11 Free Offline Shooting Games For Android & iOS In 2024

Do you love shooting games? Most of us do. However, the most popular games require connection to the Internet. It makes playing them impossible when you are offline, for instance, on a plane.

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This is why we decided to collect a list of the best shooting games you can download on your smartphone or tablet. All the games are available for free.

Into the Dead

into-the-dead-2-logoYou might know Into the Dead as a survival zombie game. However, it is also a cool shooter, this is why we included it into the list.

The gameplay is simple and fun, the same applies to graphics. Now let’s focus on the best features you will see in the Into the Dead app:

  • Once you start playing the game, you will be given your first weapon. At the very beginning, you have to defend yourself with a knife. Be careful, as you can’t kill multiple zombies with the knife. This is why you might have to run or hide on the first levels.
  • The more you play, the better weapons you will get. Expand your collection and start shooting zombies effectively.
  • Overcome hard missions. They are hard to pass, but the reward is worth it. For example, you can obtain some rare shotguns.
  • Invite your friends to the game and fight with zombies together. You can collaborate or play against each other.

Most of the options are available with no connection to the Internet. If you play alone, you can easily enjoy Into the Dead when you are offline.

Both Android and iOS users can get this cool offline shooting game at no cost.


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N.O.V.A. Legacy

NOVA-legacy-logo-1If you often play shooting games, you are probably familiar with this one. If you aren’t, then you are about to discover the game you will totally love!

NOVA Legacy is a retro shooter, meaning you can dive deep into the game you used to enjoy long ago. Its nostalgic graphics create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Here are the most striking features of NOVA Legacy application:

  1. Find yourself as a veteran whose primary aim is to fight for the Colonial Administration forces. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this game. Your personal assistant, Yelena, will help you to shoot enemies and build a strong defeat strategy.
  2. Try multiple arenas. Deathmatch is one of the hardest challenges, as you have to face six fighters at a time.
  3. Get new weapons and upgrade the ones you already have. You can craft guns using the items you obtained while playing.
  4. Go for shadow events. These are the limited events with rare prizes!

This cool game is available for Android, as well as iOS users. Get it now and you will have a shooter you can play offline.

nova-legacy-screen-1 nova-legacy-screeshot-1

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Cover Fire: Offline Shooting

coverfire-logoDo you like fighting against enemies and leading the team? Then this is a good game for you. You can play this shooter both online and offline. However, if you play with no connection to the Internet, the number of functions available for you will be limited.

Let’s focus on the features you can enjoy offline: 

  1. Go for a single-player campaign. It means you will have to play and survive on your own most of the time. However, there are also some other characters and items you can use to boost your victory. 
  2. Enjoy cool HD Graphics. The picture you will see on your screen is top-notch! Travel through various game environments that look like real places. 
  3. Simple controls. If you have tried playing multiple games, you might have faced the ones that are too hard to play due to complicated controls. In Cover Fire the situation is different – the controls are intuitive and fast to respond. 
  4. Take part in an amazing Offline Virus Zombies Event! In this scenario, you have to fight thousands of zombies who want to bite you. The only weapon you have is a gun. What is more, you also need to look for the other survivors and try to save them. 

If you happen to play the game online, more options will become available. For instance, you can build a strong team and follow the same strategy when fighting.

Get Cover Fire on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

coverfire-screen coverfire-screenshot

LONEWOLF (18+) – a Sniper Story

lonewolf-logo-1Do you like to make your own choices, even if the situation is hard? Then this is what you need! In the Lonewolf game, you can combine a sniper story and difficult choices.

This isn’t a typical shooter. It has a strong and dynamic plot that can unfold depending on the choice you make. This means there are multiple endings to explore. In this game, you are a serial killer with a strange aim that is clear to him but nobody else.

Here are the best features you will see in Lonewolf:

  1. Explore a noir style. The game looks like a cartoon, it may remind you of the cartoons you have seen in your childhood.
  2. The story mode will last for 5 hours. You can pass through the plot easily but we recommend that you do it slowly to enjoy the process.
  3. There are over 30 different missions. To pass them successfully, you have to make wise choices. If you make a mistake, you will be highly likely to lose the round.

The game is unique. It really stands out from the rest games you see in this article. The shooter is available for iOS and Android users.

lonewolf-screen-1 lonewolf-screenhot-1

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Bullet Force

bullet-force-logoMeet a great multiplayer shooter game! This is an intensive fight where you can use a big number of weapons. The game-play is also quite simple. The controls are fast to learn thanks to their intuitive interface.

The features are impressive as well. Here are the best of them:

  • Discover over 20 various weapons. There are shotguns, knives, rifles, pistols, and stuff like that. Try them all and choose which is the best for each situation.
  • Customize weapons and your gear. This is what makes the game so unique – here you can change the items you obtained, starting from their appearance and finishing with the functions.
  • Create custom matches. It means you can create a PVP session that appeals to you and then play it.

Bullet Force is a great game, but there is one serious disadvantage. There is a pretty disappointing glitch – sometimes you might die from a single shot that would normally be not too harmful.

In general, this is a nice shooter, even though some problems may occur. You can get it now on the App Store and Google Play.

bullet-force-screen bullet-force-screenshot

Clear Vision 4 – Brutal Sniper Game

clear-vision-4-logo-1If you were looking for a dynamic and simple shooter, you can play offline, Clear Vision 4 is what you need. This game is a mixture of various ideas and genres. For instance, you can play in a classic way, going through mob missions, or try special operations.

However, this isn’t the only thing that might attract you. Let’s look at some other details:

  1. Enjoy fun and dynamic animations. Some killings might look brutal, others may seem hilarious. And that’s cool, as it makes the game different and unpredictable.
  2. Discover over 40 rifles. Try them on different missions. What is more, you can also create your own weapons and use them later.
  3. Play endlessly and pay nothing for it. In the endless version, you can play as long as you can, there is no time limitation.

The app is quite small, having 132 MB of memory will be enough. We recommend playing on a tablet. It will help you to see your victim better.

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At the moment, you can download Clear Vision 4 on the App Store, as well as Google Play. You will see some ads during the game, but they aren’t too often.

clear-vision-screen-1 clear-vision-screenshot-1

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Ramboat: Shooting Offline Game

ramboat-logo-1Do you like fun and cartoon-like games where you can shoot and run? Here is a good option! Ramboat is very different from the shooters you see here, but it has a mixture of cool features. It combines a 2D game, fun graphics, as well as defensive tasks.

What you need to do is to run and shoot your enemies. And don’t forget to help your friends! Unlike many other shooters, you are not alone. There are friendly characters who can assist you in fights.

Why should you give Ramboat a try?

  1. There are over 9 stages. Their difficulty increases gradually, helping you to stay involved and thrilled and not too frustrated by losses.
  2. You will play for the Mambo who has to help his friends to pass through hard missions.
  3. If your aim is to relax and just play without thinking about time limits, just try a striking endless mode. There are no levels. The difficulty of the game will change at times, but it will still remain more or less the same.
  4. Discover an extensive set of weapons. There are guns, rifles, rockets, and other cool stuff! Try them all to pass the missions successfully.

However, the main feature is the app’s cartoon-like graphics. If you love this style of graphics, you will fall in love with Ramboat.

The size of the game is about 60 MB. To install it, you have to give the app a huge number of permissions, though. Thus, it needs to know about your location, the purchases you make, as well as your usage data.

In general, the game is fun and even a bit addictive. Once you get involved, you can hardly stop it!

Download this cool shooter on your iOS or Android device.

ramboat-screen-1 ramboat-screenshot-1ramboat-screenshott-1

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six-guns-logo-1This game will appeal to people who love the world of a Wild West. In this game, you will play for the character named Buck Crosshaw. At some point, he has to fake his death, go to the state of Arizona, and start a new life there.

However, the troubles won’t stop here. The thing is that the problems will grow every day, making the character shoot people and escape again and again.

Here are the best options you will explore in Six-Guns:

  1. Take part in a great advantage. For sure, there is a twisted plot in the game, but you can change it by making choices.
  2. Killing isn’t the only option! This game has many characteristics of a shooter, but there are other actions available. You can make a deal with another guy, trick him, or just do what you have to without asking anyone. It’s up to you which method you use.
  3. Try a kill land. In this land, you either kill an enemy or get killed by him. You can also find and take some horses to ride, moving through the location much faster.
  4. Go for hard and rare challenges! They are much harder than usual tactical levels. But the reward is worth efforts.

The game supports a big number of foreign languages, including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and many others.

Please keep in mind the game requires many resources, especially your memory. You will need about 800 MB of your phone’s memory. What is more, your battery will be drained quite fast.

You can get Six-Guns on the App Store for free.

six-guns-screen-1 six-guns-screenshot-1


Hitman Sniper

hitman-sniper-logo-1If you always wanted to try being a sniper, this one is for you. Because it might be too exhausting to run and survive! In this game, you have a task of killing a certain person (or a group of people).

The app has a cool graphics that help you dive deep into the actions taking place in Hitman Sniper.

Let’s look at the best options you will see in the Hitman Sniper game:

  • Explore a big number of powerful rifles. Before you try them, make sure you learn in which situations and missions you need to use it, because it is a key factor to success. In general, there are 17 types of weapon.
  • The game consists of over 150 levels. To pass the levels successfully, you have to build a good strategy. Just assassinating isn’t enough to be a cool sniper. Unfold secrets and change the way you play the game.
  • There are also great challenges. For instance, there is a zombie challenge in death valley. Here you have to shoot zombies, unlike the tactical mission.

Please note the game is really huge. It requires at least 1.2 GB of your memory. Some users also complain that their device gets too hot after 30-40 min of playing. What’s more, the app drains your battery quite fast.

Get in now on the App Store and become a sniper!

hitman-sniper-screen-1 hitman-sniper-screenshot-1


Bullet Strike: Offline Shooting

bullet-strike-logo-1Here comes a truly impressive game to play when you are disconnected from the Internet! In Bullet Strike, your main aim is to defend people and fight against terrorists.

Why should you give this game a try? Its strongest point is its availability for almost all the devices. Even if you have an old and outdated smartphone, it’s not a problem, as the game is optimized even for a weak tablet or smartphone.

Here are the best features you will discover at Bullet Strike:

  • Check over 20 modern and powerful guns. All of them are free. The only thing you have to do is to pass levels one by one. Their difficulty increases smoothly.
  • Enjoy lifelike graphics and dynamic plot. In this game, you aren’t alone. There are also other characters you can collaborate with.
  • Smooth control. This is a truly strong point in the game, because very often, free shooters have problems with that.
  • Discover a big number of locations thanks to a big number of maps. For instance, you can play in the desert, in a big city, or in some other place. It brings something new to the same game.

Even though the app is free with all of its levels and guns, you may still face some advertisements. They won’t rudely interrupt your gaming, though.

Android users can get this amazing shooter on Google Play and start saving the world!

bullet-strike-screen-1 bullet-strike-screenshot-1


Blazing Sniper – offline shooting game

blazing-sniper-logo-1It’s high time you became a brave soldier who can save your nation and the whole world. Take you gun and go!

The game has stunning graphics, dynamic actions, strong enemies, and interesting locations. It is easy to get started thanks to a simple gameplay and good navigation.

Let’s see what exactly you will get right after the download:

  1. Your main enemies are zombies and viruses. The best tool to win is your shotgun. Make sure you upgrade it regularly so that you can kill more zombies at a shot.
  2. You are going to unlock more than 50 cool shooter tasks and challenges! Their difficulty gradually increases. You can unlock all the weapons and levels with no money, just by playing the game and passing levels.
  3. Try endless modes. This is very relaxing! You don’t need to think about the time you spend on the level, just dive deep into the fight with zombies and enjoy.
  4. There are no ads and in-app purchases. It means everything you can obtain depends on you! All the players are in the same conditions, which makes the game fair.

Some users report bugs on the level 24, where you have to take fight with the boss soldier. This bug doesn’t prevent you from shooting, but makes it much harder to win.

This shooting and survival game is available on Google Play.

blazing-sniper-screen-1 blazing-sniper-screenshot-1


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