9 Best Pregnancy Diet Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

A pregnancy diet includes lots of aspects and crucial nuances that can be even difficult to memorize. All pregnant women know that they are supposed to eat healthy during this period, but what exactly does it mean? Moreover, in which proportions do you need to eat? The answers to all those questions lie in the article down below.

Overall, this is a special time for all future parents. The moments of the announcement of the pregnancy and the baby’s birthday are forever perpetuated in the memory – that’s why it’s important to organize everything in a perfect way. By exploring the article Best Pregnancy & Baby Birthday Announcement apps you’ll discover lots of great ideas and will make that day special.

Pregnancy Diet & Food Guide

Let’s start our article with Pregnancy Diet & Food Guide – a user-friendly guide that stimulates pregnant women to follow the diet. First of all, we have to mention that this app submits over 100,000 recipes for proper nutrition.

All the recipes are divided into several meal times – Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, etc. Users can customize individual meal plans during the day. For this, they just need to add desired recipes to the favorites.

Besides, the app displays you such data as the number of calories, the used ingredients, cooking time, etc. If you want, you can also set up the number of servings or browse the detailed tips for permitted and prohibited products.

The app boasts a very straightforward interface. There is nothing superfluous, all the options are developed in detail. For example, the top of the screen consists of a search bar and an adjustable settings section.

We have to warn you that Pregnancy Diet & Food Guide contains a 3-day trial. When the free trial period ends, you can also purchase a PRO-version at a quite accessible price. At the moment the app is available at App Store only. What is more, the tech support of this app is not the best in term of the speed of replying.



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Healthy Pregnancy: Doctor Nutrition and Diet Plan

It’s a well-known fact that healthy nutrition is vital for pregnant women. Healthy Pregnancy is developed together with dietitians and specialist doctors.

The concept of this app is pretty simple – it enables future mothers to monitor daily food intake and acquire pregnancy recommendations.When you first open the application, you will get to the menu page with plenty of sections depending on your needs. Below, let’s have a look at them:

  • Pre-Pregnancy Diet
  • Diet During Pregnancy
  • Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Diet Week By Week
  • What To Eat After Pregnancy
  • Diet Plan After Pregnancy
  • Exercises During Pregnancy
  • Baby Development
  • Child Health
  • Infertility

Moving on, Healthy Pregnancy also provides you with healthy recipes for diverse mealtimes. Moreover, you can check the nutrition tips depending on your gestation term – covering the first week of pregnancy up to the latest one. All the parents can also use this tool after childbirth.

Apart from the nutrition guides, the app demonstrates effective postpartum sport exercises with advanced descriptions. The app is loaded with profound data about baby development and child health as well. For instance, you can scrutinize every period of a newborn or read how to swaddle or handle a child. The entire content is explicitly stated without complex terms or ambiguous phrases.

One significant difference that you will notice after the previous app – the interface is plainer and the app is in general more simple, so it’s hard to be called a worthy alternative. Moreover, some users face phone errors when trying to shut down this app.



Pregnancy Diet App

Pregnancy Diet App is our next full-featured application developed by Heyleen Pulgar. With a help of this tool, all expectant mothers can significantly facilitate the pregnancy period. In Pregnancy Diet App, you will acquire numerous wholesome recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and even Desserts.

Plus, the developer upgrades the app with new recipes and articles every week! The application boasts a quite intuitive interface. So, when you select an appropriate recipe, the app will provide you with a detailed description of the used ingredients and cooking instructions.

We have to admit that everything is presented in clear and simple language, so it will be apt for all kinds of users. Speaking of the additional options, Pregnancy Diet App comprises diverse pregnancy workouts with proper guides to achieve the ultimate preparation for childbirth.

What is more, Pregnancy Diet App will be a must-have tool for all meditation buffs, as it allows users to listen to a great variety of positive affirmations ranging from the short up to the longest ones.

Overall, Pregnancy Diet App belongs to the kids of the apps that feel very exciting at the beginning, promising to be a great app, but soon you bump into the mundane sections which are all the same and you see how little effort developers put into the details. However, the information about the diet is still decent here and it’s presented in a correct way.



Healthy Nutrition Pregnancy

Monitoring the food nutrients is an integral part while following the diet. Thus, Healthy Nutrition Pregnancy will certainly help you to carry out this task! In this app, all the functions are properly introduced, therefore even novice users will handle them in a few seconds. So, after passing a quick installation, you will get to the menu page containing the following options:

  • Variety of foods
  • Food safety
  • Pro and Cons
  • Calories

If you want to obtain an extensive description of all dish types, click on the first section and pick a pertinent food category – e.g. bread and cereals, milk products, etc. Finally, the app will provide you with accurate recommendations for the selected products. With this tool, you can also control the weight during the pregnancy period, as it has an integrated Calories Calculator.

The calculator will instantly estimate the number of calories you have to consume per day. The only thing you need to do-just insert such data as age, trimester, weight, height, and exercise level. In addition to the overview of the diversity of food, users can also read about the most beneficial nutrients for their baby or limitations while being pregnant.




Pregnancy Diet: Food & Recipes

Pregnancy Diet: Food & Recipes is another top-grade tool that will help all future moms to examine healthy alternatives for junk food. After downloading, users can look through a complete description of the permissible foods and products they should eat no way in pregnancy. The overall recommendations are developed by professional nutritionists.

Despite a great variety of options, this application does not take up much storage space, so you will install it in a couple of seconds. Once you have opened this tool, you will find several sections on the bottom of the screen: Home, Recipes, Food List, Me. So, in the Recipes section, you can customize all the contents in line with your food preferences.

Moreover, all the recipes are divided into several subsections – Dinner, Snacks, Breakfast, etc. Moving on, in the Food List section, users can easily discover an appropriate product and read the overall description and even detect possible risks for health. By the way, the app allows you to generate a grocery list or add favored recipes and keep them all together in one place!

The app’s interface is developed in soft nude tones, that’s why pregnant women will not have to strain their eyes. However, we have to note that this application contains a few subscription options. For instance, you can purchase it for 1-week with a 3-day trial or 1-month.



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Pregnancy Weight Tracker Lite

In case you are going to keep track of your weight during the pregnancy, then hurry up to download Pregnancy Weight Tracker Lite. Now let’s read more about its features! Pregnancy Weight Tracker Lite enables users to control their weight via built-in charts and reports. Like the former application, this one is extremely lightweight. Thus, the installation will not last too long.

However, in comparison with the mentioned above applications, Pregnancy Weight Tracker Lite does not contain any diet recommendations, as it is entirely focused on the weight tracking option. The first thing you need to do – paste the personal data (weight, height, goal weight, etc.) to the My Info section. There are also additional sections on the bottom of the screen – e.g.  Weight Log, My Goal, Graph, and More.

In the Weight Log section, you can easily detect all the weight changes. Plus, you can even add a picture or set a current mood. Select the More section to customize the settings, check reports, or drag the icons. For this, you should tap on the Edit button. Here you can add a Shopping list section or another one to the bottom tools bar. All the included charts and reports will be provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.

As for the drawbacks of this app, some users complain that it has an outdated interface and sometimes it can be difficult to use.



Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet developed by Riafy Technologies is our next application that will help future moms to follow a wholesome and balanced diet in pregnancy. So, when you first open this tool, you will have to pass a basic identification procedure. The application will ask you to indicate your level of knowledge in dieting and workouts. There are 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The next step -select the desired goals to achieve. After getting to the home page, you will find the following sections on the bottom bar: Diary, Food, Discover, and Videos.

In Pregnancy Diet, users will receive access to the nutritious diet program for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The personalized pregnancy diet plan comes with a weekly planner and a shopping list. In the first section, you can keep track of all your food intakes per day.

Once you have added your meals, the app will automatically estimate the number of consumed calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. Plus, you can check how much is left. The next section is focused on providing healthy recipes and workout programs to keep fit.

Once you have selected the suitable recipe, you will obtain nutrient data, step-by-step guides, and cooking time. Another useful feature, the app supports video formats, so you can view the most-liked recipes. For this, you should tap on the Video section.

Pregnancy Diet will help you to monitor your nutrition during all pregnancy trimesters. Additionally, the app contains a built-in nutrition table for pregnant women and offers valuable tips to achieve effortless childbirth.



Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition

Feel puzzled about the proper nutrition while being pregnant? Never mind! Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition will provide users with detailed recommendations for healthy food. The first step you need to do when the app is downloaded – click on the “Start” button to launch the application. After that, you will have access to the extended library of inclusive content.

So, in Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition, users can monitor the entire pregnancy progress week by week. Thereafter, they can proceed to read profound diet recommendations for the particular trimesters from the first to the latest one. We have to note that all the content is extensively presented and you will not have to face any technical terms, abbreviations, or anything else.

In case you want to receive a personalized diet chart under your body index parameters, then you can directly contact a dietitian. After selecting a relevant topic on the homepage, click on the “Order diet chart” button. Besides the nutrition tips, you can also delve into the process of your baby’s development, read lots of content on how to cope with various health issues, or check beauty tips in pregnancy.

Among all the apps on this list, this one, probably, is the worst-looking one. This is an ordinary Android design with low-resolution images. If you came for the information only, then you can just ignore this fact, but among competitors, Pregnancy Tips is obviously losing.

To sum up, Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition comes with free access, but it has a paid version as well. In the Pro-version, there will be available such contents as a 7-days diet plan, the list of permitted and banned products, pregnancy workout programs, etc.



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Pregnancy Diet

Now our article comes to an end and we would like to bring your attention to our last application – Pregnancy Diet developed by High Soft App. First of all, we would like to mention that Pregnancy Diet is targeted at providing obligatory data for the pregnancy diet. One of the best parts of this tool – it is incredibly lightweight. So, the installation will not take up too much time!

Pregnancy Diet comprises a wide range of pregnancy recommendations for each month. After downloading, you can get straight to the subject, as you will be instantly transferred to a list of options. Each section is dedicated to the particular pregnancy month.

As soon as you have selected the desired one, you will get extended data about the food rich in valuable vitamins or the food you should evade. In addition to the nutrition recommendations, mommies-to-be can also investigate the baby’s development at every pregnancy stage. Some topics explicitly depict each pregnancy trimester, so users can keep abreast of everything that happens with their baby!

As with the prior applications, Pregnancy Diet guarantees comprehensive contents written in plain language. Moving on, the application features a very user-friendly interface, as there are not any redundant functions. To conclude, we have to admit that this app contains some drawbacks – irritating ads and in-app purchases.



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