11 Free Habit Tracker Apps in 2024 (Android & iOS)

Habits are people’s skills that they try to make into their daily routine to improve their lifestyle. It is not always possible to follow the necessary skills, therefore, some developers have created free habit tracker apps that will become faithful assistants in this not easy task.

In addition, we offer you to check out productivity apps, which will become a great compliment to those habit tracking apps.

Habit Tracker

This is an app that will help you transform a certain skill into a daily ritual with the help of some useful and sometimes irreplaceable functions.

Here you can both add your own desired skills that you would like to transform into a habit and find new points from the list offered by the app to also make them your daily routine.

Mainly, this app is convenient because there is a built-in habit classification function that you can customize for yourself: for example, if there are some things related to nutrition. which you would like to make a habit of (for example, drinking a glass of cold water every morning)- you can put them in a separate category.

The same principle applies to sports, reading, as well as any other habit.

Moreover, this app also has another insanely convenient feature – reminders. You can also customize it for yourself in the form of a calendar, or in the form of notifications that will come to your mobile device daily at the time you set.

Among other things, Habit Tracker allows you to review, track, and keep a report on those things that you would like to turn into a daily reality. For example, you can view an annual, semi-annual, or monthly period in which a graph of your progress will be visible.

Based on this simple analytics, you will be able to make further decisions, for example, whether it is worth increasing the number of workouts, or reading more, as well as much more.


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Habitty – Habit Tracker

This app will be your faithful companion to improve your lifestyle and achieve your long-term goals. Here you can enter your schedule, create new ideas that you would like to turn into a habit, as well as track your progress, and study the schedules for the development of your habit or goals that the app system creates.

The principle of operation of Habitty is extremely simple:

  • first you will need to register an account in this app
  • next, you will need to familiarize yourself with the classification and sections of habits or create your own, where you can later introduce new habits
  • after that, you will be able to set up reminders that will notify you in a strictly allotted time that it’s time to perform some action
  • also, after some time (a set period, for example, a week, a month, or more), the app system will give you a graph of your progress, which you can familiarize yourself with.

Also, one of the advantages of this app is a friendly user interface, which is as simple and convenient as possible. This is necessary so that users of any age can figure out how to use all the functionality of Habitty.

Moreover, you can customize the theme and color scheme of the app as you want and highlight particularly important habits with a separate color or sticker.


HabitMinder- Habit Tracker

This app is known for the fact that it not only helps users to follow useful habits and reminds them of their implementation, but also offers a huge number of actions that you can make another habit based on your lifestyle.

In this app, you can add your already formed habits, as well as certain rituals that you would like to make daily, by categorizing them for additional convenience.

Also, here you can find a huge number of sections with ready-made habits that will certainly change your lifestyle for the better. Also, you can briefly describe your lifestyle so that the app system picks up the right habits for you.

Among the useful habits that the app system most often recommends are daily walking, drinking a certain amount of water, as well as reading or meditation.

You can add these habits to your own list, and then try to follow them. Also, this app not only recommends certain habits but also explains why they are needed and how they will affect your lifestyle.

Here you can also customize the app interface for yourself, including the categories of habits, as well as the theme and color scheme of your account. Moreover, do not forget about the notification system, which will help you not to forget about performing actions that will later become your daily rituals.


Productive – Habit Tracker

This app has a huge functionality to change your lifestyle and simplify your life path. Here you can track your progress, learn to follow certain habits, and change your life using this app as an assistant.

The main functions of this app are:

  • classify your habits into the right categories, such as food, sports, work, and much more
  • setting notifications for a certain time and days, in which the text will be displayed with your intended goals and tasks for a certain period of time
  • maintaining graphs and detailed statistics of your progress in acquiring new habits, as well as much more.

In addition to the basic functions, this app also contains additional ones that make Productive unique. For example, you can use a ready-made list of habits that are recommended and tested by the app system. Moreover, you can create your own categories of habits that you will follow.

Among other things, you can share your habits with other users from all over the world. Also, you can take the habits of other users and include them in your daily routine. You can also compete with other productive people to get more enthusiastic about changing your lifestyle for the better.

Try to publish graphs of your productivity so that other users can see your progress.


Done: A Simple Habit Tracker

You can use this app as an assistant to introduce new habits into your daily life. Here you can take advantage of numerous features that will not let you forget about the importance of fulfilling your new habits.

You can customize the app interface for yourself, using all possible categories and subsections to distribute your habits by importance, life industry, as well as by many other criteria.

If you do not want to do this in detail, in this case, you will just need to enter the text and the names of habits in the field to fill in, and then the system of this app will independently distribute all the names into standard categories.

Also, the Done app is interesting because it not only reminds you when, at what time, and why to fulfill your habits, but also to share motivation daily. For example, you can read or listen to podcasts that explain the importance and usefulness of certain popular healthy habits.

Moreover, this app will help you not only to instill new useful habits but also get rid of harmful ones.

You will be able to add bad habits to a certain category, and after that, the Done app system will automatically configure notifications about these habits so that you no longer have the desire to resume actions that harm your moral and physical health.


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Higher Goals & Habit Tracker

This is a truly interesting app because the set of functions that the developers have included in the set of this app are as diverse as possible, but at the same time united by one goal – to help you improve your life by instilling new useful habits, set and achieve goals, as well as get rid of bad habits.

In this app, you can not only set a notification system for a daily reminder of what you need to do but also learn certain tips that are timed to different categories, for example:

  • if you have chosen the category “getting rid of bad habits”, in this case, the app system will offer you to familiarize yourself with several tips on how to simplify the process of getting rid of, as well as be inspired by the motivation
  • if you have chosen the category “healthy habits” and want to instill in yourself a daily ritual in the form of jogging, the app system will give you a certain set of facts about this habit that will motivate you to follow it, as well as much more.

Moreover, you will be able to share your progress in the form of analytics or graphs of the development of your habit with users of other apps and messengers. You will also be able to independently analyze your progress both for each individual habit and for all taken together.


Loop Habit Tracker

This app involves working out your healthy habits, as well as producing and tracking your progress in achieving any goals. Here you will not be able to forget about the importance of performing certain rituals every day, which will later become useful habits that can change your lifestyle for the better.

This app has a very well-developed analytics system that allows you to analyze and track your progress in detail. Here you can get acquainted with the analysis of your habits and progress both in the form of a text report and in the form of graphs and diagrams.

One of the main advantages of the Loop app is the offline mode of operation. This means that you will be able to use all the functions of the app from anywhere and at any time, even without communication.

You will also be able to customize the application interface according to your own preferences, using different color schemes, themes, as well as various kinds of markings and stickers.

Among other things, you can design boards with individual habits, that is, not just enter their names in the column to fill in, but also create whole collages using motivational statements, different drawings, stickers, markings, as well as various images that you can download from both the gallery of your mobile device and from the internet and other apps.


Timecap: Habit tracker & To-do

This app has many features and advantages. Here you can change your life mood, change bad habits to useful ones, as well as find new goals for yourself and learn to follow them no matter what.

One of the standout features of this app is the ability to set a time frame for achieving goals and acquiring new useful habits in several different ways:

  • setting the timer in live mode. This timer will be one of the parts of your motivation to follow the intended goal. After the expiration of the time allotted to you for the timer, you will be able to summarize your activities by studying simple and understandable analytics in the form of graphs, diagrams, diagrams, or a text report
  • quantity counter. This feature allows you to track the number of times you have completed a new habit. For example, by drinking water with lemon by the hour, you will be able to notify the app system about it by pressing one button, so that later you can also get acquainted with the analysis of your progress, as well as much more.

Moreover, this app is fully customizable. This means that you will be able to customize the interface, timers, progress tracking, the type of analytical analysis, categories of receipts, notification system, and much more.

If you don’t want to do this yourself, in this case, the app system activates the standard settings. There are several types of standard settings, for example, the interface, they differ from each other in dark, color noise, font, as well as categories of selected habits. you can choose one of the standard types of settings.


Everyday Habit Tracker & Goals

This app is as simple and convenient as possible to track your progress in achieving your goals and in acquiring new useful habits, as well as giving up harmful ones. Here you can get motivation not to stop, as well as some tips and explanations that will help you understand how this or that habit will affect your life.

This app is convenient because it has a habit stop function. This means that you will be able to skip some days without compromising your progress.

For example, if you are sick and cannot perform the planned action, just click on the desired button and the application system will not take this day into account in the progress chart.

Moreover, in this app, you will be able to create your own boards and collages for each intended goal or habit.

You will be able to add images to these collages (users can upload images both from the gallery of a mobile device and from the Internet), pictures, various drawings, motivational phrases, as well as many other things.


Repeat Habit – Habit Tracker for goals

Here you can acquire new useful habits, as well as get rid of old ones and those that have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. Numerous useful features of this app will help you with this.

The set of standard functions includes:

  • a system of notifications that will arrive at a clearly appointed time. You can customize the text content of these notifications yourself, or use standard text messages.
  • interface configuration. Here you can customize the board with your intended goals and habits using different colors, stickers, and images, as well as divide habits and goals into separate categories for convenience
  • motivational sources and tips that will help you follow the planned path and not push your goals into the background, as well as much more.

You will also be able to share your progress with users of other apps and messengers in the form of graphs, diagrams, as well as text reports.


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EZ Habit: Simple habit tracker

This app will help you achieve your goals and instill new habits that will later shape and improve your lifestyle. Numerous necessary functions of this app will contribute to this.

Try using motivational podcasts and tips that will explain the importance of each new habit and goal you choose. You will also be able to set yourself a certain time frame to get even more motivation to achieve your goals.

Set up a notification system for your schedule, which will help you always remember what needs to be done at a given time. you can also customize your desktop using different color schemes, as well as widgets that will be displayed on the screen of your mobile device.

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