11 Mobile Apps for Writers (Android & iOS)

Looking for the apps to level up your writing routine? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of mobile apps for writers (Android and iOS) that empower you to write wherever you are. All these apps can cope with various purposes — from notes and journal ones to the apps that correct your grammar and give you plot inspiration.

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Here’s the list of 11 best apps that category you should try. Have a look!



Let’s start with an app called Evernote. This is a world-known note app that empowers you to capture concepts on the go.

This app aims to be a one-stop service for saving all your thoughts, ideas, todos, and more. Thus, the app has various note-making capabilities that will enhance your literature experience.

Therewith, you can not only write plain letters on this app you can also attach pics and other files to it. In case you’re in a hurry or can not type the info by yourself you can use a voice recording tool that will transcribe your speech into letters. Of course, if the app won’t recognize all the words you can rewrite it by yourself.

On top of that, you can make audio notes by recording voice messages. Withal, you can attach these voice memos to the text notes as well. You can also optimize the look of the notes by your will.

This app also works well with all types of checklists and todos. Thereby, you can make arrangements attached to the calendar and the app will notify you when it’s time to do something.

Evernote 1 Evernote 2


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Wattpad – Read & Write Stories


Wattpad is an app that brings together the worlds of authors and bookworms.

This is a platform that empowers writers to share their novels with millions of users. The best thing about this app is that anyone can upload an original story so it’s great for amateur writers.

It needs to be said, the app has more than 80 million active users so you can be sure your novel will find its reader. Besides, it’s a well-known fact that this app has connected writers to multi-media companies so it’s always a possibility that your story will become the next best-seller.

More by token, it not necessary to upload the whole story all at once here. You can post your novel gradually, chapter by chapter. Therewith, all users can leave a remark and tell how they like your store. Thus, you can trace people’s reactions and maybe notice some of your errors.

Furthermore, the app empowers you to reply to the remarks and talk to your readers. You also get to make a synopsis of your story and mark it with genre tags so that people could find it. You can also make a book cover for your novel.

Wattpad 1


iA Writer: The Markdown Writing App

iA Writer

iA Writer is an app for writers that aims to provide you with a distraction-free environment.

This is a minimalist app that does everything in its power for you to not get digresses while typing. This is being done by only highlighting the line you currently write and fading everything else.

You can also set the app to highlight the paragraph you currently work on and settle the intensity of the dim. Thus, your brain identifies the sentence as the number-one thing to be concentrated on and you don’t look aside.

Thereby, the visual of the app is plain and it’s not overloaded with switches. Besides, the app runs on file formats that can go with any other writing app out there. Herewith, you can transfer your docs to any other app you want.

The app also has a PC version that is attached to the app one. So you can view all your docs on all the devices you’ve got. The app also has various lighting modes and designs that are nice for working at night. Thereby, you can settle the appearance of the page — from the backdrop shade to the font.

iA Writer1 iA Writer2


DubScript Screenplay Writer


DubScript is an app that empowers you to write scripts easily and with comfort.

Although the app was originally made for TV and filmmakers it can also be extremely useful for those who write novels and blogs. The app covers lots of text formatting and editing tools while being easy to use.

The app is great from making a quick scenario for your future novel just because you don’t need to worry bout formatting your text at all. Besides, the app has several script patterns you can use and you can settle it to match your likings.

Herewith, all the indents in letters and slug lines are being done automatically without any effort from you. You can also settle how each scene should start to only focus on expressing your vision while typing. Thereto, you can settle the appearance of the sheets and there are more than 800 fonts you can use.

Furthermore, the app doesn’t need an Internet connection to run so you can type wherever you are. You can also store all your books in cloud services to not overload your device’s memory. And you can even determine the paper sizes for printing your screenplays.

DubScript1 DubScript2



BearBear is an adaptable app for authors that empowers you to make memos wherever you are.

This app has all the instruments for note altering and organization so that you can quickly compose your memos and share them as you want. Therewith, the app runs on beneficial encryption tech that makes sure all your data is safe and sound.

Although the app has lots of instruments it is still quite minimalist and easy to use. As for the visual part of the app, there are lots of colorful designs you can try. Plus, the app empowers you to settle the view of your book in lots of ways — from fonts to the backdrop.

You can even make some of your notes private by putting a pin on them or using the face ID. Besides, you can add pics and other files to the books. And you also even draw on your notes or make audio memos if needed.

Herewith, you can use the app for making all kinds of todos and checklists. There are various checklist templates you can try, and you can even make your own one. Plus, you can designate your notes with tags for easy navigation.

Bear 1 Bear 2


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Day One Journal

Day One JournalDay One Journal is a journaling app that empowers you to store all your memories and concepts in one place. Frankly speaking, this app has no restrictions on what’s your journal will be about. Thus, you can use the app to type down your memories, ideas, or even your love life stories. And you can also use it for writing short topics for your stories and novels.

Plus, this app is also great from making checklists and calendar reminds. You can even turn on reminders to inform you when it’time to do something.

As for the journal itself, it looks like a set of notes. Herewith, you can not only type plain ext but add pics and other files to it. You can even make hand-drawn sketches if you want. Plus, the app has a sturdy text formatting instrument that empowers you to do lots of stuff.

Thus, you can settle the backdrop of our book and experiment with fonts. There are also numerous options for paragraphs placement, You can even add weather marks and timing to all your notes.

The app also has various designs you can try to make it look brighter. Not in the mood for colors? The app can cope with that too — just pick a minimalist gray or black theme.

Day One Journal 1 Day One Journal 2


Moment Diary (journal)

Moment Diary

Moment Diary is another app that empowers you to make a private diary on your mobile.

The main aim of this app is to give you a convenient platform for capturing all your thoughts and ideas. Therewith, all the memos you make in the app will be time-stamped so you can trace when each note was written.

Furthermore, there are no restrictions on what your diary should be about — it’s totally up to you. You can use it for ideas, live recordings, business notes, or even a diet journal. Besides, you can also add GPS and weather mark s to all the notes you make

On top of that, you can not only type plain manuscript in your notes — you can add pics, vids, links, and whatever else you desire. You can also store all your notes in a cloud storage t onto overload your mobile’s memory.

The app can sync in between all your gadgets so you could obtain your diary wherever you are. It also has various funny themes and text formatting instruments you can try. You can even put password protection on the app to make sure you’re the only one who can reach it.

Moment Diary 1 Moment Diary 2




Werdsmith is an app that will be your personal pocket writing studio.

This app is being used and loved all around the globe for all kinds of writings — from blogs and article s to scripts and full-on novels. The app syncs between all your devices so you can reach your text whenever you are.

Plus, the app has a sharing tool so you can send your text to mates or your manager to get quick feedback. In case you’re worried about privacy you can set password protection on some of your docs.

The app has a stunning visual with authentic paper-looking pages and typewriting fonts. Furthermore, the app has a huge compilation of other fonts you can try. Plus, there are lots of title and paragraph alignment options.

Beyond that, the app empowers you to set writing aims that will motivate you t write every day and not quit. You can also view the stats of how many words you write every day which is great if you want to trace your course. And if you’ll want to view the earlier version of your novel you can always go back via the history section.

Werdsmith 1 Werdsmith 2


JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel


JotterPad is an app that will provide you with distraction-free writing conditions.

This is a perfect app for authors as it can be easily accessible from wherever you are. The app has a clean minimal design that is not overloaded with buttons. Plus, it has a full-screen mode that can help you center on typing.

Thereto, the app has a word counting instrument that helps you trace your wring headway. Besides, it has several designs you can try, and even the dark one for writing at night. The app also has a huge set of fonts and typography.

Herewith, you can store all the texts in a cloud service if needed. You can also put a pin on some docs if you’re worried about the privacy of your books. Furthermore, the app has a catchword instrument that empowers you to navigate through the big docs.

There’s also a built-in thesaurus that covers thousands of words explanations. You can also use it to find synonyms to the words you use. And there’s even a rhyming glossary for poets.

JotterPad1 JotterPad2


The Brainstormer

The Brainstormer

As its name supposes, The Brainstormer is an app that can help you if you’ll run out of novel ideas.

This app is a huge source of inspo that can be extremely valuable for scribes. The app can cope with combining a plot of your story, build character and so lots of other stuff.

Thus, the app has three speeding heels that can help you with your novel. The first wheel is about the plot and the conflict of the story. The second one is about the thematic, and the last one is about the subject and place of your novel.

Your goal here is to spin the wheels and use its random results as an inspiration for the base of your novel. It needs to be said, some combinations the app brings you with may look absurd so it’s a challenge to write about it.

Herewith, the app also has various thematic wheels such as sci-fi or horror ones. And the character builder wheel can help you generate a full-on novel protagonist with an unusual appearance and outstanding energy.

The Brainstormer 1 The Brainstormer 2


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Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly Keyboard

And lastly, Grammarly is an app that helps the authors to fix all the structure mistakes they’ve made.

We all can get carried away by expressing our thoughts and forget about the grammar part of the novel. And this is what it’s app is made for. Grammarly detects all the mistakes you’ve made typing and fixes them.

Herewith, the app covers various types of mistakes — from punctuation to syntactic. Plus, the app also has a built-in thesaurus that gives you all possible explanations of the words. It also has a synonym dictionary that covers several word displays.

Furthermore, the app estimates the whole writing and the particular paragraphs and alters you if you have more than two sentences in a row starting with the same word. Plus, it tells you if your sentences are too long and hard to understand.

Grammarly Keyboard 1 Grammarly Keyboard 2


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