11 Best Robot Games For Kids (Android & iOS)

Now on the Internet a lot of various types of games for children, which are very useful and interesting. Games today are not just a waste of time, but also have a role in the development of kids. Some games teach children to memorize, and some help to think and reflect, in brief, and benefit from it enough.

Here, as usual, are some of the best robot games for kids. Moreover, children may also like our collection of the best number games.

Merge Plane Robots

This game is quite popular and is designed for the entire audience, that is, it has no age restrictions. So when choosing a game for your children, you can opt for this game. The game is provided in the form of constructor robots and it can play a variety of games such as racing.

It’s simple to figure out what’s what and how to play it. If kids have played these games before, and know how to build robots properly, it will be easier for them to play and get the hang of it.

Each time the user will have the opportunity to earn money in the game and use that money to buy skins for their robots or characters. With each new level, the robots created by the user will improve, and accordingly new characters in the game.

The game is a battle, where each user with his robot competes with each other. Who has an improved robot has a better chance of winning. After each race, you have the opportunity to earn money, with which you buy improved accessories for your robots.

The game is mostly fun, but it often pops up with advertisements, which can be a nuisance.


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Robot game for preschool kids

Well, here the name speaks for itself, the game is perfect for preschool children. The simulator is quite easy and understandable for younger children who just need to play on their phones.

Users will have several types of games in one application. You can create your robot from different particles in the game, as well as play mini-games with the created character.

The application has many types of mini-games, such as Burst balls, Collect stars, Robot Race, and so on. To play each game, users must first create their game character, that is, assemble a robot.

If necessary, you can change the character at any time, or assemble it differently first. The game is not only interesting but also makes you think about how to assemble a constructor and the like.

The game is updated periodically and during the game, there are no bugs and problems. If you want your child to develop and at the same time understand how to use the phone correctly, you can download the application for testing. We are sure that the game will catch the attention of children from the first seconds.


Jet’s Bot Builder: Robot Games

The following application with similar features, which may be to the liking of children. The game has an existing character Jet, with his help, users will create works of their own will and design.

Users can choose templates, or create works from scratch, in the tools you can find accessories for your robot and all the necessary colors or parts for the designer.

After creating a personal robot, you can go with it on your virtual journey. The robot can be controlled by convenient joysticks on the phone, so controlling the game process is not difficult. With a personal robot, children can explore different planets and look for metal friends.

While exploring different planets, there is a menu in the left corner, by clicking on it you can see what tools and equipment or accessories there are for your robot. For example, you can change his mode of movement, clothes, or other accessories.

The app is perfect for kids who love adventure and are ready to discover new peaks. Anyway, the game can be played without getting tired.


Robot Crash Fight

The application is not so simple for preschoolers to play in it, but for children over 6 years old it is the most. Is it the same as in the previous apps? in it, to start the game, users create their robots. Users can add different types of equipment and weapons for their robots as they wish.

Also in the application in the workshop, there is a design function, that is, you choose the color, model, height, and shapes of your robot yourself.

Next, users will enter the arena with their works, and until a certain time, they will fight with robots. At the top in the middle of the monitor, a countdown is visible, which will determine who is the winner and how soon you or the opponent have lost energy.

You can control the robots with the joystick of the application by sliding on the screen. After each victory, users can improve their work and buy individual improved accessories.

Even though the application is signed is intended for all ages, we believe that it is best to download it only for those who already understand how to play it. For children younger than five years old, the game may not seem exciting, since there are no constructors and various mini-games.


MegaBots Battle Arena

Another game for a duel and a battle with robots. As in the previous application, here you first need to create your robot that will go out to fight.

In the workshop, you can find various types of free accessories with which you can create your robot, and you can use different types of armor. Since the game has its levels, you will have free only those accessories and designs that are available at your level.

Each time, after the fights, if you win, you get a certain amount of coins, with which you can buy anything in the workshop. Before starting the game, players can go into the workshop and improve weapons and additional equipment for the robot.

Each purchased item can be improved individually, making it more powerful each time. The game is great for children over six years old and it can be played relentlessly.

In this game, you can create works several times, and each time the user chooses how best to use the coins received from the defeated game.

The battle takes place in a virtual arena where the opponent can be anyone, but to determine how strong and experienced the opponent is, users can view information about his levels.


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Armored Squad

Here this game may not seem the best option for children, but by logging into the application you can understand that there is nothing complicated in it.

The usual simulator, where you can create and assemble your robot, change its appearance and design, as well as improve it with additional accessories from the workshop. Before starting the game, users must create their robot design, and then engage in a duel at different levels.

After each completed level, your level increases, and different bonuses and coins are given. During the game, the user will see his energy, power, and level in the upper left corner. In each level, there will be enemies worth defeating, and everyone will have their mission.

The player’s task is to complete the level with minimal losses and defeat the boss. The application interface is very user-friendly, and it is easier to manage its various functions during the game.

The game is great for kids to distract themselves and have fun at the same time. The colorful graphics of the application can also catch their attention.


Dino Robot Infinity

The game is a battlefield for robots of different users. In it, you can assemble and construct your design and layout for the robot, as well as choose various designs and improved accessories to make your robot much more powerful.

The power and speed of the robots created by users directly affect the result of the battle with opponents. Before starting the game, a constructor will appear in front of users to assemble the robot.

The graphics and design in the application are the first things that users pay attention to, so this game should also appeal to children.

And also among robots, users can choose their structure, that is, they can choose robots in the form of dragons, dinosaurs, and other large animals. Children, especially boys, love all kinds of dinosaurs and dragons the most, so they will like them.

The interface is much more complicated than in other games, but it will not be difficult for children. At least they will quickly get used to the tools in the app, so there should not be particularly difficult problems during the game. The review of this game is short, but the app is popular among users of different ages.


Assemble Dino Robot

This application is created for children, and basically, it can be used as a robot constructor, and you can also find various mini-games in it.

The graphics of the application and its interface are created quite light and ordinary so that everything is clear to children during the game, and there are no complex functions and management tools.

Children older than the age of nine will like the game immediately, as it has a puzzle where parts of the robot’s body are collected.

Among the mini-games, there is shooting, battle, and much more that users may like. It’s not always interesting to play the same game, especially if it’s a puzzle or a constructor. Each time, users can play different mini-games for a change, so to speak.

I must admit that the application is not as epic and popular as the others on this list but does not miss the opportunity for other games.

The only disadvantage of the application is probably that it is impossible to create robots from scratch, there are already robot templates that need to be used for mini-games. It would be cooler if users could choose and create the design and layout themselves.


Robot Battle

Let’s start our review with the advantages of this game, and how it can be interesting for children. Firstly, the graphics and special effects of the application, are the first thing you should pay attention to.

The graphics of the application are clean and colorful, which will make you pay attention to yourself. Clean graphics are also a delight to the eye because playing epic games with special effects is much more fascinating.

During the game, you will have the opportunity to observe the health and energy balances of your robot, as well as if you need to change some accessories or armor, you just need to press pause and select a shift in the menu that opens.

Among the joystick tools, there is a function for throwing, flying, hitting, and so on. You only need to control the robot by touching the screen.

The game is designed for children over four years old in its way, but we would recommend it to older children since not all tools and functions are easy during the game.

If children already know how to play such games, you can continue playing them. Although what are we talking about, right now all the children are talented.


Monster Robot Hero City Battle

This game provides the game in only one form. That is, you can only play and control a robot duel in it. No constructor in it would allow you to create new robots and characters, users will have to use ready-made robot characters.

This has its pros and cons. For example, some children will want to build their works, and without this function, the game will become uninteresting for them, and in some cases vice versa.

Some children want to play with ready-made robots and only control them during battle. In any case, the game is pretty good with its features and graphics, as well as a user-friendly interface for the game.

Starting the game you get to the city where you will fight with different robots from the game, and your task is to destroy as many robots as possible and get less damage.

These types of games are popular among children, so we decided to add them to the list and watch the app in full. The game may hang up a bit during the game, as the application was updated several years ago.


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Robot Tank

And we decided to finish our review with this application. He’s not in the last place because he’s not good enough for something. It has slightly different content.

There are several shortcomings in the application, for instance, in the updates and features of the game. In this game, the user will control a robot that can turn into a tank. And also there is no creation of a robot from scratch.

The disadvantage of the app is that it lacks epicness, compared to other apps on our list. There are also no mini-games in the application since the user will control the robot only in the town.

But there is also a small plus in it since the interface during the game is quite lightweight. During the game, you may notice a small map for guidance, additional tools, and weapons. They can be used during the game in one click.

The application is not so popular, as there are not so many functions that could interest children. Moreover, now children are much smarter and more visionary than many adults.

Well, the rest of the idea of this game is interesting but requires further refinement and updating. And in the end, the graphics of the application are very low, which can interfere with users.

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