9 Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android & iOS

When you are ill, it’s vitally important to take the medications prescribed by your doctor. It’s easy when you don’t have a plethora of different pills to take.

But if you do, how to remember them all? Well, one way is to use your memory, which is quite hard to practice. Another way is to do it with the help of your phone.

That’s why we decided to create this list of the best apps aimed at reminding you about your pills. Most of the applications can be used on Android and iOS devices.

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Mediasafe: Pill & Med Reminder

This is the best application for doctors and patients because if you fail to take your pills in time, your health will recover much slower. That’s why it’s a must for everyone taking any kind of medicine. 

According to statistics, more than 50% of the patients often neglect to take pills, thinking it’s not that important or simply forgetting about it. 

Why Medisafe is so popular? It’s all about its great functions that will help you take the pills properly. 

Let’s take a closer look at the options provided by the application: 

  1. Alarms will always tell you when your pills should be taken. You can change its settings. For example, you can set how many times the alarms will sound. You can choose the ring as well. 
  2. If you have a senior family member who can easily forget to take a pill, make sure you use a family account. In this case, Mediasafe can function on multiple devices. The only thing you need to do is to create different profiles for the members of your family. 
  3. Pill Adviser. If you are not a doctor, you can hardly understand if one medicine can be taken with another. Now Medisafe can help you with such a difficult task. If there is a problem with the medicine match, the app will tell you about it at once. 
  4. The app has a built-in calendar that will help you see the process. You can mark the most important days there.
  5. Create a report about your health. The app will analyze which pills you were taking and for how long. Then it will create a PDF file, which you can send via email or messenger later. This function will be great if you want to send information to your doctor. 
  6. The app is fully compatible with many other health services. You can export data from one service and transfer it to another at the click of a button. This integration will save you time and energy. For example, you can integrate the service that measures temperature or blood pressure and then analyze how the pills you’re taking can change your state of health and well-being. 
  7. If you have the phone number of your doctor, you can give the app permission to access your contacts. In this case, you can call your doctor right from the app if something goes wrong. You can send him or her your questions via SMS. 

You can download and enjoy Medisafe for free with ads. However, if you need a lot of profiles and complicated measurements, you will have to go premium. 

It will cost you 4.99$ per month or you can pay 39.99$ for a year. 

Medisafe Pill & Med is available for Android, as well as iOS users. 


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Mango Health

It’s high time you simplified your routine! Never keep all the small details in mind, now we have the opportunity to delegate such a dull procedure to a reliable application. 

The app is famous for its simple interface and intuitive design. You can easily use it, even if you are not a skilled person. Your senior family members will also enjoy its down-to-earth design. 

While reading this text, you might think – how exactly can Mango Health make my life easier? Here are the best functions:

  • Good reminders. They are quite universal. You can use them not to forget to take your pills or to visit your doctor. The reminders are friendly to users. You can easily create, schedule, and edit them. You can also use this function not to forget to do physical exercise. 
  • Healthy habits tracker. Taking pills isn’t enough to be healthy and recover from a serious illness. Another important detail is to have healthy habits: to drink enough water, eat good food, exercise regularly. To stay motivated, make sure you track your progress. 
  • Interaction warning. You might need to change the medical scheme you are using, adding a new pill. However, you can have some doubts about the impact it will have. If the new pill might be dangerous to use, you will receive a warning saying you should ask your doctor. 
  • Create a diary of your health. This is the most powerful tool to analyze how your state of health is changing. Many people neglect to use it as it requires time and energy. But if you spend a few minutes every day, you will be able to view the statistics. 
  • Create multiple profiles. You can share the app with other members of your family. It will be much better than using only one profile, as you can mix the schedules and make a mistake. 
  • Refill Alerts. If you are running out of your pills and need to buy new ones, Mango Health will tell you about it. 
  • Mango Health is safe to use. If you are afraid that your data will leak on the Internet, the developer guarantees it won’t happen. Even though they collect data, it’s not linked to you. 

Technical support is very fast to react. Should you face any problems, feel free to contact them. 

The app is fully free of charge. Download and take your health under control. There are versions for iOS and Android. 


Dosecast: Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker

Here is another nice tool to obtain control of your life, including health issues. What you need to do is to download the app and start using it.

Dosecast was created for patients who have to deal with a bunch of different pills to take. It will remember the most important things regarding your health instead of you. 

What is especially cool is that there are two versions of Dosecast. The first one is free, another one is pro. Let’s look at the free version at first: 

  1. Reliable alarms and notifications. If you have a pill that should be taken on time, you can’t do without a system of notifications. Dose reminders will work on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any wearable device, such as watches. There are many options to react to alarms: you can take a pill, skip it, or postpone the dose. 
  2. The app has a built-in calibration between time zones. This unique option will come in quite handy if you tend to travel a lot and visit different countries. You don’t need to activate the option, it will work once you open the app. 
  3. Dosecast will help you to build a flexible schedule. You can create a dosing schedule for a day, week, month, or year. If you miss a pill, the app will track time and send you a notification. You will know when was the last time you took the pill. 
  4. The application can be easily customized. What you need to do is to edit the info. You can give it the names of the medication you are taking, dosage information, and even the date when your pills will expire. What is more, the app will control when you will run out of medicine. Now you don’t need to keep anything in mind. 
  5. You will be 100% safe. It’s enough to download the app. You don’t need to create an account and your personal profile. Dosecast won’t ask for any private data. You don’t have to give the app permission to your contacts and usage info. If you are afraid that your data will be known to the public, don’t worry. This is impossible, according to the developer. 

These were the free features. Should you need more, make sure you try the pro version. You can enjoy a 7-day trial period for free and decide if you need this version or not. 

  • Synchronize between all of your devices. You can do it using Cloud Sync. The best thing about it is that you can add as many devices as you have, there are no limitations. This function will be the best solution if you have a big family or a great number of friends. You can easily sort all the medications by their names or by a person. 
  • Access a huge database of medications. You will be able to get all the information regarding each of the pills you have to take. What is more, the app will warn you if your medications can’t be mixed. It will also give you a piece of advice about each of the medications. 
  • Find the nearest pharmacies when you can get the pills prescribed by your doctor. You can buy the pills right away. 
  • Personalize the app according to your tastes and preferences. Add your own photos and pictures, write your descriptions of the medications. Change the styles, playing with fonts, themes, and colors. 

Dosecast has a pretty high rating – 4.2 out of 5 on the App Store and 4 out of 5 on Google Play. There is a great number of comments and positive reviews about the service.

Download Dosecast and never keep all the things in mind. 


MyTherapy Pill Reminder

If you are looking for a reliable, popular, and simple pill reminder, this one is a must for you. MyTherapy combines various trackers, such as a pill tracker, a journal of your mood and health, and many other cool trackers you will appreciate. 

One of the best features of this service is that it’s completely free of charge with no ads. 

The main function of MyTherapy is to keep all the issues connected to your health in one place. Here are the best features of MyTherapy Pill Reminder: 

  • The app will always remind you about all of the pills that need to be taken. You can fully rely on the system, there are no glitches. You can create a week or a monthly schedule. 
  • If you have a complicated scheme of pills to take, you can always check if one medication is compatible with the other one. The system is very reliable, it was created by professionals. 
  • MyTherapy is highly customizable. You can easily change fonts, play with background colors. We recommend that you try a new dark theme, which is especially elegant and beautiful.
  • If you have a serious disease, you have to be even more careful. Give the app your personal information about your health so that the service knows about all the aspects. For example, if you have a diabetic condition or depression, there are some pills you should not take.
  • The app will measure all the important details regarding your health, such as temperature and blood pressure. MyTherapy will track these details so that you could analyze them later. The app can also create a report (it’s a PDF file), which you will send to your doctor later.
  • If you live alone and you are afraid that your state of health will suddenly get worse, MyTherapy can solve this problem. You can share information right through the app and send it to your relatives and friends. You can also call an ambulance if the situation gets really bad.
  • MyTherapy cares about your privacy. Its developers understand that not everybody wants their diagnosis to be revealed. And this is absolutely ok. The privacy policy of MyTherapy guarantees that your data won’t be given to a third party. Nobody will ever know about your disease if you don’t want to.

This pill reminder is a very powerful tool that can help you with all your health issues. What is more, MyTherapy won’t give your data to others.
The app can be downloaded on Google Play, as well as App Store.


Groove Health

Your health should be a priority. However, it can be too hard to remember to take all of the pills in time. This is why we recommend that you try Groove Health. 

The main feature of Groove Health is that the app uses artificial intelligence to help you track your state of health.

Let’s look at the best functions of Groove Health: 

  • Make sure you set notifications not to miss a dose. The app is reliable so you will never forget to take a pill. 
  • Create a schedule, according to which you will take medications. This schedule is flexible, you can edit it any time. 
  • The app is highly customizable. You can change sounds for your alarms and notifications, play with various fonts and colors. Try a dark mode too. 
  • There is another cool option – now you can set the status of each of the pills. It can be taken, snoozed, or skipped. The app will keep this information so that you could analyze it with your doctor later. 
  • Create a list of your medication. Sometimes there can be a complex schedule, which you can hardly control. When you look at the list, you will clearly see the scheme. What is more, artificial intelligence can analyze if one medication can be taken with another. If the pills aren’t compatible with each other, you will know about it at once – the app will send a notification. 
  • View your history. This function will come in handy if your state of health gets worse. In this case, you will be able to see what exactly happened and why you start to feel bad. The app can create a report, which you can send to your doctor later. 
  • There is a food info section. It was created to help you avoid food that can have a negative impact on your health. For example, if you are taking pills against depression, you can not drink alcohol until you finish the course of medication. 
  • Enjoy progress sharing. If your family members or friends are worried about your state of health, you can share your progress with them. To make this thing possible, your friends and family need to download Groove Health too. They will be able to see which pills you are taking and how often. They will also have access to the health reports. 

As you can see, there is plenty of functions you will enjoy. And all of them will be available for free! There will be no ads as well. 

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Groove Health has a very high rating. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 on App Store, and 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play. There is a huge number of positive comments from real users. 

You can get the application on Google Play and App Store. 



Taking care of yourself isn’t a simple thing to do. It will be much easier if there is a good helper. medPlan can serve as a caring friend who isn’t indifferent to your state of health. 

This is a very popular and reliable application thanks to a wide range of functions. First of all, we should look at the pros of the app: 

  • Its primary function is to remind you to take your pills in time. When you need to take a pill or any other medication, you will receive a notification. 
  • Health Diary. It’s good to have trackers that will control your health. However, writing a diary is a very conservative but amazingly powerful tool to analyze your dynamic. The only thing you will need is to spend at least five minutes every morning. 
  • Review your health history. This function will help you to see how your state of health is changing. What is more, you can ask for a report to send it to your doctor later. 
  • Simple and intuitive interface. If you are looking for a good app for your senior family member who isn’t a skilled user of PC or smartphone, medPlan will be the best option you can choose. 
  • It is super simple to start. To enjoy all the functions, it’s enough to download the app and open it. You don’t have to create an account or give it personal information.

The only serious disadvantage of medPlan is that only Android users can enjoy its wide range of functions. 

However, the number of functions provided by medPlan is truly impressive. What is more, the app is fully free of charge with no ads. 

You can get it now on Google Play and start taking care of yourself. 


Round Health

This application is one of the most elegant and simple to use. If you like minimalistic interfaces, which don’t require instructions, Round Health is a must for you.

The app will represent the information about all of your medications as a pie chart. Developers tried to create a type of infographics for each of the issues. The main function of the app is to help you be less nervous about your health issues.

Here are the most impressive functions of Round Health:

  • A complicated and flexible system of alarms. When you need to take pills, your phone will tell you about it. This service is customizable: you can choose the sound of your alarms, add some text to it, set the number of times it will be repeated. 
  • Enjoy complex scheduling: it will come in handy if you have to take more than one medication. This function will plan each dosage and tell you when to take it. What’s more, the app will represent the dosage of your pills as a pie chart. You will understand it with a single look. 
  • The app is truly universal – you can use it on your phone, tablet, or personal computer. Round Health also supports wearable devices. You can use it on your App Watch, for example. 
  • If you are taking special pills (for instance, you are on birth control), Round Health will take it into account. It won’t give your information to other people. So you don’t need to worry about your privacy. 
  • Refill tracker. Sometimes you can’t remember about your pills. And it’s even harder to remember when you will run out of the next pack of pills. The good thing is that you need to keep it in mind. Round Health has a built-in refill tracker and alarms. 
  • Health reports. Round Health will create a detailed report for you and your doctor to analyze. You can ask for a version to print, and the app will create it in a second. 

The developers are constantly working on their applications. They update the product regularly, adding new options all the time. 

Round Health isn’t too big – its size is 35.6 MB only. Unfortunately, the developer doesn’t reveal all the details of the privacy policy, which might cause questions and doubts of users. 

The only disadvantage of Round Health is that it’s available for iOS users only. 

Pill Reminder – All in One

It’s time to take care of your health and recover from illness! The app called Pill Reminder was designed for patients that struggle to remember all the things prescribed by their doctor. 

 It is packed with great features, which can make your life much easier. And you can enjoy almost all of them for free. 

Let’s take a closer look at these functions: 

  1. Create your medication schedule. Once you have done it, you just need to stick to this schedule. Alarms and notifications will help you do it with no problems. This schedule is flexible, though. You can edit it at any time, remove or edit some pills. 
  2. Every medication and even each pill has its status. If you had to skip a pill, set the status “skipped”, if you managed to take it on time, then the pill is “taken”. Don’t neglect to use this great function. It will help you see how your state of health was changing. This is much easier than writing a diary but equally efficient. 
  3. Refill Reminder. You have bought a pack of pills but you can hardly predict and remember when you’ll run out of this pack. In this situation, make sure you use a refill reminder. The app will warn you that your pills are about to finish. You can set the time when the alarm will ring. For example, you can ask the app to send you a notification three days before your pill pack will be empty. 
  4. If you need to make the same action, make sure you try recurring alarms and notifications. It will save you time and energy. 
  5. When you are ill, you have to visit your doctor regularly. For this case, Pill Reminder has a special kind of reminder for medical appointments. If you have your doctor’s phone number, give the app permission to use your contacts. In this case, Pill Reminder will be able to do most of the things automatically (calls and notifications). 
  6. Pill Reminder supports multiple profiles, meaning you can share the same account with your family or close friends. In this case, different schedules won’t be mixed. 
  7. Add notes to the most important medications. It will be useful if you have a serious thing to remember. For example, you might have some food that is prohibited to eat. Add these products to the list, and the note will appear every time you take a pill. 
  8. There is a built-in calendar. It will help you have a vision of your progress and see the medication schedule. You can add the calendar to your health report as well. 
  9. It is 100% safe to use the application. The developer doesn’t collect and store your data. Your diagnosis won’t be published on the Internet resources or given to a third party.

If you use the app for free, you have a limitation – only two reminders will be available. To remove this limitation, go premium. There will be only one payment, no annual payments. The full version will cost you 1.99$. 

Another great detail is the size of the app – it’s about 23 MB only. There are no ads, which can irritate you and distract you from your health issues. 

Unfortunately, only iOS users can enjoy a wide range of functions provided by Pill Reminder. Get the app now on App Store. 

Pill Monitor: Drug Minder

This app was created for patients that tend to forget about their treatment. This is why the developers did everything to create a product that will store information about your health and remind you to do the most important things, such as taking pills and visiting your doctor. 

Let’s look at the most striking features of Pill Monitor: 

  • flexible system of notifications and reminders. It will work all the time, no matter if the app is opened or not. 
  • Each pill has its status. It can be taken, snoozed, or skipped. The app remembers all the statuses so that you could analyze the impact the pills may have on your health. 
  • Add photos and write notes to each of the medications you are about to take. It can contain some important information about your pills. 
  • You can create recurring reminders. The number is not limited. 
  • View your health history. You will be able to see all the way you have gone through, starting from the first pill. It is a good tool for analyzing your state of health. 
  • When you need to add a new medication to your complicated scheme, you can contact your doctor at the click of a button. To do it, give the app all the necessary permission. You can contact your doctor via SMS or email. 
  • Pill Monitor will work without the Internet connection. You can connect the app with Cloud services, such as Dropbox. In this case, the application will require less memory to function. 
  • The app is compatible with all types of gadgets, such as your phone, tablet, personal computer, or wearable devices. 

Unfortunately, there is no multiple profiles mode. This means you can’t share the same device with your friends and relatives. They will have to download the app on their smartphones. 

Pill Monitor won’t ask to give any personal information about your state of health. But if you decide to trust the app, it won’t reveal your diagnosis to anyone. 

You can get the application for free on App Store and start to control your state of health. 

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