11 Best Free Keto Diet Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

The keto diet has its origins in medicine. After getting positive results in terms of weight loss, this method has become used among those who want to slim down. Following a proper diet and nutrition plan along with exercise can pleasantly surprise you with changes in your body.

There are many different meal plans, but in this review, we decided to turn your attention to these best free keto diet apps in 2024 for Android & iOS. They will help you not get derailed on your way to a perfect body and great health.

Carb Manager – Keto Diet Tracker

Looking for the perfect diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Want to make your diet healthy and balanced? Carb Manager will make the transition to healthy eating quick and painless.

Leave unhealthy habits behind: get rid of excess weight without exhausting diets. Use a calorie calculator to create the perfect daily menu.

Use the cookbook, which has hundreds of healthy and easy dishes for every taste. Reduce your intake of easily digestible carbohydrates and improve your quality of life. A systematic approach provides stable and effective results in the near future.

Want to reduce your carbohydrate intake? Want to give up meat products? Or do you need to improve your diet due to a serious illness? The electronic tracker will be your helper on the way to health.

A huge selection of recipes, a large table for calculating daily calories, motivating statements, and clear tasks. To get a macro calculation, just scan the barcode of a ready meal or take a photo of your plate. Minimal waste of time calculating and cooking.

For total control, enter your blood sugar levels throughout the day. This way you can see if this diet is right for you. Don’t forget about physical activity. Take notes on walks, jogging, and bicycle workouts. Note your weight and check your weight loss. Stay healthy with the Carb Manager app.


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Lazy Keto – Keto Meal Planner

If you think that the keto diet doesn’t contain tasty foods, you’re wrong. The Lazy Keto app has already helped thousands of users leave junk food behind and transition smoothly to healthy eating.

Look for hundreds of incredibly easy recipes for every day, with ingredients you can find in any fridge. Here are recipes for people who want to lose excess weight, improve their health and make a difference in their daily lives.

Divide your meal into proteins, fats, and carbs. Create a menu for each meal throughout the week. Now you won’t have to worry about what to make for Saturday night dinner.

Calculate your daily water allowance based on your physical and health conditions. Put in your weight and see the positive dynamics without hard physical exercises and hunger strikes.

Surprise your friends with unusual culinary delights of seafood and delicacies. The keto diet positively affects all systems in your body. You will soon feel a burst of energy.

With Lazy Keto, you will look perfect. Try new recipes with your family members, tell your friends about this app, and discuss the most unusual dishes.


Keto Manager – Keto Diet Tracker

Do you take care of your health? Do you want to look young and attractive at any age? Be sure to pay attention to your nutrition.

The Keto Manager app contains useful tips and instructions that will help you break your bad eating habits forever.

Keep a count of your carbohydrate intake, and calculate your calories according to your physical data and activity area. Lose weight gradually, without compromising your health.

You’ll have access to a handy spreadsheet that lists thousands of foods and ready-to-eat meals. The calculations are instant, so all you have to do is adjust your eating habits based on the results.

If you like to eat out, check out the map of suggested cafes and restaurants. They offer a large selection of healthy foods on their menus. Learn all about your chosen diet: the platform offers numerous articles and research on healthy eating.

Get your weight in order, increase muscle mass, and get nutritional advice for chronic conditions. Eating right isn’t that hard, especially in the company of like-minded people. The Keto Manager app allows you to achieve the results you want and keep them for a long time.


Keto Diet App – Macro Tracker

If you think a healthy lifestyle means eating junk food and exercising hard, that’s not true. The Keto Diet App is designed to support you on your way to health and wellness.

Easily keep a carb count and know the total calories of your favorite foods. Entering information is easy: just scan the product barcode or use voice input. Based on this information, choose your current diet and exercise regime.

Calculate the total number of calories per day and create an appropriate menu. You will be surprised, but many dishes without junk food are really tasty. Open the cookbook right in the app and experiment in your kitchen.

Learn about new discoveries and research in nutritional science. Many views are long outdated and some approaches are even unhealthy. Learn all about interval fasting, carbohydrate-free diets, and vegetarianism. If you have any questions, you can always ask the support specialists for help.

Celebrate your successes and rejoice in your goals. Soon you will notice how the scales show the desired numbers and you look much better.

In addition to nutrition, the Keto Diet App includes sections to track your water intake, sleep patterns, and physical activity. The app is free and has allowed thousands of users to get back to the right lifestyle.


Carb & Keto Manager – Aspire

The Aspire app is sure to surprise you with a variety of delicious, and most importantly, healthy meals. To regain a pleasant complexion and a slim figure, you need a comprehensive approach.

Proper nutrition plays an important role. App developers offer you a unique opportunity to start a healthy life today. Tracker of macro and micronutrients, total calorie counting, and control of easily digestible carbohydrates.

Important vitamins and nutrients are also displayed in the smart tracker. If you have gained excess weight, are not feeling well, or have health problems, don’t put off dietary changes until later.

The app has a personalized approach for each user. You will get an up-to-date diet plan according to your parameters and goals.

Take advantage of a set of different recipes that you can easily prepare every day. Involve your family, because it’s much easier to reach your goals with other people.

Keep a food diary where you will display all the foods and meals throughout the day. Don’t forget about your water regimen, as well as exercise. Note your health status and changes in weight so that you can clearly see the positive dynamics.

Keep a shopping list and don’t buy related items. Daily reminders will help you reach your goal faster and more effectively. Forget about your negative experiences: with the Aspire app, you will succeed.


Senza: Keto & Fasting

Take care of your health today. With the Senza app, it is really easy to do so. All you have to do is be patient and follow the simple instructions.

Take a comprehensive approach to the problem: ensure you eat right, start exercising and you’ll get results in no time.

This electronic calorie and macro calculator gives you the ability to break down any meal into its components. Watch your carbohydrate intake and don’t forget to drink enough water.

Use the interval fasting method to get rid of excess weight and toxins. Replace unhealthy supplements with healthier food.

This app has thousands of recipes for people of all backgrounds. Here are ideas for every meal of the whole week. Do you want to diversify your daily menu? Then prepare an unusual dish with low carbohydrate content.

The calorie tracker allows you to instantly determine the caloric intake of a preassembled meal. You can keep a glucose meter diary and record your numbers.

Besides, indicate your physical activity and well-being. You can use Google Fit or Fitbit apps to do this. They will help you keep track of how many calories you burned today. Download Senza to help yourself get healthy and active.


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A simple and necessary app for anyone who wants to master a life without dependence on carbs. Manage your life with Keto.app.

Need to create a new menu of healthy and affordable foods? Just open the right section in the app and get to cooking.

Don’t know your personal calorie and metabolic rate? Enter your data so the app can do the complicated calculations for you. Once you have this data, you can make a clear weight loss plan.

When you start using Keto.app, specify your main goal. This will help guide you in the right direction and help you choose the best diet plan. Don’t forget to note your anthropometric data, chronic diseases, allergies, and daily exercise routine. Sync your account with your Fitbit and download your finished data.

Keto.app will give you an overview of what you use in your food every day. Calculate how many calories are in your favorite meal, and how many carbs are in a light dinner. You will also get the exact ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

You can easily tell if a product is keto-friendly by its barcode. A list of undesirable foods that move you away from your goal is also present. It is important to establish a complete drinking regimen. Try the free version of the Keto.app. You can purchase a premium subscription at any time.


Total Keto Diet: Low Carb App

The keto diet is gaining popularity all over the world. We invite you to join the large health community at Total Keto Diet. This app contains not only introductory information but also supports users along the way.

For beginners, there are clear and detailed instructions that will put all fears and preconceptions to rest.

You will learn how to start your keto diet and reduce stress on your body. You will understand why it is so important to limit carbohydrates in your diet and what you can replace them with.

The electronic calorie and macro calculator goes great with the recipe kit. The large list of recipes for everyone. Try any of the suggested ones and send them to “Favorites” so you don’t lose them.

Helpful foods and meals for every age, matching meals according to nutritionist and therapist recommendations. The large pool of verified information on weight loss and interval fasting.

If you stick to the keto diet, you will feel great. Gone are the problems with sleep, and excess weight. Your face will become younger and tighter again. To prevent temptations, create a clear grocery list when you go to the store. Set reminders to drink water throughout the day.

Total Keto Diet has been downloaded by over a million users everywhere. Get your free ticket to a healthy and long life.


KetoDiet: Keto Diet App Tracker

Have you ever heard of the keto diet? Learn more about it in this app. It’s a whole new trend in nutrition that has proven itself. Change your diet: remove excess carbohydrates and replace them with more fats.

This tactic has a positive effect on the whole body. You will be able to effectively lose weight and keep it at the right level without strict diets. You can normalize your blood glucose levels and blood pressure without taking medications.

All the information on this platform is verified and meets the accepted standards. This diet is suitable for absolutely everyone: young and old, healthy people, and patients with chronic pathologies.

Every day you will learn about new research and discoveries in this field. Start reducing carbohydrates in your diet and see the results in just one week. Here you can ask questions, share your experiences and create new recipes.

Register your starting weight and watch the arrow of the scale steadily fall each week. The amount of ketones directly affects your appetite: the more ketones accumulated in your body, the faster you will lose the extra pounds. If you are interested in the keto diet, then install this app.


Stupid Simple Keto Diet App

A great motivator for staying healthy and fit. Stupid Simple Keto Diet App will introduce you to the benefits of the keto diet, which has already gained worldwide recognition.

Switching to a low-carbohydrate diet will allow you to maintain your health and improve your well-being. In a short period of time, you will stabilize your weight, lower your blood pressure and blood sugar.

World-renowned nutritionists were actively involved in developing the app. Make a smooth transition to proper nutrition without harming your health.

The keto diet is adapted to the needs of each individual. Depending on your goals and physical data an individual plan of action will be developed.

To reinforce your motivation, create daily reminders and keep a progress diary. This will help you stay on track without breakdowns or eating disorders. Find out if the food is right for you: scan the barcode to find out how many unhealthy carbs it contains.

Make dietary changes if you go on vacation, change your lifestyle, or get sick. Control your water intake to avoid keto-flu. Stupid Simple Keto Diet App is a real pocket helper in your daily fight against extra pounds.


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Keto Cycle: Keto Diet Tracker

Do you want to look younger than your age? Get rid of fat and extra pounds? Keto Cycle is a guide to the keto diet. A trendy course in nutrition that allows you to achieve great results and improve your health.

All instructions and tips are designed just for you. Provide all your personal information, so that the specialists can help you create a diet plan for the coming week.

The diet will depend on your gender, age, and weight. Indicate if you have any serious medical conditions and your desired results.

The keto diet is a gentle way to reduce appetite and lose weight naturally. There is no place for suspicious drugs and long fasting. Just change the ratio of carbohydrates to fats in your daily diet.

All methods and techniques are scientifically proven and meet the needs of the body. To get quick results, you need to influence from different angles. This includes reducing the stress of daily activities and increasing physical activity.

Forget about long periods of falling asleep and being broken in the morning. No more circles under the eyes and dehydrated skin.

Cook simple and delicious culinary masterpieces by choosing recipes from the list below. There are plenty of great suggestions for vegetarians too. Become a member of the Keto Cycle community, which strives to support a healthy lifestyle.

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