5 Best GTA Apps for iOS Evolution & Download

Pour a cup of hot coffee for yourself, sit back, and get ready to travel through the world of GTA since its inception to the present day.

Probably, there is no person, who has not heard about the game GTA. This game has a huge impact on the gaming industry, it has millions of fans around the world.

This game has no equal. In GTA world, you can do anything: you can perform a variety of interesting tasks; you can spit on the law and worn around town in a stolen car and shamelessly push pedestrians; it is also possible to snatch a weapon and chase the townspeople, earning on this fun entertainment a lot of money.

There are also so-called mini-games. It is a very intriguing game, is not it? However, unfortunately, you cannot play all series of GTA on your ios device. Let’s see, what part of this killer game you can download on your iPhone.

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Grand Theft Auto III

This game is the third series of everyone’s favorite GTA for ios. Thus, the American town of Liberty City comes the new subject of different incidents.

Someone, whose name is Kloud, doesn’t get along with the law. He became a victim of deception of his girlfriend Catalina and Miguela member of a Colombian drug band.

The actual gameplay is made in the best traditions of the GTAthere are curious missions, a diversity of arms (from bits to Molotovcocktails), the external world, which lives his own life every minute, regardless of the hero. Now you can plunge into the darkest secrets of the bandits. You can find a wide and varied world with a myriad of personalities! Black humor and great soundtracksall these are for real connoisseurs of GTA. Released in 2011.


  • beautiful graphics and gorgeous character models and vehicles;
  • a high resolution;
  • optimized gameplay for touch-screen devices;
  • manage changes to the mobile platform;
  • many hours of gameplay.
Grand Theft Auto III1

Click the link below and enjoy a fantastic game!


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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Let’s come back to the good old 80s, in the largest metropolis of sin and iniquityVice City. Here we see the extravagant fashionable costumes and hairstyles which are incredibly large. Here the story of a character, who is known to all gamers, will develop.

Vice City is a truly large metropolis, stretching from the azure coastline to impassable marshes. There are both modern skyscrapers as well as dangerous at any time of the day ghetto.

GTA Vice City for iOS perfectly combines the capabilities of a diverse saturated completely open world, which fascinates from the first minutes of acquaintance, and the gameplay storyline.

The hero arrives in the metropolis, which is literally torn from degradation and impunity. And how an intricate storyline will developonly the player have to solve. In generalthis game can be everything: you can steal cars and rob people, fly helicopters and drive on highspeed bikes, walk along the coast to get a taxi driver, and more.

By the way, fans of the game can use cheats for GTA Vice City iOS in order to pass quickly and without nerves. Nevertheless, to enjoy all the delights of the gameplay you must pass the game by yourself.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City1

Click the link below and pass a mind-blowing mission!


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA gameplay on iOS does not differ from the edition of the action for the PC. It has a similar background, the storyline, and basic game details. The main character of this game, Carl Johnson, some years ago decided to run away from Los Santosa huge modern metropolis, which literally wallowed in drugs, gangs of street clashes, corruption schemes, and other evils of large cities.

And in the early 90s, he decides to return to his home state, but he meets with lots of negative surprises. His mother was killed, some close people are in debt, and have the other troubles, and his relatives do not communicate for several years.

Only Karl gets in a taxi at the airport as he has stopped by corrupt cops, and then they hang a daring murder of their employee on the main character. To solve the problems of the protagonist, it is necessary to visit a variety of locations in San Andreas and perform a lot of different jobs.

GTA San Andreas for iOSis the most volume game for mobile devices, offering players the opportunity to look into the darkest corners of not only the city but the entire state. On the game map, there are three cities: Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro. The duration of gameplay is about 70 hours, excluding noncore tasks and quests. Released in 2015.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas1

Click the link below and complete quests along with the main character!


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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

As usual, the creators propose a vast realm, a huge quantity of weapons and equipment. You will play the role of Tony, theexsoldierof the mafia family of Leone. You arrive in Liberty City and you understand that the town is immersed in the corruption and wars between clans, which is extremely terrorizing the town.

You are obliged to refund the exnotoriety and authority of the family of Leone. But this would be a quite complicated task. During your way, there will be not only thugs, killers, and corrupt officials, but also a mother! Are you ready to go back to familiar placements in the city?


  • a high resolution of textures and characters;
  • a calculation of lighting and shadows in real-time;
  • excellent graphics;
  • support of crossplatform saves;
  • a huge selection of weapons;
  • an interesting storyline and a lot of minor tasks.
GTA: Liberty City Stories1

Click the link below and help the hero in the difficult task!


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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The scene unfolds in Liberty City, a megapolis with three districts: Broker (a parody of Brooklyn), Bohan (a parody of Bronx) and Algonquin (a parody of Manhattan).

The basic game actions take place in Chinatown. It is interesting that the game unfolds in the universe of Grand Theft Auto IV and the basis of the game is taken from Liberty City, from the original game.

What about the weapons? Unlike other games in the series, here there are some differences. For instance, when driving a car, you can shoot a gun and throw grenades or Molotov cocktails from the car window.

Also, unlike the San Andreas, to shoot a double gun, you need to find suchhandgun or to book it in the store weapons.

Transport also differs. Unlike preceding actings, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars employs various systems for car theft. Depending on the vehicle, the machine can be started in one of several ways.

Used cars easier to start with some rotations of a screwdriver in the ignition, or cracking the ignition switch and connecting wires, while other machines demand a more thorough opening.

For the new ones, which are more expensive, it is required to crack a computerized immobilizer.

In addition, there are stores of weapons trucks and vans enemy gangs, where you can find a weapon or drugs.
And some words about graphic arts. For the first time in this episode, all the graphics were completely cartooned, and graphic novels have a style of comic books.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

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