Goalist: Daily Planner, To-Do, Time & Goal Tracker App Review

Always come late for a meeting and forget to carry out important tasks? Now you will not have such problems. Loading Goalist App is definitely your choice! Ideal assistance for your Android. This daily organizer will enable you to keep track of your plans anywhere and anytime you want. Take total control of your life!

They say you achieve your goals faster when you create a vision board first. For that purpose, you can use the best cut and paste apps to create a perfect representation of your desires.

Provided ultimate time-management and goal setting! With a help of Goalist app, you can see which things you should do first and promptly. The app offers some flexible tools to realize the plan fully.


The stylish and pleasant design of this app stands it out among the competitors and provides a positive mood while using it. Manage your daily time with pleasure!

Goalist App is the perfect way on how to create detailed daily plans and if something changes, it will adjust a new plan for you. Monitor the proposed statistics, graphs, and notifications. It will help you realize better your values, habits, personal state of mind, time usage, and task setting. Ultimate convenience!


Plan your schedule from day today. Set a task accomplishment date and add an unlimited number of notes and ideas to every task. Integrated function Task Sets for fast & easy planning makes it simple to group all your tasks in one place according to random categories for providing better control. Stay organized and focused all the time!

Now you do not have to worry about forgetting your plans – Goalist App takes care of it and notifies you about them! The majority of functions are available for free, but you can buy additional options at an accessible price.

And when you’re feeling down on motivation you can watch videos on YouTube to elevate your vibe. You can even download those videos so you can watch them anytime and anywhere.

Goalist App is more than just time and goals management – it offers calendars, reminders, scheduling, to-do-list, checklists, sophisticated alarms, widgets, and data statistics. There is no tedious formality – you can monitor your personal state of mind and enjoy the lovely interface as well.


Generate your projects according to categories and easily separate work projects and personal tasks. This perfect daily organizer is designed for the organization of the plans and providing convenient time tracking. The ideal time and goal setting function!

No matter you are developing a business project or creating a shopping list, in any case, you will be pleasantly surprised of realizing how many things you can do in 24 hours. Goalist App shows that organizing all your activities – is so easy!

Check graphics, analyze your spending time, and boost your productivity. The manufacturer stands firmly behind the app quality and strives to satisfy all user’s wishes. You can ask questions, suggest improvements, and report bugs on Goalist’s forum. Quickly and easily customize your plans and goals with the help of Goalist App!

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The best tool for carrying out all your plans and tasks! Combines a user-friendly interface, a great set of functions, and a pretty design. If you are looking for an appropriate daily organizer app, hurry up to download Goalist App. It will fully suit you!


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