5 Best Blue Light Detector Apps For Android & iOS

If you are here, you’re probably aware that exposure is one of the most aspects of filmmaking. Measuring the light, especially the blue one is crucial before filming. For these purposes, we gathered the best blue light detector apps that will assist you with that.

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Lux Light Meter Pro

This is one of the most reliable apps to measure all kinds of light rays, not just the blue one. However, you can use it to detect the range of the blue light as well.

The app works with the usage of the light meter on the screen of your smartphone (before using the app, make sure that your device has that measuring meter). It is quite easy to use. You just open the app and start measuring.

The results will be ready in seconds and can be displayed in 2 variations. You can perpetuate them in the app as a separate file and give it a separate name.

Overall, the app is extremely multifunctional. It doesn’t just measure the light level for filming, it’s useful for greenhouses, for checking the work of the detector of your app, for construction workers, and so on.

The interface design is simple, but this is what makes it easy to handle for all potential users.

By the way, another great thing about Lux Light Meter Pro is that it doesn’t have ads at all.


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Lux Light Meter Pro

We have to be fair this blue light meter for iPhone definitely has a better design than the one previous for Android. In fact, this is one of the best apps in this category and it measures all type of light almost flawlessly.

Why “almost”? Well, it’s because you will need to have one of the last version of iPhone with well-equipped light sensors so the app could work in its full capacity and analyze all kinds of light. Considering the blue light, Lux Light Meter Pro will catch and measure it.

Morever, this app can be used in twisted ways: on one hand, you can measure the blue light for the photo and video exposure, and on the other, you can measure the level of the blue light in the room to evaluate if it’s comfortable for an eye. All the measurements are made in the real-time.


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Lumu Light Meter

Another great app for measuring the blue light level for iOS devices. One of the prominent features of Lumu Light Meter is its elegant minimalistic interface design.

The app makes measurements in real-time using the light sensor of your iPhone and shows the result immediately. By the way, just like in all previous cases, this might work not for the blue light exclusively.

There is a separate video mode and several modes for photos. Moreover, you can use Lumu Light Meter to track how the illumination in the place is changing over time.

However, not everything is so bright with this app, as in the previous cases. During the app tests we noticed that the measurements tend to be inaccurate – and it has nothing to do with the device sensor.

Lumu 1

Light Meter – Lite

Another more or less desrving the trust app for Android devices. This Light Meter can help you to measure the blue light as well. Despite the more ordinary interface design, the app is still able to measure the types of lightning in the room in the real time.

In addition to that, Light Meter can analyze the light on pictures. The tables of various values will be displayed in a separate window after the analysis.

And though the are some users who complain about the accuracy of this app, we were not able to find any dramatic flaws. It’s more likely that they need more powerful devices with stronger sensors to use Light Meter.

You can actually avoid those misfortunes by configuring the setting of measurements manually in here. Before the analysis starts, you need to choose the preferable device for operating – either the light sensor of a device or a camera. Depending on the Android model that you have, make a selection.


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Cine Meter II

The last app on our list isn’t free, but we still decided to add it since it’s really multifunctional and useful for everyone who makes the professional shootings or works with the lighting on the shootings.

Cine Meter II will turn your device into the professional light meter and not only the blue light meter. One main difference between Cine Meter and previous apps is that the measurements here are zoomable. The monitor has the RGB waveform.

Thus, with Cine Meter you will be able to read all the color temperatures of the picture and make the adjustments immediately. Moreover, this app helps to calculate the shutter speed, shutter angle aperture, ND, and ISO directly.

Though, the price for the app is quite significant and you probably won’t need it if the only thing you need is to measure the blue light level. Moreover, with all those calculations, values and measurements it’s quite tricky for a regular user to navigate in Cine Meter II. It’s a great app for professionals though.

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