11 Free Zoo Keeper Games for Android & iOS

Zoo games are definitely super fun and everyone has played them at least once in their life. Don’t you want to build your own zoo, breed animals, and attract visitors from all over the world? If yes, in the following article you will find free zoo keeper games.

This is not the only article on our website about zoo games. You can also check out the collections of the best zoo management games.


ZOOKEEPER BATTLE is tremendously popular and I was really curious to find out why. From the first sigh, it’s just a regular 8-bit relaxing game. Players in the game get the chance to compete against one another in a quick-paced puzzle mode.

The objective of the game is to match animal photos in order to get points and get rid of rivals. Players can purchase boosters and power-ups to improve their game experience and raise their chances of winning.

Principal characteristics:

  • Tournaments
  • Daily challenges
  • A rating system that allows users to compete with international players

Users can start playing by selecting an opponent and starting a battle after logging in. In order to play, you must swap out animal symbols that are similar to create chains of three or more of the same kind. As a player participates in additional games, their score rises along with the harm they deal to their adversaries.

The monsters and the battle arena come to life thanks to the game’s vibrant and vivid graphics and top-notch illustrations and animations. Keep in mind that the game’s aesthetic features a lot of vibrant colors in case it turns you off.

There is also a multiplayer component in the games. Also, it offers a variety of power-ups and boosters that may be used to defeat opponents and improve gameplay.

However, there are reported matchmaking flaws with the game, which could lead to unfair confrontations.

Overall, Zookeeper Battle is a challenging puzzle game that allows players to compete against each other in a multiplayer setting.


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Zookeeper World

Definitely one of the most prominent games in this category with authentic style. In Zookeeper World you have to build and raise your own zoo and enjoy various challenges that you will have to complete.

The basic goal of the game is to create and keep up a prosperous zoo that draws tourists and brings in money. In order to grow their zoo and gain more visitors, players can buy animals, construct displays, recruit personnel, and fulfill objectives.

Main features:

  • Mini-games
  • Missions
  • Challenges that grant players in-game currency and other rewards

After logging on, you may begin creating the zoo by choosing which animals to buy and how their displays will be laid out. Players must appoint workers as the zoo expands to assist in managing the different facets of the enterprise.

The game’s bright and colorful visuals, with excellent pictures and animations, bring the exhibits and animals to life. The sound effects are excellent and the overall atmosphere is very cute.

The game, however, requires more or less powerful hardware, otherwise, it can work a little bit slowly.

In general, Zookeeper World is a fantastic option for people searching for a casual and enjoyable game because of its cute graphics, a wide range of features, and distinctive gameplay.

Zookeeper World1

Zoo Keeper Idle

This game is similar to the previous two, but it has a little bit different style. So, in case you’re not a fan of retro-style games, Zoo Keeper Idle is for you.

Overall, the game gives off the vibe of being a soothing and fun idle game that lets players create and run their own zoo without being under continual time constraints or concentration demands.

Main features:

  • Animal breeding
  • Upgrading
  • Exploration

The basic goal of the game is to create and keep up a prosperous zoo that draws tourists and brings in money. Gamers can grow their zoo and raise awareness of it by investing in animals, creating exhibitions, and hiring personnel.

Although there is a plot in the game, it is not the primary focus. Players must overcome a variety of difficulties along the route.

After logging on, you can start creating a zoo by choosing which animals to buy. Players can let the game run in the background while the zoo continues to run and make money thanks to the game’s idle mode.

One interesting feature of the game is its mechanism for breeding animals so that players can develop new and unusual species. In order to outperform rivals and enhance gameplay, the game also provides a variety of upgrades and exploring features.

Although the breeding mechanism is challenging because it might be complex or unclear.

Despite that face, Zookeeper Idle gives players the chance to create and run their very own virtual zoo in the best traditions of the zoo-keeping games.

Zoo Keeper Idle1

Zookeeper Wonder Simulator

If you don’t want to play simple idle games, then you can try out this simulator.

The game gives off the idea of being a realistic simulation that immerses players in the feeling of being a zookeeper.

Main features:

  • Animal breeding
  • Park administration
  • Cash generating.

After logging on, students may begin creating their zoo by choosing which animals to buy and how their displays will be laid out. A instructional mode in the game walks users through the fundamentals of gameplay.

The game’s graphics are quite nice with sharp pictures and lifelike movements that bring the displays and animals to life.

The game’s mechanism for breeding animals so that players can develop new and unusual species is one of its noteworthy features. In order to outperform rivals and enhance gameplay, the game also provides a variety of upgrades and exploring features.

Zookeeper simulator wonder zoo1

Wildlife Park

Wildlife Park is one of the oldest zoo simulator games. It provides all the classic features of the zoo keeping game and now it’s available on mobile devices as well.

The general feeling of the game is that it is a realistic simulation that immerses players in the experience of managing a wildlife park.

The game’s many entertaining aspects, such as animal breeding, park administration, and cash generating.

The basic goal of the game is to establish and keep up a profitable wildlife park that draws tourists. Gamers can extend their park and boost its popularity by investing in animals, creating habitats, and hiring employees.

The game’s graphics are quite obsolete and it hasn’t been changed since the early 2000s. So, if you like retro games, this one is your choice. But thanks to these graphics and simple gameplay, Wildlife Park will run on every device.

Overall, Wildlife Park is a fun simulation game that lets users create and run their own digital wildlife

Wildlife Park1

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Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D

This is another super popular game about zoos. Here you can create a zoo and manage it so it becomes profitable.

The main objective of the game is to build and maintain a thriving zoo that attracts visitors and generates income. Players have the option to purchase animals, build habitats, and recruit staff in order to expand their zoo and draw in more tourists.

Although the game’s plot is not the main focus, there are a number of obstacles and challenges that players must overcome.

After logging in, you can start building your own zoo by selecting the animals you want to buy and designing the habitats for them. For dummies, there is a tutorial.

Idle Zoo Tycoon stands out from its competitor’s thanks to its unique idle gaming features that allow players to keep earning money even when they are not actively playing the game. The game’s upgrades and special events also keep the action engaging.

The UI is simple to use, and the gameplay is generally enjoyable. Also, the game gives daily awards and bonuses to keep players interested and motivated to play.

Idle Zoo Tycoon occasionally takes a long time to load, and some players have complained that the tutorial is challenging or overwhelming.

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D1

Zoo 2: Animal Park

Another analog of the previous game.

With vibrant graphics and slick action, the game leaves a good overall impression. Building and expanding an effective zoo that draws tourists and brings in money is the game’s central concept and plot.

In order to extend their zoo and boost its reputation, players can buy animals, construct habitats, and hire personnel. Players will run into a number of difficulties and challenges as they advance.

After logging on, players can start building their own zoo by selecting the animals to buy and the layout of their homes.

Overall, the gameplay is fun, with smooth animations and a straightforward UI. A remarkable aspect of the game is its social component, which allows players to connect with friends and visit each other’s zoos. The game also offers daily incentives and awards to keep players engaged and inspired to keep playing.

Eventually, Zoo 2: Animal Park is an entertaining and interesting game that occasionally takes a long time to load. What is more, it contains some built-in purchases, so keep that in mind.

Zoo 2: Animal Park1

Zoo Idle 3D

Zoo Idle 3D is a fun game created by Hill Game that asks players to assist a cute animal in rescuing their buddies.

The game will be a perfect option for those who like to play puzzle games because it provides a distinctive and captivating experience in this sense.

The game’s plot centers on a charming animal that must free buddies who are imprisoned inside balloons. By matching and exploding the balloons to liberate their buddies, the players must aid the animal. There are more than 100 stages in the game, and the challenge rises as players advance.

Players must match and bust the balloons in the game’s straightforward gameplay in order to free the captive animals. The game also features a scoreboard where users can compete against friends and other users from around the globe.

But even though the app is free, it includes a lot of ads. In addition, several gamers have mentioned encountering errors when playing the game.

Zoo Idle 3D1

Zoo – Happy Animals

This is more a kids’ game, but adults can explore Zoo – Happy Animals too. It’s made in the cuta cartoon style and your main goal here is to take care of animals.

The gameplay is straightforward and simple to pick up, the graphics are adorable, and the levels are difficult.

The elephant that has been kept in captivity in the zoo is the center of the game’s plot. Through overcoming a variety of tasks and obstacles, the players must aid the elephant in escaping. There are more than 200 stages in the game, and the challenge rises as players advance.

The game’s gameplay is easy, requiring players to swipe their finger to move the elephant in different directions while dodging traps and obstacles.

But just like the majority of free games, this one has tons of ads. Children might get bored quickly while playing it.

In some sense, Zoo can even be called a hyper-casual game because of the resemblance of some missions. In general, this could be a relaxing and addictive game, but its extra amount of ads can ruin the whole experience.

Zoo - Happy Animals1

Idle Tap Zoo: Tap, Build & Upgrade

If you want to play not the regular zoo game, but the zoo simulator where the park is filled with fantasy creatures, this is your choice.

The option to unlock and nurture magical animals like dragons and unicorns with common animals like lions and elephants is one unique feature in Idle Tap Zoo. The game also contains a novel hybrid animal breeding function that enables players to crossbreed various animals to create their own original animal species.

In order to win the game, the player must construct cages, hire workers, and oversee the zoo’s finances. To keep the animals nourished and content, the player must also gather resources and food. The user can renovate and expand the park as the zoo expands, adding new animals and features.

The game’s attention to detail in the animal movements and realistic zoo setting are two noteworthy features. A wide range of animals, including some uncommon and exotic species, are available for players to acquire and breed in the game.

Yet, because it mainly relies on idle gaming techniques, the game might eventually become monotonous and repetitive. In addition, some functions are protected by paywalls, which may reduce the overall experience for users who are unwilling to make in-app purchases.

In general, this game has average gameplay and graphics. But thanks to the unique idea that it brings, it is an interesting choice to go for.

Idle Tap Zoo: Tap, Build & Upgrade1

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Zoo Manager

Another cool zoo-keeping game that is executed in an authentic style. I personally like the type of animation and graphics that the game brings and it’s quite outstanding in comparison to all those typical zoo games for kids.

Gathering and raising different species, building cages, hiring zookeepers, and earning money to expand the zoo are the game’s main gameplay components. The game also includes a number of mini-games and challenges to keep the action interesting and captivating.

Lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, and many other species that can be found in real-world zoos are included in the game. To maintain their happiness and health, each animal needs particular care, including feeding, cleaning, and providing a proper environment.

Players must first construct their zoo and buy their first animal in order to begin the game. They must manage the zoo’s finances as they advance and make investments in additional animal enclosures, animal species, and employees in order to draw more visitors and generate more revenue. Also, players can take part in numerous tasks to win points and unlock new pets and goods.

The gameplay of Lazy Zoo Tycoon is distinctive for fusing multiple genres to create an enjoyable experience. As I already mentioned, I really like the graphic style of the game.

However, even though the game is free it has a number of in-app purchases that you need in order to progress in the game. It’s actually a frequent problem with free games of this type.

Zoo Manager1
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