10 Exciting Video Games for Cats on iPad

The world is crazy about cats. Cats become fetish – people set up cat’s restaurant and barbershops, bequeath a legacy to their pets, draw paintings, dedicate songs and that kind of thing.

Today it is all about cats and technology! Not everyone knows that AppStore and Google Play Store presents some collections of apps, developed especially for your fluffy purring pets.

We have inspired by the new trend and decided to create a collection of 10 unbelievable apps, where your pets will have fun, trying to chase fishes, butterflies or mice and a lot more. 

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Game for cats

The world-famous app for cats that is downloaded thousands of time per day. With this fast-action game, your cat and all guests in your house will be kept entertained for hours.

By the way, the level with chasing a laser is free, while chasing a mouse has in-app purchases.

Speaking about its modes, you can choose for your pet several levels: ” Chase a laser”, “Chase a mouse”, “Chase a butterfly” and The traditional laser pointer: everyone loves letting their cat chase a laser pointer, right? Well, now you can keep your cat entertained without having to exert any effort! Game for Cats will pick random paths that keep your cat’s attention.
game for cats game for cats


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Paint for Cats

Not only people dedicate paintings to their lovely cats, but cats are perfect artists too. How it works: there is a mouse, which moves from one corner to another.

It attracts your cat’s attention and it chases a mouse, making paintings at the same time. Moreover, you can choose colors from 10 various pallets – Caturday Psycatdelic, Litter Box, Hot Paws, Mighty Jungle, Wild Side, Tabby Town,  Cool Cat, Kitten Toes, Shadow Cat.

You can share masterpieces with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

screen480x480-2paint for cat



The Catzilla is a colorful app with normal graphics which attracts your cat’s attention and makes him interested in playing.

How it works: there is a moderated city, which was attacked by flying monsters, your cat sees a danger ( or just something moving chaotically) and taps on it by his paw. Look at this video! Cats are delighted!





Cat Fishing 2

The new version of Cat Fishing means more fishes in the app! We know that cats adore to chase fishes and eat them but sometimes you can’t go to a lake or take your pet with yourself.

In this case, the iPad is a good entertainment provider for your lovely cat. the main features, that a cat sees a usual fish, swimming not in the water, but your iPad display. Tapping on it, a pet gets scores and every time, when a cat is distracted by something or stop playing, the app automatically says “meow’ to attract his attention.
cat fishing screen696x696

Cat Game

I will not believe if you say that you have never played with your cat, using a laser and navigating it on a wall. Your cat adores little red dots, isn’t it? So now your pet can do it in a special app and you don’t need to search for a laser.

The game enjoyed by ages by everyone, whether you are or your pet. The process is pretty simple, your cat has to chase a laser dot. A cat gets scores every time he chases a red dot. But I think if you and your cat are competitors, it will be a dishonest game.
cat game cat game cat game

Friskies JitterBug

This app akin to Cat Fishing and Games for Cats, but instead of mice, butterflies and fishes, your cat will chase insects!!! I am really afraid of any kind of insects, but if you are in search of something futuristic and unusual for your cat, this app is the best option.

In-Game mode, there are five fifteen-second rounds to catch as many bugs as possible. There’s also an Advanced Mode where you can select how many of each kind of bug will appear. Advanced mode also features an Endless Play option, so your cat can practice as long as she likes.
jitter cat app jitter cat app

Best Game for Cats

The cutest app among the others. Everything is in pleasant colors and designed well. When you see this app, you immediately want to make your cat happy.

Speaking about its features, mice catching, cat bells catching, wool balls catching, laser catching, endless game to allow you to let your cat play as long as he/she wants, sound effects allow you to know how well your cat is playing while you are watching TV. Your cat will be kept entertained for a long time, we promise.



Best games for cats Best games for cats

Mouse for Cats

It is a legendary 2D game for cats in HD Graphics, compatible with iPad and iPhone. The main feature that the app was developed, optimized and timed only for cats, not humans.

There are eight interesting exciting levels with moving mice that your cat has to chase, tap on and get scores to go to the next level! Mice are all different colors so your cat pays serious attention to the game.
mouse for cats mouse for cats


This is one of the most popular apps for playing with your pets on the market. One of its best advantages is that Petcube available everywhere – on iOS, Android and all the tablets, including iPad.

Petcube works in such a way that it creates a laser ray from the camera of your gadget. When you launch the app, you can see the world through the Pet Camera with the indicator of the laser. Swipe your finger on the screen of your smartphone to manipulate the ray. Your cat will probably be amazed.

Another cool bonus is that you can record a video with your playing cat and later share it with the rest of the world.



Catch The Mouse Cat Game

If you would have this game for yourself you would probably not like it. However, don’t forget that we and our cats are different creatures and cats love hunting mice. They don’t need any specific features, additional accessories. They will be happy just by seeing a mouse and chasing it.

Because this app is so simple, an additional bonus of it will be that it won’t occupy much space on your tablet. Moreover, mice can be different colors – from green to black! Well, of course, cats can’t distinguish the colors, but that’s fun for an owner.



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