9 Best Games Like Name That Tune For Android & iOS

Wanna test if you’re a real music fan? Then keep reading this article!

There are plenty of games like Name That Tune for Android & iOS that let you play music trivia games of all kinds. The concepts of these games are all different — from classic song quizzes to soundtrack ones and thematic ones dedicated to 80s music. In case some questions will seem too hard for you, make sure to use a song-identifying app for help.

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We’ve gathered the 9 best games in that category you may try. Take a look!



Let’s start with SongPop — the most famous guess the song game on the market.

The concept is beyond simple — it’s a music quiz where you need to listen to music clips and guess the name of the artist (or the song, it depends on the mode). For now, the app covers over 100K tracks and more are being added on a regular basis. The best thing about this game is its compilation of songs — the app covers all the newest releases, so it’s fun to play.

To be more specific, the app covers such artists as Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, Cardi B, Queen, and all that. All the possible music genres are covered as well — from classics to Hip Hop. Plus, there are not too many old hits, so you won’t have troubles with that. This is a multiplayer game, so you get to compete with players from around the world.

Herewith, you may rather stand against random users to your mates. You may even make a custom to-guess playlist from your mates. Each win will bring you points that you can spend on hints or customizations of your account. You may also get special daily rewards that will help you overcome your opponents.

songpop 1



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Song Quiz

song quiz

Next, we have a music trivia game that you can play in any situation.

The outstanding thing about this game is that it’s completely hands-free. For that reason, you may play it while driving or sync it to your Alexa (or any other smart assistant) if needed. Once it’s done, the game gets fully controlled by your voice. It’s a multiplayer game, so you get to compete with players from all around the world to find out whose music IQ is better.

As always, you may rather compete with random users, or invite your mates for a music duel. Speaking of the songs, the app covers thousands of tracks and artists. The same goes for the music genre — the app has everything from disco to RnB and Hip Hop. You may stick to a random mode or pick the style to guess the songs of.

The mechanics are always the same — you listen to a music clip and pick one of the artists offered by the game. The player who will get more songs right — wins. You may also create custom playlists for guessing and challenge your pals to use them while playing. All the songs are available for free, so no concerns about that.

song quiz 2



Guess The Song 

Guess The Song

It’s a music game that covers thousands of popular tacks for you to guess.

The rules are simple — you’ll need to listen to a music clip and guess the artists and the name of the song. The game covers thousands of tracks of different genres — from Heavy Metal to Country, so there’s something for everyone. The best thing is you get to pick your fave music genre, and you won’t have to guess any other songs.

The apps’ compilations of sounds get regular updates, so all the latest releases are covered as well. As for the artists — all the popular ones are included, and there is a special category of niche indie songs. Besides, there are plenty of thematic playlists you may pick for guessing, and you may even make your own one.

Additionally, the app comes with several modes. For instance, there’s a two players mode that lets you battle on one device. You may also challenge your FB friends or random users to compete online. Each win brings you special rewards and your goal here is to collect them all. The UI is a bit old-school, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

Guess The Song 2 


Trivial Music Quiz

trivial music

This is one of the best quizzes for music fans you can find. The thing is this game not only includes “guess the song” quizzes — there are also questions with images, and loads of other fun stuff.

Let’s get through all the modes one by one, shall we? First of all, we have a classic guess the track one where you need to listen to the clip and assume the artist or the name of the song. This one is pretty classic, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the song’s selection. Another similar mode asks you to name the region of the artist after listening to a short clip.

Then, there are questions with images where you need to name the albums by covers, and so on. Each round comes with 10 questions for you to answer. Herewith, there’s a 30 secs timer and the faster you’ll get over with the questions the more points you’ll get. Plus, you get 3 lives that will run out faster than you may think.

But the best thing is the app learns from your answer and adapts t your knowledge. In other words, if you’ll answer all the questions easily you’ll get more complicated ones next time. The bank of questions updates all the time, so there won’t be any repeats.

trivial music 1  



Guess The Song

Guess The Song Pop

It’s an addictive music quest that will please all music lovers.

The rules are simple but a little bit outstanding from classic music trivia. The thing is — you won’t get to listen to the music clips like you would with all the similar apps. Instead, the robot will read the words of a song for you, and you’ll need to pick one of four answers offered by the app.

On some levels, you’ll need to guess the name of the songs, on the others — the artists, but you’ll get options to choose from anyways. Every answer you get right will bring you bonus coins. As for the songs, there are three categories — 90s hits, hits of the 2000s, and the latest hits. Herewith, the app covers all genres from Pop to Hip Hop.

As always, the game comes with tips that will help you break through the toughest rounds. There are three types of tips — the first one will repeat the lyrics for you. Yeah, not that helpful if you have no clue what song is it, but it may help in some situations. Then, there’s a hint that will get rid of two answer options, and the sat one will play the clip.

Guess The Song Pop 2


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Rock and Roll Bingo Quiz

Rock and Roll Bingo

Although the name of this game gives you a clear idea of the concept, it’s not all about Rock music. More to that, the game covers all the music genres — from Metal to Pop, so don’t let the name fool you.

Sooth to say, it’s not a classic trivia game — it’s a music bingo. All the rules are the classic bingo ones, but all the answers are songs instead. Here’s the mechanics — you’ll get 15 cards with the names of songs. As the music will play, you’ll need to mark the songs you’ve recognized off our board.

However, it’s not that simple. This app was developed to let you participate in live music bingo games. For instance, you can play with your mates in the pub, or join a national music bingo. In case you don’t know when these games usually start, the game comes with a schedule that will help you out.

The schedule uses your GPS data to find the nearest games that will happen soon, so no concerns about that. In most cases, each quiz follows one theme such as 90s or 80s music, pop, rock, and all that. The game is fully free with no in-app purchases, so your money is safe and sound.

Rock and Roll Bingo 1 Rock and Roll Bingo 2



80s Music Quiz 

80s Music Quiz

As its name suggests, it’s a music trivia game that lets you get into the golden age of music — the 80s!

In case it’s not obvious — this game is only for 80s music fans. In case you’re not into such music — stay away, cause you won’t stand a single round without help. The game covers thousands of hits — from popular ones to niche, so you’ll get to feel the 80s vibe in all its glory. As for the genres, the app covers everything, so nothing gets left behind.

Beyond that, the game comes with several modes. First of all, we have a classic quiz mode where you need t recognize the song by the lyrics. The only trick here is that you won’t get to hear the words — they will be written on your screen. On the one hand, it would be more fun to hear the actual song, but on the other — you can play anywhere without headphones.

The other mode will give you the name of the song or the album, and you’ll need to pick the singer. One of the hardest modes requires you to finish the lyrics which is nearly impossible if you’re not familiar with the song. And lastly, there are plenty of questions about the album’s awards, interesting facts, and all that.

80s Music Quiz 2


Movie Music Quiz 

Movie Music Quiz

Well, it’s pretty obvious what this game is about — it’s a song quiz dedicated to movie soundtracks.

For now, the app already covers the soundtracks to over 200 movies, and more are on the way. In most cases, there’s not just one song everyone knows from the film — there are several soundtracks you may not know even existed. Yeah, it levels up the difficulty of the questions, but it wouldn’t be fun without it.

It needs to be said, it’s the only app on the market that is fully dedicated to soundtracks, so it is definitely worth checking. The only flaw is there are only 15 lvls for now, but more are being added with each update. Herewith, each level contains 15 questions, so it will take some time to pass the whole game.

The mechanics are quite standard for such quizzes — you listen to a 30-sec clip, and have a set of letters that need to be composed into the title of the film. Every answer you get right will bring you points. Plus, you’ll be given an interesting fact about the movie or its soundtrack.

Movie Music Quiz 1 Movie Music Quiz 2 



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Guess The Singer 

guess the singer

And lastly, we have a game that will test how good you are at guessing the songs.

The concept of this app is the same as the previous one. The only difference is — you’ll need to guess artists, not songs. In other words, you won’t get to listen to the song’s clips. You’ll be given the art of a singer and a bunch of letters to compose the artist’s name.

It needs to be said, all the arts are quite minimalist and basic, so it’s not a problem to guess the artist at all. On one hand- it’s great as you won’t need any hints. But o the other hand, it seems like it’s more for kids and teens — older people just won’t enjoy it that much.

The game covers all the popular singers like Ariana Grande, Miley, Lana Del Rey, and all that. The game covers singers of all genres — from Hip Hop to Pop, but it doesn’t include music bands yet. The game has an offline mode, so you can play wherever you are.

Guess The Singer 1 Guess The Singer2



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