11 Free Mermaid apps for Android & iOS

We all live on land and do not suspect that there is another kingdom in the sea and the ocean, of which very few people know – this is the Sea Kingdom, in which there are many fish, dolphins, whales, as well as creatures such as mermaids. Little Mermaids are very similar to people, but their fate has developed so that instead of legs they have a big fishtail.

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Being a mermaid is not only dress up in the tail but also feel like a mermaid. If you’re a real mermaid in the soul, you will like this selection of apps for Android and iOS!

Mermaid Princess

This game will be perfect for the babies (3+ y.o) since it is such a sweet and simple game. The idea here is that the princesses used the magic dust that turned them into mermaids and now they are enjoying their underwater life and have fun. There are lots of activities to do – you can help a fish who is in trouble or pick up your super cool mermaid outfit!

Well, speaking honestly, you will be picking outfits most of the time for your mermaid (and yes, you can choose one character to play for. The choice is not obligatory and you can always change your character at any time). That is why this game will be most suitable for little kids.



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Princess Salon: Mermaid Doris

Now this game will be suitable for more older kids – and this is a fantastically beautiful game! Girls (well and maybe boys) will love its graphics and authentic characters. Princess Salon will be especially cool for those who are tired of typical Disney-like characters and animations – Mermaid Doris is like a gasp of fresh air in this sense.

You will have to explore the underwater world and find new adventures! The design of each location is detail and beautiful and it will captivate your attention for many hours. You will be solving little riddles in your way which is basically the plot of this game. It will be boring for older kids (12+) fir for the younger generation it is a great choice.


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Mermaid Princess Ocean Race

Moving on, here we have something for the older kids (well, maybe now not only for kids age). This is a very non-girly (though it’s subjective) mermaid game – no pretty rings, diamonds, glitter, and all that candy-cotton sweet stuff – you have to swim as fast as you can to win this game!

The graphics here are much more “rough” compared to the previous games, so it is right to claim that this one app won’t be suitable for little kids. Though, the characters look fun. You can choose not only female but a male mermaid as well. Earn points collecting small seashells and unlock all beautiful mermaids to play for.

In order not to give you the wrong impression, here you can not only race, but also explore the underwater world and discover treasures. In other words, there are different modes of the game.



Mermaid Princess Story

Here we have another mermaid-beauty-salon type of the game – not that it is bad, just to get you informed. If you are a kid aged 3+ you will probably be mesmerized by this game. It has really nice graphics and dozens of procedures in their underwater spa.

You can help a mermaid to get her makeup done by choosing various colors of eyeshadows and lipsticks for her. Then you are moving to her closet to choose the best possible dress for the party in a castle.

Apart from that, you can cook a magic poison, by mixing the magical liquids with different powers by your choice and get your unique magical cocktail. Apply that cocktail on the character afterward to activate her magical power.



Secret Mermaid: Season 1

The plot of this game is really similar to the classic mermaid tale. Here the mermaid asks the underwater witch to turn herself into a human and let her out to the outer world. However, she must find her true love on Earth – and kiss him until she turns mermaid again – well, here is the main difference from the original.

By the way, this is the type of game that will probably be cool to play practically for all ages – may be excluding the most little ones. Secret Mermaid is made as a classical storytelling game where you have to pick up the answers in the characters’ dialogues.

However, here you will find some modifications – as soon as the witch turns you into a human you go to a closet and pick the most pretty dress to go after your true love on Earth. The name of the main protagonist is Layla – she is the high-school-aged girl, so she goes to high school. She meets a gorgeous boy there named Max.

Then you will be watching the classical high school drama as you find out the Layla’s best friend has an affair with Max. By the way, you need to stay away from any contacts with water – otherwise, the magic will disappear and you will turn into a mermaid soon (Hello, H2O series)!

And, as the plot of the game keeps evolving, you find out that the witch has her own evil plan. As it often happens in the games of this type, this is just the first season of this teenage mermaid drama – there are more games in this series and you can get them all if you want.



Mermaid Princess Chic Dress up

Here we have a mermaid game that is about fashion, fashion, and fashion only. If you’re not that interested in the plot and you just want to express your creativity and have fun you should definitely check out this cool game where you will discover the most beautiful costumes for mermaids.

The game is great for all ages. First, you choose your mermaid and then go into the closet to pick up a dress, then accessories, then hair and makeup. And this is not just a boring little-kids game with 5 different dresses and 2 variants of the makeup.

On the contrary, here you will find more than 100 variants of clothes, 70 makeup combinations, and various levels of them for each separate mermaid.

You can dress up each mermaid, you’re their fashion adviser. Remember every one of them has her own style and you will have to create unique outfits. Since they are all princesses, our mermaids love wearing jewelry, especially tiaras decorated with shells and other ocean items.


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Mermaid Princess Beauty

This is basically an alternative to an app above but for iOS. The graphics here a little different – if in the previous app mermaids look more Barbie-chick-like, then here the characters have a softer, Disney-alike appearance. Moreover, here you will find some hints on 3D game mode.

At the same time, considering outfits and makeup, Mermaid Princess Beauty is less sophisticated. You will get as half as many outfits to choose compared to the previous mermaid game and the hair and makeup choices are quite basic and a little bit boring. On the other hand, here you can choose such a thing as a tail accessory!

An interesting feature here is that you can share later if the image of the mermaid that you created on social media.



Sweet Talking Mermaid Princess

This app is extremely simple, but, as you can see, it is quite popular. It’s something like a classic Talking Tom app – you got a little talking mermaid in front of you to whom you can talk to or make her do various actions. The appearance of this mermaid is something between Disney’s Rapunzel and Bloom from Winx – perfect for the primary school girls.

The mermaid talks in a sweet and nicest voice. There are dozens of actions that you can ask this mermaid to do, including inviting you to her underworld kingdom where she walks you through it, introducing to all of her mermaid friends. By the way, if you ask, they can even dance for you.

The graphics here are really cool and all the locations are made with close attention to details. For the older-aged users, this is a fun app to relieve the stress.



Wonderland: Little Mermaid

For all our little users there is the coolest game which is called “Little Mermaid”. Unlike many people who might think, its plot and idea aren’t based on a famous Disney cartoon – it is a unique authentic developing game for little kids. There are lots of activities to do in this game (even adults would find there’s a lot) so kids will ever get bored.

First of all, there is the possibility to choose from 6 different mermaids for whom to play. All the characters are customizable which means you can choose dresses and accessories for them.

There are a lot of locations that you can go and explore finding various treasures on your way. You will face the breathtaking adventures and will dive into the colorful mermaid world. The developers say that the main goal of the game is to help kids to evolve their imaginations by adding creative elements to the Wonderland game.

There are 14 different locations to play at, including the mermaid house, mermaid restaurant, mermaid daycare, and the pirate’s sunken ship. Apart from such activities as dressing up and makeup, there is also much activity as cooking.

One interesting element of this app is that here you have the multi-touch options – it means several people can play this game at the same time – for example, the whole family can play together. The graphics are 2D and cartoon-alike – perfect for children of the age of 4.

The only dubious thing that can be found in this app is there is a scene with a pirate ship with scary ghosts. Some parents claim those characters look creepy and completely inappropriate for the kids’ perception. So if your kid is overly sensitive, keep that in mind.




Magic Mermaid Salon

Another mermaid beauty salon game with nice graphics and exquisite characters. Express your creativity giving to all the characters the new makeover and new fresh looks. The idea of this game is to bring the atmosphere of the endless party to a salon and have fun in the process!

In this game, you can choose to be any one of the four most beautiful mermaids in the kingdom: Arial – the youngest mermaid princess of all, Pearl – the mermaid of healing magic, Coralia – the exotic mermaid of music, or Deema – the divine queen mermaid of the flower.

Choose the most chique outfits for them – there are more than 100 items to choose from! In addition to that, you can even customize the fish tale of characters (not all the mermaid salon games allow to do that). If you want, you can send your mermaid to a spa to improve her skin and for the overall improvement of her state.

Almost all the elements fo the makeup are made in the ocean theme and they are very beautiful. In addition, there is a great party dedicated to the birthday of the mermaid kind is coming so don’t miss a chance to become a star that night! Create the best looks for your mermaid and go conquering the hearts of others!



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Secret Mermaid 5

As you see, there are more than 5 chapters in the “Secret mermaid” series, but this one got the highest ranking from the users of Google Play. And damn, these games are really captivating, since you’re not only watching a plot but also take part in it.

In continuing of the previous story, mermaid Layla still fails to find her true love on Earth, and she has so little time! Moreover, she managed to fall into the lake in front of other people. Will her mermaid nature be revealed?! Play the game to find out (no spoilers!).

You will need to fix the situation with the lake and swim quickly to another bank of it before anyone reveals that you are a mermaid. In addition, your crush Max still hasn’t decided if he wants to be with you or not. Along with that, some of the school kids start to suspect there is something wrong with you… Will they reveal your true identity?

However, not all the things are going that bad. It seems like you got a secret admirer but you have no idea who is it. But what to do with your own object of admiring? Is it true Max hates mermaids???

As always, along with all of these captivating events, you need to choose your outfits and makeup every day in order to stay the best looking girl around. You don’t want to miss your time on Earth and go back to the sea, right? The time is running out!

It is not really clear why iOS contains only the 1st season of this game… Sorry iPhone users, but all the seasons can be found only on Google Play.



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