7 Free Painting Estimate Calculator Apps & Websites

Estimating the price of artwork can be tricky, especially if you don’t have much experience. There are just too many factors the price consists of, and it may be confusing to determine the price right away.

Lucky for you, we’ve found the 7 free painting estimate calculator apps & websites to help you out. These apps let you determine the price for your artwork based on various details like sizing, material cost, working hours, and more. Some of these apps also help art collectors to calculate valid prices and find information about pieces of art. Take a look!

Art Price Calculator

Art Price Calculator

Let’s start with an app that lets you estimate the charge for your artwork.

The main goal of his one is to help you solve the problem of pricing your own art. It comes with a calculator that lets you count up how much you should charge according to the charges of other artists. In fact, you’ll get to search for millions of worldwide artists to customize the details on to base your pricing.

The art pricing info comes from dozens of art-selling websites and platforms. These details get regular updates, so you’ll get to keep up with market tendencies. As for the calculator, it works pretty simply, you just need to fill in some details about your work. Firstly, you’ll need to point out the width and height of your art, along with its form (original or print).

Then, you’ll need to log the expense of materials and choose the type of art (like painting, and all that). The other factors include the medium of art, its style, and its subject. The price calculates in secs, and you can customize it by adding some extra fees if needed. You can also save the price and even attach a photo of the artwork.

Art Price Calculator
Art Price Calculator 1

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Next, we have an art price estimator that lets you manage the pricing for various kinds of artwork.

Apart from the previous one, this app was originally made to help estimate the pricing of digital artworks. The thing is, you’ll need to fill in the default charges for various types of art before the calculation The default types are logos, tickers, illustrations, and several kinds of portraits and backgrounds.

Herewith, you get to add custom titles and charges, and the amount is not limited. This app is actually perfect if you sell various forms of art and want to be able to figure out the pricing quickly. Once you’re done with the default prices, the calc is ready to be used.

As always, you’ll need to input some info to come out with the price. You’ll need to pick the type o commissions (from the list you’ve made before). Then, you get to select the difficulty level of the art, its animation (if there’s any), rendering, and initial sketch. Besides, the app lets you pick usage terms for the art, which has a major impact on the pricing.

Arteef 1



This app is fully different by concept. It’s here to help art collectors to search for current art prices.

The app analyzes the info on the global art trading market and auctions to provide you with the most accurate pricing info. It gives you access to over 20 mill pieces of auction info, so you’re all the way covered. Overall, the app makes art trading and collection much easier. You can even use it to track current prices and adjust the charging for your own art.

The app comes with a powerful search engine that lets you specify your search and get the most personalized results. You get to select the artists you’re interested in, pick artwork types, and even specify the auction house you need info from. More to that, you’ll get to pick the timing o auction, which is handy.

You can mark up the artworks you’d like to get (or sell) to track the prices and get instant notifications of price changes. The same works for your personal art collections: you can input the art pieces you own to constantly track their total value. Besides, the app comes with a wide selection of articles on the latest art trends and all that.

ArtPro 1



It’s another app that makes sure you’re buying art pieces at valid prices.

This is your pocket art advisor that provides you with immediate price validation. It runs on AI and lets you determine the pricing of certain art pieces. The mechanic is pretty simple: you need to enter the name of the artist. Type of the artwork, its size, and the quoted price.

Once you’re done, the app will tell you if the price is valid. In case you just want to check the price, feel free to skip the quoted price part. The artwork size is fully customizable, so it’s easy to find the one that fits your requirements. The app covers a wide base of artists: they are over 800K for now, and the base gets regular updates.

Herewith, the app lets you check up on the careers of the artists along with some detail of their art style and all that. You can also subscribe to artists and specific artworks to track price changes if needed. In case you’ll decide to buy smth, you can check over 15K galleries and auctions to do it safely.

Limna 1

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Art Side of Life

Moving on to websites. This is an all-in-one estimation platform that lets you calculate the price of your art.

In fact, this website comes with not one, but four calculators for different kinds of art. There are calculators for watercolor and acrylic art, digital art, oil paintings, and even an hourly rate one. Thus, you can choose one for the art you make and get an accurate price estimation right away.

The mechanics of all these calculators is similar: you’ll need to input some details about your work and the site will calculate the price. As for the traditional art calc, you’ll need to point out your hourly rate, the number of hours you’ve spent, materials costs, and margin. As it was mentioned, there’s a special calc for finding out your hourly rate, so feel free to use this one first.

In order to find out your hourly rate, you’ll need to log your annual salary, biz costs, hours, and margin. The calculation happens immediately, so you’ll get the results right away. The digital pricing estimator asks you for the hourly rate, amount of hours, and margin (so it’s pretty much the same as the traditional one). The oil painting calc is the only one that asks you for the artwork sizing and even the price per inch.

art side of life

Draw Paint Academy

This is a calc website that lets you determine the pricing of your artwork

Apart from the previous one, this site is quite smiley and minimal, so you’ll quickly figure out how it works. It uses a simple pricing methodology used by many artists around the globe. All you need to do is to input some details about your artwork. To be more precise, you’ll need to enter the dimensions of your work in inches.

Once you’ve entered the width and height of your work, you’ll need to log the pricing per inch. In case you get confused by this part, the price per inch should cover your time, materials, and studio costs along with the desired profit. Besides, it’s better to consider current art market prices while counting this metric up, to make sure the price will be valid.

Sooth to say, you can put the price per inch as high as the market allows. It’s fully up to you, though, so do as you like. And that’s actually it, the calculation happens automatically, so you’ll get the full price in secs. You can also customize the currency of the calculated price if needed, but that’s optional.

draw paint academy

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Art Is My Career

And lastly, we have a handy website that helps you estimate the pricing of your work.

This site lets both pros and beginners determine art prices, and there are two calculators for you to use there. In fact, the site uses quite unique formulas, so the prices may come up higher than you would expect (and higher than ones on other similar platforms). Herewith, there’s a simple way to make it work for you.

So if you’re just starting to sell your artwork and feel like the price this site offers is too high, just divide the result by two. By doing that, you’ll get the minimum you should charge for your work. And if you’re pretty confident about your art and have been selling it for quite a while now, just use the offered price and let your work be appreciated.

The first calculator counts up the price based on the area of your work. It asks you for the height and width of your artwork, along with the cost per inch and materials cost. The other calc uses the time taken to finish the artwork to find out the price. Here, you’ll need t input such details as hourly rate, the hours you’ve spent, and the material cost.

art is my career
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