11 Free VR apps for Android & iOS

VR industry has been actively developing for the last few years and is gaining huge popularity among the audience. Some really believe that the future of the entire entertainment industry lies in virtual reality and its imitation.

In fact, not everyone can be the owner of virtual reality glasses and therefore not everyone can try the charms of the “other” vision.

VR glasses or other headsets – such as HTC Vive or PlayStation VR are quite expensive and not all people can afford to buy them. This is because the idea itself is difficult to implement and requires high-quality and expensive details.

But for those people who are still looking for a way to try such entertainment, there is a way.
We’ve found 11 whole applications that will turn your smartphone into a real device for VR.

Netflix VR

netflix vr1Netflix is a service loved by people around the world that gives people constant content for entertainment. It is a huge number of movies, TV series, and shows that are constantly updated and available anywhere with an account.

Now you can watch not just on your own TV or laptop, but also in VR mode! Feel like a real actor on the screen.

With Netflix VR, you can watch everything you love and watch in your normal life. Your favorite TV series, movies, and heroes will be right next to you – literally in the same room.

The app catalog is absolutely identical to what you will find in the standard Netflix app. Family and children’s shows, TV shows and current TV series – all that you already watch on a standard subscription.

If you still do not have a subscription, you can try Netflix VR for free for a month. Of course, for the full experience, you should still use virtual reality glasses – so the effect of presence will feel even stronger.

netflix vr



Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality & Earn Money in VR

fulldrive vrAs you can see from the title, many users are actively using Fulldive VR as a platform for making money. The logical question is: How can I make money on entertainment?

It’s simple – the Fulldive VR platform offers you the opportunity to make money in any currency you like – Bitcoin, Ethereum and more – simply by doing what you love. You’ll need to listen to music, watch videos in VR mode and chat with other people. Practically a dream job!

Fulldive VR is a custom platform filled with content and communication. Here you can keep track of your friends’ activity, as well as do something for yourself. To watch it, you can take any video from the internet and start playing it in VR mode using Fulldive.

Fulldive VR works particularly well with YouTube: you can either view the videos from there or broadcast them yourself. With the camera, you can even shoot what’s going on in VR mode.

For a better display, you can calibrate your device so that the picture becomes even more attractive. Now you can make money with pleasure!

fulldrive vr1 fulldrive vr2


VR Theater for Cardboard

vr theater for cardboardVR Theater for Cardboard is an imperfect media player, but the developer warns you immediately!

Listen to what the creator says about his product: “a lot of bugs; poor graphics; awkward interface” and much more! Agree, such a description immediately arouses the interest of users and want to try – is the application really so bad?

In fact, any VR application needs sufficient modification and has limited capabilities. But VR Theater for Cardboard is not as bad as the developer is trying to show it. Here you can watch panoramic movies, any mp4 videos, and even 3D movies.

The most important thing is that there is no advertising and the application does not collect any personal data from users. You adjust all the settings of the application for watching videos.

Of course, we cannot say that the quality will be identical to what you would get with full VR glasses or other devices. And you can still enjoy a great movie in realistic mode. 2D and 3D movies work perfectly in the VR Theater for Cardboard application.

vr theater for cardboard1



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Sites in VR

sites in vrProbably travel is one of the main life goals of every person. But not always our time and finances allow us to get acquainted with the main historical places and sights because they are in absolutely different parts of the world.

To touch the history at least a little and see with your own eyes all the important views, as well as “visit” many world capitals, you can use the application Sites in VR.

With this application, you will get to know the beautiful architecture of the Islamic world – Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Syria, and many other fascinating places. You can even climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris and see all the splendor of the city from a bird’s eye view.

You do not need a gyroscope or binoculars – all these views will be on your smartphone. Use the unique VR settings in Sites in VR to get a better view of the picture you are showing.

Here you can adjust the separation to your eyes, the unique settings of your skull structure, as well as the distance from the lens to the screen.

By the way, you will not see any mistakes anywhere – even on the place where a tripod with a panoramic camera usually stands, you will still see the ground without any interference.

sites in vr1 sites in vr2


Expeditions by Google

expeditionsYou want to know a little more than your friends or even classmates? Then we recommend you explore the Google Expeditions app. Here you’ll be traveling in a virtual world while exploring the best sights and more.

If you think that your education will end up at the level of viewing historic monuments, you are deeply mistaken. Expeditions give you the opportunity to even look at objects at the level of the structure of their atoms, as well as to dive underwater or even go into space.

You can even use this application in class if you are a teacher. You can give your students brief information about what they see now – for example, the inhabitants of the aquatic world of an ocean.

Of course, you can also immerse yourself in virtual reality without any help. You can explore the world around you, using only your smartphone, while receiving not only textual information.

By the way, if you act as a guide, the whole group can connect to one Wi-Fi network and simultaneously move in virtual reality.

It’s worth mentioning that in the application catalog there are already ready expeditions that you can try on your own. So you don’t even need a tour guide – the Expeditions app tells you everything in detail.

expeditions2 expeditions1


Google Arts & Culture VR

google artsIn fact, valuable knowledge can be obtained not only by exploring the world around us. Art is an important part of human education and also needs to be studied.

As you know, many of the world’s most famous museums are located in different cities just like the sights. But now you can go inside without even leaving your own apartment or even being in bed. Yes, this is really easy to do!

Google Arts & Culture VR allows its users to visit the best museums in the world directly in the application using virtual reality technology. You will literally walk through the gallery admiring the works of the best world-famous artists.

All you have to do to get a better look at the picture is to zoom in on the picture – it’s made in excellent quality and you’ll see every single stroke of the picture.

Please note that the Google Arts & Culture VR only works with the Daydream headset and requires it to start working. In order to visit museums and enjoy the best works of art, you need a Daydream View and a phone that can work with this technology.

google arts1



Zombie Shooter VR

zombie shooterAfter you became smarter and more educated, you can also have fun in a more grounded way. Of course, admiring paintings, breathtaking views, and other equally beautiful things is great, but what could be better than a post-apocalyptic world with zombies?

Just a virtual reality view of it all! Zombie Shooter VR is a game in VR mode, where you can feel like the main character and enjoy killing zombies with the help of your phone.

To start the game, you will need to look at the choice of weapons and go to the subway. No, you will not have to leave the house – all this will happen in virtual reality.

Here everything is worked out to the smallest detail: all the sounds, graphics, and even a fully added virtual world. Wearing VR glasses, you can get confused, what is really real!

For a start, you’ll have a free test period, during which you can try out Zombie Shooter VR. If you like this game or want to try something new, you will need to register on Fibrum VR and continue exploring the virtual world there.

There are other similar games on the platform, but if you want you can buy the full version of Zombie Shooter VR and continue to fight with zombies.

zombie shooter1



YouTube VR

youtube vrNot so long ago, YouTube began to have videos that can be viewed in 360-degree mode. It works like this: you turn on the video and start “spinning” around your axis.

Along with your movements, the picture on your smartphone will also change, as the camera records everything that happens around it. Now you can more conveniently view such videos using YouTube VR.

Install Daydream View on your smartphone and you will be able to watch videos published and uploaded on YouTube VR. You will see a three-dimensional interface, that will be around you.

In order to view any videos and shows, you just need to log in to your account and continue all the work in it. As in the real world, the farther you will be from the object, the less intense the sound will be. This gives you even more realism when watching.

As with the standard version of YouTube, you can use voice search. So you won’t be taking part at all with your hands or fingers – the playback process will start literally by itself.

youtube vr1



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cardboardThe logo of this application is simple cardboard glasses. This immediately creates an association with internet lifehacks and the organization of a home theater from a cardboard box and smartphone.

Here the developers promise you a full world of virtual reality, which will help you set up VR glasses and start enjoying your favorite videos, movies and much more.

Inside Cardboard, you can choose what you want to do at the moment. If you wish, you can take a tour around the world or visit some famous museums.

But you can view more than just famous cultural sites and art objects: Cardboard allows you to view even your own videos or panoramic photos in virtual reality.

In order to work with Cardboard, you will need special glasses, which are called identical – Cardboard. The application interface itself is quite bright and user-friendly.

All the things you like, you save in your own library and can view them later at any time. We recommend that you take this opportunity and visit, for example, Versailles – Cardboard will provide you with a personal virtual guide.

cardboard2 cardboard1



within vrWITHIN is another application where you can view a variety of content in virtual reality. In one application developers have collected for you the best exciting stories that can be found on the Internet.
Here you will not just watch soap operas and shows, but really immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the story that’s happening on your screen? WITHIN has collected a lot of first-class content for you, which will allow you to plunge into what is happening.

Every video in this application has its own story that you need to understand. You will act as the main character.

Using a headset, you can watch the best VR content from around the world using your smartphone. Want to visit Africa? Or watch your favorite movie with a sense of presence? WITHIN will help you and even become your guide in the world of virtual reality.

within vr1 within vr2


Trinus Cardboard VR (Lite)

trinusWould you like to play your favorite computer games, feeling like the main character? If your answer is yes, then we found the perfect application! Trinus Cardboard VR streams video from your personal computer to your smartphone and tracks all the movements of your head.

By transmitting head movements data, Trinus Cardboard VR changes locations and angle in the computer game itself – so you can control your character and his actions.

Of course, in order to use Trinus Cardboard VR, you will need a special headset. It can be Google Cardboard or any other device that supports this feature. Now your favorite games will surround you as close as possible.

It’s worth noting that Trinus Cardboard VR works 10 minutes at a time. You can run the application as many times as you like, but each time the duration of the session will be limited.

The version we are showing you is free and it is a test version. Here you can verify the functionality of Trinus Cardboard VR and make the final decision about purchasing.
In any case, the very idea that you can be the main character in your favorite computer game is amazing.




It is impossible to say that a smartphone can completely replace VR glasses. Of course, it can’t! Using just your smartphone, you will get a great experience of virtual reality adventures and apps as well.

Thus, you will not lag behind world trends, and you will also learn what are these games and entertainment. You just have to choose what you want to do – visit a new place, watch a movie or even learn VR games and pick up the application of your interest. We hope our article has helped you to do it!

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