9 Free Poker Apps to Play With Friends in 2023

Have you ever run through the thought of playing poker with your mates online? Then keep reading this article!

The past year has made the whole world face a new reality and reconsider their ways to entertain with mates. Luckily, there are lots of free poker apps to play with friends in 2023. These games give you the most authentic experience without the need to make real-money bets or even buy cards!

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Here’s the list of 9 free apps in that category you may like. Take a look!

Pokerrrr 2 – Poker with Buddies


Let’s start with an app called Pokerrrr 2. This is a multiplayer gambling game that you can rather play with strangers or your mates.

Just like all other multiplayer games, this one empowers you to contest with people from all over the globe as long as you’re connected to the Internet. However, if you want to play with your buddies only the game also has an option for you. Thus, you can make private rooms and set the rules so that only your bros could enter.

Along with that, you can optimize the settings of the private rooms in general. For instance, you can pick the types of poker allowed — there is Chinees poker, short deck, MTT, and so on. Plus, you can pick if the games will have timer limits or not. So a private room is basically your regular poker night with mates but online.

Speaking of the limits each room can only have up to 9 people so keep that in mind. Besides, each room has its own chat so you can communicate with your buddies within the game. There’s even a board where you can leave notes for other room members. After a couple of games, there will also be a leader board with all the layer’s points.

Pokerrrr 1


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Appeak – The Free Poker Game

Appeak Poker

Appeak is another poker game that will entertain you and your mates wherever you are.

The main idea of this app is to give you the most realistic Texas Holdem experience possible. That’s why the app consists of multiple poker rooms filled with guys from all over the globe. Plus, it literally takes seconds to step into this game — just tap on the play button ad the tournament will start immediately.

It needs to be said, the game doesn’t include real money bets, it has its own play currency. However, making fictional bets feels nearly as good as the real one (and even better). There are three types of bets — the small ones, the medium, and the big ones and you’ll get up to 10,000 free chips every day just for entering the game.

Coming back to the poker rooms, you can rather enter already existing ones or make you own. Therewith, you can make your room public or private and set the playing rules. In case you’ll go to a private room, you will be able to invite your mates and confront with them only. As for the rules, you can set the type of poker allowed in the room, add a timer, and so on.

Appeak Poker 1 Appeak Poker 2


EasyPoker – Poker w/ Friends


EasyPoker is a virtual poker game that grants you to play with your buddies any time you want.

The main point of this game is to make online poker easy and entertaining. That’s why it has a minimalistic design and empowers you to make a private table in secs. Therewith, the app still supports several kinds of poker — classic Holdem, the reverse one, short deck, and more.

As for the private tables, you can only invite up to 12 people to join them. The minimum for the table is 2 players so you can also play with your best mate or even a significant other. Inviting people is easy — just share a digit game code of your table, and they are ready to go. The game has its own digit currency — no real gambling here, no real risks.

Furthermore, you have the ability to get free chips for entering the game every day and its amount will grow with time. You can also set the rules for the tables you’ve created — from the game mode to the poker type. Plus, each poker table has its own chat that supports voice messages which is incredibly handy.

EasyPoker 1 EasyPoker 2


PokerUp: Social Poke‪r‬

PokerUpPokerUp is a mobile poker game that empowers you to confront players from all over the globe along with your mates. The app positions itself as a social poker game which actually means that it enables you to confront virtual poker with guys from your contact list.

It can be done by creating a private playroom where you can decide which people to invite and set your own rules.  Thus, you can set the mode of the game, change the table theme, and so on. The only con here is you can only invite up to 3 of your mates which is less than other apps from our list can offer.

However, you can also make public rooms to compete with worldwide players if you wish. Therewith, the game has a thoughtful interface that grants you to play with one hand. The design itself is quite minimalistic and it’s not overloaded with casino-inspired themes and bright objects.

The game runs on its own play-money so there are no real risks for you here. As you’ll move through the levels and win the more advanced rooms will unlock for you and you’ll be able to challenge the world’s best players.

EasyPoker 2 PokerUp 2


World Series of Poker WSOP

World Series of PokerAs its name suggests, World Series of Poker is an online gambling game that grants you to take part in tournaments with your mates or worldwide players. The game originally runs on classic Texas Holdem but it has lots of other poker types as well.

Frankly speaking, this app probably has the widest variety of poker types on the market. The app also supports several modes and combos and it even allows you to bluff (if you’re wise enough to do so). As it was already said, this is a multiplayer game so you can challenge people from all over the globe.

Each successful round gives you more points, promotes you to the leader board, and unlocks advanced poker tables you can enter. Besides, you can filter the available rooms by the modes and rules it applies.

Along with that, this game is quite generous when it comes to bonuses — you get extra chips and coins every 3 hours. You can also get a ton of chips for connecting the app to your Facebook. Plus, you can make private tables that only your mates can enter. Therewith, you can set the laws and pick the poker type and the mode by yourself.

World Series of Poker 1 World Series of Poker 2


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Zynga Poker – Free Texas Holdem

Zynga PokerZynga Poker is a well-known online poker app with tons of tables, tournaments, and millions of players to confront. In the first place, this game is bundled with everything and average poker lover might need. It supports various poker types, modes, enables you to play with your rates exclusively, has a generous bonus system, and much more. Anyway, first things first.

As for the poker types, the app offers you casual Texas Holdem, reverse one, several tournaments, and so on. Plus, each game type has tables for a different number of players so there are lots of things for you to try. Besides, the game is very generous when it comes to free chips — you get 60,000 as a new player, a couple thousand for attaching you SM, and a daily in-game currency bonus as well!

Apart from entering pre-made tables with random guys, you can also make your own ones. Thereby, you can fully customize the table and make it private or public. In case you’ll go with the private one you can decide which people are allowed to enter and which not Plus, you can mick the game mode, poker type, and adjust the table theme.

Zynga Poker 1 Zynga Poker 2


PokerBROS: Play Texas Holdem Online with Friends


PokerBROS is a virtual poker game that is made for you to enjoy your fave card game with mates.

The main idea of this app is to enable you to play with your mates any time your heart desires. Therewith, it absolutely does not matter if you’re an expert or n amateur player — there is something for everyone. In case it’s your first time playing you just need to go with practice mode and train a little.

As you can already guess, this app empowers you to create your own poker room and set your own rules within it. You can pick the types of poker available in the room — from Chinese poker to Holdem or Omaha. Then, you can set the modes, select the table theme, and so on. Besides, you get to decide which people to invite to the room. To do so you just need to send them the room’s digit code.

It also needs to be said, each room has a built-in chat so you can communicate with your bros while playing. These chats even support voice messages which is extremely comfy. However, if you want to diversify your gaming routine and play with someone new you can always enter public poker rooms with players all over the globe.

PokerBRO‪S‬ 1 PokerBRO‪S‬ 2


Poker Club – Private Texas with real friends

pocker club

Poker Club is an app that makes Texas Holdem easily accessible for you and your bros. This app works the same as all its sister games, the only difference is it doesn’t have a multiplayer mode.

Thus, you can create virtual poker tables and invite your mates to join you for a couple of rounds. Therewith, you can pick the type of poker — the classic Holdem, the reverse one, the Capsa Susun one of the tournaments.

You can also select the number of players for each game — from 2 for up to 9 people. Plus, you can set the duration of the game and choose if there will be a timer or not. The game will keep stats for all the players you’ve ever competed against and make the leader board out of it.

Another cool thing about this game is the built-in chat that empowers you to communicate with players without leaving the game. The chat supports voice messages and emojis so it’s even more fun. The interface of the game is pretty minimalistic and good-looking and it allows you to play with one hand if needed.

pocker club 1 pocker club 2


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Jackpot Poker by PokerStars

Jackpot Poker

And lastly, Jackpot Poker is an online poker game you can enjoy with your mates.

This is a free poker game with a wide range of tables and millions of players you can contend with. You can join tournaments with random players all over the globe and make your way on top of the leader board. There are millions of people playing this game which means there will be ab open table for you at any time of night and day.

Along with that, you can also start your own private table for the mates only. Therewith, you get to set the rules, pick the mode, theme, and th duration of the game. To cut in short, you can fully customize how your table will look and how the games will go. Each table has its own chat so you can communicate with your bros while playing.

Plus, the app gives you tons of free chips every couple of hours and even more for daily entering. What is more, you can solve poker quizzes and get more extra bonuses for the right answer. It needs to be said, the app runs on the in-game currency with no real money bets.

Jackpot Poker 1 Jackpot Poker 2


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