15 Free Texting Apps for Kids to Communicate With Family & Friends

At the moment, absolutely all parents are thinking about limiting children from negative influences on social networks and the Internet. Various messengers can also be attributed to this area. This article will present a range of free texting apps for kids to communicate with family & friends.

In addition to this collection, we highly recommend you to check the best parental control apps so you could stay calm about the safety of your kids online and offline.

Messenger Kids

This app can be safely called one of those that definitely deserves your attention. And no wonder because the developers of this utility managed to collect literally all the necessary functions so that your children could contact each other without any detrimental influence.

The program has a large number of different functions. The most basic and important of these are:

  • The presence of a parent panel that allows you to establish almost complete control over the child, namely, contact sheet tracking, the ability to view all messages sent and received. In addition, when a child blocks any contact, parents are notified almost immediately.
  • The ability to install funny filters that are suitable for children of any age, as well as cute reactions to messages and sound effects that can diversify communication with parents.
  • The absence of any purchases inside the utility, as well as the installation of a certain hour in which children should lie in bed, followed by disabling the use of the app before waking up.
  • Creative ability to express your emotions and messages using stickers, emoji, GIF files and various drawing tools inside the program.
  • User-friendly interface coupled with a design developed to the smallest detail, as well as simple registration that does not require a phone number.

Thus, by downloading this app, you can be sure that your children will be able to communicate as safely as possible with both you and other people.


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JusTalk Kids Messenger

JusTalk Kids Messenger is the very app that can solve the eternal problem of many parents with trouble-free communication with young children. This utility is designed for both video calls and regular text messages. We can safely say that this app has security at the highest level.

Like all programs of this kind, this app has great functionality, but it is worth highlighting only the most important of them. So, this utility has the following features:

  • The possibility of telephone conversation and video chat, as well as text messages. The app is made completely ad-free, easy to use and also allows you to start working with it through a sequence of simple steps.
  • It is worth noting the presence of various tools for more comfortable communication. Emoticons, stickers, many pictures, the ability to design chats in various bright colors… All this makes it possible to communicate creatively, as well as show your emotions in different ways.
  • In addition, the app has the ability to record audio and video calls, which allows you to save the most memorable moments in life.
  • Maximum bias towards security using large-scale parental control. Particular attention is paid to the possibility of setting a four-digit password to completely block access to communication capabilities.
  • Attention worth the fact that without the approval of parents, children will not be able to add a stranger to contacts, and therefore, any possibility of communicating with him is excluded. It is worth adding that the chat takes place in real time and can be interrupted at any time at the first request of the parents.
  • The simplest registration option that does not require any personal data, as well as deleting and adding contacts at absolutely any time. An additional bonus is a group call, which can be created by up to fifty contacts.
  • Interactive KidsTube videos that will give your child the opportunity to develop from childhood and correctly form thought processes.

Summing up all of the above, we can say that JusTalk is one of the best apps for children to communicate safely. Download the program and make sure for yourself.


Stars Messenger Kids Safe Chat

This program was created by Connect Works in order to communicate as quickly and safely as possible with children, both parents and others. The developers guarantee the maximum safety of the data, which is inherent in their phrase: no numbers, phone books, advertising inserts or spammers.

This app offers the following benefits:

  • This app works that on tablets, that on phones and PCs, moderately consumes the charge of your device, and also does not require your phone number. No person without your approval will be able to communicate with the child in any way without your consent.
  • Safety for children’s communication, which consists in compiling an individual pin code, as well as controlling each step of your child.
  • A variation in messages, offering children many emojis, stickers and other opportunities to express their emotions. The app has the ability to set a personalized style for each individual dialogue.
  • App is perfect for creating group chats for your kids. You and your children will be able to add to a certain chat through a special pin code or by group number. It is worth noting the possibility of a group call of up to ten people, which makes communication much more lively.
  • As in all instant messengers, the app can share your videos, photos and other files quickly. A nice bonus is the presence of obscene language filters and images with a high age threshold, which will exclude the possibility of too early development of children.

So, we can conclude that by downloading this program to your child’s device, you can always be in touch with him and direct all his communication in the right direction, while eliminating unwanted contacts.


Kinzoo Messenger For Kids

According to the developer, Kinzoo is something more than a regular messenger for you and your children. The authors call it a real collection of the warmest memories and dialogues with each other, which rally people together. The app has a very user-friendly interface and high quality of graphics.

The utility offers the user the following set of properties:

  • This app can be safely attributed to the all-in-one type because it combines absolutely all the necessary functions, combining the pleasant with the useful. All basic features such as video and audio calls, text messages, sending different files and sharing different videos and anything else without using your number.
  •  The optimized screen in the app deserves special attention, which is creatively developed, has a reliable connection, and is also practically brought to perfection (which is expressed by the developers in the rule of three Cs).
  • In addition, the developers’ slogan “all the best and reliable for our children” really corresponds to reality because the protection of the utility has been worked out really at a decent level, excluding the ability to decrypt data from any user.
  • The screen consumes almost no charge and allows you to view the latest news from the lives of your loved ones. This makes it clear that the app makes it possible to form a mind in accordance with age, as well as complete supervision.
  • A separate taken fact is important which consists in the fact that Kinzoo is completely free from likes, subscribers, targeted advertising and other means of influencing the unformed minds of children.

The app developers are very attentive to their users, which confirms the fact of updates and optimization of the program in order to develop in one aspect or another. By downloading the app, you get the opportunity not only to control, but also to fully develop your children.


Xooloo Messenger kids

By downloading Xooloo Messenger kids, you can begin to develop a strong full-fledged relationship with friends and your loved ones, coupled with the complete confidentiality of all your data and correspondence. The app has most of the functions of all utilities of this kind, but it also has its own.

This program is characterized by the following functions:

  • Creating your own personal avatar in the profile and the ability to change or edit it at the request of the parent. If desired, the user can see the avatars of all his loved ones, subject to their registration in the app. This feature allows your kids to have more fun in the app.
  • A notification system for the most important upcoming events will prevent you from missing the anniversary, or God forbid, your child’s birthday. In addition, after being notified on your birthday, you will receive a personal greeting and some surprise from the developers.
  • A truly thoughtful security system in addition to keeping your data safe. Only the person who has your email, phone number or special Xooloo code, which is created individually for each user, can invite you to the group.
  • An individual option of this app is the fact that parents will have access exclusively to your contact list. Neither your correspondence, nor the files that are in them, will be available to any third party except yourself. This is a kind of innovation from developers.
  • There are a couple of interesting features for parents. For example, the ability to invite your child from elsewhere, but they can decline your invitation. Another option allows you to recommend some contacts to your children, which they can both reject and add.

Well, if you download the app, then you can be sure that your child’s correspondence will be reliably protected like yours.


Tocomail – Email for Kids

Tocomail is a free account service where your children can securely correspond with other people. It allows you to constantly stay in touch in different parts of the world, as well as share photos and video files, correspond and just keep in touch between loved ones.

This service is distinguished by such functionality as:

  • A number of parental control functions have been worked out, such as closed monitoring of contacts, a special folder allocated for unknown contacts in order to check letters by parents, filters of obscene language and various images with age restrictions, as well as copies of absolutely all letters.
  • Bright tones app, a uniquely designed interface and tasteful graphic design that make correspondence much more attractive. The utility has various drawing tools.
  • The program operates without any advertising integrations or any promotions, and also has a unique filtering system for mainly school communication, which takes place at ease and quickly thanks to the capabilities of the app.
  • Plus, your kids get their own inboxes, allowing them to reveal their identity. It is worth noting that the messenger teaches your children to communicate correctly and select words in a particular phrase, and also lays the foundations for business correspondence.
  • Emojis, bright pictures, postage stamps, stickers and many other elements of visual graphics make communication more positive and fun, which at some points will allow your child to smile again and get the really necessary emotions.

Therefore, by installing this app on your children’s smartphone, you can set reasonable, but at the same time necessary control.


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Fennec Messenger – for families and friends

This program was created not only for children, but also for family members of all ages, from child to grandfather or grandmother. Thanks to this app, you can keep in touch with blood relatives, regardless of which corner of the world you are in at the moment.

The following most important characteristics can be distinguished:

  • The ability to send various photos or pictures wherever you are, which will give you the opportunity to create pleasant memories and make family relationships warmer. There is also a voice messaging function that allows you to convey your emotions through speech.
  • A unique option of the app “Doodle” option that will allow your children to show a more creative side and take the first steps to develop a feeling of beauty. Thanks to the creativity of your children, they will be able to join the art.
  • Thanks to video calls, your ability to communicate with each other will be much more lively, and perhaps help to feel the presence of a loved one nearby because the moral support of a loved one, albeit at a distance, is something that is extremely important for children.
  • Of course, this utility has a reliable protection system that guarantees the inaccessibility of your correspondence for third parties.
  • Another unique option is the ability to track your child’s device when the GPS locator on the device is turned on, moreover, there are even special Fennec Watches created for such situations.

After all, it’s worth saying that by installing this app to your entire family, you clearly don’t lose it with choice.


Google Family Link

This program is another invention from Google, the main purpose of which is to intelligently control the actions of your child. In fact, it combines security with benefits because tracking a child’s actions by a parent can protect against unwanted events.

Numerous functions that this utility has:

  • Track your child’s actions before each step. You will be aware of which app it most often opens, how much time it spends in them, whether it does any actions. The utility provides reports for both a day and a week, or even a month.
  • The ability to read the list of recommended content. All this list is compiled by qualified specialists, which will undoubtedly help you choose everything that you consider necessary for the development of your child’s horizons.
  • Protect your children from unwanted content through a parental control notification system. You can remotely block everything that your child has installed using this option if you consider any of the programs to be unnecessary to the child at the moment.
  • The limit on the use of the device during the day. Thanks to the special “Family Link” option, you are free to set certain restrictions on the use of the device, as well as block it at any time, for example, at night.
  • Blocking the device when the child needs to change the type of activity. Just press the button and lock the device, say, at the moment of eating, changing clothes, preparing for lessons and many other situations.

Summing up, we can say that when you install this utility, you can be calm about the health of your child.



Many users call GroupMe one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with loved ones because this app has the best connection quality among apps of this kind.

Notifications in the utility are implemented best because now for the first time you can choose when and what types of notifications to receive. The app gallery collects all your innermost memories and stores them for a very long time so that you can enjoy them at any time.

In addition, the developers have made exclusive emojis specifically for children so that they do not get bored during correspondence.

Thus, this app will help you not to lose touch with loved ones, regardless of the time period.



One well-known phrase about this program is “cheap and angry.” LINE combines the functions of several apps at once, mainly a messenger and a utility for linking card details.

Again, in the utility everything is done in a more cartoonish format, which will not bypass your children. LINE has such an option as “Home,” which is created both to recommend useful content and quick access to important events from the life of your loved ones, for example, the day the child comes of age.

If desired, the user will be able to subscribe to anyone to follow moments in the life of another person.

At the moment, the app is constantly being improved thanks to the painstaking work of the developers, which makes the utility one of the most popular programs so that you can always communicate with your family.


Сhomp SMS

Have you ever wanted the most convenient and sophisticated app for comfortable communication of your child? If this is the case, then here is the solution to this issue. Chomp SMS combines many functions and will undoubtedly be able to please both your child and you.

The app can change the theme, has a large set of stickers and emojis for a variety of communication in correspondence, as well as a clearly executed interface. In addition, the utility is compatible with even the weakest devices, so you can use it on almost every device.

Chomp SMS will become your indispensable assistant in communicating with your child, download him and make sure of it yourself.


Pulse SMS

Will you be able to find an app that is just as secure, has a fast connection, and has the installation of various functions you want? Unlikely.

Pulse SMS will help you stay in touch with both your child and other members of your family. The utility has the ability to set a password for all your child’s correspondence, but you still cannot view them.

As in all apps of this type, the program has options such as changing the background of correspondence, an abundance of stickers and anti-spam and smart filters for unfavorable content.

Pulse SMS will be able to become your real assistant in communication, because a number of functions of this app will help you provide the safest solution for your child.



KakaoTalk is not only a family messenger, but also an app that connects people with the whole world. You can download it to your entire family’s device right up to the child and use it anywhere at any time. All your data will be protected by the best data control protocols.

The utility has many stickers and others a way to diversify correspondence, open audio and video chat, as well as a calendar of important dates in order not to miss significant events. The app filters unwanted content so that your child develops according to age.

Download KakaoTalk and start communicating with loved ones right now.



This app can be safely called a kind of social community in order to communicate with their relatives and create strong communities, as well as strengthen relationships. In addition to the functions of a regular secure messenger for children, Airtime is also a community of interest.

You can find a chat with absolutely any interest, which will help you or your child make new acquaintances and improve communication skills. If the parent wishes, parental control can be enabled so that the child does not get into an unwanted acquaintance.

So what are you waiting for? Download this app and take the first successful step towards your child’s development.


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KidsFox – der Kita-Messenger

KidsFox really corresponds to the feedback of users that this is the most reliable platform for the development of our children because the German developer company directly vouches for quality.

The program allows you to create peculiar reports on interesting events per day, which improves the relationship between children and their parents. The most important function is to edit the profile of parents so that in case of an emergency, all special services can quickly find your child.

In addition, the German quality standard provides competent encryption of your data from cybercriminals. By downloading this app, you will not get an ordinary utility for communicating with children, but a truly worthy communication option.

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