11 Best random generator apps for Android & iOS

You may have wondered how predictable machines, such as computers, can generate randomness. In fact, most of the random numbers used in computer programs are pseudo-random.

It means that they generate the result in a predictable way using a mathematical formula. This is good for many purposes.

Otherwise, it may not be as coincidental, as you would expect, if you throw bones and raffles. Modern problems need modern solutions. Thus, mobile applications help to generate a random result.


“Random” is the perfect app for getting random numbers and items from your own lists. This tool will help you to make your decision.

  • Numbers (from 0 to 999999999)
  • Letters
  • Cube (up to 4 cubes at a time)
  • YES or NO
  • Coin toss
  • Playing cards
  • A point on the world map
  • An element from your own list.

Generate a random number by pressing the “Randomize” button. For those who want to relax a little, you can get a result by shaking the device. Use a hard press to set the minimum or maximum value.

The application has a huge number of advantages. For example, the application works without failures. Also, there are 8 options for randomization. The tool allows you to display many values simultaneously.

The application also provides values ​​without repetitions. The peculiarity of this service is that it can choose a random indicator both from the specified range and a specific list.

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With the official Random.org app, you can use the best random tools. For some of them, you should pay a small amount of money. If you pay for all the extras, you will have a big discount. The application will help you with an unlimited amount of time.

The Random application includes a huge variety of randomizers:

– Coin Flipper. Randomizer has a big amount of various coins. App`s fans donate coins to the application. You have to click on the randomization key to toss a coin. The small settings button will help you to see all the coins.

– Dice Roller. To select a quantity, you need to click on the number of dice. You can save all your results in the history of the application.

– Swapping cards. With this function, you can shuffle cards and flip one card over. You can also choose jokers to include them in your deck. You have to select the appropriate column in the settings.

– Lotto Quick Pick. This randomizer includes more than 150 lotteries. You should choose your region to select the lottery you want. If your lottery is not in the list, then you should contact support to add the lottery.

– Number Generator. This randomizer can generate random numbers or words for any purpose. You need to enter the smallest and largest values ​​and press the randomization button. Done!

– List Randomizer. This feature will allow you to create your own lists of things and randomize them.

Randomizer Random.org is one of the unique applications for selecting random values. You should definitely try it out!

Random Number Generator Plus – Dice, Lotto, Coins

The application “Random Number Generator Plus – Dice, Lotto, Coins” helps you to generate a random value. The application has very nice benefits:

– no permits or fees

– no advertisement

– various modes

– wonderful and convenient interface

The application generates different values ​​in any means. You can choose another number or range if you want to. Also, you have the opportunity to get rid of certain values and make your own order. You can save the results so that you can send it to another device, social network or person.

Also, the application has a function of Dice Roller. You can make an enormous number of dice. Furthermore, you can choose the number of parties. The perfect choice for lucky people is the Lottery Simulator function. You can generate many lottery tickets with one touch of a key. Moreover, you can copy the results by pressing a button.

The Coin Flipper is perfect for you if you need to choose one of two values. You should toss an electronic coin. Flip coins at any time and whenever you want. The app saves your favorite amount of coins. Thus you can see the number of inserted coins in the window of results. A pleasant interface of the application will make your usage enjoyable.

You can choose Dark Mode if you do not want to use a light one. This will give the application a less vibrant color scheme and help save the battery power of the device. You can enable or disable this mode in my settings.

Also, a nice addition is the ability to shake the phone to throw the dice. This gives a realistic process.


The application is free. If you have any work during the use of the application, you can leave a response or write to the support service. The support team will answer your message within a couple of days.


ОбложкаDownload the app Random to randomize numbers, words or other things. This is a perfect application for any phone.
-Randomize a number. Special settings of the application choose a random number. Moreover, the tool allows you to put a range with the smallest and largest value. The tool can repeat numbers.
-Select a team. Add the names of people you want, and choose how many groups you want to create. Thus, the application will create teams with random people.
-List. Add different names and the app will have its random order.
-Winner. Choose the names of the participants and how many winners you want to select. This application is perfect for choosing a winner or winners completely by accident.
-Taking into account. Roll a die to see what number you get and thus play with friends or solve things in random order.

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This app is free. You only need to download it and you can use it with pleasure.


Обложка Random is your personal multifunctional tool.

This is a great assistant for creating random strong passwords or random numbers. You can choose various options and customize the generation process as you need it. You can find something new on the Internet by visiting a random site.

Test your luck on the exam, draw out a random playing card from the mixed deck, buy a ticket and check if he is happy or not. If you are a gambler – place a bet and play the roulette.

Use bones in your games, imitating the dice rolls, or shake the desires ball to get answers to all your questions. If you need new colors, a random color generator will help you to make the best color compositions!

The application saves the results on your phone. Thus, you have the opportunity to analyze all your actions and results at any time. Now Random can change topics!

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Hope you enjoy this app! In any case, write what you want to see in the next versions! Have a nice day!

Random Picker

ОбложкаRandom Picker helps you make all the difficult decisions.
-generate random numbers, letters, colors
-get a random card (various decks are available)
-choose an arbitrary country (now you know where to go on vacation)
-roll the dice (many different types of dice are available for selection – from D3 to D100!)
-make a life choice with the help of an eagle or tails, yes or no, the magic ball for making decisions
-create your own list and the Accident Generator will determine one of the values
-shuffle your own list
-split players by teams / create teams from your own list
-generate random dates or random time (you can set a period)
-Rock Paper Scissors
You can use this application for:
-board games
-role-playing games
-defining deadlines for your projects or works
-make simple daily decisions
-select colors for their art projects
-bring some randomness into your life and become more at ease

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Make your choice with these perfect random apps!

Random Choice

ОбложкаSometimes you need to generate random value. “Random Choice” is a simple generator of random numbers and words with interesting possibilities.

– the application allows you to select a random value from the specified range

– you can create your own list of values, the application will make a random selection

– you can half throw dice or a coin

If you need a random word or a sequence of random numbers, this application is good for you. Use the necessary functions to select a random value.

In this case, the main window is divided into upper and lower parts. The bottom shows the keyboard and random values. At the top, you can set the maximum and minimum values or the number of random numbers. You can also activate recurrences or certain exceptions.

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The application is absolutely free. Also, there is no annoying advertising.

Random Team Generator

ОбложкаThe application “Random Team Generator” will help you solve the most important issues. For example, you can choose where to go or what to do. Select one of the randomizer options.

Standard options include numbers, coins, words, cubes, cards, and a ball. You can also create your own options depending on your preferences. Create your category on any topic and add options there.

The app will offer you a random answer. You can use it as a solution to your question. The application has an attractive interface and convenient settings.

Developers regularly add various updates and cut errors in the application. Besides, the app is free. This means that you can use it whenever you want without any restrictions.

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Also, you will not interfere with annoying ads. If you have any questions, you can contact the support service. The group of administrators will quickly respond to you and help fix the problem.

Random Generator

Обложка“Random Generator” is a convenient application for generating random numbers, words, and passwords.
Random number and word generator is an easy-to-use application. It allows you to generate random values based on your preferences. You can generate random words or numbers for various studies, contests or lotteries. The application has great features:
-Generation of random numbers in the range from 0 to 999999999
-Generation of random numbers in two different ranges at the same time
-Generation of random numbers up to 100 digits
-The random number generator allows you to generate up to 200 numbers simultaneously
-Ability to exclude duplicate numbers.
-Keeps a history of generated numbers
-Sends results by email
-Supports portrait and landscape orientation.
Also, the application has another interesting feature. This is a password generator that has several advantages:
-Password Generator allows you to create strong passwords up to 100 characters
-The password may include letters, numbers and special characters.
-Ability to exclude similar characters.
-With the help of a password generator, you can create up to 200 passwords simultaneously.
-Stores the generated password history
-Sends results by email
-Supports portrait and landscape orientation

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Besides, the developers add a nice interface and convenient features to the application. The only disadvantage of the application is advertising.


The application RandALL helps you generate a random value.
The main functions of a random number generator:
-Number of values
-Range of numbers
-Delete replays
-The total number of values is limited to 1000, the maximum number is limited to 1 billion
-Making the list of participants and choosing the winner
-Selection of winning lottery numbers
-Division of players into teams
Now you know exactly which application is ideal for selecting a random value.

The random value generator is useful for people who want to make a decision by the smartphone.

Also, the application “RandALL ” can be used to simulate tossing a coin or dice.

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Random Generator

Обложка“Random Generator” is a very interesting application that works on any device. Moreover, it is free and does not pipe additional purchases. The program can generate different values using different methods.

A large number of users from all over the world are already using this application. The main menu is a dark color. In the center of the screen is the generated result.

At the top of the window is the control string. In the left part of the screen, the user must specify the minimum value, and on the right the maximum value. This will create a range of values within which to select a random value.

The application takes up little memory space and does not require an Internet connection. Application developers are constantly adding updates. They also create new content and weekly troubleshoot.

The possibilities of application are almost endless.
Positive moments of the application “Random Generator”:
– system requirements are suitable for any smartphone
– application is easy to use
– the launch takes a minimum amount of time
– the unique design of the application
– no ads
– the support team answers questions around the clock

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The application “Random Generator” is a very useful utility for your phone. The application will help you to create an unlimited number of random values.

This information will definitely help you to choose your perfect random app!