7 Best Gas Cashback Apps in 2024 for Android & iOS

If you often drive, you have to pay for gas. Sometimes it might be too expensive. However, you can’t do anything about prices. The only thing you can do is to get cashback.

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In this article, you will find the best gas cashback applications. There are great options both for iOS and Android users.

GetUpside Cashback: Gas & Food

getupsie-logoAre you a popular visitor to gas stations? Then you need to get your reward. With GetUpside Cashback is something you need to try.

How to use it? Well, you don’t have to change your life and habits too much. Just shop as usual. Once you downloaded the app and create an account, your cashback will work.

Here are the best functions provided by GetUpside Cashback:

  • The app works with over 25 thousand gas stations across the US. The list of stations is truly impressive and it includes famous brands like Shell, Mobil, Speedway, and many others. 
  • In GetUpside, you may also get cashback in restaurants, fast food, cafes, and shops. The cashback can be huge, it might reach 45%, enabling you to save big money.
  • Different payment methods. Some people feel more comfortable using credit cards. Others love PayPal. It doesn’t matter what you like, all the options are available.

Please note that GetUpside will collect some data about your identity. It will track your location (without it, you won’t be able to see the nearest gas stations), contacts, search history, and usage data.

To install the app, you need to have about 150 MB of free memory.

The app is free of charge. You can get it on the App Store and Google Play.


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gasbuddy-logoHere is another great app to save gas in any state of the USA. It will help you find gas stations and save your money wherever you go inside the USA.

The app is packed with a great number of cool functions and cashback is one of them. Let’s take a closer look at the functions provided by GasBuddy: 

  • Find gas stations around you. When you are traveling across the country, you can’t always know where the nearest gas station is. GasBuddy will help you find it. You can search for the cheapest gas stations as well. 
  • Get rewards for your shopping. In GasBuddy, you can also get cashback for the gas. The more you buy, the more you get – that’s simple. To start getting cashback, you need to register your card or another payment method.
  • Share your experience. For instance, you can easily report gas prices so that other drivers can monitor them as well. You might also leave comments if you have something important to say.
  • Track your driving patterns. It is vitally important to drive safe so let GasBuddy help you with that. You just need to turn this option on. Then the app will track your patterns automatically and give you a detailed report. 

However, there might be problems when you add your credit card for the first time. Some users say the process could last for a few days. This means they couldn’t get cashback at once so be ready for such delays.

GasBuddy is free to download. Get it now on the App Store and Google Play.



ibotta-logoHere is one of the best cashback apps that can help you save money. Yes, the app isn’t aimed at gas stations only but the app also includes them.

What’s more, you may also get cashback at the restaurants, shops, groceries, gift cards.

The app will also work if you are shopping online. How do you start using the application? Once you downloaded Ibotta, give the application access to your camera. Then buy something you need, then take a photo and upload it.

The cashback will be sent to you automatically. You can spend this money on the next purchases.

Where can you get your cash back? 

  • Do it when shopping online. It doesn’t matter where you want to buy – on a site or in the application, you can always save money. Ibotta is compatible with most apps so there will be no problem with getting money. 
  • Ibotta has a great number of partners, such as Uber, eBay, Walmart, and many others.
  • Get rewards for your activity. For example, you can invite your friends to Ibotta and get bonuses. This will be added to your cashback so you can easily spend this amount of money.

The app will collect some data about you, such as your purchases, location, contacts, usage data. There is no way to avoid it as it is needed for giving you the map of the best gas stations and shops around you.

Ibotta is free of charge. You can get it now on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

Ibotta-screenshot Ibotta-screens


Trunow-logoThis is a great application that was created for getting discounts at gas stations. The app has a friendly interface and simple option, enabling you to start at once.

There are two main functions you can enjoy right after the download. Let’s take a look at both of them: 

  1. Find the cheapest gas stations located around you. This option will help you greatly when you are traveling inside the USA.
  2. Get cashback at once. If you tie your credit card to the Trunow app, you will get cashback very fast. You don’t have to do anything special, the cashback will be sent to you automatically.

However, here comes a pretty serious disadvantage. The game has problems with payout. For example, in Trunow, according to the developer, you can use PayPal.

Indeed, you might easily add such a payment method. Still, it takes a long time to get the cash and the app won’t let you spend your earnings.

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What is great, though, is the app’s size. You will need about 50 MB to install and use it.

Download Trunow on the App Store or Google Play for free.


BPme: BP & Amoco Gas Rewards

BP-logoThis app is intended for those drivers who often use BP and Amoco gas stations. This app will enable you to save money with each purchase.

It is easy to start using BPme. You need to download and open the app, check-in at the stations you often use, and then choose the type of pump you have.

Let’s concentrate on the best options provided by BPme:

  1. Save your money every time you buy gas, you might receive 5¢ off every gallon. This figure is guaranteed. Each time you go to the gas station, you can count on that. Yes, it’s a bit less that in GetUpside but you will get the cashback very fast.
  2. Get special rewards. Invite friends and relatives to BPme, leave reviews, and do some other tasks to get additional bonuses. This will be added to what you earn with the app automatically.
  3. The app is secure. All the data is encrypted and protected, according to the developers. This means you can easily give the app info about your cards. It won’t leak to the Internet or be given to a third party.
  4. If you don’t have a credit card or feel uncomfortable using it, feel free to use PayPal. It will work as fast as if you used your card.
  5. Help save the environment. You can easily go paperless and get rid of the paper receipts. This is simple and ecologic at the same time. When you need to review all the receipts, you can always see them through the app.

The app supports two languages, English and Dutch. BPme is aimed at the users living and driving in the USA or the Netherlands.

You can download BPme on the App Store or Google Play for free. There will be some ads that keep the service free.

BPme-screen BPme-screenshot

Shell US & Canada

Shell-logoShell is a super popular brand that has a great number of gas stations across the USA and many other countries. The app will allow you to save money and pay instantly.

Let’s take a look at the best functions provided by Shell US & Canada: 

  1. Pay safely. You can pay in any way that is comfortable for you. Don’t worry, it will be secure. It doesn’t matter what type of credit card you have, be it MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or any other. PayPal can also function well at Shell. It is also possible to use Samsung or Apple Pay. 
  2. If you are a new user, you can enjoy some discounts. For instance, you will be given a one-time 25¢/gal saving when you download the app for the first time and create an account. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 
  3. To pay, you can generate a QR-code and show it to a cashier inside the gas station. This will be much faster than paying in a traditional way using your real card or giving cash.
  4. All the receipts will be kept in one place. This will enable you to get rid of paper ones. You will save your time and the environment as well. You can always check them in the Shell application.
  5. Get Cashback. This will be done instantly, you just need to keep paying for the gas at Shell stations. You will have to add a credit card or other type of payment method.

Shell will track data about your location but it won’t link it to you.This means nobody will know your location and won’t use it for any purposes.

The app is pretty small, even though it contains a bit number of functions. You will need about 50 MB to install it. Shell is free with some ads but they aren’t too irritating.

Most users love Shell US & Canada for its simple user interface and instant payment operations. The best thing that it helps you save money without doing anything.

You can download Shell US & Canada on your Android and iOS device, do it for free.

shell-screenshot-1 shell-screenshot-2

Fuel Rewards® program

fuel-rewards-logoThis is another application that will help you to save money you spend on gas. The app will work in most of the stations, such as Shell, Dine, and some shops near the gas stations.

What can you do with the help of Fuel Rewards? There is a great number of opportunities.

  1. Locate the nearest gas stations when traveling or just explore your area. To enjoy such a function, make sure you give the app access to your location. 
  2. Get cashback. For example, at Shell, you may save up to 5¢/gal on every fill-up. The process will be conducted automatically after you create an account and set up a payment method.
  3. Travel more and save money! If you are planning to stay in a hotel, then keep in mind that you will be given 5¢/gal for every $50 you will spend. This works with online booking. You might book through the app or on a website. Fuel Rewards can be integrated with most of the platforms.

The app is free of charge but contains ads. Get it now on the App Store and Google Play.

fuel-rewards-screen fuel-rewards-screenshot

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