5 Best Heads Up Game Apps for Android & iOS

Heads Up is an exciting game you can play with your friends at a party or during the break at school. The only thing you need is paper and a pen or a pencil.

But this is a traditional way of playing. Now you can play this game using your smartphone only.

To do it, download one of the apps listed here. There are applications for Android, as well as for iOS users. Most of them are free.

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Charades – Heads Up Game

Let’s play a game to have fun! This is a perfect solution if you are looking for a good party and family game. 

Charades is a good choice for those who are planning an event where a big number of people will be involved.

The app includes more than 3000 different cards divided into various topics that are very unique:

  • Disney Cartoons
  • Marvel Universe
  • Brands
  • Just for Kids
  • Cars

To make the game more exciting, increase the number of players. To do it, you can ask your friends to join you on social media.

Even though the app has a huge set of cards, it is not too big. Its size is 14.8 MB only. 

This game is so cool because it is free of charge with no ads. What is more, you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy such a game.

The app is not 100% free, though. Some of the categories are available right after you have opened the game. Others are included in the in-app purchases. One category (one card deck) costs 1$.

There are no bugs and technical problems. The app tracks the cards you have used so that you won’t run through the same set of cards again.

Unfortunately, only iOS users can enjoy the full range of options provided by this app. You can get it now on the App Store. 


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Here comes another great app for playing Heads Up. There are over 45 card decks for every player and every situation.

The difficulty of the game depends on the card deck you choose. For example, if you choose animals, it is unlikely to be too hard. Still, if you grab the ‘Celebrities’ card deck and take the challenge to show all of your acting skills.

There are many key features you will discover right after the download:

  • Group competition. Divide into groups and try to be the first among all of them.
  • Use your phone as a card generator. Move it, tilting your device up and down.
  • Do everything to win: dance, jump, make faces. This will be a real challenge. 

If you are playing with kids and you are worried that the app will present content that can be too traumatic for a little child, you can choose the deck card that is created for kids. 

However, there can be some problems when you open the app. In this case, you can delete the app from your device and download it once again.

The application is free of charge. You can get the Heads Up game from Google Play. 


Heads Up! – Trivia on the go

Are you bored? If you are, call all of your friends and play an exciting game with them!

This game is very unique and outstanding. Not only does it provides you with a huge set of cards but it also gives you an opportunity to face interesting challenges every day.

When you are trying to guess the word, remember that you don’t have a lot of time. There is a timer that prevents you from being stuck in one step.

There are 40+ theme card decks so that you can choose the category you loke most of all.

If you feel that the existing cards are not enough for you, you can create your own new cards and add them to the app.

There is a special game mode created for kids so that you can play with your little child.

The app is very reliable – it is rated 4.8 out of 5. There are no bugs detected by the users, the app thoroughly tracks your progress.

The only disadvantage is the size of the app – it is about 163 MB, which can be a serious problem if you are keeping your phone memory.

The game is not free, it costs 1.69$. If you want to get a kid’s mode, it will cost you 3.49$.

You can download the application from the App Store and start a great and hilarious game.


Heads Up! – The Best Charades Game!

It’s time you started playing an amazing game called Heads Up. We recommend that it will be a crazy and hilarious time you are going to spend with your friends.

This game is a real challenge. Use movements, facial expressions, dances but don’t say anything. 

This is a great application if you are going to spend a night with your friends or a weekend with your family. The more people are taking part in the game, the better. 

Heads Up app generates an endless number of cards. There are many card decks divided into categories:

  • Celebrities
  • Animals
  • Superheroes
  • Movies
  • Accents 
  • And many other cool categories!

In general, there are more than 40 card decks devoted to various topics. 

This application is very reliable, it was downloaded more than 200 000 times from Google Play.

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The interface is friendly and simple so that everybody, from little children to senior people, can take part in a game. 

However, there is a huge disadvantage. The content is painfully slow to download that sometimes makes you wait for minutes. 

The application has some glitches when you try playing not on a smartphone but a tablet. 

It is free to download the Heads Up app. There are some in-app purchases that keep the content free for you.

You can get the app on Google Play. 


CharadesApp – What am I? (Charades and Mimics)

Are you an intuitive person? Let’s check! With CharadesApp, you can easily do it. The minimum number of players is two. The maximum is not limited. The more players are involved, the more exciting the game gets.

There are more than 60 cards available for free. They are divided into categories (Movies, Cartoons, Heroes, Celebrities, Animals, Characters) so that you can choose the topic you like most.

Challenge your acting skills and check if you can dance, pretend, make facial expressions.  This is going to be a hard thing to do. When you feel you can’t guess the word, don’t worry – you can always skip it and try with another card.

This game will be equally good for a family night, as well as for a crazy party. It is a unique tool you can use for entertainment.

The application is free of charge. You can download it from Google Play. There are some ads you can’t skip but they keep the cards free.

There are some in-app purchases that allow you to extend the range of the app’s functions. Still, all the basic stuff remains free.


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