21 Games like Episode for Android & iOS

Episode – Choose Your Story is an application – a simulator of life in various incredible situations. How many times, watching a movie, or reading some fascinating story, you wanted to visit the place of the main character, survive his adventures. Or, listening to a story about a friend, the phrase “If I were in his place, I would …” burst out of your mouth. And here in the game Episode – Choose Your Story presented such a unique opportunity.

However, sooner or later the game ends, and the plot is so addictive that you want to play again and again. Especially for such avid gamers, we selected 21 Games like Episode for Android & iOS.

Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story – is the game for everyone who dreamed or still dreams to go all the way from an unknown actor to a bright star. To penetrate life as a separate character, and the whole city as a whole is quite affordable because downloading the game is quite simple.

History and places

Hollywood, the legendary area of Los Angeles, is inevitably associated with the American film industry – dozens of film studios, a fame alley, hundreds of unknown or already formed stars, actors, directors or screenwriters. To get to Hollywood means to win a lucky ticket to a new yet unknown life, where access to wealth, fame and an impeccable reputation is opened. But is the life of a movie star so easy? Will we have to break through the grievances and tears to the radiant pedestals and the expected roles? Is it worth making unpleasant but important acquaintances?

Aims and rules

In the Hollywood Story simulator, unfortunately, the freedom of action and choice is severely limited – so on the move to get on the scene or walk along the red carpet will not allow game characters and an intricate storyline. First, you have to prepare – change your hair and image, then there will be new friends, you will have access to expensive clubs and restaurants, and from there the career will start! The main rule – act thought out, try not to waste money!

City and functions

Hollywood is rich in attractions and active areas, where you are allowed to spend time or use a virtual heroine with pleasure. Do not be modest – look in every corner, click on all the objects on the locations, get rewards for curiosity! Choose consciously, and everything will turn out! Click to download Hollywood Story right now, and try to reach out to the stars, drawing maximum attention to the still unformed person!

In the game Hollywood Story, everything is like in life: you need to be at the right time in the right place, know who and what to negotiate. Download the free Hollywood Story simulator and try yourself as a star.

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Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Hollywood U: Rising Stars – You are accepted to the Hollywood University, a school for the stars. Gather things and forward to fame, fortune, and romance! But first, choose your path to fame: whether you are a director, a movie star or a musician. Become famous in the big world of show business, walk on the red carpet! Do business, put on your star in the most fashionable stores, visit the most glamorous parties and exhibitions, remove the blockbuster – and you will succeed in everything. In this game, you expect interesting tasks and unique characters. After all, only you are waited in this world of a holiday!


To achieve wide popularity, to reach the stars and get a global recognition in many areas of modern life – and developers from Pixelberry Studios offer just for choice: you can, for example, choose gender and even one of the proposed professions, and then start creating a character. Preparing for the rudiments of a career will take place at the rate of rapid training – players will learn the basics, remember the truisms and, perhaps, eclipse competitors.

Style and beauty

In the Hollywood U: Rising Stars, to surprise photographers, newsmen, and journalists scurrying around the house, can only a unique style, perfect appearance, and right acquaintances. Prepare to roam around the shops, get to know people, and make your way to fame in various ways, all in the hands of brave souls!

Environment and history

Hollywood U: Rising Stars simulator requires careful attention to detail, the surrounding world and the history of the main character – miss the slightest detail and make contacts from the very beginning! As things are, for example, and on the set – it is enough to be in the wrong way in the picture and everything will go awry! To download Hollywood U: Rising Stars is recommended to everyone – this is a good simulator of the growing star!

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My Candy Love

The application My Candy Love translates as “sweet flirtation”, and accordingly it takes us to the world of virtual dating with virtual flirting. Actions take place in a school where there are many girls and boys. All the characters are good in their own way but you need to choose the most desired. After that, the girls should try to fall in love with a boy, who she liked. However, to win the heart of one of the classmates, you need to make a lot of effort. After all, there are many beautiful and charming girls in the school but you need to become the best of the best ladies so that the guy will pay attention to you.

In the application My Candy Love, you can create your own, unique love story, get to know a guy more closely and plunge into the world of romance. In the application, episodes are updated often, and what result will be from him in the end, each girl decides. The main thing is to choose the dialogue that presupposes a positive final. At the end of each episode, you will have the opportunity to go on a date with the guy you chose. In order to advance to the next levels, you need to complete all the tasks that are built on the dialogs. However, there is a small nuance, there will be many guys, and new characters will often appear, so the choice can be difficult.

The application My Candy Love will be relevant for all girls or girls who want to immerse themselves in a virtual romantic world and get to know better the guys and their characters. In fact, you can learn how to choose the right solutions that can be useful in real relationships. Download the game about love My Candy Love and meet your chosen one!

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Spirited Heart

Fantasy Life Simulator. We create our “avatar” and watch him, making sure that he rested on time, earned well (with a choice of more than 20 classes), developed his skills, and also did not forget to establish relationships with other characters.

Create your virtual “I” of any race – an ordinary person, a cute elf or an evil demon. Each character has its own initial attributes and a unique personality, which can greatly affect the gameplay. Running the game you will find yourself in a virtual fantasy world. Choose a job from 20 available. Increase your skills to do more. Relax on vacation in various exotic places. And, finally, find your soul mate.

The game has 6 potential partners for your character – 2 from each of the three races. From time to time you will meet them, and your dialogues can influence your relationship with them. Each partner is an individual, so they will respond in completely different ways, depending on your race, so that in the game in total, about 100 combinations of dialogs are available!

Will you be able to win his/her heart and, perhaps, someday combine your relationship by marriage?

Play your character 10 game years. There are 20 different endings in the game, plus six special endings including a marriage, so you can play and replay for a very long time.

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LoveStory : Highschool Romance

Simulators on the Android continue to evolve, and some directions so generally live their lives, offering us the most diverse options to spend their time. As for the game LoveStory: Highschool Romance from the developers of PT Falcon, then it will require you a lot of time, I would even say too much time.

We’ll run ahead and immediately offer you to disassemble all the pros and cons of the game, which will help you to quickly decide whether you need it or not.

Among the pluses on the move are interesting dialogues, beautiful locations (professional artists worked on each one), cute characters, an interesting genre, no linear development of the plot, a complete lack of donat (provided that you can also download the game for free) and some other less significant moments.

With cons are more difficult, they seem to be, but each of them is individual and will not work for each user. For example – dialogues, there are a lot of them, you have to read long and carefully. Besides this, with these long dialogues, there is another problem – you cannot manage them in any way … so there’s a chance, and coincidence of time and place. Just a little frustrating is not the biggest choice of both heroes and locations but this is not so scary. Finally, in sum, the game really requires a lot of time, someone for happiness, and someone will get tired.


The main task in the game LoveStory: Highschool Romance is to make a date with one of the three girls here living. One of them is the first beauty in the school where you are studying, the second is a clever and excellent student, the third is an athlete, so decide who is closer to you and begin to tip the scales to your side. The gameplay is tied to visits to various places in your free time and reading long dialogue characters, which in general, sooner or later should lead you to one of the several finals. We will say at once – no vulgarity is involved in the game, everything will be very nice and culturally.

The result: the game turned out to be very original, unusual, however, for its genre it is quite high quality and absolutely free, which adds a lot of advantages to it.

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Monster Loves You!

Become a monster, born in a slimey vat. Grow up and become an inveterate monster. Each of your choices during the fairy tale adventure will affect the world of monsters and people.

You live in the village and adore to eat the fingers of small children. Being a monster, you know how to be in the most interesting places. What will you do if, with you, three furious bears find a girl in their hut? Or if you stumble upon a wolf who chases a girl in a red hat?

As long as you are a small monster, your choice is very simple. Will you chase poor mice (+1 cruelty) or protect them from dogs (+1 kindness)? Do you admit that your friends ate a mushroom (+1 honesty), or stand up for them (+1 bravery)? In youth, actions form your personality.

But sooner or later all grow up. Monsters and people do not get along for centuries, and beyond the magic forests there are human settlements. If the children of the people get lost in the dark more often without a trace of the path, will you frighten them for fun (+1 cruelty)? Will you return them to their parents to prove that not all monsters need to be afraid and hate (+1 kindness)? Or will you fatten the kiddies and cook a human foie gras from them – a real delicacy for monsters? All this occurs against the background of increasing hostility of monsters and people.

Main features:

  1. By maintaining a balance between courage, intelligence, cruelty, honesty, kindness, and respect, you will gain political power.
  2. More than 900 options. Chase the Cat in boots. Swallow Hansel and Gretel. Break three piglets.
  3. With each passing, you are waiting for new adventures and about a dozen possible endings.
  4. And more: become a neurosurgeon without unnecessary red tape with a medical background. Not bad!

Currently unavailable

Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots is one of the top games of the Choice of Games LLC company: the best ratings on Steam (“extremely positive”), the best sales level and all this at the expense of an excellent story and character development system. The basis of history is the creation of a full-fledged artificial intelligence in the near future. The protagonist dreams of becoming the best in this field, he studies in the graduate school of a certain university, assembles robots, and tries to make them learn to study themselves.

Immediately it is necessary to say that the further plot depends entirely on your choice. Variability here is probably the maximum for this kind of games. Events will happen quickly, and your personal robot (the second main hero of the saga) at some point will become a person with its desires and aspirations. You will have to constantly adjust to the events, change your ambitions and attitude to your companion.

Variants of development of both the main character and the robot cardinally influence the development of the plot and vice versa. You can create a huge mechanical monster and capture a planet, lead society to a technological singularity, or secretly from the world create an android indistinguishable from an ordinary person. The player’s aspirations constantly face unexpected events and the consequences are almost always unpredictable.

For instance, the story that we originally wanted to do comedy (a robot behaving like a monkey, adoring to pour memes) ended in an anti-utopia, World War, concentration camps, torture, and escape to the Matrix. However, the experience of other players was completely different: the destruction of all people, the creation of a state of robots in Alaska, sugar melodrama about the love of a robot and a man, the divine ascension of mankind or a situation comedy with jokes and gags – a personal story will always be unique.

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Champion of the Gods

Champion of The Gods is the weakest of the listed games but it is also not without its charm. History unfolds in some alternative world, copied from Greek mythology. The main character goes his way from the shepherd to the demigod (or the overthrower of the Olympic gods) and constantly reflects on the nature of man, gods, and the meaning of life.

The game literally abounds in cliches of video games and ideas about Ancient Greece. The plot is banal (it is necessary to save the world from Ancient Evil) and it is full of rather beaten turns taken from ancient Greek tragedies. Incest, mandatory bouts of madness, unhappy love, death of loved ones, and deeds – all this will necessarily affect the life of the hero and will affect your choice. It would seem that we see obvious signs of failure but from some point everything starts to be perceived harmoniously. History does not pretend to be original but very carefully depicts the ancient setting.

The main advantages of Champion of The Gods – thoroughness and consistency. Every action and choice is understandable and adequate to the situation, the story develops consistently and continuously: the outset, the development of action, the culmination, the denouement – all as it should be in the ancient Greek tragedy or epic. In addition, the hero here constantly ponders: not too difficult, but still enjoyable to play, realizing that the protagonist is not an idiot.

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Choice of the Deathless

The Choice of the Deathless story is as confusing as it is exciting. In a nutshell, it is a simulator of a dead workaholic necromancer, crushed by credit, and corporate gnawing. And all this is accompanied by office intrigues, devouring souls, summoning demons, and having sex with a skeleton (if charisma is sufficiently developed).

You are offered to be in the role of a lawyer working for an occult magical organization in a fantastic noir world. With the external fantasy setting, everything that happens is more like a bile satire on a modern society. This game – the most insane of all listed, a real hellish mix of incompatible genres and storylines. Here we have a production saga about corporate squabbles, an insane and perplexing world in the style of Chiina Mievil and a noir history in the spirit of Neil Gaiman.

In this alternative universe, people defeated the gods, discovered the occult forces established strong business ties with Hell. The development of history depends on the choice of storyline forks, but in general, the message is as follows: either demons will take over the Earth, or people will seize hell. In the latter case, it turns out that people are much worse and more evil than demons. Such a mixture of “Necronomicon” and political satire makes Choice of the Deathless a truly unique thing.

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High School Story

High School Story is a great mobile simulator of school life. Every schoolboy here has his own personal story, which you have to disclose. Organize the coolest school party, brainstorm with friends, and have fun with cheerleaders! Anyone who wants to download High School Story will find here something for himself.

Secondary school is rarely associated with students with endless parties, dates, and walks to a deep evening, mainly thoughts are only about preparing for complex control work, doing homework and viewing teaching aids. In the High School Story, you have to learn but thanks to the players, the main place will be taken by parties, surprises, fashion shows, and other youth events! Place the necessary buildings, decorate the school grounds with cobbled paths, trees, and magnificent fountains – students will have to taste it!

First of all, take care of the characters – create real athletes, who spend all the time in training, botanists, knowledgeable in any science, cheerleaders and glamorous women of fashion to access new stories and symbols. High School Story allows you to drive heroes on dates, celebrate birthdays, prepare amazing surprises, go on vacation to hikes, and go on beach trips to find new items! Open fairs, announce hilarious battles between students, schedule dates for fashionable parties – the entire school is at the disposal of players, decide which way the development will move! Build a place for study and entertainment – click to download High School Story!


  1. You can dress students in higher education in a variety of outfits.
  2. Dozens of competitions, parties, and competitions. Nobody will be bored.
  3. Colorful graphics and exciting “school” gameplay.

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Always Remember Me

This is the game, the target audience of which are girls. The plot is always based on the romantic relationship of the main character with one of the characters to choose from. In fact, it’s a mixture of the visual novella and dating simulator.

The story begins with the fact that the main character and her boyfriend are in an accident, after which the latter loses memory. Whether it will help to restore memory to the beloved or will choose another way – to solve to you.

The game process is divided into two stages: work and free time. In his spare time, Amaranth (the main character) can go to any point indicated on the city map. She can improve her skills, go to the shops, walk in the park, visit a nightclub or just relax at home.

The successful performance of tasks is strongly influenced by the mood of the girl. If it is at a very low level, then do not load it with your studies – it still does not bring benefits. The same goes for energy. If Amaranth is too tired, then the tasks will be impossible.

Romantic interest for the girl is represented by four characters:

  1. Aaron is the boyfriend of Amaranth, who lost his memory;
  2. Lawrence is a cute, shy guy who, along with the main character, works in a cafe;
  3. Hugh is a friend of Amaranth who behaves like a pickup master;
  4. Eddie is a doctor who has Aaron.

With each of these characters, you can get two endings – ordinary and special. For the usual nothing but good relations with the chosen character is not necessary, for a special one you will have to improve on the maximum skill associated with this character. Aaron has romance, Lawrence has culture, Hugh has creativity, Eddie has discipline.

I advise this game not only for girls, but also for young people who like melodramas. After this game, and most want to become a writer, or at least go to work in an ice cream parlor.

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Before you the trilogy chic series of games. Acting as a lawyer, you will have to prove the innocence of your clients in court!

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is really an unusual game in the genre quest. Gameplay Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, like the storyline, are intertwined so closely that I want to applaud the game designers standing. Each part is a certain series of criminal cases: mostly murders, which need to be investigated by the protagonist. Interrogation, the search for evidence, the pressure on the defendants, the comparison of various facts of the case, disputes with the prosecutor – not all that you have to master.

The fact is that the game, and therefore the lawsuit, is built in the image and likeness of the judicial system of Japan. In contrast to the principle of adversarial proceedings of countries of common law, the Japanese court is under the influence of the search process. The system is characterized by cases on the basis of formal evidence, often even without the presence of the accused. But still in Japan, in the courtroom, there are both parties and witnesses, and the lawyer and the prosecutor can arrange for them cross-examination. The case wins the one who will lead a greater amount of objective evidence. Judges often pay attention to the circumstances of the case, which only the guilty can know. In other words, the ideal option is to build evidence so that the defendant himself confesses his guilt.

Gameplay Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is divided into two main halves – the investigation and court session. In the beginning, we delve into the plot, get acquainted with the main actors, collect evidence, communicate with the suspects, and then try to win the case in court. 

During the trial, the protagonist Phoenix Wright participates in cross-examination of witnesses or victims, can protest against their testimony, or press them on various facts, thereby fishing for more and more circumstances related to the case. If a player makes a mistake with conclusions or does not know what to do in time, the court will find the defendant guilty and the case will be closed. I recommend you to save more often, it also happens that in Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD you can go to a standstill.

Advance on the plot of Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is a pleasure, many things are related. Each story is like a unique detective novel. The incidents are very confusing and the player to win, it is necessary to delve into all the subtleties of the case. Gameplay Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD constantly keeps in suspense and does not allow to relax – the writers have tried to be famous.

Users are lucky, the first two cases Capcom gives for free, anyone can try. Designing Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is more like a comic, you should not expect from it graphic frills, it is focused primarily on gameplay. Very unusual setting game. Once plunged into this world, you will look forward to the continuation.

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Amnesia: Memories

This project was prepared by Japanese developers from Gloczus, Inc., who tried very hard, it can be seen right away. The declared genre of the game is an adventure, but in fact this is not quite true, technically it is a real visualized novel in which you can take part. How interesting it is is very interesting, but it’s not all the moments that anyone who is interested needs to know.

As you can understand from the title – a game about amnesia, such a state when a person completely loses his memory, there are only standard skills – the ability to walk, talk, write, remain knowledge of objects and much more, but any memories of a person are erased … so the main the question “Where am I?” and “who am I?” will pursue the victims for the rest of their lives.

Approximately in the same situation, the main character of the game Amnesia: Memories turns out to be.

The loss of memory is associated with strange events that are tied to some demonic boy, a journey between worlds and a similar surrealism, you know, these Japanese …

Anyway, the plot in the game is very interesting, the characters are charismatic, each got its own story, character, voice acting. We will have to play for a girl who has remained without memories and very much wants to understand the cause of this incident and answer the main questions that arise after the loss of memory. To do this, you will have to communicate with different characters, so most of the gameplay will consist of reading.

The design of the game Amnesia: Memories is very positive, beautiful and thoughtful. Heroes look amazing, the surrounding situation is not so many presses, it is made in nice white tones and also painted superbly. In general, for the design and quality of the picture, the game gets a solid five, as, indeed, for the plot.

And now we come to the unthinkable, the same. You can download only the beginning of the game free of charge if someone wants to get all the episodes, then you have to pay 23 dollars!

Outcome: not counting the huge amount of money the game turned out great, but that’s the question, but it is necessary for such money?

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Choices: Stories You Play

The game of the genre, which at the moment is on the verge of extinction. It’s about interactive quests. Yes, there are a lot of them but there are a few quality ones. The guys from the studio Pixelberry, apparently, consider the same because they decided to make not just one global, but immediately 3 full stories in one toy, and this is not the limit!

The plot and actions

Choices: Stories You Play – an interactive story based on a complex choice, unexpected situations and versatile dialogues with well-written characters: the story is presented interestingly, the events often change, and the general narrative always leads to unexpected places. In general, with respect to the dialogues, everything turned out fine – the right answers change the reputation, allow you to make friends, open meetings, and parties, so it’s better to follow all the spoken words!

Character and tasks

Playing out allows any role – you can turn into a villain who rejects positive decisions: the narrative will not stop – just some characters will be replaced by new people, and events will take a slightly different turn. In addition to dialogues, puzzles often appear – sometimes you will have to choose clothes, sometimes give advice on the collection of a suitable suit.

Places and updates

Novella Choices: Stories You Play is an excellent representative of the genre – it’s easy to believe in the world told by the developers, and the characters are easy to understand: the storyline is not breathtaking, but it takes time and even makes it necessary to get it done in real life for returning to virtual world. Try to download Choices: Stories You Play and decide who should steer everything around!

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City of Love: Paris

City of Love: Paris is a game that will allow you to visit Paris absolutely for free, feel yourself in the place of a heroine in love, discover a couple of secrets and immerse yourself in the romance with a head. The game will often need to make decisions, build relationships, dress, explore the hidden corners of Paris. This is a game – living life on behalf of the heroine, many quests, and interesting puzzles.

What’s so special about City of Love: Paris?

Downloading City of Love: Paris, you will become the main character and will make decisions about the development of the game: make friends, visit cafes and museums, work, dress in expensive shops and perform daily tasks for the mission. The peculiarity is that in such turmoil you can easily fall in love and forget about the tasks.

It all starts with an invitation from Raphael Laurent to come to Paris for acquaintance and interviews, which is just the way, as you work as a journalist in a fashionable magazine about culture. A handsome businessman conquers you, but what is the real reason for his invitation? This is to be solved by you!

Therefore, let us single out a few basic points:

  • the choice in decision making will influence the development of history and relations with others, so the consequences should be thought in advance;
  • every day, discover new places and features of Paris, visit restaurants and shops;
  • get acquainted with such cultural monuments as the Champs Elysees, the Louvre, the bridge over the Seine;
  • enjoy the graphics, because it is realistic and colorful;
  • open the main secret of the city, which is connected with the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Park;
  • go from one episode to another, where in each there is a new hint and acquaintance;
  • build relationships, but be careful, because it is not known which of the characters is a friend, enemy, competitor or lover;
  • take photos, receive gifts and collect meaningful souvenirs that you can unlock in each episode;
  • find true love and decide how and where to build relationships;
  • repeat the story or a separate episode to try out a new script.


City of Love: Paris aims to ensure that you make decisions and build your own destiny, so only on you depends the final of the game, a bright love. Also the game is free to download, b, t some episodes can be opened for additional purchases in the store. There is advertising, but it disappears after shopping. Of the minuses – a small number of episodes and the ability to play only after connecting to the Internet.

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Destiny Ninja

The heroine of the game was an ordinary village girl, served in the temple and lived a simple life, but one day all this changed. Behind her came the ninja squad and said that it comes from a noble family, moreover – the princess of all ninjas, and therefore a very important living symbol for them. You see, ninjas are divided into villages (Fire, Wind, etc.) and do not really burn with each other, but in these times samurai expect to exterminate them and the only salvation in unity, but who is to be the main one? For this, they need a princess for the role of a nominal head, around which everyone will unite.

All the villages sent their representatives for her, but the ninjas can not move with a large detachment, so she will go on a journey with only one person and, perhaps, in the course of adventure, will find love …

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Did you miss the realistic games in the genre of adventure? The developers of android games have tried to glory for you. We present to your attention – Brothers: a Tale of two Sons. This game took rightfully the 50th place in the rating of realistic games. More than one game could not so touch hearts and stock up in the soul to the user. The plot of the game tells the hard story of two brothers who are trying their best to save their father from death. To save him, they need to get water from the Tree of Life. To get this water the brothers will have to go through many tests and work together.

The plot of the game is reminiscent of Scandinavian fairy-tales – it’s not for nothing that its developer is a Swedish studio. By the way, in the development of the plot participated titled director Josef Fars. On the way, brothers now and again come across deserted uninhabited castles, trolls, giants, warlike peoples, all sorts of monsters and even an eccentric scientist, ready for the fun of the audience to dance on the table.

Interestingly, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons abounds in small, not very important, but very pleasant details. These include, in particular, cozy benches, on which you can sit and soak in the sun. And it will not be too hot to get warm because in this fairy tale the weather changes regularly.

In terms of visual perception of the Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons – a real masterpiece! True, the version of the game for mobile devices is somewhat impoverished – shadows were removed and lighting reduced, and as a result, the picture seems simpler and simpler.

It is not out of place to note the soundtrack. The soundtrack from Gustaf Grefberg perfectly corresponds to the general mood of the game and creates a unique fairy tale atmosphere.

The only drawback Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons – the game is too fast ends, and in order to completely go through it, you will take no more than a few hours. It is best to play in one breath to maintain the appropriate mood.

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A Dark Room

The main problem with A Dark Room – no one will ever believe that it should be played.

A Dark Room – this is a real, classic, five hundred times extinct and five hundred times revived MUD-quest.

No graphics. No sound. No design. Before you only text. It sprawls across the screen, splits into several independent branches, but most importantly – it carries away. Waving his black letters in front of the nose, the text will drag the text to the fascinating jungle of narration. Surrender and put up the shields will be too late: you already completely digest the local vicissitudes, over and over again experiencing this story. No exit.

“Light the fire,” the game says cheerfully. You obediently press the inscription (the only possible variant of interaction with the game) and plunge into the magical world. There are spells, riddles, mysterious strangers, terrible secrets and the main intrigue – that this is the black room in which you are. You will learn about the world from a small text paragraph located at the bottom of the screen – but believe me, this is quite enough to win your attention.

Since A Dark Room, as already mentioned, works, in fact, an interactive novel, the emphasis is on the plot; yes more and not on that. And the script is excellent; a first-class detective, from the very beginning, literally thrusting your bait into the throat, then delicately, step by step, guides the player (the reader?) over the bumps of drama. It is also interesting to watch the history because you are its co-author.

The game just about every minute makes you choose. It is not always obvious – half of the options end in an imminent, and often foolish, death – but always exciting: but now, what will be there? And the final, believe it not, you are weaving – your clever fingers set the direction where the flame of the narrative will rush.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

There are games in which you fall in love from the first seconds, and Valiant Hearts: The Great War – one of them. We are sure that this amazing story about war, friendship, adventure, love, and death will be remembered for ever.

Painted Story

This game, like a quality feature film, will allow you to plunge into the terrible events of the period from 1914 to 1918 when during one of the most large-scale conflicts in the history of mankind, about 22 million people died.

There, here in the game, tiny fragments of history are scattered. The game does not let your brain relax for a second, and by the end of this narrative, you will learn a lot about the history. Do not worry, the game developers have chosen exceptionally interesting facts, so you do not have to miss. All this information is really taken with a bang and replenishes your erudition.

Immediately need to say that this game is made in a very unusual style – it is completely drawn by hand, so there is no modern high-poly graphics, tessellation, shaders of the latest version and other technical achievements. But hand-drawn characters have a pronounced personality and, so to speak, they feel the soul in them.

Animated personalities

In this game, there is no main protagonist. The player will have to get used to the image of several participants of the First World War, whose fates are closely intertwined, but each of which is waiting for its own final. It is important to focus your attention on the fact that the plot of the game was not invented on the bare ground, but is based on soldiers’ letters of Felix Shazal, the great-grandfather of one of the developers of the game.

Each character is endowed with his own character and unique abilities. For example, Anna can provide first aid to the wounded, when the player is offered a kind of rhythm game, during which you need to press the correct combination of keys in time, otherwise the wounded soldier may die. Emil is able to dig in the earth of the tunnel quickly. Karl skillfully disguises himself by wearing an enemy military uniform. Freddie knows how to cut a barbed wire and manage tanks. A dog can squeeze into narrow passages and press an important lever where a person is powerless. Together, our heroes are a real team of superheroes, to which any sea is knee-deep. The game now and then will switch the management between the characters, so you can look at the story from different angles.

Awesome beauty

The game has a very strange balance. It seems to be all drawn pretty cute, but in the game now and then there are jokes and pretty funny situations. But, on the other hand, death reigns around, destruction, smelly children cry about the killed parents, and hungry soldiers vegetate in dirty trenches, dreaming that one day this war will end.

You understand that it is simply impossible to create a game about the war without showing its horrors, and you gradually begin to get used to this strange contrast. In this game, there are situations when you begin to sympathize with your enemies and even help them, to which they reciprocate you.

The game will offer you a lot of different puzzles, which seem to be not very difficult, but you will have to strain your brain. Competently using the abilities of different characters and applying logical thinking, you can go through the game without any problems.

The presence of music levels in the game very please. In time with the famous classical melodies, you will have to run away from pursuers driving an old truck, in passing dodging grenades, road obstacles, and trying not to run into cars of pursuers.

The results of the cartoon war

It’s really sad when this short game ends. You understand that you will miss all these characters, their emotions, their adventures. But all good has a feature sooner or later to end, and this game is not an exception to the rules.

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a rather interesting social strategy on Android/iOS about the stories of the most popular cartoon family in the world. The game will suit first of all fans of The Simpsons because they will see here a lot of jokes and funny moments with the participation of the main characters of the famous cartoon.

The game was developed by the mobile division of Electronic Arts, they created several dozens of the most popular games, such as NFS MW and a legend like Real Racing 3.

The gameplay is no different from the gameplay of other similar social strategy-simulators and includes all the resulting disadvantages and dignities.

The main difference between the game and the likes of it is the presence of a contented believable and a very popular world, the inhabitants of which most people know on the planet.

The theme of The Simpsons: Tapped Out will begin with the fact that Homer flirts on the tablet in the game and becomes the culprit of a nuclear disaster, and you on the wreckage of these ruins need to restore everything.

The whole game consists of mini-tasks that will be given to us by characters from the cartoon. Most of the quests will be given to us by Homer and his family, but will not do without neighbors, friends, relatives and other heroes.


Quests in the game are the most typical: plant trees, build a structure, clear some place and the like. But there will be in the game and humor, for example, the main character Homer will sometimes perform a task like “play a few hours on the tablet” or “watch TV” and others.

Features of the game The Simpsons: Tapped Out for the Android/iOS platform:

  • great HD graphics;
  • inserts with animations;
  • familiar game world;
  • known to each cartoon character;
  • a lot of humor;
  • funny and interesting tasks;
  • communication with other people.

The game has in-game purchases, especially when it’s EA Games, they’re pretty greedy. The game currency “Donuts” is quite a lot, but that’s not all because without them the buildings will be rebuilt for many hours.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is an interesting and fun social game on Android/iOS, but it is badly damaged by Donat. If this does not shift you, and you have the patience to wait for many hours of construction of the objects, then the game is exactly like you.

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AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is an economic simulator in which you have the opportunity to start your own business and from a small company to develop a real economic empire. The game process is built on a realistic management model, you will literally depend on all the hiring of workers, staff training, the conclusion of transactions and much more. So if you have always dreamed of trying your hand at managing the global economic conglomerate, then AdVenture Capitalist is just for you.

Dodgy Economy

Convert ideas into currency, collect air and pack on banks for profit, on the go to save a multi million fortune, operating with cunning, deception and ghostly attention of customers – the novelty of AdVenture Capitalist in colors shows the life of a rich man who started his career “from the bottom”. Communicate to the culture of rustling bills, study the dashing ways of deception and try to achieve success!

Monopoly and money

For unknown reasons, the protagonist of the novelty AdVenture Capitalist easily copes with all the responsibilities alone, without advertising and billboards it easily convokes a crowd, and even without offering services, instantly beats off profits. So, having purchased one lemon, the hero is able to immediately sell lemonade for one dollar. Bought a few more lemons? Get two or three times more profit! Either there are no competitors in the world, or the hero is so charming, but every event accurately brings profit, the main thing is to save and invest!

Updates and skills

The simplified version of the start of business is gradually becoming more complicated – players are being asked to recruit specialists to increase capital inflows, opening up purchases of special equipment (like umbrellas for a stand with lemonade), an opportunity to attract investors. Download AdVenture Capitalist is recommended to everyone – it’s a curious project that should not be missed!

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