7 Free Kissing Test Apps 2023 For Android & iOS

With the help of mobile apps nowadays, you can do anything you want. Various tests and quizzes are gaining in popularity, which can take several hours to complete.

These free kissing test apps 2023 For Android & iOS will be an interesting way for you to have fun. You can use them for your own personal purposes, spend a pleasant evening with your partner or have fun with your friends.

Make evenings with your partner more exciting with these best truth or dare apps for couples and parties.

Kissing Test Calculator by We Love pranks

Kissing Test Calculator is a uniquely entertaining kissing calculator app. Do you want to have fun with your company? If so, then you should definitely install such an instant kissing calculator.

You will be able to use this program to calculate the number of lip touches.

Besides, here you will be able to find out if you have compatibility with any person, and you will be able to see all the chances of a relationship.

Also, check how well you can kiss, and show all your tenderness to your partner. The program will give out all your skills in love affairs. This is an exciting test for love.

The Kissing Test Calculator app is one of the best among its few competitors.


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The Kissing Test – Prank Game

The Kissing Test – Prank Game is a program that counts the number of kisses.

Have you been looking for this kind of app for a long time? If so, The Kissing Test will not disappoint you. It is designed solely for play, not for serious intentions.

This kind of simulator can help convince your friends to kiss. It is really exciting and fun!

Your task is to touch your lips on your smartphone screen and hold that position for a few seconds. See your results to check how well you can kiss.

Have fun with a friendly group or with your partner. Download this app, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and recommend the program to your friends.


Kissing Test Calculator by Elur Apps

Do you want to improve your lip-touching skills? Then try the Kissing Test Calculator app and you will definitely love it.

Such a program will give you the opportunity to practice, show how much you are in love and passionate, as well as entertain you to the maximum.

All you have to do in the game is kiss the lips depicted on the phone screen. The kiss will be realistic and adjusted to the sound.

Do you want to touch the lips of a loved one, but you have no experience? Not a problem, just a little training and you’re a master at it! A special detector calculates the number of the best resulting kisses.

Play in such an app with your soulmate or with friends and have a great time.


Kissing Test Calculator by SimplyZay

The free app Kissing Test Calculator will surprise you with its gameplay and its colorful graphics.

This program is a kissing test game. Download this app and enjoy the experience.

It will show you how much you love your boyfriend or girlfriend, show the attraction and give you the result of kissing.

Moreover, you will be able to kiss the pictured lips of your chosen lover on the screen and see how much you can love.

The Kissing Test Calculator has some interesting features. You will be able to kiss the lips for three seconds and see how compatible you are with your partner.

There are also different ways to test love, including with pictures of people.


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Kissing Test – Prank

Kissing Test – Prank is a program for pranking your friends with the results of kissing.

In this app you will be able to observe the results of touching the lips, you will also have a great opportunity to take a photo during the process.

It is worth noting that the confidentiality of the program is at the highest level. Thus, your data is not distributed to unauthorized persons, everything is reliably protected.

This app is created with kiss counting only for entertainment purposes, the whole process should not be taken seriously.

Read user reviews and leave your feedback to improve the program.


Kissing Test Love Meter

Kissing Test Love Meter is a program in which you can practice kissing and show others your abilities.

This app is suitable for guys and girls. To understand how good you are at kissing, you need to put your lips and kiss them. The system analyzes passion, and experience and gives instant results.

This is a great program for practicing different types of kisses. With it, you can seduce your partner and make nice for a certain important holiday.

The kiss counter has a user-friendly interface and the program allows you to share your results with your friends.

Besides, try to upload a romantic video to the network, and enjoy the moment. Use the program to make jokes about your friends. Practice and improve, achieving the best result!


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Kissing Test (FREE)

Kissing Test is an app that will test all your kissing skills with your partner.

Here you can test your skills and have a great time. You have to choose a gender to start passing, then touch the lips depicted on the screen.

Soon the kiss will be recognized and the result will appear in seconds in the app.

Check your compatibility with the person you like, distract yourself and have fun right here.

Share your kisses with the others and prove your skills!

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