7 Free Fantasy Map Generator Apps & Websites 2024

If you want to create your own fantasy world, the first thing you should look into is creating your own map. That way, you will be able to turn all your ideas into reality from scratch.

These free fantasy map generator apps & websites will help you bring your new world to life with precision down to the smallest details.

After creating your awesome fantasy map you can enjoy these best collecting games.


You will definitely like this service if you have nowhere to put your fantasy and imagination.

On the site, you will be able to realize all your ideas and make a real guidebook. On it, you can set a variety of places and objects that will navigate not only you but also other people.

The service provides 2D and 3D visualization, which really helps you to find the necessary point on the maps.

Each of your created layouts will be unique and inimitable. After you make it, you can use the work for any of your purposes. Fancy and use the knowledge to design a real guidebook.

You will quickly get to grips with the functionality and interface of the service, which will allow you to start working on it right away. Use all your knowledge to learn how to create real atlases.


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This exciting online game will allow you to enjoy high-quality graphics and interesting stories.

You will show not only your skills and abilities but also your imagination and fantasy.

When you want to play with natural enemies in the form of monsters, you can use this app with all the necessary features.

It includes many tools with which you can load your cards, mark them and even view your fighters’ stats.

This app will not make you bored because it will help you improve your strategic skills and use your imagination and fantasy.


Fantasy Map Maker – Worlds

You no longer need to dream about creating your own atlas and guidebook, because this free service is available to you.

With it, you can easily realize your long-standing ideas and ideas, fantasies, and imaginations.

In the app, you can make any maps with marked places and objects to make it easier to find them.

You will also be able to change various parameters and data on the atlas so that you can make a truly unique product. For that, you have an assortment of different tools and techniques to make your designs as different and special as possible.

Showing your imagination and your skills, you can learn how to make these guides and even navigate by using them on any terrain.



Try yourself as a creator of virtual travel guides, because it is really very exciting and interesting.

This service will help you because it provides methods and techniques for making maps according to your fantasies and imagination.

Use the finished work can be used for the implementation of combats, and the realization of their plans and strategies.

Maps turn out to be so unusual that they will be almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. You can choose absolutely any territory and place.

Add some objects of your own and transform any terrain according to your desires and preferences.


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Using this service you can create your own unique items online, using your long-standing ideas and ideas. To make your fantasies come true you can use available tools and materials to make maps, travel guides, and atlases.

You will love making your own designs on this online platform because they will be obtained as unusual and realistic.

Add any locations, markings, and objects to your work. They will help to fill your developments and make them even more interesting. You can transform real territories and use them as playing fields.

Change largely populated areas and megalopolises to make them even better. This is possible thanks to the platform’s functions, which anyone can use.


This online platform will allow you to explore any place or object in the world, even without leaving home.

All the most interesting things will be presented on your device! In order not to be bored, you can explore areas with your friends or complete strangers to you. This will not only expand your horizons but also meet new interesting people.

Based on your studies and research, you can try to create your own atlas and add any places, buildings, and objects to it.

The finished product is available for saving and downloading. This will allow you to save your findings or even make them real with printing.

Use your imagination and imagination to create unique atlases and guides.

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With this online service, you can make your own virtual world and guide it. Implement your ideas, and use your imagination and fantasy to get an interesting and unusual result.

You can add the most different objects, places, zones, and territories to your developments. Your developments get even more original if you pay attention to small details and take advantage of all available functions of the platform.

You can even use real guides and territories to transform the world and make it perfect. Add notes, and your heroes, and follow the scenario of the games in the guidebooks.

You’re sure to enjoy this fun activity and create more than one unique map using this platform.

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