11 Best Karaoke Apps for Smart TV 2024 

Singing karaoke is a good way to have fun with friends. But if it’s not possible to go to a club or buy equipment, then people can download the app on Smart TV and enjoy the music battle from the comfort of home. Therefore, we present the best karaoke apps for Smart TV.

And you can also check the best free karaoke apps with lyrics for all devices.

Magic Sing

This is a service that will completely satisfy the need for singing. Do you want to show your talent to friends? Magic Sing is what you need.

First of all, this is a Smart TV app that can be installed. Download Magic Sing to your TV-set, login, and start a vocal battle.

It must be admitted that the karaoke app, which can be used on Android and iOS, is very convenient. Magic Sing supports smartphone versions. However, the service also works on Smart TV!

A big screen, a high-quality stereo system, and a lot more space for a group of friends – sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

The service is suitable for both beginners and real professionals. Users can customize the service for themselves. It is possible to sing in different octaves, notes, tempo – anything!

The Magic Sing has a lot of songs. The catalog includes hits in many languages. The app is updated frequently so that users can enjoy all the new songs.


  • There are a large number of extra features for beginners and skilled singers.
  • The service offers a wide catalog of songs to perform.


  • The app can only be used by subscription.
Magic Sing1
Magic Sing2

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The Karaoke Channel

This is the app for an unforgettable music party with friends.

Users need to install the app on the TV to start a music session. This is much easier than going to a karaoke club or buying expensive and bulky equipment that will take up half of the house.

The Karaoke Channel supports HD for widescreen TVs. Users will be able to enjoy high-quality official clips for their favorite songs.

Don’t have professional singing skills? It’s not a problem. The accompanying voice on the video will help users to sing.

The service contains a great variety of music genres. For rock lovers, there is a catalog with the best rock songs. And those who prefer pop music can find the best hits and perform them.


  • There is a free trial version to try out all the features first.
  • The Karaoke Channel offers a huge catalog of hits for every taste.
  • Users can create a queue of tracks to keep the fun going.


  • The application is suitable for widescreen Samsung TVs for the most part.
The Karaoke Channel1


KaraFun is a great app to make any party the best of the best.

There is nothing difficult about starting to sing along with KaraFun. Users have the opportunity to log in via social networks. It is very easy and does not take much time.

Users can also connect to this service with Android and iOS. However, it will be more convenient to use it on a large screen. KaraFun supports the Smart TV version of the service.

Have you already installed it? Then hurry up to start the music session. The app provides more than 50,000 tracks that have been professionally recorded. Users will be able to enjoy great quality music.

KaraFun allows using various settings so that users can sing the way they want.

Slow, fast, with or without accompanying vocals – choose what fits you the most!
it is impossible to break the party to pause and choose the next song for a long time.

It is better to do this in advance and make a playlist. The fun doesn’t have to stop, so users of this app can decide which song will be next in the queue and just enjoy it.

Another definite benefit of the KaraFun is the opportunity to sing karaoke without access to the network.

If the Internet connection is suddenly interrupted during a music session, it does not matter. The app will continue to work stably as well.


  • There is a great catalog of musical hits for every taste.
  • The app is available not only for Smart TVs but also for smartphones.
  • There are various additional functions.
  • The service can work offline.


  • Many songs are available by paid subscription.


This is the app that can be installed on the TV and with which you can sing karaoke without leaving home.

Feel like a stage star. Your voice is the best. And it doesn’t matter that friends and neighbors don’t think so.

After installing the app to the TV, Singa offers to try a 30-day trial version. It’s quite convenient. This way users will be able to try out all the features that are available with a full subscription, then decide whether they should buy it or not.

Users should pick a song to start the music party with. They better be more careful not to get lost among the world hits. The library of the service has not only popular American songs but also European ones.

Or maybe you like k-pop? Fans of Korean music will also find something to their tastes here. But wait, the catalog of songs is not limited to world music hits. Users can choose a song for different occasions: Christmas, religious singing, or musical accompaniment for a children’s birthday – anything.


  • The service has an easy-to-use design.
  • There is a huge variety of tracks.
  • Users can try a trial subscription before buying a full one.


  • Sometimes the music plays faster than the lyrics of the song appear on the screen.

Karaoke Version

Although this app does not look modern, it does not have a bright and attractive design, nevertheless, it is still at the top of the best among karaoke apps.

The Karaoke Version has unique features to change the track at the user’s desire. The functions are not limited only to the tempo of the song, key, and bass.

Users can not just listen to the song, but also to see its detailed analysis: tracks with the melody of guitar, drums, piano, and other instruments. Don’t you want the violin to sound in the song? Just turn it off.

Users can change the background of the music video while singing. Color or black – which would you prefer?


  • Users can change the song in lots of ways.
  • There is a large library of old-fashioned but nice songs


  • The service has an old app design.
  • To start a music party, users first need to either pay for a subscription or buy each song singly.

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This service is suitable for advanced singers who want to record their cover songs. However, ordinary fans will also be able to have fun with the help of The Song2music.

Experienced performers can change the key to their new musical versions. It’s like a stage for new talent.

If a group of friends gathered together at home to have fun and relax after a hard week, this service is also suitable. That is why it is placed at the top.

Just write the name of the performer or the name of the song in the search bar to start a music session. It is important to mention that users need to have a subscription to one of such services as Spotify or iTunes.

All tracks presented in the library are of high quality. They were recorded by experienced musicians. Users can enjoy the wonderful sound of a guitar or piano.

The Sign2music is constantly updating the collection of tracks. You can be sure that that cool song. which you just heard on the radio, has already been added to the library and you can sing it.


  • The service constantly updates the list of available songs.
  • There are various functions to editing music.
  • All tracks are of high quality.


  • Users will need an additional subscription to one of the music services to sing karaoke.


Is it possible to sing karaoke at home without buying additional equipment? Of course, it’s possible.

This service does not even require downloading to devices – the storage of a smartphone, tablet, or TV will not be used, since you will only need access to the Internet and a browser.

The SingToTheWorld is available on any gadget. Just type the website address into the browser’s search bar and start singing. PC, Android, or iOS – it doesn’t matter.

Users can also connect to the service via Smart TV to be able to watch a music video in perfect quality and repeat the lines of lyrics that appear on the screen.

Singing karaoke at home right on the couch is easy.

Thousands of the most beautiful and newest songs are already waiting for users. They have access to an ever-growing catalog of world hits.

In such a huge library of tracks, it’s not so difficult to get lost. Does choosing a song seem impossible? It may happen that users can’t decide what to sing – Elton John or Nirvana – a difficult choice.

The developers have already made thematic playlists for any occasion and mood. “Rat Pack”, “Freedom”, “Rebel at heart” and many other playlists for users’ taste. It is also possible to give karaoke players more personality.


  • The app does not take up the device’s storage.
  • There is a large catalog of various songs.
  • Users can create their playlists or perform songs from playlists that developers add.
  • There is an opportunity to customize the service to your taste.


  • The service can only be available in case of a network connection.


The SingSnap has thousands of karaoke songs in its collection and millions of recordings to listen to.

This service also does not take up much storage on the device, because users will only need to access the site through a browser. This is very convenient for Smart TV fans. However, it is also possible to install the app on Android and iOS by using the app’s markets.

The SingSnap can be a social network for fans of singing karaoke and recording their covers. Users have a chance to meet a karaoke fan from another corner of the planet. How cool it is to have a friend with the same hobby from India or New Zealand!

The service offers to use various functions. It’s almost like a real music studio, but only a karaoke site to have fun at home.

Don’t just sing, but also listen to others singing. The app has a section with recordings of lots of amateur performers. Listen to their version of your favorite song and record your own.


  • The app does not use the storage of a TV, smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • Users can join a large team of karaoke singers from different countries.


  • The service works only online.
  • Users complain about errors in the system of buying a full subscription.
SingSnap Karaoke1

Lucky Voice

Users don’t need to install an app again. Just type the website address into the search bar and you can start singing in 30 seconds.

The service supports full-screen mode, which significantly improves its quality and convenience.

Your friends can also connect to a music session and control karaoke. Sing non-stop while you have enough strength, and friends will add a new track to the queue. Are you ready to have such a challenge?

There is a free trial version to try karaoke before buying a full subscription.
There are many songs for both adults and children.
The service generates playlists based on the tastes of users.
The app does not take up device storage.

The service only works with an internet connection.


Fun Karaoke

This is a free service to organize karaoke parties with friends and family. Users do not need to log in, and do not need to buy a subscription.

The app does not need to be downloaded to a smartphone, TV, or computer – just open it in a browser. Smart TV technologies allow us to do this, so don’t waste time and open the site soon!

Fan Karaoke offers to create teams of singers, set the number, adjust the stages and start a musical battle with friends. It promises to be an unforgettable party with excitement.

In the end, members of the battle will be able to see their scores. That’s how the team finds out who wins.
Users can also choose the difficulty level. Easier for beginners, and super challenging for real professionals.

Quite a lot of songs of different genres and years are available to users.
The service is free.
The app does not need to be downloaded, it will not waste the device’s storage.

Not all songs from the track list can be used.
A stable internet connection is required.

Fun Karaoke1

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Free Karaoke Songs Online with Lyrics – Cantanding

It is also a free service to sing karaoke from the comfort of your home.

The site just needs to be opened in a browser via Smart TV to start using.
The design of the app is very laconic. No bright pictures, a large menu of functions, or other things. “Minimalism” is the word that best describes the appearance, as well as the functionality of the service.

Right in the center, there is a search bar where you need to write the name of an artist or the name of a song. Then the app searches for the necessary composition among the videos on YouTube.

However, be careful and type the full name of the song into the search bar, otherwise, you will get a random one. The service does not provide a choice, playlist, or tracklist, but just gives out the song that was found on YouTube.

The site is available for Smart TV and there is no need to install anything.
A simple minimalistic design, in which you cannot get confused.
Users do not have to pay a subscription or sign up.

The service often offers a completely different song that users are searching.
The video and sound quality are low.

Free Karaoke Songs Online with Lyrics – Cantanding1
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