15 Free Instagram Unfollow Apps for Android & iOS

Do you have a blog on Instagram and want to become popular? Hundreds of people follow you every day. You also mutually follow some of them. How to keep track of all followers? It is easy if you follow 100 people. What if you follow more than 1000 different accounts?

Special apps have been developed that track the accounts that you follow. These apps will help you quickly unfollow thousands of accounts. Just a couple of taps and your following list is clean. You will save a lot of time and be aware of all your followers on Instagram.

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There is a list of the best Instagram unfollow apps for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

Yupi – Reports for Instagram

This is a handy mobile app for tracking your followers’ Instagram activity. Bloggers, ad managers, and regular users need to increase their followers every day. Instagram automatically notifies members of new followers and unfollowers. With Yupi, you can get information about those who unsubscribed from your page for various reasons.

The app performs a full-fledged analysis of your subscribers’ pages. You’ll find out how many of them created fake pages, and who deleted their account or blocked it. Be aware of how many subscribers are real people. Protect your page from unscrupulous users and scammers.

Besides, you can learn about those who blocked you. It’s convenient and useful, especially when the social network is hiding this information. Learn about the number of unsubscribes per week, month, or year. Analyze the situation and make adjustments.

Yupi’s extra features allow you to zoom in on any Instagram photo. Simply enter a member’s name, select a photo, and view it from different angles. Get up-to-date information about users who are actively interested in your profile. Now it’s no longer a mystery. Empower yourself with Yupi.

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Unfollowers on Instagram

Unfollowers on Instagram help users keep up-to-date statistics and analytics on profile activity. The popularity of the page needs to be maintained with constant monitoring of followers’ actions. Be on the lookout for issues that arise quickly and efficiently.

An up-to-date app allows you to keep track of everyone who has contacted your page. See how many new subscribers you’ve had in a given period, compare last year’s numbers, and draw the right conclusions.

Get information about those who unsubscribed from your page or are blocked on Instagram altogether. You can check how many active accounts you have in your followers. If you decide to unsubscribe from someone else’s account, do it with the app.

If you want, you can build activity charts and compare them to last year’s or your friends’ data. Unfollowers on Instagram handle multiple accounts at once with ease. Such a time-consuming process takes hours, but with our app, you will spend a few minutes.

Your efficiency will increase in front of your eyes, and the time saved can be spent on more important things. Don’t wait, take matters into your own hands and pump up your account with Unfollowers on Instagram.

Unfollowers for Instagram,lost

This could be a useful app for all Instagram users with Android smartphones – since it helps not only to track those who unfollowed you but also to find lost subscribers. The thing is Instagram often lags and sometimes it can be quite difficult to tell if the person unfollowed you or if it’s an error in the system.

The app itself is quite simple. You just need to connect your Insta account to the app and it will show you the list of your followers right away. Therefore, you can start seeing your recent unfollowers as soon as you opened the app. In other aspects, like interface design, the app is quite simple.


Unfollowers – Profile Tracker

Does your Instagram profile need quality analytics work? Want to find weaknesses and boost your page’s popularity? This mobile app will do the job quickly and easily. Usually for such work, experts from the outside are involved, who demand payment for their work. Now you can perform statistical analysis of your social network profile yourself at any convenient time.

All sections of statistics are available to you. See who’s unsubscribed from you today, last week, and this month. Keep a count of who’s been blocked and stay up to date on who’s deleted from your account. Getting this important information will help you be more productive on Instagram.

Want to know who’s most interested in your profile? Keep track of all contacts with your page: those who have subscribed to you and who have ignored your subscription. See who is visiting you most often. If you wish, you can unsubscribe from the selected profiles with a single touch. The app is designed for a wide audience and can be used both for business and personal purposes.

If you need to quickly raise your rating, increase the number of active subscribers and analyze your situation, download this app and get to work.

Unfollow for Instagram – Non followers & Fans

This app is an excellent Instagram management tool. You will find all users who don’t follow you back. The app will allow you to unfollow single or multiple users. This is one of the best growth tools for Instagram. The app makes automatic unfollowing from users. Try it and the app will help you become popular.

You need to register in the app to use it. Registration won’t last more than a minute. The app will show you a complete list of users who don’t follow you. You can add users to the white list. You can’t accidentally unfollow them. The app has been downloaded more than 5 million times.


Followers & Unfollowers

This app requires your username and password of Instagram to enter. Don’t worry about your personal information. This is a reliable app that doesn’t use your personal data. You can add the accounts that you follow to the list of favorites. You need to long-press on the photo of the account to do it. You can find out all the exact information about all your followers.

The app sorts your followers. You can find out who doesn’t follow you back. The app will show you a list of mutual accounts. You will also find out who recently unfollowed you. This app is a great helper for a novice blogger. Add multiple accounts to this app. It will be easier for you to control your Instagram account.


Reports+ Followers Unfollowers

Do you care about your Instagram profile? Do your work and profit directly depend on your account activity? Then don’t hesitate to use the Reports+ Followers Unfollowers mobile app to help you.

Run a full profile check daily, and check and compare the number of blocked, inactive, and suspicious accounts. You have a full arsenal of tools at your fingertips: counting new followers, unsubscribes, and non-backlinked accounts subscribed to you.

Be aware of who visits your page more often than others and pay close attention to them. Who is ignoring your subscriptions and who is worth unsubscribing from? You can get the full scope of information for any length of time.

With Reports+ Followers Unfollowers you can see if the ads you run are working, how has the activity on the page changed since it was released? And what you need to change to boost your rankings even more.

With post analytics, you’ll get data on posts that received more likes and comments. Don’t overlook even the smallest detail. Especially since analytics will now take literally minutes to complete. Spend the time you have saved to your advantage.

Unfollow Users

If you notice that the number of your followers is decreasing, you need to check who unfollows you. What if you don’t have time for this? Download this app. It will help you unfollow all accounts that don’t follow you back. It will also help you to have more followers because you will be aware of all the statistics of your Instagram account.

You can unfollow one or multiple users.

This app is easy to use. An intuitive interface awaits you. The design of the app is modern. You can sort the follower lists. Choose the sort option. You need to register on this app. Send the data to your email to confirm your account. The app has been installed more than 1 million times.


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Unfollowers and Followers Tracker

Unfollowers and Followers Tracker is an app that helps you see all the people who unsubscribe from your blog on Instagram. You can always be aware of who stopped following your page. Thus, you can immediately remove unnecessary people from their subscriptions.

Here you can make a separate list of people you are interested in. Besides, you will be able to watch the common people with their fans. You’ll know who’s been recently active on your profile. Create multiple accounts at once so you’ll be fully aware of everything.

The program has many really useful features. You’ll be able to keep track of your subscriptions. You will see interesting people in your feed based on your interests. It is worth adding that you will also quickly recognize users who have blocked you.

Users are happy with this service cause it can also provide statistics and analytics on your profile. You should download this app for a complete understanding of what is going on in the social network, and who is following you.

Maybe you have been interested in a person for a long time and want to see if they are interested in you and if they have checked your profile? It’s about time you found out!


Followers – Unfollowers

If you want to know who unfollows you, then download this app. It will notify you of new follower losses. Sort the list of your followers by the date of following, the number of followers, activity on your account. Click on the star in the left part of the screen to add accounts to the white list. The app won’t allow you to accidentally unfollow accounts with a star.

The app has a simple and bright design. It will show you all the ghost accounts. Block them so they will unfollow you. You will find out who follows you but doesn’t comment or like. This is a great app to control your followers on Instagram. It has been downloaded over 5 million times.


Unfollow Pro for Instagram

If you want a PRO app to track accounts that have unfollowed you, here it is. This is a powerful tool for regulating your followers. The app will show you a list of people that you follow but who don’t follow you. You can unfollow them. Sometimes people unfollow you and don’t warn about it. If it is your friend, it is really rude.

The app will show you a list of mutual followers. You can also see a list of people who like most of your posts. You can thank them for this or hold a giveaway on Instagram. This app can unfollow you from 100 accounts at once. This will save you a ton of time. It has been downloaded over 100 thousand times.


Unfollow Analyzer – Unfollower

With the growing number of social network users, the need for apps that make it easier to control your account has increased. Unfollow Analyzer – Unfollower has the following options. You can easily see Instagram users that you are subscribed to but they are not subscribed to you.

Besides, you will find out who is interested in your page. Unmask a secret admirer and offer a reciprocal subscription. But that’s not all. In a few seconds, get a whole list of subscribers who have suspicious activity on their accounts.

You have access to a list of pages whose owners have not logged into their accounts for a long time. Flag inactive and suspicious subscribers and unsubscribe from their updates.

You can unsubscribe 10 members in a group in 1 session. This way, you will avoid subscribing to bots and scammers. The pages of real users who lead a busy life on Instagram will remain in your subscriptions.


FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram will take control of all activity on your Instagram page. The app monitors the popularity of the page among users of different categories. The analytical process concerns all areas: new subscribers, frequent guests, and unsubscribed participants.

All data is collected automatically for a specified period of time. Do not waste your time manually tracking the number of new subscriptions for the past week. Just go to the app and use the desired option.

Now you will know exactly which of the new subscriptions have not yet been subscribed to you. You’ll avoid the secrecy about frequent guests on your page and you’re guaranteed to learn a lot of interesting details.

You’ll also be able to determine which post has attracted more public attention and secured a large number of new followers.

Use FollowMeter for Instagram indefinitely and for free. For premium features, you can buy the Pro package.


Followers & Unfollowers by FollowTech Apps

Active Instagram users can’t do without a powerful analytical tool. Followers & Unfollowers can easily become it. Using a powerful search and matching system, the app gives you complete control over what’s going on.

Get accurate information on how many likes your latest post has gotten in a matter of hours. Which stories gained more attention and comments? How many new subscribers you have gained recently?

The app works with special algorithms and easily finds out which of your subscribers have not unsubscribed back. As well as which users have recently unsubscribed from your page. This kind of information can help you understand your audience better and shift your content in the right direction.

Even if you don’t have a single Instagram account, that won’t be a barrier to using Followers & Unfollowers. Instantly switch between your pages without having to constantly change your username and password. More than a million users are successfully running their Instagram activity together with this follower tracker.


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Followers – Unfollowers by Sara Tech

If you are interested in improving the quality of your Instagram page analytics, then Followers – Unfollowers will be the perfect choice. A free tool to search and collect statistics including total number of followers, new followers, and unsubscribed.

Quickly find and remove with one tap anyone who has not subscribed to your profile in return. Find out which subscribers have left you or even blocked your page. Now it’s much easier to do this than counting it yourself.

Followers – Unfollowers will quickly analyze the movement in the subscriptions column and let you know about the most important changes.

Many social media users maintain several pages at the same time. This is convenient for differentiating between personal use and work nuances.

The app is created for your convenience, so it allows you to move between different pages without constant data entry. This program takes less than 10 MB. With such a detailed analysis, making your account popular will be much easier.

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