.

True Fear: Forsaken Souls 1 promises a truly terrifying experience. The oppressive atmosphere and unsettling narrative will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its diverse content and engaging mechanics, this mobile game offers a thrilling introduction to a larger horror saga, perfect for a quick and spooky fix.


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Scary Horror 2: Escape Games

Calling all horror aficionados! Scary Horror 2: Escape Games throws you into a bone-chilling adventure across multiple haunted locations. Can you solve the puzzles, escape the rooms, and uncover the dark secret behind your abduction?

This free mobile game delivers a terrifying atmosphere with eerie graphics, spooky sound effects, and a captivating storyline. Each chapter throws you into a new nightmare, whether it’s a dingy abandoned room or a haunted mansion filled with cursed artifacts.

Prepare to be challenged with mind-bending puzzles and riddles. The game offers hints and clear clues to help you progress, but the real scares come from the pressure of finding a way out before something…unspeakable gets you.

Scary Horror 2: Escape Games is perfect for players who crave a good scare. Put your logic and courage to the test as you explore creepy rooms, uncover the truth, and ultimately escape your captors. Just remember, in this game, fear is your biggest enemy. So take a deep breath, and download Scary Horror 2 if you dare!


Dead by Daylight Mobile

Calling all horror aficionados and adrenaline junkies! Dead by Daylight Mobile brings the heart-pounding experience of the popular 4v1 asymmetrical horror game straight to your pocket. Step into The Fog and prepare for a deadly game of cat and mouse, playable on both Android and iOS devices.

This free-to-play title offers the core gameplay you know and love. Choose your side: outsmart and escape as a Survivor with friends, or stalk and sacrifice hapless victims as the Killer.

Each role promises unique thrills, from the camaraderie of teamwork to the chilling power of the hunt. With five players locked in a single Killing Ground, unexpected encounters and bone-chilling jump scares lurk around every corner.

Dead by Daylight Mobile boasts a roster of iconic horror characters, letting you play as or against legendary figures from your favorite franchises. Paired with diverse maps and unpredictable trials, each match presents a fresh and terrifying experience.

The unsettling atmosphere is further amplified by haunting music and chilling environments, making for an unforgettable mobile horror adventure.

The beauty of Dead by Daylight Mobile lies in its strategic depth. Both Survivors and Killers have their own unique set of unlockable perks that can be customized to fit your playstyle.

Mastering these abilities, coupled with a keen understanding of the environment, is crucial for both escaping the relentless Killer or successfully hunting down your prey.

Whether you’re a seasoned Dead by Daylight veteran or a curious newcomer, Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers a thrilling and accessible horror experience on the go. So, download the game, step into The Fog, and prepare for an unforgettable onslaught of chills and scares.


Goosebumps Horror Town

Calling all Goosebumps fans! Goosebumps HorrorTown brings the creepy charm of R.L. Stine’s books to mobile in a unique city-building simulator. Here, you choose your side: be a human survivor or a monstrous menace.

For the brave, play as a human. Build shelters, gather resources, and uncover the monsters’ plans. Explore the map to unlock new areas and strategize to stay hidden from the horrors lurking around. Team up with your neighbors to keep the town safe from ghouls and goblins.

But if you crave a bit of mischief, then the monster side awaits! Lead a terrifying squad of Goosebumps creatures, from classic mummies to nightmarish gnomes. Scare humans to collect materials and expand your monstrous army. Lurk in the shadows, stalk your prey, and spread chaos throughout the town.

With over 100 playable characters and a collection system, Goosebumps HorrorTown offers a delightful blend of city-building and monster collecting. Craft spooky items, unlock chilling adventures, and face the ultimate question – will you survive the horrors, or become one yourself?


I am innocent

“I am innocent” is a mobile detective game that throws you into a thrilling investigation of a series of teenage murders. This text-based adventure, reminiscent of titles like Duskwood and Simulacra, utilizes a unique blend of features to keep you hooked.

The core gameplay revolves around piecing together clues through realistic in-game elements like phone calls, messages, photos, and even hacking.

Your choices throughout the narrative can impact your relationships with characters and ultimately influence the game’s multiple endings. This focus on consequence adds a layer of weight to your decisions, making you feel truly invested in the outcome.

Beyond the traditional detective work, “I am innocent” delves into complex themes that resonate with a young adult audience. Similar to games like Sara is Missing and Bitlife, the game explores personal dramas and emotional struggles, adding depth to the characters and the overall narrative.

While the core experience is free, it’s important to note that some games mentioned in the description may offer additional content through in-app purchases.

However, “I am innocent” itself provides a satisfying standalone detective adventure with dozens of hours of gameplay to unravel the mystery and expose the killer.

So, if you’re looking for a suspenseful and thought-provoking mobile game that blends classic detective tropes with modern storytelling techniques, “I am innocent” is definitely worth a try. Just be prepared for a web of lies and the challenge of separating truth from fiction as you race against time to stop a killer.


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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor offers a unique blend of stealth and horror on mobile devices. You take on the role of a curious neighbor suspecting something sinister in the house next door. Your objective? Unravel the secrets hidden within the neighbor’s basement.

The gameplay revolves around sneaking into your neighbor’s house, a task made increasingly difficult by the advanced AI that controls the neighbor. Your actions have consequences.

If you exploit a specific entry point, the neighbor will adapt his security measures. This creates a constant game of cat and mouse, forcing you to devise creative strategies to outwit your increasingly paranoid neighbor.

The horror aspect comes from the unsettling atmosphere and the ever-present threat of the neighbor. The house itself is a labyrinth of cluttered rooms and hidden passageways, adding to the feeling of unease.

The constant need to stay quiet and avoid detection keeps your heart pounding, making Hello Neighbor a thrilling experience for mobile gamers who enjoy a good scare.

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