11 Best Hyper-Casual Games for Android & iOS

If you’re hanging on TikTok or Instagram, or on any other social media you probably were able to notice that hyper-casual games have become as popular as never before. Frankly speaking, they are truly addictive – simplicity and the necessity to keep focus captivate your attention and you find yourself playing for hours and hours.

All the fans of classic games will appreciate the list that we compiled here. In case after reading this article you want to play more similar games with a similar vibe, you can also discover the list of Best Ball Jump Games for Android & iOS.

1. Helix Jump

We are kicking off this list with the game called Helix Jump. This is a highly popular game on the market, as it has quite entertaining gameplay. So, let’s read more about its features! There is nothing difficult in this game, so you can play it even while going to work. But what are the rules of this game?

The bouncing ball moves inside the spiral tower. The player’s task is to help him reach the bottom. For this, players will have to move the finger across the screen and thereby turn the tower so the ball will continue to move down and will not fall on the colored areas.

Sometimes this game does have bugs and errors while playing but you can see they are quite minor – in case it happens the technical support will reply in several hours. However, 98% of players didn’t face any inconveniences.

When you get to the more challenging levels, you will have to face additional obstacles. For example, the colored areas will start moving and there will appear vertical colored columns.  By the way, the game boasts very colorful graphics, one-click control, and a convenient interface. As for the game’s disadvantages, we have to admit that sometimes the game slows down.

Despite the fact mentioned above, Helix Jump is a magnificent game in its field and overall, if you are looking for a new game that will take your breath away – it is definitely one of these kinds of games!




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2. Rider

Rider is our second application that has a lot of downloads as well. In this game, you will find more than 32 levels and 100 challenges. The idea and design are totally different from the previous app. All the users will have to ride a bike, perform insane stunts, and collect diamonds on the way. But keep in mind – you should properly drive the vehicle. Otherwise, you will fail the level!

The game enables you to collect 40 awesome bikes, so you can always change your vehicle. But if you want to receive a new one, you should buy it for virtual currency or carry out certain tasks. Thus, you will be motivated during the whole playing process!

We were impressed by the amazing graphics and visual effects of this game. Plus, it contains a very straightforward interface that even novice users will quickly manage. Moving on, Rider allows you to compare your high score with other players all around the world. As in the previous game, Rider has also lots of ads and in-app purchases.

One essential milestone that you must take into consideration before downloading this app is it has a significant amount of ads in it (in its free version). It’s really a lot compared to other games on the list. And after we played this game it really gave us a vibe of the good old online bike games that we used to play in the 00s. If you are into retro games, you will like this app as well.

To sum up, Rider is a perfect solution while going on the subway or standing in a long queue.




3. Stacky Bird

Do you want to play a fun and involving game? In this case, we advise you to try Stacky Bird. It’s one of the brightest gems on our list and for those who like it when things have meaning – the game comes with an excellent storyline, so we can surely say that nobody will get bored!

In this game, a square bird flies over new places. The main menu is quite predictable – you can start the game, resume the game, adjust settings (volume and brightness), but you can’t choose the difficulty here.

Your task is to create a long chain of eggs and overcome obstacles. But stay alert – monsters and thorns are waiting for you on your way! Moreover, while playing, you will receive coins that will help you to unlock different characters. For example, these characters can be birds, hares, penguins, or even whales!

The majority of users are fully satisfied with this game, as it features a very convenient interface. Well-developed locations, perfect graphics, and a great variety of themes – all these things you will find in Stacky Bird! We have to admit that this application works fast and steadily. So, even novice users will quickly find out how everything works there!

However, you also need to be prepared that after each level you have to watch the ads if you play the free version of the game. But it seems that the game is catchy at the level that nobody really distinguishes.



4. Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D is another top-grade game that lots of players have already tried. In this game, you will have to pass obstacles while running. But don’t forget – there are rivals everywhere! By the way, you can always adjust your character as you wish. For example, you can choose its color, clothes, and overall appearance.

If you have TikTok – you must have seen this game either in ads or in some talking videos, 100%.

One of the best options of this game – it does not ask for a constant fee. The game has a quite simple navigation system. If you want to make your character run – tap on the screen and hold. Then release the screen, if you want your character to stop.

Moving on, the game allows you to play additional bonus levels. You will play with three characters simultaneously and collect coins. Due to the coins, you will be able to unlock new characters. The only disadvantage that we have found there – graphics is a little bit primitive. The characters look the same type. But the app’s interface is very straightforward, so users will quickly manage it.

Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Fun Race 3D is full of interesting features. We have really enjoyed playing it. But be careful – it is very addictive!




5. Going Balls

Are you ready to have an amazing road? Then, hurry up to download Going Balls.

But what is the major goal of this game?

You will see that it is more elaborate than, for instance, the previous game Fun Race 3D game. It has more nuances, more objects in the game and it requires using some spatial analyzing skills.

All you need to do – guide your ball through the areas and pass a wide range of unexpected obstacles. However, you should be very cautious as if the ball rolls off the edge, the game will be over. A large collection of balls and different amazing areas will make your adventure even more interesting. Besides, while playing, you will receive coins!

Furthermore, the game boasts a very user-friendly interface. We were impressed by the bright graphics and colorful special effects. Plus, it has a one-finger swipe ball control. There is no need to have a constant Internet connection, so you can play Going Balls anywhere you are!

Going Balls is a quite amusing game with increasing difficulty: as you play, the levels will become more and more difficult. The game is an ideal solution to disconnect from worries after a hard day. Overall, Going Balls will definitely boast your dexterity skills. But keep in mind – lots of obstacles and traps are lying in your way!




6. Swipe Jump 2D – Hyper Casual Game

The next exciting game in our article is Swipe Jump 2D. The app is not very popular in the market, but we decided that it surely must be mentioned. First of all, we have to admit that the app is pretty lightweight. So, the installation process will not take up too much time!

In Swipe Jump 2D, you will have to navigate the ball to collect as many stars as possible and finally cross the finish line. On the top of the screen, you will find a special indicator that will help you to check your performance. The game consists of more than 100 levels. As you play, the levels become more and more difficult, but engaging as well!

But keep in mind – the ball can jump only on platforms with its color. Colors will change when the ball passes a color border. What is more, the game’s interface is very simple to manage. Bottle Flip features an impressive design and a simple navigation system.

One of the advantages of this game (well, at least to some people), it due to its simplicity, it will occupy less memory space on your gadget. Let’s be honest, not everyone wants their hyper-casual game would take several GBs for nothing.

All in all, we have not found any significant disadvantages of Swipe Jump 2D. And even staying offline, you are still able to play this game, which is not always the case with other ones.




7. Hyper Casual Database Puzzle

As soon as you open this game you can tell it stand out in its category for its creepy vibe. If you want to play an entertaining drag & merge game, we have to bring your attention to Hyper Casual Database Puzzle. So, let’s have a look! Like the previous app, this one is extremely lightweight – it weighs just 14M. Thus, you will install this app in a couple of seconds!

In Hyper Casual Database Puzzle, you will have to match the database methods (e.g. Insert, Select, Update, Delete) with the side sections according to their colors. Plus, the animation is properly developed. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the total score data. Thus, you can keep track of your progress all the time!

As for the game’s interface, there is nothing difficult. So, we can surely say that there is no need to be very tech-savvy to find out how everything works there. However, we have to mention that some users complain that sometimes the game hangs a little bit. Additionally, the game comes with ads.

We have to admit that Hyper Casual Database Puzzle is an excellent tool to spend your free time with pleasure. This hyper-casual game combines a convenient interface and fascinating gameplay. However, making the final sup up, we’d say it’s too specific and some ways and not each user will find it as good as portrayed here.



8. Tap And Jump Adventure – Casual Game

Do you want to plunge into a magnificent world full of exciting adventures? If your answer is “yes”, you should definitely download Tap & Jump Adventure app! The first advantage that we would like to mention – the game does not take up much storage space. So, after downloading it, you can quickly get straight to the subject.

In comparison to all the previous apps, this one is noticeable for its cuteness. What a character! Pet lovers will definitely appreciate it. Maybe it will help to reduce the negative emotions in the moments when you are losing:)

As you play, you will have to navigate your character, overcome traps, collect diamonds, and so many other interesting tasks. Moreover, we have to admit that the game’s design is developed in detail. By the way, you will have to face a great number of ghosts. But you should manage to avoid them or you will fail.

Another interesting feature that many users will certainly like –  the developer regularly updates the app’s version. No doubt, this is a great bonus out there! The game comes with a simple management system – just tap on the screen to make your character move. But be careful – every touch will push your character like an explosion.

What is more, expect that this game will occupy a significant amount of space on your gadget.

A wide range of incredible locations, cute characters, and wonderful graphics – all these things are waiting for you in Tap & Jump Adventure. This tool will be interesting not only for children but their parents as well!




9. Diatom – Hyper Casual Color Matching

If you are a fan of color matching games, Diatom is certainly your option.

When you open the game, your major task is to rotate the circles to combine the same colors. After lining up and swiping four matching segments, all the segments of this color will be removed. Each segment will provide you with 5 points, but each rotation will deduct 1 point.

The game includes several game modes:

  • 60 Seconds – you should clear as many segments as possible in one minute;
  • 30 Moves – there is no time limits, but players can swipe only 30 times;
  • Rewind – you will start with 45 seconds, but after clearing segments, you can put seconds back on the clock;
  • Infinite – there are no limits for time or swipes. Just play and relax!

In case you have faced any difficulties while passing the level, you can always use the assists. This means that you will receive additional five swipes for 30 Moves mode or have five additional seconds in 60 Seconds mode. Moreover, you can always pause the game or change the segment’s color to the necessary one.

The game is a mix of a clear interface, excellent graphics, and pleasant gameplay. To sum up, Diatom is a very addictive game. We have played it for days and still can’t stop!




10. Flipping Gun

The next game we are going to present to you is Flipping Gun. The game is developed by Malger Games. If you truly like playing shooting games, this one will certainly suit you!

First of all, we would like to mention that Flipping Gun features amazing gameplay and challenging levels. The game is free and lightweight, that’s why the installation will not last too long. Now let’s find out the rules of this game.

All the players will have to shoot at the right angle to make the weapon fly up. For this, you will need to continuously tap on the screen. But don’t forget that you have just a limited number of bullets! While playing, you will have to collect coins, avoid red blockages, and collect green bullets to refill the bullet’s supply.

In addition to the aforesaid, there are also special blue “Up” signs that will help players to fly up much faster. At the top of the screen, you can open the settings and disable the sound and vibration options.

Besides, the game allows users to take challenges. You can choose the most appropriate one. For example, in these challenges, you will have to gain 50 points or fly over 100 meters without boosters, and so many other interesting tasks! Flipping Gun has a quite good rating at Google Play, as it is very simple to handle. Plus, we have not noticed any significant drawbacks there.

As for the additional functions, the game enables you to check a leader board and choose a wide range of weapons. To conclude, Flipping Gun will guarantee enjoyable time-spending not only for children but adults as well.



11. Geometry Slalom: Infinite Power Slide

And the last game in our article is Geometry Slalom. This game is not very popular, but it is really worth to be mentioned. So, let’s get a glimpse! One of the best parts of this game is its stunning graphics. We have to mention that all the locations and animations are thoughtfully developed.

The game also contains a very pleasant background soundtrack. But if you open the settings, you can always disable sound effects or even enable the battery saver mode. Furthermore,  Geometry Slalom is very convenient to manage. The only thing you need to do – just tap on the screen and hold the cursor.

While playing, you will have to pass through various obstacles, build combo chains, and unleash shock-waves! But don’t forget – the longer you play, the faster the game process will become. There are two disadvantages that we have found there – lots of ads and lags. But in general, the game comes with amazing gameplay.

In conclusion, we have to mention that Geometry Slalom will certainly immerse you in the special game atmosphere and you will not be able to stop!




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