11 Free Chat GPT-4 Type Apps for Android & iOS

If you often use chats and other apps to generate and understand speech, then you probably know what GPT-4 is. This is a language model by OpenAI. It is used to make a human-like questions and answers.

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You can solve a big number of tasks with the help of GPT-4. Ask for advice, find data, generate texts.

Frank: The AI Chat Assistant

frank-logo-1This app isn’t a chat itself. However, it is connected to chats. It was inspired by the GPT-4 Chat created by OpenAI.

It allows you to do a wide variety of things: 

  1. Create human-like texts and speech. It can be any type of content, be it a short question or a big text devoted to a specific topic. You can even make poems! 
  2. Make an image out of nothing. AI technology allows you to create almost anything.
  3. Generate useful scripts for your streams. This will come in quite handy for YouTube users and bloggers. 

These are the best options that will be available for free. 

You need to know that the Frank application isn’t as safe as ChatGPT. This is why we wouldn’t recommend giving Frank any sensitive information about you. What is more, the app may make some rude and offensive texts so be careful. 

To install the app, you will need at least 50 MB of memory. You can get the Frank application on the App Store, as well as Google Play. 

frank-ai-screen-1 frank-screen-1

appstore1 googleplay1

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ChatOn – AI Chat

chatOn-logo-1Do you need a good AI assistant? Well, ChatOn is one of them. It has a chatbot based on GPT technology.  

The app has a simple UI, allowing you to start from scratch. However, the features are also cool: 

  1. Get a reliable virtual assistant. Feel free to ask any questions and get fast answers. 
  2. Enjoy a good proofreader. This is especially great when you need to write a business text or a cover letter when you apply for a job. Make a text yourself and wait for the app to correct it.
  3. Try AI writing assistant. It will help you to write an essay for your school or even compose a poem.

The app is free with in-app purchases. However, having all the basic features is enough to get started. 

ChatOn is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play. 


appstore1 googleplay1

Open Chat – GPT AI

open-chat-gpt-logo-1Here is another powerful chatbot, which is based on the most top-notch developments. Combined with a smart design, the tool is powerful and simple at the same time.

It is a number of chatbots, which allow you to enjoy a real-time conversation. Let’s see what you can do: 

  • Ask any question you are interested in. You will get an instant and correct answer. There are no limitations in terms of topics. Discuss anything you want. 
  • Use chatbots instead of browsing the Internet yourself. When you need to find an answer right away and you can’t look through numerous websites, it is the best decision. 
  • Use chatbots to run your business. It is known that dealing with customers and clients often means asking the same questions many times. In this case, chatbots will assist you greatly! 

The app doesn’t collect data about you, so you can rely on the chatbot and ask anything. It is secure.

You can get the application at no cost on Google Play and enjoy your new virtual assistant who knows everything.

open-chat-gpt-screen-1 open-chat-gpt-screenshot-1


Alissu: Chat with AI

alissu-logo-1-1Here comes another great chatbot. Alissu is also based on the GPT-4 model, and it can easily give answers to your questions and find some data for you.

Alissu can help you with a big number of issues. Let’s review some of them:

  • Ask questions you are interested in. Alissu is especially powerful when it comes to solving math problems or programming. However, the bot can answer other questions as well.
  • The bot can correct your writing. When you apply for a job or study at a college, this is a brilliant option.
  • Alissu can make a code or an SQL-request instead of you. Just tell the app what you want to achieve.

There are some disadvantages as well. For instance, the texts you send to the bot are often cut. At the moment, the bug hasn’t been fixed. The only possible decision is to send shorter texts.

Another frustrating thing is the huge number of ads. Sometimes these ads appear with a single tap on a screen.

You can download ChatOn on Google Play for free.

alissu-screen-1-1 alissu-screenshot-1-1


EZAi – Powered by ChatGPT 4

ezai-logo-1Do you enjoy creating something new? Well, most of us do. But what can you do when you have no time to do it? 

The answer is simple. Just go for a good digital assistant who will generate content instead of you. 

EZAi can help you with that. This is a popular and powerful application based on GPT-4 technology. Here is what you can try: 

  1. Create different types of content. It can be almost anything, be it an expressive post for your blog, a new song, a poem, or just a short text.
  2. Ask the assistant to make your content better. It can correct your mistakes, for example. 
  3. Ask the app to summarize a text. If you need to know the most essential details, this option is a must. It will save you time and energy. You will get the idea without reading all the text. Perfect for students! 
  4. Enjoy a simple intuitive interface. There are no extra buttons or complicated functions. You can start using the assistant right after the download. 

The app is free with in-app purchases. However, having a basic set of options is enough to get started. 

You can download EZAi on Google Play at no cost. 

ezai-screenshot-1 ezai-screenshots-1


Oliver AI: GPT-4 Writer & Chat

oliver-ai-logo-1If you are a professional and you specialize in writing, Oliver AI might come in handy. It has a great set of options, no matter which purpose you have. 

Oliver AI has a pretty user-friendly interface. You will understand what to do at the first glance. 

Here are the most striking options you will explore in the app: 

  1. Create new unique content. It can be almost anything – a business letter, a funny story, or a love song. Don’t worry, the text will look creative, as if people made it. 
  2. Use AI templates. You might like to use some written text instead of doing it from scratch. 
  3. Ask various questions and get instant answers. It is much faster than browsing the Internet or asking people. 

It is safe to use the application. All the info will be encrypted so that nobody can access and use it. You can also ask the developers to delete the data. 

At the moment, Android users can enjoy Oliver AI for free. 



Chat GPT: GPT based AI ChatGOD

chat-gpt-logo-1-1Do you need some advice? Then download Chat GPT AI ChatGOD! It has all the answers and is ready to share them with you.

It is easy to get started. Once you have downloaded the app, you need to look through the categories. Try to find the topic you are interested in.

It can be an issue connected to your finances, law, healthcare, or just a general topic if you don’t know what to choose.

Then write your question and send it to a chatbot. It will give you an answer in a few seconds. The reply will be based on the info collected by the AI on the Internet.

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In most cases, you can trust the info you received. The thing is that if the bot specializes in law; it means its model was created to work with this type of issue.

There are some other cool features as well:

  • Review the conversations you had in the past. This allows you to avoid asking the bot once again.
  • Get unique images created by artificial intelligence. You can hardly tell these pictures from the ones made by a human.
  • Set a complicated password so that nobody could access your chats.

At the moment, ChatGOD is available on Google Play only.



Open Chat : AI Chatbot App

open-chat-ai-logo-1If you were looking for a good application based on the GPT-4 technology, Open Chat is what you need. 

It can easily boost your productivity, thanks to a big set of options available at no cost: 

  • Chat about anything! If you have no one to talk to, it’s not a problem anymore. Just open the chatbot and start a conversation. It will never ignore your messages and send instant answers to you. 
  • Find all the data you need. It is much faster than browsing the Internet yourself.
  • Correct your writing. If you have written a text and you have doubts about your writing skills, this option is a must. The bot will correct all the words containing mistakes. 
  • Get a piece of precious advice. When you hesitate about what to do, ask a chatbot! 

The app is rated 4.9 out of 5 on Google Play. You can get it for free.




AI Chat – Writing Chatbot

ai-chat-writing-logo-1Some of us struggle to write correctly. Now this isn’t a problem thanks to a new chatbot. It uses a GPT-4 model to analyze your text and give some suggestions.

The interface isn’t too different from the other apps listed in this article. Here are the best options in AI Chat: 

  1. Ask the bot to write the text instead of you, be it a cover letter for your job, or an essay for your college. You can even ask the chatbot to make a poem or a short text. 
  2. Send your text to the bot and get feedback. It will read it and then correct your mistakes. This is especially cool when you aren’t sure about your writing skills.
  3. Share your experience and mood. The chatbot can also serve as your virtual friend. 
  4. Ask a question. You can talk to the bot and get a human-like answer, as if you were talking to a friend.

The application is free with in-app purchases. There are some ads as well, but they aren’t too frequent.

You can download the app on the App Store for free.



Open Chat Geni – AI Chatbot +

apen-geni-logo-1Here is a great application that will serve you as a virtual assistant and give you a fast way of getting information. 

Based on the GPT-4 technology, this app can easily chat with you, giving smart and instant answers. 

What can you do with the help of Open Chat Geni? 

  1. Solve hard puzzles and mathematic problems. It will help you greatly at college or university. 
  2. Summarize a text. Send a long text to the bot, and you will get a short summary.  
  3. Receive instant answers. You can ask any question, and the bot will look for the info instead of you. 
  4. Ask the bot to send you some music and songs. It is always interesting to listen to a playlist created by someone else.
  5. Check the facts you know. Today, it is vitally important to check facts or you can get into trouble. But fact-checking is quite hard when you do it manually. This is why delegate such a task to a bot.

Open Chat Geni is free of charge. You will see some ads, but they aren’t numerous.

At the moment, only iOS users can enjoy this chatbot.

open-geni-screen-1 open-geni-screenshot-1


Chat AI: Personal AI Assistant

chat-ai-logo-1The following app will be the best option when you feel lonely and have no one to talk to. This bot, created with the help of GPT-4, can give you logical or emotional answers as if you are talking to a close friend.

Chat AI is quite smart and easy to use. It looks just like any other app, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Send the message and wait for a fast answer.

These are the best options available in Chat AI:

  • Talk to a bot in real time. Feel free to choose any topic of the discussion. You can also get precious advice from your pocket assistant.
  • Enjoy vivid and fast responses. If you never knew you were talking to a bot, you could hardly tell the bot from a real person.

That’s it! The main feature of Chat AI is to talk to you. It doesn’t do any specific things other than chatting.

You can download Chat AI on the App Store for free.



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