15 Best Weather Apps for iPhone

If the weather is bad your iPhone can’t do anything about it. At least, not yet. What you can do is find a weather app that will engage you while giving you the bad news.

Or give you the best graphics on the awesome weather you are about to have. As the Northern hemisphere is entering cold and wet times we need 15 best weather apps for the iPhone. And before all the weather forecasts let’s celebrate the fact that Yahoo is still alive!


We are used to thinking of a weather app as of a simple billboard that simply shows us the number of degrees that we are going to have on a certain day of the week. RadaScope will completely blow your mind in this case. This is a full scientific app allowing you to monitor weather conditions right from the space radars as if you were a scientist.

You can select one of the 289 different radars in the United States, Canada, Australia, Korea, Puerto Rico, Guam, or Okinawa. But viewing the weather in a “normal” way is available here as well – you just need to search the city you need among 25000 others which are presented in the app.



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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has the most recent update, on November 8, 2016. Trump fans would love that date update. Anyway, it is got the widest variety of languages and only the ad removal has a price tag.

The Weather Channel, while providing a simple interface, brings you quite a few additional details. You’ll get the daily, hourly, and 15-day forecast, as well as wind speed, humidity, and UV index. Also, find out the weather-related road conditions.




For an allergic person like me, this app is a lot more useful. WeatherBug shows a detailed pollen index. Moreover, the app specifies which pollen triggers are predominant. Another smart thing with this app is the energy consumption predictions and calculations.

You can connect this app to your Nest, Honeywell, or SmartThings hubs.  Even if you don’t have a connected thermostat, you can calculate your daily costs based on weather conditions, electricity and gas costs, and what your HVAC is set to. And daily, hourly, and 10-day forecasts are here too.



Weather Underground

Weather Underground is the most customizable app on this list. Besides widely recognized sources it uses data from weather stations run by over 200,000 weather enthusiasts. Which also gives you hyper-local forecasts.

You can join those enthusiasts by reporting through the app your local sky status as well as hazards like power outages or flash floods. The detail cards are customizable. Say, you live in California, so you delete snow, hurricanes, and permafrost. When you are enthusiastic about the weather, Weather Underground is the way to go.



Hurricane by American Red Cross

No, Red Cross does not start hurricanes now. This app’s major feature is tracking hurricanes. It doesn’t show you the current temperature, but it will warn you when anything between from high-wind storm to a hurricane is headed your way.

It also has a very useful feature that can activate a flashlight on your device, sound a loud alarm to signal your location. If need be, it will send an automatic text message to your loved ones that you are safe.

The Hurricane app has a direct connection to the NOAA weather radio reports and extensive information on what to do to prepare for a hurricane. Basically, this app has everything for you to survive windy weather.



AccuWeather – Weather for Life

AccuWeather is a more comprehensive weather app. Check out one of the longest-range, 15-day, forecasts, and useful one-glance temperature graphs. ‘RealFeel’ temperature and personal forecasts for outdoor sports, DIY and other activities are also here.

Without extra screen tapping, you get the current levels of humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, pressure, and so on.

The Hourly Forecast helps to catch the best moment to run for groceries or any close-range shopping.

Below all that are the sun and moon phases and a map of your location. Through the map, you can check out how the weather develops across the whole country. You can set up your favorite locations by town, or by zip code. The app will show the weather at your current location with your permission to access Location Services.



BBC Weather

Here is another strong brand for you. It is not fancy, but it surely works. BBC Weather app has gained a pollution readout, along with its UV and pollen counts.

You’ll see the weather at the moment along with today’s high and low. You also get the standard-issue ten-day forecast. Tap on each day to see the predominant weather for that day, along with the high and low, sunrise/sunset, wind speed, and direction.



Dark Sky Weather

This app is the first one in the ranking of the App Store. Actually, considering its functionality, it’s really similar to the RadarScope – maybe just the design of the user interface is better here. In the best traditions, you can switch between the traditional weather forecast and weather maps.

Or, you can choose to have both sides of measurements on the screen. When there are some storms or heavy rain is approaching your area, you will get notified by Dark Sky.

All the information is updated up to the minute. An interesting function here is called “time machine” where you can check which weather was in a certain area many years ago.




A happier, simpler app with yellow patterns that will remind you of happy emojis. And a cat. MyWeather also offers customizable themes, available notifications, and precise forecasts. Widgets work and currently support a location update frequency setting.



MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

MyRadar has a paid version available for the iPhone and iPad. No surprise you have to pay for ad removal, as well as for hurricane tracker and to install it on Apple Watch.

If you prefer viewing radar maps (if you are a nerd) rather than reading weather details, then MyRadar Weather Radar is your choice. View the regular, HD, or temperature map for your location with clouds and aviation layers.

Quick local conditions are displayed at the top with temperature and a brief overview for the next two days. Just pull down for the hourly and 5-day forecasts along with other details including wind and pressure.



Fresh Air

Fresh Air is the pretty simple yet very effective weather app. With highly informative graphics it presents you the precise 7-day weather forecast. This app shows you weather forecast correlated to your calendar events, as a result, you are able to plan your events accordingly.

It includes a number of weather data including wind, humidity, temperature, etc. You are always reminded about weather conditions by notifications. Moreover, Fresh Air gives you weather results specific to your location.



Weather Up

If you want to have a weather app that is personalized in terms of design, then you have just got one. It won’t provide you with the detailed statistics of the air pressure or weather according to altitude, but it will for sure elevate your vibe and will give you a quick overview of the wether at any time.

The main feature of Weather Up that we should pay attention to is that here you can choose the emojis for different states of the weather. For example, make the rain look like a “cool” drop in the sunglasses.

Besides, here you can give your personal name to each location and view the weather there. For example, you can name San Diego as “Mom and Dad” because that’s where your family lives, and it is much fun to be that way.



Weather Line

An unusual weather app for those who want to have something nonstandard. As you have probably already guessed, you will be seeing the weather forecast as a line that rises, when the temperature goes up and falls, when the temperature goes down.

Therefore, it is possible to say that you have a certain weather graph here. There are no extra functions at all – no weather map and detailed analysis of air. It will be a perfect app for those who just want to find out about the weather, but still want to have a nicely designed app and reliable information.



Hello Weather

Hello Weather is similar to such apps as RadarScope, Dark Sky, or Carrot weather with the difference that it is more conservative. Here you will find the well-structured information about the current weather and nothing more, nothing less.

The color of the screen changes according to the time you have and the weather in your area. Developers claim that the main advantage of Hello Weather is the absence of unnecessary features that you are never going to use. And that’s right – all you have here is the hourly forecast, weather map and analysis or humidity, wind and so on.



CARROT Weather

Carrot is one of the best apps both for Android and iOS.

Its main advantage is, first of all, is multifunctionality – you can stick to the mode where you have a simple billboard with every day/hourly weather forecast, or you can explore other sections, opening the weather maps and see which kind of wether people have all around the world, or which wether phenomenons are going to happen soon in your location.

The app has an element of artificial intelligence and will be singing you funny messages about the weather every day.



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There should be enough weather data on these 15 apps for you to forget to come outside. Have a nice outdoorsy day!

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