10 Best virus simulation game apps for Android & iOS

Viruses spreading all over the world infecting hundreds of people, aggravating panic among citizens of different countries. Countries are closing their borders, stoping normal work of airports, or killing animals that potentially are causing the epidemic. Scientists are working in laboratories trying to find a vaccine that must save humanity. Moreover, people turn into dangerous zombies.

Fortunately, it’s not a description of the real world’s situation. It’s just a little portrayal of virus simulation games for Android and iOS that we have collected below for you.

Plague Inc.

PlaguePlague is an outrageous and somewhat evil game were you managing to spread the killing virus through all the planet choosing one of the countries which have higher potential to spread the infection. Here you will feel that you hold a biological weapon and millions of people are going to die. Truly speaking this game is opening a very important topic that becomes more relevant day after day.

Plague1 Plague2

Plague is a strategy game with elements of simulation. It has a stunning graphic close to real images and a user-friendly interface. As long a the idea is new for the world of game Plague introduces a new player to step by step tutorial instructing of what is the goal and how to approach it.

The game offers 12 different viral infections that also require different ways to manage and master. Watching the whole map of the world hitting different areas with a virus trying to spread it all over the world. Different ways to spread but mostly with transportation such as airplanes and ships.

The game is available for Android and iOS. It offers in-app purchases to simplify the game process.


Pandemic: The Board Game

PandemicHere is the opposite of the previous game scenario. On the contrary to the Plague, you must fight against the rapidly spreading infection bringing vital disease. You are not alone in this game. Your team is with you. Working in collaboration can bring positive results very fast. All team has to work together fighting the virus and stopping the infection.

Pandemic1 Pandemic2

The goal is to fight 4 cures for one infection. For this, you must travel the world, and search solutions. Your time is limited as long as outbreaks and epidemics can cover the world faster than you find a vaccine.

Pandemic is originally a board game where each member of the team has a role one after another. Its pass and play style. When there is a turn of neхt player. the virus cubes grow and spread more so is becoming more dangerous an epidemic. Undoubtedly the game supports multiplayer with up to 7 roles or cards. You can play alone if you wish.


‎Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague

Bio IncAnd here we come, yet another devilish strategy game where your main role is to create dangerous lethal diseases caused by resistant viruses. Feel yourself like a scientist in the laboratory studying new bacteria and its effects on organism systems: respiratory, muscular, nervous, renal, etc.

Bio Inc is a challenging game that involves you to be disastrous for a human ruining its health by developing the disease and boosting risk factors. All this is to lead the patient to the fatal end. There is something sadistic in this game especially with the option to observe the real-time body changes due to the disease.

Bio Inc1

We all know those risk factors that always bring a negative effect on our health making us more vulnerable to any normal disease. Not to mention dangerous viruses and flu that can spread among people being very contagious. All bad habits lead to weak immunity. Smoking, obesity, high level of cholesterol. You can moderate all this.

Be aware that your time is also limited as doctors willing to help your victim can appear anytime with a cure. Available for Android and iOS. The game has four difficulty levels and 18 stages with different gameplays.


Global Outbreak

Global OutbreakBe a world protector and savior in the Global Outbreak game app. This game is an action where having a specific strategy must constrain the lethal virus that caused an outbreak in your city starting to infect other areas. Your aim is quite noble and far away from being disastrous. Especially because the virus doesn’t kill people but turning them into zombies.

Global Outbreak1 Global Outbreak2

You will have military squads all around the world whose aim is to get rid of the creepy virus. There are a lot of military machines under your control: helicopters, turrets. Your squads should be sent to the epicenters of the virus where zombies are attacking people infecting them rapidly. COntrol the plague not letting it cover all the planet.

Turning the GPS on lets the game to center in your location and play relatively this spot. Train your squads and develop it

The game has amazing graphics and exciting gameplay. It gained high popularity and has been downloaded millions of times. Available on Android and iOS as well.


Biotix: Phage Genesis

Biotix. Phage GenesisBiotix is a wonderful game in the genre of adventure. It involves a lot of brainwork. The gameplay looks simple. There are cells that supposedly have immunity that looks like numbers. And there are cells with the virus, infected ones. While healthy cells are trying to develop their immunity and resistance to viruses, infected cells have already started to fight against the rest.

Biotix. Phage Genesis1 Biotix. Phage Genesis2

Your aim is to infect all cells around. It looks like a silent battle similar to one that is happening inside an organism of humans or any other living organism. We are living and not noticing those processes that are happening inside our bodies with our cells. Those processes look like this game but on a tiny scale.

However, it’s a very cognitive game with lots of levels.

Features of the game:

  • Single-game and multiplayer.
  • A lot of levels and upgrade combinations.
  • Four host cells type: regeneration, defense, speed, normal.

The game is available for Android and iOS.


Universe Pandemic 2

Universe PandemicWe all remember Sim City game where our goal was to establish and develop the city and you had the option to ruin it as well. Throwing bombs, creating earthquakes, hurricane and other natural or not natural disasters. Universe Pandemic 2 is the game app that carries the same idea but probably more cruel as here your aim is only to conquer the universe instead of developing and also attack it with different disasters.

The main disaster is the pathogen virus that you must spread all over the world from country to country choosing the first spot to hit. Then you are able to send natural disasters as well including bombs, asteroids.

Universe Pandemic 1 Universe Pandemic 2

The story tells about the powerful race that is searching for resources and choosing a planet for it with intelligent life. The pathogen must help in order to conquer the planet. However, it’s not that easy as it may seem. You should not be detected, the pathogen should not be cured or resisted.

The game is available for Android and iOS. It’s free with in-app purchases. The game is popular and people compared it with Plague Inc saying that it’s very enjoyable.


Infection Bio War

Infection Bio War1Here is all again about developing the virus that is gonna kill as many people as possible. Infection Bio War the name that says all about the game. Its a war against people and your aim are to spread it all among them. Imagine that you fight against the whole planet and your choice is a biological weapon, one of the most indirect and dangerous approaches.

Infection Bio War Infection Bio War2

Work on your virus, develop it creating more symptoms and ways to spread it. It’s well known how viruses can spread among people, firstly through the air, then animals, birds and of course water. All of them are transmission vehicles and you have a right to choose.

There are a few important steps in virus development:

  • Select the country you will hit firstly.
  • Develop the disease, setting ways of transmission.
  • Add resistance to the virus to make it stronger and more persistent.

The game is available only for iOS devices.


VirosisMeet many types of virus bacteria in a new style shooter Virosis. This game app goes with a nice story where you will have to save humanity and the planet. It is mostly suitable for children as its easy to play.


Virosis1 Virosis2

The story says about a huge explosion caused by a collision of two huge celestial bodies. What such a situation could do to our planet? Of course, a lot of drifting rocks moved towards our planet. One of those asteroids landed on the earth and brought with it a weird virus. Those viruses started to spread among people making them deadly ill. Your task is to fight against this virus searching for a cure.

The game has many levels, its graphics are colorful and attractive. There are also exciting soundtracks that contribute to the atmosphere in the game.


Outbreak – Infect The World

OutbreakOutbreak is an outrageous virus stimulation game that despite all other games offers you two modes to play: either you represent humanity or the dangerous virus. In both situations, you will look at the game from different perspectives.

Choosing the virus spreading you have a lot of option but in all cases, your main goal is to infect the world and lead it to the massive global epidemic. You have not just viruses but other bacteria like pathogens, fungus, zombies, parasites, and many others. You can add different transmission ways like personal contact, animals, birds. Spread the disease through ships and planes and watch how humanity trying to adapt to developing the vaccine.

Outbreak1 Outbreak2

If you choose to play for humanity so you must fight this disease and not let the virus spread. There are also different ways to do it and many of them you know from the real world. This way you know that many countries close their borders, airports, and seaports. In the end, your goal is to find a vaccine.

This game is really addictive and worth trying. Unfortunately, only Android devices support this game. Note that it offers in-app purchases.


Ares Virus

ares virusAres Virus is an action with a small storyline. As in most games of that genre, something is going out of control and now spreading among people. Its the virus called Ares, it turns people into zombies and monsters. You must fight with zombies and complete quests as well.

The game put players in a battle with creepy monsters and investors. Besides normal battles, there are interesting quests that go with a story. For example, to blow up the bridge in order to stop the army of monsters. Stories are happening between battles and look like dialogues that add more sense to the whole action.

ares virus1 ares virus2

One of the tasks is to gather food and other stuff that can help you to survive. As long as monsters can jump from each corner, its dangerous to simply move outside.

The game is entertaining and addictive with nice graphics. And thus it gained extremely high popularity keeping the high rate on both platforms.

It’s free with in-app purchases.


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