9 Funny Weather Apps to Watch Engaging Forecasts

The weather is probably the most unpredictable thing in nature. You really can’t predict whether you’ve defined the weather correctly from the window, and you can’t always trust the weather forecasters and professionals – how often have we heard the phrase “again the forecast lied!”

In fact, maybe the sun shines brightly outside the window, there is no cloud in the sky, and the temperature… is below zero! In that case, it becomes an unpleasant surprise and can even ruin the day – for example, if you go out in too light clothes.

At the same time, the usual weather forecast in our smartphone looks rather boring – it’s either a standard line with the ambient temperature at the nearest weather station, or the numbers on the blocking screen. We usually do not even pay attention to these figures because of this.

Therefore, we offer you to always be aware of the weather, which is expected for today and the near future. This can be easily done by simply installing a widget on your phone. But not the simplest and standard one – but some unusual one that will immediately attract your attention.

That’s why we have selected the most interesting and funny applications that will allow you to monitor the state of nature in your city.

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FuWeather (Funny Weather)

A little deception in the title sometimes reflects our attitude to what’s going on around us. Really, the moment you want to scream when it suddenly starts to rain, and you are completely defenseless! All the makeup can go bad, guys will lose their styling, and the puddle inside the lungs will not please anyone.

So then let the app say everything you think about what’s going on for you! FuWeather is a real weather forecast, which shows you the weather in a very specific way.

Bad weather conditions will be blocked and marked by SENSORED! You can also replace all expressions and statements that characterize the weather. They can also be changed by other users who have downloaded FuWeather.

You can customize the entire interface. Colors, parameters, temperature and more can be easily changed in the settings. The functionality remains the same as in basic weather forecasts – you can get all the information you need.

Detailed information about the weather outside the window, in the near future or even in the week – you can see it all in separate tabs. You can also view the weather in other places – you can view the heat map and other notifications. It’s worth noting that more advanced features are available on a paid subscription, but its cost is not a robbery.


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What The Forecast?!!

Just like FuWeather, What’s The Forecast?! ready to take on the responsibility of expressing your indignation at what’s going on outside the window.

The developers claim that their application is the most accurate and can fully explain to you how unpleasant it is on the street. We do not guarantee that after this information you will not go back to bed, under a warm blanket and will not go to work. So be careful!

The app allows you to adjust all the expressions that describe the weather. You can both watch the expressions of abnormal language and turn them off – for example, if you are afraid that your child will see them.

What is The Forecast?! can play all the statements with the help of a voice helper – it will be even more convincing. The only thing you need to do is to include the abnormal vocabulary in the application settings.

It’s also worth noting the accuracy of the weather forecast – all the data comes from AerisWeather, and the hourly forecast is available for the next 48 hours. The background, which operates in the application, usually clearly reflects the situation outside the window.

It is also regulated by the time of day. This way you can get information about the weather both visually and by ear – even with the use of vocabulary.

What The Forecast1

Grumpy Cat Weather

The meme cat on the Internet attracts attention right away, even with its cover. Grumpy Cat has become a favorite of many people on the Internet due to its depressing and sad appearance.

Many people associate themselves with it – tired, sleepless, and it rains outside the window! But even this gloomy cat can be happy or becomes a little happier – and all this will be reflected right on the screen of your smartphone.

Every time you check the weather or just update the readings on your smartphone, you will smile – because such an exact match between the mood of the cat and the weather is just amazing.

You receive an hourly forecast for the near future and every change in weather conditions is accompanied by a change in the mood of Grumpy Cat. You also see other weather indicators – air humidity, wind, pressure and sunrise and sunset time.

Of course, these are not the indicators that you expect to see the most. But the temperature is shown immediately! The cat only helps you to understand how to deal with these indicators – smile or be sad and stay at home.

GPS will automatically determine the temperature in which city you are interested in. But if you want to find out what’s going on in other regions, you can easily do it with a map.

Grumpy Cat Weather1

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather is a hilarious humorous application that will definitely cheer you up even in the most terrible weather. Accurate and concise expressions, hilarious phrases – all together it is a complete utility for monitoring the ambient temperature in your city, as well as in some very exotic places.

Speaking of secret and exotic places, we did not joke: you can actually find clues and track all the locations – there are only 32 of them. Among them there can be Chernobyl, Egyptian pyramids and many other things.

Everything is shown to you – from terrible fog, downpour and blizzards to heat or wet wind. Now you won’t be caught off guard by the bad weather – you’ll know for sure!

Carrot Weather is set up as a widget on the main screen of your smartphone. There you will immediately see the temperature, pressure, and other basic weather conditions around you. All this is accompanied by precise and funny expressions – so you can smile.

You also have access to real time travel. You will be able to watch the weather up to 70 years ago – even the weather on your birthday, as well as for 10 years ahead! Of course, the weather in the future does not guarantee you accuracy, but it is a fun experience.

Many interesting features are only available when purchasing a Premium subscription, so consider this during installation. Carrot Weather makes a real fun out of regular and boring weather forecasts, and with its mysterious places it can give you the feeling of traveling!

Carrot Weather1

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HumorCast – Authentic Weather

Like many funny weather apps, HumorCast is going to cheer you up with special phrases and expressions. You check the weather every morning, so why not smile at the beginning of the day in the morning?

With HumorCast you will start your day with the right attitude and without any disappointment from the weather.

In the application catalog there are more than a thousand different phrases, jokes and pranks. All of them are designed for a certain weather and it turns out that all of them are very suitable for certain weather conditions. The weather forecast itself is incredibly accurate and hyperlocal.

Of course, you will need to give HumorCast permission to determine your geolocation. You can also get all the information you need about rain and thunderstorms, up to and including minute forecasts. HumorCast will send you warnings about sudden weather changes.

The application itself has thematic background images – there are over 100 of them in total. Each of them is suitable for a certain temperature – so you can visually perceive the information. All statements can be adjusted in different accents, pronunciation speeds and so on.

You can also turn off obscene words and expressions if that’s not acceptable to you. HumorCast won’t become any less funny with this – Profanity-o-meter will simply disappear.

You can easily share any weather forecast on social networks if you are particularly impressed, like it or cheer it up. Watch with your friends what’s going to happen around you in the near future and smile every time the app decides to give you a humorous forecast.

HumorCast - Authentic Weather1

Troll Weather – Funny Weather forecast

Aren’t you tired of being too serious and professional with weather forecasts? All these dry statistics, lots of numbers that sometimes don’t even give you accurate information about how you’re going to feel out of the house.

Troll Weather, on the other hand, has its own character, even though it’s just an app. It will make fun of you and others, ridicule the weather and be very funny to say. However, be careful: suddenly you will fall under the sight of Troll Weather!

The weather forecast, which gives you the service, is incredibly accurate. It determines your location and on the basis of this data shows you what weather conditions are currently outside the window and what will happen in the near future.

Depending on what the temperature and weather is now, Troll Weather can change its background and, accordingly, the statements. Depending on the region and your convenience, you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The entire forecast is calculated hourly, and you can also keep track of the weather for 7 days in advance. And each of the watches can be accompanied by its own joke – evaluate each of them and be always aware!

Troll Weather - Funny Weather1

Weather Cows

Previously, when people were still living in agriculture and every second person encountered cows alive, people believed that cows could determine the weather. Of course, this is not just about cows – many people say that cats, dogs, frogs and so on are also very good at determining the changes in weather and climate.

However, the developers of this application decided to use cows as a basis – what if they are really predictors and meteorologists? After all, there is even a saying – “If you pass by the field of cows, and they sit down – it rains”. Magic, isn’t it?

Obviously not! But the constant accompaniment of weather forecast by cows makes you smile. In the application there is also a little Biscuit, with whom you can play a little and have fun.

The cow, which is shown to you on the screen, has its own personality. You can find out all about it – just click on it. You can also pet it!

However, the main function of the application is the weather forecast. You can find your city through the search box or determine your location automatically.

Then Weather Cows will give you full information about the temperature around you. You can also search for other cities of interest – cow predictions are not limited only to your terrain!

Weather Cows

Weather Kitty – Forecast, Radar & Cat Pictures

When a man doesn’t have compassion on kittens, he’s cruel and mad! In order not to be so evil and gloomy, we offer you every morning a portion of peace and tranquility. Can’t get a kitten in real life? So get him on your smartphone and he’ll also be useful!

Every time you check the weather at Weather Kitty, you won’t be able to hold back your smile. Kittens that accompany every change in the weather always change, and even in the free version, a certain number of images are available with them. Of course, the funniest and nicest are the Premium versions of the app, but all kittens are good, right?

In Weather Kitty you can get a fairly accurate forecast for the next 10 days. You can find out not only about your region or city, but also about other places around the world.

With changes in temperature, humidity, wind speed, and heat index, the background image changes as well. In addition to the standard values, you can also find out the barometric pressure, the UV index, the exact time of sunset, the moon phase, and much more.

Weather Kitty is especially suitable for people who would like to, but cannot, get many pets. This way, you’ll get your portion of the sweetness every day – without any unnecessary sounds, torn cloth or buying Whiskas food.

Weather Kitty - App & Widget1

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Weather Duck

Probably against the background of many applications with foul language, Weather Duck will stand out a lot. In fact, it’s more cute and funny than really humorous. A cute duck always tells you what to wear before you leave home and whether to bring an umbrella.

A distinctive feature of this application is also its developers. The duckling itself is made by a really young programmer – its author Yuma Soerianto, who at the time of creation was only 10 years old. This is one of the most talented and youngest Apple WWDC17 scholar.

We think that’s why the application will appeal to your children or younger brothers and sisters. That’s probably how they’ll keep track of the weather – all you have to do is install it on your Weather Duck smartphone.

The duck will tell you how the weather changes during the day. For example, every day in the morning you’ll stop by to check on the duck and see if you can wear shorts today, or if it’s snowing and getting warmer.

Any whims of the weather and surprises will no longer be a surprise to you. And the attractive visual component will make you check the weather again and again!

Weather Duck1
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