9 Best hearing test apps (Android & iOS)

Checking your own health is incredibly important. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to see your personal physician regularly and check absolutely all your health indicators.

Hearing, vision, touch and other sensory levels are constantly changing, so you just need to monitor them. If you are really worried about this, you can also make a short diagnosis yourself.

We think you have noticed that your smartphone or smartwatch regulates all of your performance. Your smartphone knows how many steps you have taken in a day, how well you slept at night, and can even monitor your heart rate with a bracelet.

What if we told you that your smartphone can also help you with your hearing? If you already have problems with your hearing or are just beginning to have them, you can track them with your smartphone. We have found the 9 best hearing test apps for iOS & Android.

Mimi Hearing Test

mimi hearing testNot all applications have medical proof of performance and efficiency. Mimi Hearing Test is a certified service that has been a popular tool for testing people’s hearing for several years.

The app is available for both iOS and Android, so you will have no limitations in your device. All the tests will take you less than 10 minutes and the results are truly reliable.

The Mimi Hearing Test is a hearing adjustment curve based on psychophysics. These technologies were introduced only recently, so you get a unique test. Throughout the test, you will determine how well you can distinguish between the tones of sounds in a standard environment.

You don’t have to calibrate the sound – whether you use headphones or speakers. Also worth mentioning is the Mimi Hearing Test application interface, which is modern and technologically advanced enough to be trusted by users.

From the very beginning, you create your own Hearing ID, on which your tests will be conducted in the future.

mimi hearing test1 mimi hearing test2


uSound by Samsung – Hearing Test

usound for samsungIn order to create a truly high quality and correct product, uSound has teamed up with Samsung technology giant. Together, they have created a special application that will test you for hearing loss for free.

In order to perform an initial diagnosis, all you need are headphones and your device. You will be invited to listen to some sounds and answer questions about them.

At the moment, uSound Hearing Test is a technological tool that allows you to keep in touch with your doctor. You will be able to get an initial online consultation and further find out if you really need to see a specialist in person.

If you need any treatment and problems are detected, you will, of course, need to get a complete diagnosis from your doctor. With the uSound Hearing Test, you will receive an initial hearing test and will be able to immediately assess risks to your health and senses.

usound for samsung1 usound for samsung2


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dectoneHearing aids are often associated with people with something painful – like prostheses or other devices. Dectone is an alternative to a familiar hearing aid which, when used with a headset, can partially replace it.

If you realize that you are starting to hear worse or have been having trouble hearing for a long time, it is worth trying out an app. Of course, it is best to visit a hearing care professional, but if this is not possible, there are other options.

Dectone makes an initial diagnosis of your hearing. It only takes 3 minutes for a professional hearing check and then the application automatically adapts to your hearing.

If you want to change something, you will have the opportunity to choose the best amplification or noise modes. If you want to use a wireless headset as a headphone, it is worth noting that there may be slight delays.

Also, one of the advantages of Dectone is that if you don’t hear something, an automatic recording will allow you to listen to the replica again.

dectone1 dectone2


Hearing Test by e-audiologia.pl.

hearing test e audiologiaIf the design of your application and its technological feasibility is important to you, then the Hearing Test by e-audiologia.pl will not impress you very much. All the work of the application is presented in the form of accurate graphs reflecting your performance at different frequencies.

There are also only a few buttons on the start page, which are responsible for all the functionality of the test. The Hearing Test by e-audiologia.pl is adapted to several languages, so you can understand everything that will be written on the screen.

The application features Tonal Audiometry, which is one of the main methods for examining and diagnosing hearing. It consists of listening to sound at different sound frequencies and marking observations in the application.

Based on these observations, the Hearing Test by e-audiologia.pl will draw conclusions about your hearing loss. In order to start the test, you will first need to calibrate your device to the correct frequencies – or you will need to use a given calibration with certain factors.

hearing test e audiologia1 hearing test e audiologia2



petralexPetralex is another hearing aid that may appear on your smartphone. There is no need to register or pay for a permanent subscription – you can use the application absolutely free and without advertising.

In order to try it in action, a regular headset will be enough – the headphones can be both wired and wireless. The latest technology will allow you to improve your hearing or at least check if you really need it.

When installing the application, you will need to take an initial test to adjust Petralex to your hearing. All the work is done with two ears at once – so if you are used to using only one earpiece, the results can be inaccurate.

As with any hearing aid, Petralex adapts to the environment and the current background noise level. There are 4 different amplification modes in total and you can choose from them.

But if you need more advanced help and functionality, you can purchase a premium subscription. It amplifies the sound of the built-in players, regulates noise reduction, and much more.

petralex1 petralex2


Signia Hearing Test

signia hearing testExcellent minimalistic design, as well as an effective test – this is what the Signia Hearing Test is all about. This application is designed exclusively for the hearing test, so you can quickly and easily see your performance and results.

The test has been developed by audiological experts, so you can rest assured that it is scientific. In total, the Signia Hearing Test presents 9 tests per ear, which will then form your average score on all indicators.

The test is a background noise in which you will need to detect some words. This is based on the fact that people with hearing loss cannot detect speech in noisy environments.

All words are imaginary, so in the Signia Hearing Test, it doesn’t matter which language you are speaking. Your task is to select the words you “heard” from the choices on the screen.

After each of your choices, your ears will adjust the noise so you can get more accurate information. The Signia Hearing Test is no substitute for your official diagnosis – but you can understand if you have a problem.

signia hearing test1 signia hearing test2


Absolute Ear: Diagnostics

absolute earAbsolute Ear will also help you to effectively test your hearing as well as identify existing or emerging issues. This application has a good, modern design and there is nothing superfluous about it – just tests.

On the start page, you can choose what you want to test – your hearing level, the level of abstraction or even your age of hearing. It will be fun to know that your hearing is tens of years older than you actually are.

All hearing loss and damage occur gradually and it is difficult to spot them yourself at an early age. With Absolute Ear, you can check in advance if you have any prerequisites.

The application provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of your hearing in just a few tests – that is, a complete picture of your ear health. Each of the three tests has a specific focus and is designed for accurate analysis.

As a result, you will get statistics that you can later compare with current readings. If no problems are found, the Absolute Ear will give you some useful tips for maintaining your health and hearing level.

absolute ear1 absolute ear2


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MFA Hearing Test

mfa hearing testIf you have headphones at hand, you can quickly pass the MFA Hearing Test. The application uses a patented algorithm from Unlimiter, which gives you all the information you need.

In one test, you will know your personal hearing status and be able to decide if you should make an appointment with your doctor right now. The developers warn you that the test is informative and not an accurate medical diagnosis.

Once you pass an individual test, the test results can be uploaded to cloud storage. The results can also be stored in the MFA Hearing Test application – so you can track your progress or regression.

Currently, there are separate MFA-enabled hearing instruments available for you to download the test results to.

It is worth noting that the application is not the most attractive in design – but if you only want the results of a particular test, the MFA Hearing Test is for you.

mfa hearing test1


Tonal Tinnitus Therapy

tonal tinnitus therapyDeafness is not always limited to weak hearing. One common phenomenon is tonic noise in the ears, which is also uncomfortable. The Tonal Tinnitus Therapy application can help you in this case.

The application adjusts the 4 tones of sound in the therapy – two above and two below. During the therapy, you reproduce all these therapeutic tones and check how well you can hear them.

You can change these tones during the therapy and you can also play them in the background when your smartphone screen is turned off.

If you really have a problem with the tone, this therapy is recommended for several hours per day. Tonal Tinnitus Therapy will show you how much time you have already listened to today.

No one guarantees immediate results – some users have noticed improvements as early as 1-2 days after the start of therapy, some have taken months.

To begin with, you will be able to test a trial period of Tonal Tinnitus Therapy and then decide if you really need to work with tone.

tonal tinnitus therapy1 tonal tinnitus therapy2


Of course, no one can guarantee you an incredibly accurate diagnosis without a specialist. But if anything starts to bother you, you can do the preliminary test yourself without a doctor’s visit.

If you are not satisfied with the result or you still have doubts about it, then you will need to go to the doctor. With your smartphone, you will get at least an idea of how your hearing is doing.

Either way, our team recommends regular visits to all hearing care professionals – especially if you have complaints or concerns.

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