11 Free Meditation Apps for Android & iOS

It is commonly known that meditation practice is a straight road to a peaceful mind and self-awareness. But sometimes it feels a little too overwhelming to hire a pro guide for the sessions.

Fortunately, now you can practice meditation using nothing but your mobile. There are lots of free meditation apps for Android and iOS that will help you reach a peaceful state of mind.

These apps cover multiple mindfulness techniques that can cope with stress, anxiety, emotional control, and more. Plus, the duration of the sessions in these apps starts with three minutes so everyone could integrate meditations in their life.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category you should try. Have a look!

MyLife Meditation by Stop. Breathe. Think.

MyLife Meditation

MyLife Meditation is an app that will show you how to find peace in your lie in o longer than five minutes.

The main point of this app is to teach you helpful mindfulness techniques that don’t take lots of time. Plus, the app tries to fit into your mood and needs so it asks you about your thoughts and wellbeing every time you open it.

On top of that, the app covers multiple meditation methods so you won’t get bored doing the same actions over and over again. Each meditation method works in different stuff so you can pick the one you currently need. For instance, there’s a breathing technique that can help you control your emotions.

Besides, the app has awareness programs for both beginners and experienced people. Therewith, the beginner’s programs will be shorter to not bother you that much. The app also has the progress page that traces your physical and emotional feelings.

Herewith, you can check-in before and after meditations to see how it affects you. You can also settle the meditating schedule and the app will remind you to take a real from whatever you’ve been doing and meditate.

MyLife Meditation 1 MyLife Meditation 2


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Omvana – Meditation for Performance & Flow States

Omvana is another app that can unlock your potential via meditation.

This app is dedicated to the kinds of sessions that can elevate your productivity in different areas. Plus, the app also covers the programs that can reduce your stress, anxiety, enhance your concentration, and even help you get better sleep.

In also needs to be said, the app is bundled with courses that last from three to sixty minutes. Thus, everyone can pick a practice that corresponds to their daily load. Besides, the app precisely conducts you through all steps in the reflections no worries about that.

Plus, you can point out if you’re a beginner or an advanced mediator and this will affect the program you will be offered. The app also empowers you to set the sessions as you want due to the time you have and the place you’re currently in.

You can also set the volume of the session and save the sessions you enjoy the most to your faves. It’s even possible to mix sessions you find the most helpful. Furthermore, you can set the goals you want to enlarge and the app will offer you meditation sessions that can help with that.

Omvana 1 Omvana 2


Insight Timer – Meditation, Sleep, Music

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is an awareness app that can help you deal with your concern and elevate your wellness.

This app is bundled with medication sessions and mantras made by the world’s top meditation experts, coaches, analysts, and much more. The main goal of this app is to train you to pacify your mind, have healthy sleep, and became a happier person in general.

Herewith, the app covers more than forty thousand meditation sessions and the new ones are being added every day. Each meditation copes with particular stuff so you can always find the one that matches your current mood and needs.

Besides, all the programs are supervised so will be detailed explained what to do. The app also contains the meditations of various timing — from the very short ones to the ones that last more than an hour.

Plus, there are specific compilations of sessions for the inexperienced that can help you to make the meditation a daily habit. There are also lots of calming audios that can help you to relax. You can even follow your fave guide to not miss any of his new sessions.

Insight Timer 1 Insight Timer 2


Headspace: Meditation & Sleep


Headspace is a world-famous contemplation app that has lots of helpful sessions to offer.

The coolest thing in this app is that it has lots of short reflections that are mini versions of the very long ones. Thus, you can get the amazing result even without spending an hour on meditation — it’s a win for all the busy guys out there.

And when the app claims to have a great versatile of sessions for all the situations it fully means it. There’s a whole section of SOS reflections that can help you to calm down quickly and do lots of other things. There are even meditations for children!

Another reason to try this app is all of these sessions can be settled by your will. Thus, you can make any session suitable for you by entering the time you can spend on it and the area where you plan to practice. You can also set the volume of sessions you’re comfortable with.

In case you have sleeping problems, the app has a compilation of music that can help you to cope with it. Plus, there are lots of beginner programs that will get you into meditating and show you how to make it a daily attitude.

Headspace 1 Headspace 2


Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is by far the most famous contemplation app existing.

The app covers meditation sessions for both beginners and experienced mediators. So if it’s your first time trying to meditate the app will pick you the program of the short session so you won’t get bored or tired. Plus, the sessions will be lined up the way that it will become you daily habit.

Beyond that, the courts in this app last from three to twenty-five mins so you can train even if you don’t have much time. All the sessions serve for a particular aim so you can always find the one that matches your current mood. Besides, the sessions are narrated by famous people.

In case you have sleep struggles the app is bundled with calming music and backdrop mantras that can help with that. And if face troubles arranging your breathing the app also has exercises for that.

The amount of courses gets updated almost every day so you will never run out of material. There are even courses for kids until seventeen. The app also has a meditating journal that traces your progress and mood before and after the session.

Calm 1 Calm 2


Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness


Serenity is an app that can help you to enter a peaceful state of mind.

The whole concept of this app is built on minimalism — from the design to its approach to studying. The app has a huge compilation of versatile contemplation sessions that will help you find peace in all slants of your life.

Thus, all the sessions and lessons in this app are supervised so you will get it right even if you’re just starting your way in meditations. It needs to be said, the narrator’s voice is calming and relaxing which matches perfectly with the aim of the session. There are even the sessions that are narrated by the celebs.

Plus, all the mindfulness techniques are categorized according to their purpose so you won’t get lost and confused. There are sessions for stress and anxiety reduction, self-awareness, and even for good sleep.

The duration of the courses ranges from five minutes to lost an hour. That way, you can pick the one that cooperates with your free time. You can also set the volume of the sessions to feel comfortable with it. Besides, the sessions lined up the way so the reflections could become your habit.

Serenity 1 Serenity 2


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Smiling Mind

Smiling MindSmiling Mind is a self-awareness app that will help you to merge contemplation in your daily life.

The app has more than a hundred sessions for all kinds of aims you can think of. Bur the coolest thing is there are lots of sections so the amount of sessions in it is enough for you to not get tired and not get overwhelmed at the same time.

As it was already mentioned, the app is precisely organized and all the sessions are united into packs. Thus, there are basic self-awareness programs, the sleeping one, the program that helps you work on your relationships, and even the sessions that help you to build your working routine.

There’s no particular order in listening to the program so you can start with the one that corresponds with your current needs. As for the duration of the sessions, it usually ranges from five to fifteen minutes for most of them.

However, there are some advanced sessions that can last for almost an hour. All the sessions are fully supervised and the narration is soothing and relaxing so no worries about that.

Smiling Mind 1 Smiling Mind 2


Ten Percent Happier – Meditation & Sleep

Ten Percent Happier

As you can guess by the name, Ten Percent Happier is an app that will bring joy to your life via meditations.

The concept of this app is following the self-titled book that was very successful after the release. This app is a kind of guide for all the people who are not sure if the contemplation is the key to self-awareness.

Herewith, the app is bundled with versatile programs and individual programs that can help you to stabilize all aspects of your life. Plus, the app gets weekly updates so you will never run out of material at this point. These sessions can help you deal with the anxiety, relieve your stress, and get control over your emotions.

The outstanding this about this app is that it does not just give you guided sessions — you actually have connections with your teachers and you are free to ask any question. Besides, there are special programs for the inexperienced that can help you to train a habit. These programs cover short sessions so you won’t feel tired or overwhelmed with it. You can set small details in the sessions for it to match your preferences the most.

Ten Percent Happier 1 Ten Percent Happier 2


Unguided Meditation Timer

unguided3In the modern world, almost every person is familiar or at least heard about such a concept as meditation. If you go a little more deeply, you can understand that it requires a special timer, which will be discussed in this article.

In short, this timer allows you to adjust the meditation time. However, it is worth dwelling on the most important functions:

  • anapanic meditation
  • insightful meditation
  • Vipassan meditation

For the convenience of the user, the developers have made the most convenient interface and elementary control. In addition, the app offers a choice of 8 different gong sounds so that the user is as comfortable and calm as possible.

So, in order to start meditating, you will need:

  • adjust the meditation timer to your preferences and press the “start” button
  • inhale
  • exhale

This app is only suitable for real connoisseurs of beauty and spiritual. Enjoy the meditation timer and comprehend harmony with the world right now.



Sattva – Meditation App

Sattva Meditations

Sattva is an app that covers all kinds of meditation programs you can think of.

The app covers the programs that will entertain both the inexperienced and the gurus of meditations. If you’re new to awareness you can start with simple and quick sessions that last about six minutes or so. If your aim is to train a rule you can set a notification that will remind you to practice.

You can also set aims and trace the stats during your whole way to it. And if you are an experienced meditator you can try longer sessions that can last for almost an hour. There are more than a hundred sessions and mantras you can try to its number is currently growing.

Beyond that, you can set the volume of the sessions and even try silent courses if the narration distracts you from concentrating. All the sessions are split into packs so you won’t get confused. These packs cover the sessions for getting rid of stress and anxiety, the calming ones, and even the ones that give you energy.

Sattva Meditations 1 Sattva Meditations 2


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Breethe – Calm Meditation & Sleep Sounds


And lastly, Breethe is an app that will help you to elevate your wellbeing.

The app covers multiple self-awareness programs that can be very helpful on your way to self-improvement. All the sessions are split into thematic packs so it’s easy to navigate. Some programs relieve your stress, teach you self-love, and bring reflection to your life.

Herewith, there are programs for the gurus and inexperienced people so no worries about that. The beginner’s courses last less to not overwhelm you and they are all fully narrated. In case you are not new to the meditations, you can try longer sessions and even the silent ones.

Plus, you can set the notifications to remind you to practice or send you motivational quotes. You can also trace your progress in mindfulness. There are even sessions that cope with sleep struggles and show you how to organize your work.

Breethe 1 Breethe 2


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