7 Free Yoga Apps For Seniors (Android & iOS)

The active life of the elderly has a positive effect on health and makes you feel younger than your years. Yet, heavy and strenuous exercise is contraindicated at an advanced age. The best option is yoga, which allows you to relax and at the same time strengthen your muscular system.

The usual services for practicing are not suitable for the elderly, as they mostly offer to perform rather difficult poses. We recommend that you try these free yoga apps for seniors to enjoy the process and not get injured. 

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Yoga Exercise for Seniors – Workout for Old & Elders

This app is an assistant for practicing yoga at home. The target audience for the exercises is people over 45 years old. It will provide invaluable help in maintaining or gaining good physical shape and a comfortable emotional state.

The plan and types of exercises have been prepared with the participation and guidance of physicians. Each exercise is accompanied by video and voice prompts.

It is possible to track progress and there are settings for reminders about the need for training. Importantly, the types of exercises are defined according to the goals and results you want to get from the exercises.

You may be interested in yoga for back pain or yoga for diabetes. Someone needs yoga for weight loss or to correct posture. Then there’s yoga for stress and depression and many others.

Everyone is sure to find a workout program that is relevant to them. The app will give you tips on breathing exercises, as this is a prerequisite for practicing yoga.


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Oseterics Yoga

Oseterics Yoga is an app for practicing yoga, the proposed set of exercises is designed for people 50 years and older.

The fact that many of the trainers are middle-aged people, means that the proposed system is workable and effective. Here you can also choose to work on specific parts of the body, such as the face.

You can try yoga standing up or in a chair – according to your preference and physical abilities.

The app has a large number of videos with interesting and useful information on health, age-related issues, and more. There is also a podcast section whose main topic is graceful aging. The app is handy and has a lot of useful and interesting information. 


Exercise Plan for Seniors

This app is designed to help with yoga workouts. It is designed for seniors age 65 and older.

The app offers users exercise programs designed for seniors, taking into account their needs and abilities. The suggested workout plan is designed for all body parts and muscle groups.

You will be able to choose the types of workouts for yourself based on your preferences. All users will enjoy strength exercises, yoga, and stretching exercises.

Besides, you will find recommendations on general health and physical fitness.

The app is simple and easy to use. Everything is described in an understandable way, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience.


Yoga Exercises for Seniors

This app is an assistant to practicing yoga. It is designed primarily for the elderly aged 50 years and older.

For the convenience of users here is a detailed description of all exercises. Many exercises are additionally accompanied by photos. This will allow you to do the exercises correctly and effectively.

The program is easy to use, user-friendly and designed with the target audience in mind. All information is clear.

This program presented for quite a long time on the market deservedly enjoys the trust and loyalty of users. 


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Chair Yoga for Seniors

This app offers yoga exercises for the elderly who have difficulties with movement due to poor health.

A distinctive feature of the app is the suggested way of doing yoga – sitting on a chair or in an armchair.

There is a video accompaniment to the classes. This will ensure that you do the exercises correctly, and thus achieve results.

Even if you are limited in movement, it should not interfere with the maintenance of health and workable physical activity.

The app will help you stay physically active, providing an invaluable service in maintaining physical health according to your abilities.

Another advantage of the app is its small size, which will save memory space on your device.


Chair Exercises For Seniors

This free app is a set of simple physical exercises that are available to everyone.

It is designed primarily for the elderly. It is also suitable for those for whom standing or lying down exercises are physically impossible due to limited mobility.

You can do the proposed exercises sitting on a chair or in an armchair. You don’t need any extra devices to do the exercises.

The proposed exercises are easy to perform and accessible, yet effective. 


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Seniors Beginner Workout – 20 Minutes Training

This app is designed to organize workouts for seniors over the age of 50.

The suggested 20 workouts can be performed at any convenient place for you.

The main part of them is devoted to yoga. You need a chair with armrests and two dumbbells (you can use water bottles instead).

The training scheme is standard – it starts with a warm-up, followed by a series of exercises for strength, and pumping balance skills.

With the proposed series of exercises, users will be able to maintain their physical activity, and thus – lead a full life. 

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