7 Free Santa Message Apps & Websites

Everyone wants to feel the atmosphere of a holiday and a real New Year’s miracle before Christmas. It is for this reason that some developers have created free Santamessage apps & websites with which you can chat with Santa and immerse yourself in the festive bustle.

By the way, don’t forget to wish all your friends and family Merry Christmas! In order to do that in an authentic and non-standard way, we have gathered 6 Merry Christmas apps for you.

PNP – Portable North Pole

This app is the perfect helper for giving a Christmas atmosphere and a New Year’s miracle to you and your loved ones.

Here you can chat with Santa Claus in any format: personal correspondence, voice message, video message, as well as video call.

You will be able to discuss any questions with Santa before sending congratulations to your loved one: specify his name and any other personal data so that the greeting becomes personalized and individual.

There is one main function in this app: you can order a call for your loved one. This call will be sent not as a monologue, but as a dialogue: this means that your loved one will be able to talk to Santa Claus on any topic.

Among other things, here you can get a record of your loved one’s reaction to a poisoned greeting: the reaction will be recorded automatically and you can save it to the gallery of your mobile device, or immediately send a reaction message to the user of another app.

PNP - Portable North Pole1

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Message from Santa!

Thanks to this app, you will be able to receive or send a free video call to your loved one from Santa Claus. He will talk to you or your friend using pre-prepared questions.

This app helps to surprise your loved ones and give them a Christmas atmosphere. Here you can get a sense of Christmas magic using communication with Santa.

Also, in this app, you will be able to send not only video calls but also text messages: use the text message function and give your loved one communication with a real Santa.

The main character of the Christmas holiday will give you and your loved ones pleasant

emotions and the atmosphere of a festive miracle, talking to you and your friends personally.

Among other things, you can attach any photos to the greeting in the form of a video format for your loved one by downloading files from the gallery or any other apps on your mobile device.

Message from Santa!1

Personalized Video From Santa

In this app, you can create any greeting in video format that you wish. Here you can also make a greeting from Santa Claus personalized and individual.

To make a Christmas greeting individually, you will only need to upload photos of your loved one, so that you can then insert them into a video with a greeting with pre-prepared replicas of Santa Claus.

Photos for Christmas greetings can be uploaded in any format and from any app or messenger, as well as directly from the gallery of your mobile device.

Also, do not forget that here you can send text messages and full-fledged correspondence from Santa Claus to your family and friends. Just upload the desired phone number and select the type of correspondence from the pre-thought-out message.

Personalized Video From Santa1

Speak to Santa Claus – Message

This app was created specifically to give yourself, your friends, and your loved ones a festive atmosphere and Christmas mood. Here you can chat with Santa via SMS, video call, or video message.

In this app, you can choose one pre-recorded video message from a dozen others to wish a particular person a Merry Christmas. It will be possible to insert a person’s name into this message so that it becomes as personalized and individual as possible.

Also, you can play a video call with Santa, chat with him in front of your family members and give everyone a Christmas mood. The video call was recorded in advance in several dozen variations, so you can choose the most suitable option for you.

Among other things, here you can capture your own reaction and the reaction of your loved ones to Santa Claus’s congratulations – just run the corresponding function before sending congratulations or before starting a video call.

Your reaction will be recorded and saved in a separate folder in this app – you can download this video to the gallery of your mobile device at any time.

Speak to Santa Claus - Message1

Santa Chat with Photo Message

This app will give you and your loved ones the opportunity to chat with Santa Claus on any topic. Here you can feel the atmosphere of Christmas magic, telling Santa about everything you want.

Here you can find original greetings for your loved ones by selecting one of the dozens of video greetings from Santa in the gallery of this app. Each message also contains individual meanings, so you can familiarize yourself with each of the videos before sending them.

Moreover, in each video message, Santa will be able to mention the name that you specify for congratulations: choose the person you want to congratulate and specify his name, in this case, you will be able to make an individual greeting for each loved one.

Among other things, here you can insert photos that you deem necessary into congratulations: here you can upload photos of your loved one and make photos from Santa more vivid and colorful.

Also, in this app you can make a video call with Santa Claus: he will call you or your loved ones and wish you Merry Christmas, discussing any questions, desired gifts, or whatever you want.

Santa Chat with Photo Message1

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This website is designed specifically for those who want to prepare an original Christmas greeting for their loved ones.

Here you can order a personalized postcard from Santa Claus in video format with the pronunciation of the name of the selected person.

The greeting card will contain greetings that you can choose yourself: this website contains a library of dozens of Christmas greetings options and you can choose one of them to congratulate your loved one.

In addition, here you can upload photos of the person you want to congratulate so that they are inserted into the greeting: in this case, the video will turn out to be much more personalized and individual.


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This is a specialized website for creating personalized and personal Christmas greetings for you and your loved ones. Here you can order video postcards from the real Santa Claus and choose the text yourself.

You will also be able to attach the necessary photos from the gallery of the entire mobile device, as well as independently write replicas that Santa Claus will say in a video greeting.

Do not forget also that you can choose the design of video greetings in the form of a theme, font, Santa Claus character, and much more.

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