11 Free Polyamory Dating Apps & Websites 2023

Now there is a huge number of dating services that offer to find love in a few minutes. Yet, a small part of them is focused on people who prefer polyamorous relationships. There are special services for this type of open relationship.

Find their functionality in this review of the best free polyamorous dating apps & websites in 2023. Judging by the reviews, a huge number of users have already found partners on these platforms.

If you prefer polygamy then you may love these best dating apps for married people.


PolyFinda is a dating service. A distinctive feature of the app is the fact that it was developed by the polyamorous community.

It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. If you practice or plan to try open relationships, the app will help.

After activating an account, users select their current status and sexual and personal preferences. If you are undecided, this option is also acceptable, specify this information so that community members know about it.

Activating the app is free and involves welcome bonuses. Then you will need to pay for the right to use or earn money by organizing certain events in the program.

If you are ready to experiment in your personal life or they have been an integral part of it for a long time, the app will be indispensable help in finding new relationships.

You’ll find like-minded people here for interesting conversations. You can be confident about the safety of your data. This app doesn’t collect them or share them with any third parties.


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#open is a dating app for open relationships. It is simple and easy to use. If polyamory, monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, and other types of open relationships are part of your life and sexual preferences, then the app is definitely for you.

You will be able to find relationships, friends, or companions using a database with over 170 thousand profiles. For your convenience, there is an option to create an individual or a partner profile.

A partner profile is appropriate if a couple is looking for a relationship or communication. Finding the right partner for acquaintance will be faster and easier if you use the system of filters.

App users have access to an interesting and unique option. Activating it will allow you to see only suitable profiles and hide data about yourself for those types of relationships that are not suitable for you.

A convenient shortcut system will allow you to describe in detail your preferences and attitudes towards life. The app can work for free. There is a possibility of paid membership with extra features and privileges.

Users also have the opportunity to make one-time purchases of services, for example, to highlight their profile.



The Iconist app is designed to find dating, relationships, and friendships. It is primarily designed and targeted at polyamorous people and couples, and sexual minorities. That said, heterosexual singles have a chance to find a couple through the app.

After downloading the program, create your profile detailing yourself and your sexual preferences. Having a photo installed will increase your chances and the speed of your search.

If you already have a partner, you can link your profiles to each other if you wish. Paired profiles are not provided by the app, there are only individual profiles.

Users will be able to take advantage of the following features of the app, some of which are unique. You will be able to send and read messages, take a personality test to learn more about yourself and your preferences, and freeze your account.

You can also hide your profile from certain types of people, create a polyamorous relationship map, and more. Taking care of its users’ safety, the app provides advanced privacy settings. This allows for a safer dating.

Unlike most similar ones, the app is free. At the same time, it is convenient and has a high-quality interface. This service will help in finding a mate if you are ready and open to a new relationship.



The PolyLove app is a dating service. It is designed for singles and open-minded couples looking for a polyamorous relationship.

If you’ve been out of a heterosexual polygamous relationship for a long time or if you want to change your sex life drastically, the app will be an indispensable helper.

You can upload your own or view other people’s videos and take part in groups. What’s important – you can keep your anonymity. You decide for yourself what and how much about yourself you’re willing to tell chat users.

The app respects your anonymity because the purpose of the chat is to provide the most comfortable and entertaining space for communication for those who seek polyamory.

The program appeared on the market relatively recently, and the requests of users are satisfied. It brings together like-minded people from many countries and several continents. It is easy to become one of them by downloading the app and registering.



The Poliamoris app is designed for dating and communicating with polyamorous people. If you are looking for polyamorous relationships with a lot of people, the app will help you do that.

It allows the following types of interaction between users. These are personal communication, video and audio calls, and social games. You will also be able to exchange virtual gifts.

There is also an interesting option – a virtual club, consisting of different rooms, where you can find the communication of interest. You’ll be able to add a photo and video presentation to your profile.

Create a personal photo album, to which you can define the access rights yourself. To prevent the presence of fake profiles, they are checked. The e-mail specified when registering will need to be confirmed.

Besides, photo, video, and text materials are reviewed. In this way, the app tries to create a comfortable and safe communication environment.

Registration in the app is free. You can not worry about the security of your data. The app does not collect or share them with any third parties in the process.



Bicupid is a dating app. The main target audience is bisexual couples. Heterosexuals can also find relationships here, but the number of such profiles is much lower.

If your intimate life is bisexual, and you are looking for a permanent or temporary partner, the app will help you with this.

You can use the app as a platform for virtual communication only or organize real meetings with people who share their sexual preferences.

The program appeared on the market quite a long time ago. It is regularly updated, taking into account users’ requests, so it has earned their trust and loyalty.

Profiles are verified, so you can be sure you are communicating with a real person. This allows you to save time and emotions.

You can download the app for free, but there is also paid content. It allows you to speed up the process of finding a partner and make it as comfortable as possible. 


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The 3joy app is designed for dating. It is free for users, but it also has paid content that allows making the search for a partner as efficient as possible.

Unlike other similar services, it is designed to organize communication and threesomes. If you are a person of broad sexual outlook and free views on intimate life, with the help of this app you will be able to find the most suitable partners.

The profile settings and the filters available will make the search process easy and fast. You will be able to share your photos and publications with other users, which also increases the speed and efficiency of the search.

If for some reason you are not ready for new emotions and meetings, you can hide your profile from dating until you are ready for communication and relationships.

The app cares about its users, so it checks the validity of profiles with identity verification. 



The 3way app is primarily aimed at bisexual, lesbian, and gay men who practice threesomes. Other participants in non-traditional sexual relationships will be able to find the companionship of interest or a suitable partner here.

The program is widespread, and the number of unique profiles is more than a million. To start communicating, you need to create a profile. It can be individual or pair. Fill it out and upload a photo.

Check your photos to see if they’re a match. Finding a match will be easier and faster thanks to the filter system. The most liberated and artistic users and couples have the opportunity to show their lifestyles to other participants.

The app allows you to organize your own show. Perhaps it will be the beginning of your creative or media career.

If you are already ready to go in search of the new and unusual, feel free to download the app and start communicating. A lot of emotions and impressions are guaranteed.



Taimi is a dating and networking app. The main target audience of the service is members of the LGBT community.

The number of users already exceeds 15 million people. You can become one of the participants, just download the app and create a profile. Most of the functions and features of the program are free.

Users can communicate and view statistics. Use a filter system that increases the speed of search and the chances of finding the most suitable partner.

For a more discerning and liberated audience, there is a paid subscription with extra features. They allow you to hide your location or age and increase the number of profile views and there are also other, no less interesting options.

The app is constantly updated, and responsive to user requests. Perhaps this is the secret to its popularity. Communicating with the help of the program is convenient and pleasant. 



PolyMatchMaker is a dating app. The users are people who are looking for non-monogamous relationships.

The app itself is new, but the creators of the service have been supporting and organizing the non-monogamous community for over 20 years. All that time their client base has been building.

Now you too can become a member of the community if you share its values and interests. You can download the app for free and become a standard member. This type of profile implies a limited set of opportunities for communication.

A paid premium membership gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the privileges and options. Keep in mind, that your background will be verified before accessing the site.

This is how the community fights and ensures for its members that users are real and that their interests are similar. This allows users to save time and avoid the frustrations of communicating with those who hide their real goals and preferences.


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Polyamory Dating

A distinctive feature of the service Polyamory Dating is the ability to access a large database from several services. It is convenient and interesting to use the app.

Users can use the service completely free of charge. After creating an account, you can send up to 10 responses to potential partners to see if it really works.

After completing the registration process, you will need to take some sort of questionnaire. Answer a series of questions about yourself, your lifestyle, and your preferences. This information is necessary so that the search for potential partners will be as quick and effective as possible.

If you choose to include a photo of yourself in your profile, it will increase your chances. As a paid member you will be able to start communicating fully. Send and receive messages, give your likes to other users’ profiles, and more.

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