15 Best Free Virtual Decorating Apps in 2024

Virtual decorating is a great way to see what your interior design ideas will look like before bringing them to life. This way you can experiment with different styles, colors, and furniture to find the perfect fit for your space.

Artificial intelligence slightly becomes an integral pert of our lives. Home renovation is not an exception. Try these best AI home design apps to get outstanding results.

To preview your future interior design, you can use these best free virtual decorating apps. They will help you avoid spending too much money on an interior designer and experiment with the options. Try them all or choose the one that fits all your needs.

Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

Learn even more about applied residential design. Houzz offers lots of interesting ideas that look great in everyday life. Find bathroom, bedroom, and living room design options. Save beautiful photos so you don’t lose them later.

There are more than 25 million photos of rooms that are decorated in different styles. Invite your friends to evaluate a few suitable options. Get to know the design from the professional side. Search for interesting articles and reviews, and leave questions and comments.

With the help of this app, your home will change for the better and your friends will ask for advice on decorating your apartment.

You’ll love the app if you’re interested in design, in the process of building, or planning the interior of a room. Get to know the popular options. Choose a design that will satisfy the desires of all family members. Powerful filters are available for your convenience.

Specify the type of room, style, and approximate budget. Interesting photos can be saved in favorites, commented and discussed. You can ask a question or ask for clarification from the author of any photo. Make notes directly on the photo using the Sketch tool.


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HomeByMe helps you remodel your home, remove an extra wall, or connect several rooms. Look in 3D-space, how exactly your house will look like after the work is done. This will help you make the right choice and save money on unsuccessful repairs.

Get access to millions of author’s photos. Here you will get acquainted with new trends and fashionable tendencies in decorating different rooms and spaces. Choose wallpaper and paint colors thoughtfully. Try on the selected options directly in your room to avoid disappointment.

Some photos are created by experienced designers. Others are obtained from users who managed to achieve the ideal. Not everyone in the community has years of experience in decorating. Keep the photos that you like.

Highlight items you would like to see in your apartment. Transfer them into a digital layout of your room. Change the color of the wallpaper and the number of shelves.

Install a beautiful chandelier and move a closet. All rearrangements require one click. You can always find the right product for decor or construction in the catalog inside the HomeByMe.

More than 20,000 items are collected here. Share the finished project with your loved ones in a few seconds to get their opinion. Now you don’t need a personal designer to build your dream home.


Design Home™: House Makeover

Design Home: House Makeover will be your guide to interior design. Get to know the world trends, choose the perfect shade of wallpaper, and create a stylish and cozy room.

This simulation game allows you to develop your taste and learn about the design of living spaces in the smallest details. Imagine yourself as a famous designer who has the goal of creating a cozy and beautiful home. To do this, you will need to evaluate and think through many elements.

How does a chic rug look with an antique dresser? Will it be a good idea to paint the walls of the room in bright colors? How to solve the problem with a small-sized apartment? All these questions you will have to solve on your own, having a lot of tools and materials at hand.

The app is made realistically and allows you to understand how much design suits you. Work with famous brands, and combine vintage and modern things. A creative approach and a little imagination will turn your home into a masterpiece.

You will have to estimate the size and number of rooms, develop a project, and realize it on the screen. Do not forget that the budget is limited. Here you can realize your long-standing thoughts and ideas.


Redecor – Home Design Game

Redecor gathers millions of connoisseurs of beautiful homes from all over the world. Here you can enjoy photos of real rooms, find a great idea for your apartment, and have a good time chatting with other members. Try several different styles at the same time.

Make a rearrangement, change the color of the walls and put expensive stylish furniture. You can always reproduce the resulting project in real life, changing your home for the better.

Inside the app, there are thousands of different design options for houses and apartments. There are models for every taste and budget. You will get new ideas for creativity, which will help you make your apartment cozy and stylish on your own.

The community often holds competitions for the best design project. You can take part for free in any of the contests. Redecor is a repository of interesting and relevant information about modern design.

Learn about popular trends, and check ready-made models created by renowned professionals. This simulator allows you to test the creative capabilities of each participant.

No payment is required to install and access the materials. Yet, you can buy some items and materials for decoration for real money. Build the house of your dreams and get compliments from other participants.


Remodel AI – AI Home Design

With Remodel Al, renovating your home will no longer be a huge challenge. With the help of artificial intelligence, you will have thousands of options for how your bathroom or living room could look like. Various wallpapers, wall paint, furniture, and interior items are at your disposal.

Plan, decorate, and be proud of the look of your home. You don’t need to have a professional designer’s diploma to use the app. Just take high-quality photos of the rooms you would like to renovate. Specify their size and function: bedroom, dressing room, pantry.

Next, you will face the most intriguing stage. You need to think through every detail and choose the option that combines with the style of the whole apartment, and with other items in the room. In this app, you can experiment with the most unusual colors and combinations.

You can always go back to the previous layout. Have fun with productive work and creativity. The app is created in such a way as to greatly simplify the work of interior design. As a result, you will get a 3D model of a separate room or the whole house.

Transfer the electronic version to real life or correct erroneous decisions.


AI Interior Designer – Arch

Entrust the Arch app with the hardest part of interior design. It will help you prepare for New Year’s Eve and win the best home decoration contest. You will be able to think about every little detail and design the perfect nursery.

Install the app if you are seriously thinking about repairing and rearranging your house, but do not want to hire an expensive specialist.

Get new room design options that have already received a lot of positive feedback. Put your work on display. Get compliments, respond to comments, and listen to helpful advice from professionals.

It is difficult enough to visualize what your dream room will look like. It is much easier to create a 3D model of the room and check the result. You will be able to calculate the amount of money needed for the work and avoid wrong decisions.

You will not have to carry heavy furniture manually. In the digital version of the room it is enough to swipe your finger on the screen.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the realism of the finished image. The room will be magically transformed before your eyes following your wishes. Upload your photos and start working on your design.

More than 10 popular styles, a wide range of colors, and a large selection of furniture for every taste.


Home Design 3D

Create an electronic version of your house on Home Design 3D. If you are still in construction mode, the app can help with finding good ideas for proper zoning and room distribution. It’s important to pay attention to more than just the room’s housing.

Look at where you would like to see a garage or guest house. Check how convenient it is for all family members to use one sanitary room. You can even change parameters such as the thickness of the load-bearing wall, ceiling height, and number of doors.

The advantages of the app are high-quality images and attention to detail. It is suitable for experienced designers and builders. It can be used by anyone to make their home more comfortable and cozy.

If you can’t make up your mind or still haven’t found the perfect option, open Home Design 3D. The app supports a VR console connection, so you can take a virtual walk through your future home. Your house can have any number of floors and extensions.

Go into the app and share your opinion with other users. Ask for advice from experienced designers, and discover new combination styles. Allow access to one account from multiple devices to be able to continue working on your project anywhere.


Room Planner: Home Interior 3D

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now create the perfect kitchen or bathroom for yourself. With the Room Planner app you don’t need a mediator to find the perfect color of wallpaper or update the kitchen set.

This app is a professional platform for creating 3D models of any living space. The size of the intervention and its budget depends only on your wishes and possibilities. Get to know closer the modern design trends. Find the perfect match for your favorite chair.

Make a small room shine with new colors. Visit the catalog of the most sought-after and popular products from famous brands. More than 5 thousand options that are presented in different colors.

Go outside the house to master the landscaping. The backyard will become a place for relaxation and pride.

The app also has a built-in material calculator. You can enter the dimensions of the room, choose the right materials, and find out exactly how much paint or wallpaper it will take to complete the job.

You will no longer be frustrated by the lack of 1 roll of wallpaper and spend money on extra paint. 3D models are characterized by high resolution and detail. With the Pro version, you will have access to a separate list of products and options.


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AI Redesign – Home Design

Al Redesign will be a reliable assistant in changing the design of your apartment or an entire house. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, it takes a few seconds to create a full 3D model of a living space.

You will be able to complete the decoration inside the house and buy dimensional furniture and items to decorate the room. Using the app is easy and pleasant. Start working on a new project. Take a photo of the room from a convenient angle.

Upload images to the app, and choose the right style. This will help you narrow down your search and find options to consider faster. There are tons of styles to choose from, including vintage, modern, glamorous, and rustic.

You won’t believe how quickly and easily you can turn an ordinary apartment into a stylish studio. Transform a bedroom, make a guest room out of an old pantry, and add a convenient staircase to the second floor.

With Al Redesign, you have access to options that experienced designers take months to develop. You don’t have to specify numerous measurements and take out furniture to create a new design.

All these nuances are reflected in an electronic format where you can completely clean up a room in seconds. The app is made in the style of a simulator game, which only adds charm and desire to create.


Palette Home

For the interior design of your apartment, trust the developers at Palette Home. Specialists know exactly how long it can take to renovate an apartment or a house. That’s why we have developed a mobile app with the ability to create a 3D model.

The digital model is created instantly and requires no financial investment. You can try different styles, remove and add interior items, paint the walls in different colors, and choose the best one. A 3D mockup is an electronic version of a room, apartment, or house.

You can take a virtual walk and edit the result. Here you are not limited to purchasing accessories and building materials. Have fun reorganizing your rooms. Appreciate how graceful and elegant your bathroom looks with a trendy boudoir.

Try on a loft or art deco-style design for your apartment. Thanks to this app you will be involved in every stage of the design, from drawings and measurements to 100% of the result. You will have to decide on the number of windows, door layout, and flooring.

Choose the wall color and ceiling pattern. Add quality furniture and decor items for a cozy atmosphere. Explore every corner personally, moving in three-dimensional space in any direction.

Feel how realistically all the stages of work are conveyed. Save your work, share it with friends, or use it as an example during your next renovation.


Design My Home: Makeover Games

Are you confident in your knowledge of interior design? Immerse yourself in the most realistic simulation game. Design My Home is a world where you are a talented and experienced designer.

Your clients are wealthy people who want only the best options. Each project starts with a construction phase. You will have to develop a plan and approve it in the presence of the client. Further, you will control each stage independently.

Encrypted words and puzzles will help you with this. Each correct answer helps you unlock new materials and tools. Quality crosswords and interesting riddles are guaranteed. You will have to solve challenges at every step, without forgetting the main mission – the joy of future residents.

Build, plan, and decorate the homes of your customers. Fix the cabinets in the kitchen and the leaky faucet. You can return to the same task several times in a row. Keep only the option that seems perfect. The game is available in offline mode and does not require in-app purchases.

Become a welcome guest in ancient castles, family estates, and modern townhouses. Delve into the history of each family to better understand their requirements. Take into account your client’s wishes and use your imagination to create unique projects.


Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor

With Planner 5D you can design your dream home yourself. Practice drawing and creating 3D models of residential buildings. Make improvements at any stage of construction. The program was created to train novice designers, but it can also be installed by users without special knowledge.

You will be closer to the perfect house or apartment with each step. Calculate the required ceiling height of the first and second floors. Locate 2 bathrooms for the comfort of each family member.

Choose a common style of kitchen and bathroom living room, and arrange a chic patio for relaxation. Each room should support the overall design idea so that the interior looks stylish. Decorate the walls and shelves in the rooms with cute souvenirs, antique clocks, and books.

Choose flooring, wall colors, and window sizes. Try to create a cafe with a cozy home atmosphere, repeat the hügge style, or make your guests feel like they are visiting their grandmother.

In a separate tab, you will find landscaping basics. Build a house by the sea and create a real amusement park for children in the garden. Or create a recreation area with a swimming pool and barbecue. A quick registration is required to use Planner 5D.


Homestyler – Room Realize design

Create realistic projects, take part in competitions, and enjoy designing in Homestyler. The app unites more than 5 million users for whom interior design is a favorite hobby or creative activity. Get to know new trends in the design world.

See photos of real houses and apartments to get a new concept for your home. Here you can visually check the option you like. The app will instantly build a 3D model of the room. All you will have to do is interior decoration, repair, or decor in any style.

You have access to a catalog of thousands of products, which are sorted by category. Choose the stage you want to do today. Change the layout of the rooms, and choose the color and material for flooring.

Start cosmetic repairs and show your fantasy, because there are no limits here. To create a project, use ready-made templates or upload photos of the real room.

If you think that the furniture from the app is perfect for your apartment, go to search for similar options in real stores. Homestyler will help you quickly find the right item at popular stores like IKEA, Target, and others.

The app is made in the style of a simulator game on the arrangement of living spaces. This allows you to avoid difficulties with designing and creating drawings.


DesignSense AI

With DesignSence Al, your apartment will be worthy of appearing on the covers of popular interior design magazines. If you enjoy transforming rooms and choosing wallpaper, paint, and furniture, open this app and go in search of interesting ideas.

To get started, you can take a few photos of a room in your house, guest house, or office. Now it is up to you how stylish the room will look after your work. In the app, you will find all the necessary materials and equipment.

You can also choose any piece of furniture and decor in the catalog. If you have always dreamed of a fireplace, an antique cabinet, or columns on the first floor, try to make your dream a reality.

Do not deny yourself anything: try on curtains from the most famous brand for your room, use expensive tiles to decorate your kitchen, and equip an ordinary bathroom with a real Jacuzzi.

DesignSence Al allows you to create designs for 34 different types of rooms, including residential and office.

Use artificial intelligence to save your money and time on useless purchases and failed attempts. Create a layout and view a 3D model of it. After that, it will be much easier to find and fix flaws.


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Room AI – Transform Your Space

You don’t have to wait years before you have the opportunity to seek the advice of an experienced interior designer. Room Al is an innovative approach to renovating and redesigning spaces.

It can be used by everyone without exception: practicing designers, real estate agents, and property owners. Reorganize your space, and make your apartment perfect for a large family. Start a new project immediately after installing the app.

Here you will definitely not worry about the lack of choice and scarce offers. Change the number of rooms and their purpose. Add bright colors that perfectly combine with each other. Put a fireplace, organize a decorative fountain, or a large aquarium with fish.

Add coziness to any room with the help of cute decorative elements. Artificial intelligence can handle the most complex tasks, including creating blueprints and the framework of the house. With a single touch, you can break and erect walls, remove old furniture, and paint walls.

Work on multiple projects at the same time. You can always go back to any project if you want to add or change something. It is quite possible that after working with Room Al you will want to explore the design field more thoroughly.

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