9 Free Supermarket Simulator Games for Android & iOS

Many people as children wanted to try their hand at the most popular professions – teacher, doctor, policeman, or salesman. Now you can realize your dream by using your phone and mobile games.

If your desire is to enter the world of medicine, then try these best ambulance simulator games.

If you have decided to start your way in the world of selling various goods, then try to create your own supermarket and develop it into a world-famous brand. You can do this by playing these free supermarket simulator games for Android & iOS.

My Store: Sim Shopping

My Store is an exciting and addictive game for your mobile device that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of virtual shopping and create your own supermarket. Embark on an amazing shopping adventure and run the shopping center yourself.

Create your perfect supermarket, choose the location, interior design, shelf, and counter placement. With a detailed product assortment, you’ll be able to include everything you need in your store: food, electronics, clothing, and more.

Choose options from a variety of categories to satisfy your virtual shoppers and attract more customers. In this game, you will be responsible for every department of supermarket management. Set up logistics, manage supplies, and keep the goods in stock.

Set the correct prices and offers to increase sales and boost profits. Carefully study your customers’ needs to offer them the ideal range of products and improve the quality of service. Don’t forget about the visual condition of your supermarket.

Keep it clean and tidy, train your staff, improve your technical equipment, and modernize your installations. Interact with all customers to evoke positive emotions and the desire to come to your shopping center again. You will face various challenges and trials during the game.

Develop your management skills and creativity to succeed in this competitive field. Then, your supermarket will become the most popular and profitable in the city.


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Supermarket Game 2

This is an exciting game in which you can immerse yourself in the world of sales and become a real tycoon of trade. In the game, you act as the owner of the store, who must manage all the factors of its functioning. Your goal is to develop your business, attract more customers, and maximize profits.

One of the main tasks in the game is to fill the shelves with goods. You will be able to choose different categories of goods: food, household chemicals, clothes, and much more.

You need to keep an eye on the popularity of products and the availability of goods in stock, so as not to anger your customers with the lack of their favorite products.

Your supermarket will be visited by a large number of customers with different preferences and demands. Thus, you will have to keep a close eye on their needs to please them with their purchases.

Customers will choose the products, so you need to ensure that the products are conveniently placed on the shelves so that customers can easily find what they need.

To attract more customers and increase your profits, you will have to use various marketing and advertising strategies. For example, you will be able to set discounts on certain products or provide special offers for regular customers.

Get rewards for completing various tasks and use them to increase your skill level. Take part in mini-games and get bonuses. Graphics in the game is made in a bright and attractive style. Music and sound effects create the atmosphere of a real supermarket and make the game even more exciting.


Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop

Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an exciting game that allows you to create your own supermarket empire in a new town or village. In this game, you will manage all departments of your own supermarket, from purchasing goods to setting prices and attracting customers.

Build stores, improve them, hire staff, open new departments, and increase your store’s profits. Start with a small store and gradually grow into a huge supermarket chain. Build new stores and improve existing ones. Choose staff, manage employees, and arrange goods on the shelves.

Your goal is to make your supermarket empire as successful as possible. The game offers a huge assortment of goods: from food to household appliances and clothes. You will have to buy goods from suppliers and determine their prices.

Take into account the wishes of your visitors and monitor the demand to successfully manage your business. Your task is to increase the profit of the business. To do this, you will have to improve and modernize your stores.

New shelves, cash registers, decorations, and other elements will help you attract more customers and increase your income. Build new farmlands to increase the number of goods and expand the range of the supermarket.

You will need to hire qualified staff to cope with the growing stream of visitors. Try to serve all customers so that you don’t get negative feedback. Do not forget to manage online orders to get more money and develop your business.


Supermarket Village—Farm Town

Supermarket Village – Farm Town is an exciting simulation game that will allow you to become a real farmer and create your own farm. You will have to develop your village, grow different crops, raise livestock, build stores, and attract customers.

This app offers a lot of opportunities to develop your business, so you can easily become the most successful farmer. The game starts with a small village where you develop your first farm. Your task is to turn this farm into a thriving supermarket.

You will be offered many crops that you can grow on your farm: grains, vegetables, fruits, and even flowers. It is important to keep in mind that each crop has its own characteristics and requires different time to mature.

Raise a variety of animals: cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep. Keep them in good shape, feed them, care for them, and get valuable products from them such as milk, meat, and eggs. This is a great way to earn extra money and meet the needs of your villagers.

To organize the sale of your products, you need to build stores and attract customers. You will be able to open a supermarket where everyone in your neighborhood can buy the products they need. Yet, you will always have competitors, so you need to constantly improve and expand your offer.

Buy new equipment for the farm, develop new types of crops, and increase the level of productivity of your animals.


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Baby Panda’s Supermarket

Baby Panda’s Supermarket is an interactive game for kids that offers young players an exciting journey in the supermarket. The app is designed to teach children various useful and practical skills, as well as to develop their creative and logical thinking, imagination, and fine motor skills.

The main character of the game is a little panda, who enjoys shopping and observes its rules. Here children will be able to get acquainted with various products and goods that are usually found in a real supermarket.

Baby Panda’s Supermarket offers children many varied and interesting activities. They can act out scenes of shopping, scanning items at the checkout counter, as well as make up their own recipes and cook imaginary food.

In this game, children can also play the roles of shoppers, salespeople, and cashiers. This will help them practice skills such as communicating and treating others with respect, finding the items they need in the store, and handling money.

In addition to groceries, you can buy clothes at the supermarket. For this purpose, there are fitting rooms so that everyone can evaluate their image and buy the thing they like. To teach children the rules of shopping, the game provides examples of bad behavior and ways to resolve conflicts.

The app has a simple and clear interface, which is easy to master even by the youngest users. It is controlled by a single tap or dragging objects on the screen, which makes the app accessible to children of different ages.


Supermarket Grocery Superstore

Supermarket Grocery Superstore is a mobile game in which you can feel like a real cashier. This game features different shopping areas. Go to a regular supermarket, a gas station, or a big shopping mall.

You will have to punch all the products and goods of buyers at the cash register with the help of a special scanner. Track the amount on the cash register screen to correctly calculate the change and give the check to your customer.

The game is made with the most realistic graphics, which makes the process even more interesting and exciting. It is suitable for children at any age and also helps them develop their mathematical and analytical skills.

There is a huge variety of goods and products in the stores. Here you will be able to see the same assortment as in real stores. Sell any goods, from food to household chemicals. The game works even without an internet connection, so you can pass its new levels outside the house.

All your achievements and rewards are saved even after quitting the app, so you can always go back to the point where you finished.

Besides, the game is completely free, so everyone can get it. Download the game and enjoy the exciting work of cashiers-sellers. Calculate the cost of products and give change. Become a professional salesman and grow your career.


Supermarket City Farm

“Supermarket Mania Journey” is a captivating supermarket simulation game available on the Google Play Store, developed by G5 Entertainment. In this game, players step into the shoes of Nikki, who embarks on a journey to run her own supermarket empire.

As a supermarket simulator, the game excels in providing a realistic and immersive experience by allowing players to manage various aspects of a supermarket business. Players can stock shelves, manage inventory, set prices, and serve customers to keep them satisfied and coming back for more.

The game features a wide range of supermarket departments, including produce, bakery, deli, and more. Players can expand and upgrade their supermarket by unlocking new products, equipment, and decorations as they progress through the game.

To play, users must fulfill customer orders by quickly locating items, managing stock levels, and ensuring efficient service. As they progress through levels, they will face increasing challenges and objectives, keeping the gameplay engaging and rewarding.

Overall, “Supermarket Mania Journey” stands out as a top-notch simulator game due to its immersive gameplay, realistic mechanics, and vibrant graphics, providing players with hours of entertainment and strategic fun.

Supermarket City1
Supermarket City2

My Supermarket Story

“My Supermarket Story: Store Tycoon Simulation” is an engaging supermarket simulation game available on the Google Play Store. Developed by Digital Things, this game allows players to experience the excitement and challenges of running their own supermarket.

As a supermarket simulator, the game offers a realistic and immersive experience by allowing players to manage various aspects of a supermarket business. Players can design and customize their supermarket layout, stock shelves with a wide variety of products, set prices, and attract customers to maximize profits.

The game features a comprehensive range of supermarket departments, including groceries, fresh produce, bakery, electronics, and household items. Players can expand their supermarket empire by investing in upgrades, unlocking new products, and optimizing their business strategy.

To play, users must efficiently manage their supermarket operations to meet customer demands, balance inventory levels, and compete with rival stores. By completing tasks and challenges, players can earn rewards and progress through levels to unlock new features and locations.

Overall, “My Supermarket Story: Store Tycoon Simulation” offers a compelling and enjoyable simulation experience for players who enjoy strategic management games and want to unleash their inner entrepreneur.

My Supermarket Story1
My Supermarket Story2

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Supermarket Cashier Simulator

This is an exciting simulation game for mobile devices that allows users to try the job of a supermarket cashier. The game allows you to learn the basics of working at the cash register, managing the process of scanning goods, calculating the cost, and giving change.

One of the main and distinctive features of the game is the realism of the simulation. The creators have developed the game taking into account the smallest details so that all users can fully immerse themselves in the process and feel like real cashiers. The graphics of the game are of high quality, which gives the game even more realism.

The game starts with small instructions and an explanation of the rules. In the first stages, players must learn to scan the barcodes of goods, add them to the cart, and correctly calculate the total cost of purchases.

Gradually, the complexity of the levels increases, and new items and conditions such as discounts, promotions, and coupons are introduced, which requires even more attention and management skills from the player.

This game offers a wide variety of different products and goods that can be sold in the supermarket. You can sell food, beverages, hygiene products, clothing, and much more. You will be able to find everything that is present in a real supermarket and sell it to your virtual customers.

Go through all the levels and become the most experienced and professional cashier. Learn how to operate the cash register and terminal to test your skills in real life. Get rewards for completed tasks and track your achievements in the rankings.

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