11 Free Picture Resizer Apps for Android & iOS

There are many different reasons to resize a photo. You may need a different aspect ratio or you can simply cut out unnecessary parts of that. Either way, there are several options for this.

There are two types of resizing. The first is compression, which means you keep the image the same size but reduce the file size. The second is resizing, where you change the aspect ratio.

While the second option can be found in almost any photo editor, the compression tool is not available in all such services. So, we decided to review these free picture resizer apps for Android & iOS that have both mentioned features.

Use these apps to make square size photos on Android & iOS to get the perfect content in a few seconds.

Photo Resizer HD

Photo Resizer HD is an app for rescaling images in the selected format. Batch processing and image editing are provided.

It is possible to use standard and arbitrary formats, as well as to edit images after processing. The utility allows you to search for files in the internal memory of the phone.

Next, you need to configure the parameters of the file conversion. To do this you need to specify the desired quality of the image and the desired size. Note that the conversion of images is performed with the preservation of the proportions.

You can choose the format of the image and check the free format in the menu. There is an option to make the pictures sharper after size conversion.

Besides, the utility allows you to save EXIF metadata. To do this, you need to check the appropriate checkbox in the menu. The processed image can be cropped, rotated, and displayed horizontally and vertically.

The app allows you to share the finished files via social networks and messengers. A special button is provided for this purpose. Files are saved in a separate folder in the internal storage of the phone. Moreover, you are to download them directly to the SD card.


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AI Image Enlarger

The AI Image Enlarger app is designed to enlarge and enhance images. It allows you to resize them without losing quality.

It also provides you with the opportunity to enhance photos, adjust color and contrast, remove noise, and sharpen the picture.

The utility uses machine learning capabilities to achieve results. Select a photo from your phone’s gallery. Within seconds it gets loaded. The app assigns a special identifier to the task.

Image processing with AI can take several minutes. You can choose whether to close the app or to wait without minimizing it. Check the status of image processing by the identifier. As soon as “Success” appears, you can download the finished photo.

Note that the free version of the app has the ability to enlarge the image by 200 percent. In the case of improving the quality of photos, you can download an image of 800 by 800 pixels.

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Resize Me!

The Resize Me! app is awesome for cropping photos and changing resolutions. Set the size of the image, convert to another format and rotate it.

With this, you can create a wallpaper for your desktop, prepare photos to publish to different social networks or just crop them.

The app allows you to edit ready-made images from the gallery. If necessary, you can use it to take a photo in real-time. Then you are to immediately adjust it to the desired size. There is an option to save extra data about the picture, including date, time, GPS, and other information.

The utility also includes a file explorer. With it, you can quickly find the appropriate folder and photo. There are also many ready-to-use cropping options for the picture. All you have to do is upload a photo from the gallery or take it on your phone camera and select the desired resolution.

The app allows you to crop an image to vertical, horizontal, and square formats. It is possible to set the size arbitrarily. If needed, you can rotate the photo at the desired angle or reflect it.

The utility is able to save the edited images without reducing the quality. Share the finished photos on social networks and messengers.


Photo & Picture Resizer

The Photo & Picture Resizer app is suitable for reducing the size of images. It allows you to scale photos and pictures without loss of quality. Batch processing of images is possible.

The utility is characterized by a simple and intuitive interface. Its main menu allows you to select a photo for processing from the gallery or take a picture.

The app asks for access to the internal storage of the phone and to the camera. The process is fast and clear.

The program allows you to rotate the image, crop, and compress it to a size you specify. It offers a percentage reduction, or you can specify height and width.

Finished images are stored in a separate folder. Share them with friends and post to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others directly from the app. The folder can be viewed here or through the gallery on your phone.



The Photoczip app is similar in its functionality to the above-mentioned programs. With its help, you can easily reduce the size of photos.

In addition to changing the volume and resolution, the program allows you to create archives and add watermarks to images. You can also convert the format of the photo from PNG to JPG and much more.

Working with the app is incredibly easy. You need to select the desired photo from the gallery and click the “Compress” button. It compresses images without any side effects and you don’t have to worry about distortion. This free app will also help you reduce the size of your image in volume.

In addition to all of the above, the app can display images like the stock Gallery app. This means that you can manage your images from one place. This allows you to set a specific path for saving them.


Photo Compress 2.0

Photo Compress 2.0 is an undemanding and handy app with which you can compress and reduce an image without loss of quality.

The program allows you to crop a picture and adjust its resolution in a couple of clicks. You can share the finished result on social networks or save it in your phone’s gallery.

The advantage of the app is the ability to choose the source of the picture: an existing photo in the phone gallery or a new picture.

The photo quality modification program is freely available and does not take up much space on your device. The user interface is quite simple and everyone can understand it. In addition to compressing images, this app can resize and crop them.

Also, the great thing about the app is that it doesn’t delete EXIF data or metadata. That is, if you compress images with this app, it will keep EXIF data. You will also be able to share the result directly from the app.


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Image Compressor

Let’s start with the user interface of the Image Compressor app, as it is probably the most beautiful app in this review.

It shows a visual graph of image compression. This way, you can check how much memory you can free up.

Like the previous apps, it allows you to resize and crop photos. You can also do a lot of other things with the images on your phone.

Speaking of features, you can view images using hand gestures and make a copy of the original one.

Share photos on social networks, customize the gallery view, and more. The free version is more than enough for every user.

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Resize photo

The Resize photo app will allow you to change the sides of any picture.

This tool will show on the screen several different variants of the appropriate size. And it will also allow you to enter the parameters arbitrarily.

You are to download pictures to the app directly from your gallery, Dropbox, Google Photo, or Samsung Link. To upload a photo from your phone’s gallery, click on the folder icon at the top of the window.

To set the preferred sides of the picture, select the button at the end of the list. This way, even if you keep your own family photo album on a remote Google Drive or Dropbox, the photos can be downloaded and modified. The result can be shared in any of the supported apps on your phone.

When you change the aspect ratio in pictures via the app, the quality is almost unaffected. Landscapes will remain as bright and attractive as they were in the larger size. Unnecessary graphic files can be deleted through the standard gallery phone.

After prolonged work in the editor, it is recommended to clean the cache separately from this program. The app has no paid purchases, it is free for all users.


Photo Resizer

The Photo Resizer app is great for working with different images from your phone’s gallery.

Here you will be able to set the size of the picture you choose, down to the pixels. In this case, the quality of the image will not be spoiled. Batch processing for changing several images at once is available.

The result can be saved in ZIP format and you can send the document in any of the available ways. Adjust the images to the standard parameters of Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and other social networks.

You will also be able to crop unwanted parts of photos in this app. When you save the result, the original images are not changed. So, you can view the changes in the photo comparison mode.

Moreover, this app allows you to compress the image. This comes in handy for saving space in your phone memory and sending messages.

The interface of the app is understandable even for a beginner. The design will also please every user. It is available for free without any restrictions.


Image Compressor Puma

The Image Compressor Puma app contains many useful tools. With it, you will be able to resize your photo without loss of quality.

The easiest way here is to use the automatic mode. So, this app will find the perfect size for your image on its own.

In File Size mode, you can compress your photo manually. To do this, specify the number of Kb or MB.

Batch photo compression is available, thanks to which you can change several images at once. The resulting image can be compared to the original in a special mode.

You are to share the pictures via email, social networks, or messenger. You can also send files directly from the app without saving them to your phone’s gallery.

This app is the perfect solution for those who want to save space in their phone’s memory. A cute virtual puma will help you through the whole process.


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Photo Compressor and Resizer

The Photo Compressor and Resizer app allows you to maintain high image quality while resizing the image.

To do this, it uses special technology to selectively reduce the number of colors. This has almost no effect on the image, but the image size is significantly reduced.

You can also use the image cropping function to remove unnecessary parts. Various aspect ratios are available, which allows you to achieve the best photo settings. Work on several images at the same time.

The original images remain unchanged, which is advantageous. If you don’t need them, you can delete them yourself. Using the replacement function, you can also automatically replace them with new files.

Also, this program has a converter that offers PNG, JPG, and WEBP formats. Try the built-in color palette to properly adjust the compression.

This app is available to all users absolutely free of charge. There are automatic and manual modes, each of which has its own pros.


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