11 Best Harry Potter Filter Apps (Hogwarts Filters)

Harry Potter fans love everything related to their favorite characters and places. Now they have another way to immerse themselves in the magical world of Hogwarts – with the help of special mobile apps.

Delve into the magic wizard world playing these these best Harry Potter universe games.

These apps allow users to turn their photos into characters from the Harry Potter movies. They can make you look like a real Hogwarts student. To do this, the apps in our review utilize artificial intelligence capabilities.

If you are a Harry Potter fan and are looking for a way to have fun, then be sure to try one of these best Harry Potter filter apps.

DaVinci – AI Photo Generator

DaVinchi will become your guide to the world of art under the guidance of artificial intelligence. The app quickly and correctly translates ordinary text into incomprehensible images that are unparalleled. It’s a great way to get a photo in Harry Potter style, decorate a brochure, or an invitation.

There are plenty of styles and tools to create high-quality images. You do not need to search for a suitable option on the vastness of the Internet or create a picture yourself through complex paid programs. To create a masterpiece you need to do 3 actions.

Fill in the “Hint” field to direct the work of the app in the right way. Write down exactly what kind of wizard you would like to see yourself as a result. A few words or phrases are enough to start the work of AI. Then mark the desired image style: nature, animation, fantastic character, holidays.

In just a few seconds, a ready-made image that matches the description and the chosen style will appear on the screen. It can be used to communicate with friends on social networks, festive decoration of premises, as a sketch for your drawing.

DaVinchi allows you to upload other photos and images as a base. So, you can upload a photo of yourself to turn into a Hogwarts student. See how an ordinary photo will change right before your eyes. Use photos in different styles for Instagram and Facebook avatars.

Photos can be uploaded to other online platforms directly from the app.


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Wonder – AI Art Generator

Wonder opens the door to the Haryy Potter universe through digital imaging technology. See what artificial intelligence can do to create masterpieces of fine art. This is an unlimited field for everyone’s creativity.

Even if you have no drawing skills, you can become the author of a full-fledged picture of high quality. You can use the app for any needs: your interest in modern art, training, and professional activities.

Let the magical wallpaper on your computer screensaver or phone screen become a hot topic for discussion. Your words have more power than you think. Any phrase or set of individual words will become the basis for the future image.

It can be both fantastic and real characters. You can create not only portraits but also Hogwarts landscapes. Perhaps you want to visualize characters from an original book.

Artificial intelligence generates an image according to the given parameters instantly, so the app is suitable for processing large amounts of data.

Save your version of the drawing and share it on social networks under the hashtag #AlPanting. Join a creative community of over 10 million members from around the world.


AI Art Generator, Image-Maker

Modern art is impossible to imagine without the use of artificial intelligence. Al Art Generator allows all users to feel like a successful artists. This app is suitable for children and their parents.

There are no age limits here, which promotes the development of imagination and creative success in the younger generation. Learn how much a few ordinary words mean. To do this, turn text into an image or a photo. You will need a description of the painting to get the visual equivalent.

Describe the look of the painting and tell what emotions it should evoke in the viewer. You can add information about where and what you will use it for. Next, specify your preferred style. The app comes with the most complete collection of genres: magical, anime, manga, etc.

Using this app, you can make a fabulous creature, a beautiful person, or an incredible landscape. Developers update the collection with modern trends. Create an image in your head and try to convey its essence with words.

The finished image can be downloaded for free in HD format. To remove ads and expand the selection of available styles, you need to subscribe. Your creativity deserves to be seen by as many connoisseurs of beauty as possible.


AI Art Image Generator – GoArt

GoArt offers a completely new way to create digital images. It is based on the ability of artificial intelligence to interact with the user, getting the information it needs to work from their words or uploaded photos.

Start getting acquainted with the generator with a description. You will need to formulate the meaning of the future masterpiece. Emphasize individual details or describe the overall impression.

This app will become a digital assistant when working with children, creative individuals, and advertising specialists. If you have exhausted your ideas and don’t know how to bring back inspiration, the image generator will help in this difficult period.

You can use not only text but also your photos as the main element. Upload selfies or photos of your friends to get original Harry Potter avatars. See what your portrait would look like under the brush of J. K. Rowling. Your photos will look frighteningly realistic.

It can be more than just a person in the photo. Choose animals and insects as models. Transform landscapes and images of objects and food. Any known styles are available for you to work with, including magical, manga, cartoon style, and cyberpunk.

Sell the visualization of your ideas by converting them to NFT. Images can be saved in HD and used for any purpose.


Sabai Art – AI Photo Generator

Sabai Art developers have prepared many surprises for you. Generator of new images and paintings based on artificial intelligence has never been so simple and effective. This app has changed the approach to digital art elements. At the heart of the app is your idea put into words.

Just a few words, unrelated in any way, trigger the process of creating a complete painting. The more precisely you can describe your vision of the painting, the more chances you have to get the right result the first time.

The graphics are so realistic and colorful that the resulting picture does not raise doubts about its authenticity. It’s time to use all the creative ideas you couldn’t realize on paper. Artificial intelligence has undergone extensive training on millions of pictures.

It knows how to automatically analyze written words, coincidences, and associations. Easily reading the author’s mood, the app prepares the most appropriate version for you. You have an unlimited number of attempts to realize any intellectual project.

Prepare logos and book covers in the Harry Potter style. Make a banner or design an event invitation with Hogwarts as a background in minutes. This app offers a free version. You will need to make a payment to get access to the advanced tools.


Imagine: AI Art Generator

Imagine is so much more than the usual photo editor. Forget about limitations and recognized norms. Entrust your thoughts to artificial intelligence and discover new possibilities in digital creativity.

With the advent of the image generator, art has become even closer and more accessible to every user. With its help, your blog and social media page will take a second breath.

First, you need to create a description for the drawing. Here you can experiment and act without preparation. You can always change the description if something goes wrong. Get a chance to watch artificial intelligence combine completely different worlds into one work of art.

Add some personality to your drawing with editing tools. The number of filters is constantly growing as the app adds the most current and popular genres.

The range of use of generated images is not limited. It will be necessary if you are engaged in fine arts and are in search of original ideas. It is a convenient platform for those who are just learning to draw on paper. Create covers for books and magazines, and decorate a music album to your taste.


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AI ARTA: Art & Photo Generator

Al Arta will be the tool that will make you stand out among other social media users. Decorate your blog with beautiful images in Harry Potter style created by artificial intelligence just for you. Enter the word prompts and choose the theme you want.

This app is indispensable in the development of brands and advertising campaigns. It allows you to design a large number of photos without time and cost. No matter what style of photo you prefer: magical, anime, or travel.

Choose a category and apply any filter you like. Save the finished photo and put it on your avatar on social networks and online services. If you don’t get the result you want, you can always go back and try another option.

You don’t need to confirm your account or create a new one to use Al Arta. The app does not collect the personal data of users. This editor became popular due to its simple instructions. It has been installed by more than a million people. Create unique images quickly and completely free of charge.

In addition to creating photos, the generator is capable of editing fascinating clips. Choose any video from the gallery and create whole video stories using the offered templates and filters. Any styles and their combinations. Realize your ideas without the help of specialists.


WOMBO Dream – AI Art Generator

WOMBO Dream quickly and gracefully translates ordinary words into colorful illustrations. Trust your ideas to artificial intelligence. With access to a vast array of sources, AI generates an image exactly as described. Use cutting-edge science to explore a new direction.

To avoid wasting time on many attempts, make a detailed description of the future work. Here you will not meet obstacles, creating pictures on any subject. If you want to get an image of yourself standing near Hogwarts or take a picture of a car in sky, this app will help you.

Upload selfies and add special effects that are not available in a regular editor. Draw a wonderful explanation of the presentation, and fill your Instagram profile with themed pictures. Show your kid what his or her drawing could look like in reality.

Don’t forget to explain what genre you need to choose to generate files. Use magical, cyberpunk, or realistic style. The “Create” button starts the complex work of the app. Already in a few seconds, an image will appear on the screen. It can be deleted, saved, and published on social networks.

Only you will be the owner of the finished images. This helps to avoid problems with plagiarism and confirmation of intellectual property. It is worth remembering that some platforms do not accept images created with AI.


Artist.ai – AI Art Generator

Artist.ai shows users the incredible possibilities of artificial intelligence in the field of digital creativity. Now you don’t need to know how to draw to get a high-quality photo with Harry Potter filter. You definitely don’t need to contact an artist to own an entire collection of incredible images in any style.

To launch the app, write in the “Hint” section what you associate the future picture with. A few words, a phrase borrowed from a Harry Potter movie, or a line of a song.

Next, specify in what style you need a painting. Maybe you like Slytherin or you want a visual element for your Harry Potter blog or online store. Paint landscapes that surround Hogwarts. Choose rather rare styles: magical, painting, imitation Van Gogh style.

Even if you think you have entered an unrealistic description, just wait for the session to end. All images are originals and are generated in a single copy. You will get unique content, but you will not have to go through the intellectual property validation process.

Some online services ask you to specify in advance whether artificial intelligence was involved in the creation of the project. Navigation of the app is available for both novice artists and experienced designers. Evaluate Artist.ai’s bright and realistic works.


Kyral: AI Art Generator

Your photos and images will get even more rave reviews with Kyral. The free image generator is designed to help artists, ad creators, social media, and blog users. To avoid repeating other users’ ideas, you need to find your style. This is easy to do on this platform.

This option is suitable even if you have never picked up paint and pencil before. Use artificial intelligence as a tool to create brand new images in any quantity.

Make the holiday brighter with creative invitations, decorate the house for New Year’s celebrations, and please your child with a fun and useful activity. You can set the task of creating an image at any time. It is practical, convenient, and completely free.

Start by describing the image you want to see on the screen. Try to convey your attitude to the character or place. You can set the style of the visual art yourself. Write if you want a sketch, outline, or a fully finished drawing.

You can also use other photos to describe the desire. Edit your selfies to create an incredible image in the style of your favorite movie. Kyral creates unique and stylish images based on your description.


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AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor

Let artificial intelligence transform your photos into the style of the Harry Potter universe. Al Mirror will take perfect pictures in the style of your choice. The app expands your possibilities and offers a modern platform for creative ideas.

Prepare a stylish photo for a contest, fill your album with atmospheric shots, and make time stop. Create sketches of tattoos and images for car and room decorations. The app changes your photos and drawings with all kinds of filters.

Imagine yourself as a wizard, go to the Hogwarts, or create an attractive avatar in Harry Potter style. Add a little adventure to your everyday life: use a mantle, the magic of a sorceress, and the might of fairy-tale dragons.

New author’s filters and special effects are constantly appearing in the catalog. You can upload one photo and check several styles at once, choosing the best shot. Use yourself and your friends as the main characters.

Create animated characters for your relatives. Don’t forget about your favorite pets. Take part in the closed Discord community. Here you can share your ideas and appreciate the creativity of other users. This app is for everyone open to new ideas and endeavors.

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