7 Best Dog Food Apps in the USA

According to the statistics, every 5th person in the United States has a dog. Are you in the dog club too? Obsessed with your furry friend and want to give it all the best? We totally understand and that’s why we gathered the best apps for all pet owners in general that will advise perfect nutrition for your pet.

And in the following article, discover all dog food apps in the USA.

Chewy – Where Pet Lovers Shop

So, we all make online shopping from time to time, right? And imagine an online grocery store for your dog! In fact, Chewy is an app not only for dog owners, but obviously, here you will find plenty of choices for it.

Just download the app and register your account. Attach your credit card and go to any shopping section you like! By the way, you will probably pay attention that the app has not only food sections, but pharmaceutical and the clothes sections as well.

Choose the type of food (logically, open the dogs’ food shell) and explore what Chewy has to offer. We need to say that buying dog meals in large amounts here is a bargain. Plus, the delivery is totally affordable!

But even if you are looking for something specific, there is a huge chance you’re going to get it since there are more than 2000 brands presented in the app. All goods have reviews and you can be calm about the safety of the product.

Moreover, you can set the auto-delivery by filling out the form with your address and the preferable time of delivery. Therefore there will be no need for you to do it next time.

Overall, Chewy is the coolest app, it’s like an Amazon for pets!


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Dog Food Calculator

We thought that you might want to make the food ratio of your dog to be balanced and well-planned you can even install this food calculator for dogs. Actually, diet planning is crucial for some dog breeds, especially for ones that take part in championships.

This is an easy, but extremely useful app. First, you need to type in the weight of your dog, then insert the type of the meals that it eats and the calculator will count all the measurements of how many cups of this meal your dog should eat daily.

Moreover, there is a list for each breed about the peculiarities of its feeding. The special accent is made on the weight of the dog, which is logical.

Dog Food Calculator is available in several languages. It’s not a popular app, but we rated it useful for the dog’s feeding process.


The Dog Food App 

Another shopping app for dogs’ meals. The Dog Food App might seem like your trivial choice, but it has excellent service and feedback by all its users.

This app was developed to help the dog owners to deliver the giant sacks with the dogs’ food straight to the door owners. Really smart, isn’t it?

Inside this delivery service, you will be able to choose among dozens of brands along with seeing the reviews about each of those. You can also buy the food in various amounts – there are several options.

After you have made your purchase the tracking of the delivery is available 24/7. All in all, there is nothing extra about The Dog Food App – but it’s an advantage!


Safe Pet Treats – Cat & Dog Food App Scanner

It is no secret that manufacturers often neglect the quality of pets’ food and add various hazardous elements into it. Very often those elements are targeted to cause the food addiction for the pet and it’s a peril. Luckily, the developers of this app found a way out of the situation.

Safe Pet Treats allows you to scan the barcode on dogs’ food and check out if it’s safe or not. The app contains all the information about the brands, including the contents and the real feedback of dog owners. The app is developed to operate inside the US.

The only dubious pat about Safe Pet Treats is that it also has an advertisement for pets’ food in it.

Safe Pet Treats 1

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This is one of the most widely known shopping apps for pet owners. You can order the food here as well. Actually, not only food – you can discover all the possible toys, grooming tools, sanitary tools, medical supplements, and other things.

Therefore, more than 100 brands are presented in the app. By shopping here, you get bonuses and rewards that you can later exchange for gifts for your furry friend.

The interface design is convenient and really similar to the one that the Chewy app has.

However, we put this app to the end of our list because it has one serious issue – after the last update there is a bug and it always crashes.


Dog Food Recipes – Homemade Dog Food Recipes

This is quite an easy app about the recipes for the dogs’ food’ However, lots of users will probably find that irreplaceable since the dog diet is the thing you need to take seriously, especially for rare breeds of dogs.

The app contains the recipes for all cases: vegetarian, gluten-free, recipes for the dog with the heart conditions, BARF diet, recipes for the dogs with allergies, and so on.

Overall, you open the app, go to the main menu and find the category you need. After you click on the category, the app opens a large PDF file where you will find all the recipes. Quite a mundane app.

Dog Food Recipes1

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PAWSM — Dog nutrition

This app is a total monitor of your dog’s health. It keeps track not only of what your dog consumes daily but also of its exercises and physical activity.

It’s also essential to mention that this app has a better interface than 80% of the apps on this list. However, this is just a calculator of the dog’s food, you put in the type of breed of your dog, then the type of the meal, and your dog’s weight – and then the app counts the perfect amount of food for it for every day.

All the calculations in the app are made according to the veterinarian’s recommendations.

However, despite the bright idea of this app we had to put it at the end of our list since it has too many errors in it.

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