11 Best Tales Games 2022 (Android & iOS)

The Tales series has always thumbed its nose at JRPG traditions. Wildly popular in Japan, Tales hasn’t pierced the West in the same way that franchises like Final Fantasy have, though many of its titles remain in the pantheon of the best JRPGs.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Tales games feature real-time combat in the style of a fighting game. The classics of a good JRPG are still present, though, including dense character progression, a grand narrative, and a cast of interesting characters.

In this review, we have collected the best tales games for Android and iOS that combine all the traditions and high quality.


TALES OF CRESTORIA logoTales of Crestoria is a free mobile spin-off of the popular RPG Tales of the company Bandai Namco.

The project offers an extraordinary dramatic storyline with familiar and brand new characters.

Players need to communicate a lot, fight in turn-based battles, develop heroes, and try to survive in the fantasy world of Crestoria.

Tales of Crestoria is designed specifically for mobile devices running Android and IOS.


Besides, it has pleasant graphics, as well as adapted management.

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Tales of Erin

Tales of Erin logoTales of Erin – mobile JRPG with high-quality 2D-graphics, made in the style of Japanese animation.

In the game, there is a story, according to which the protagonist, nineteen Alwen, must protect the native land of Erin from the dark forces and just bad people.

Together with Alwen, not only people like him fight evil, but also supernatural creatures (elves, fairies, anthropomorphic beasts – anime), and various deities patronize them.

All the plot perimeters can be learned from the cartoon inserts and dialogues, which are abundant in the game.

Tales of Erin screen 2 Tales of Erin screen 1

Tales of Erin is able to please not only the eye but also the ear. In addition to the colorful anime graphics, there is pleasant, not annoying music, as well as voice (naturally, Japanese) from the famous Seia.

Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind logoTales of Wind is an anime stylized MMORPG with an open world.

It includes several areas, four classes of characters (not counting the hybrid, received after promotion), as well as a wide range of game features.

This is an interesting MMORPG in anime style. Very beautifully traced the world around, there are many heroes with whom you can interact.

The mechanics of the game is designed for teamwork and there are a lot of them. There is a farm on which you can grow animals and plants, extract various resources, develop production.

Tales of Wind screen 2 Tales of Wind screen 1

This part of the game will please people who do not like to fight, run in the Arena. The game is balanced, you can play it and develop productively without spending real money.

Blade & Wings

Blade & Wings logoBlade & Wings is a three-dimensional anime role-playing online game in the action genre, which is evaluated as a promising mobile MMORPG.

It offers high-quality graphics with an exciting storyline and offers many challenging quests.

To differentiate itself from the crowds of realistic action RPGs, Blade & Wings offers bright and fresh anime.

For too long players are used to fighting with non-game characters in traditional games. Blade & Wings uniquely influence this primary setting and change the identity between NPC and the player.

In the game, you become one of the forces of the NPC, which break the seal, and the people around you – the players and fierce enemies.

Blade & Wings screen 2 Blade & Wings screen 1

Join in this epic anime game and show your enemies ruthlessness while you fire them from this chaos, and then build a new future with order.

Epic Seven

Epic Seven logoThis game takes you to the sixth world. Here you meet with the two successors, Kise and Rule.

These people have made a contract with the guards, who give eternal youth and strength. They die in battle, and Ras loses the war with Archdemon.

The goddess Dishe re-creates the world from the shards. Rus awakens from sleep, finds out that Archidemon was destroyed 20 years ago, and begins a new adventure.

Dishe created the world from the body of Orbis and laid the seed of life in the center. The goddess swore to protect the creatures living in it. If disaster strikes, her heir will rise and fight against evil.

Seventh world, the last attempt. Rus Elclair must stop the endless cycle of destruction in Epic Seven, a mobile MMORPG from the studio Super Creative.

Step-by-step battles are reminiscent of the old parts from the series Final Fantasy. The characters have passive and active skills.

Epic Seven screen 2 Epic Seven screen 1

They have different speed readiness for battle. The semblance of mana is called the Soul and plays the role of an amplifier.

Final Chronicle

Final Chronicle logoFinal Chronicle (Fantasy RPG) is a colorful role-playing game, made in the style of anime.

The user is waiting for an adventure, turn-based combat systems, epic battles with enemies, and picturesque views.

On the way to the cherished goal of the player will meet a variety of opponents. Private soldiers will not pose any particular danger, but the powerful bosses will make you seriously nervous.

More than a hundred different enemies with certain skills, features, and parameters are created for gamers. To defeat them, it will be necessary to develop the skills of heroes and to pump up the whole team.

In addition to battles with enemies, the hero can collect items. They will be encountered frequently, but the rarest items will have to be searched. The treasures are also given as a successful battle with the bosses.

To play, it is necessary to assemble a team. Its capacity is 8 heroes, each of which has a unique skill or skill. In total there are 2 abilities allocated for the hero.

Final Chronicle screen 1 Final Chronicle screen 2

The player will be able to assemble a team of heroes for all tastes and colors. There are brave princes, belligerent knights, brave princesses, powerful sorcerers, elusive ninja, the wisest visionary.

Age of Magic

Age of Magic logoAge of Magic is a dying world of magic, in which hundreds of shards inhabited by surviving creatures soar in the middle of the stars.

The player will have to pave his way among these fragments, collecting heroes and fighting against monsters that are freezing their souls.

As for the heroes, among them, you can find classic magicians, lizardlike races, talking animals, and even samurai elves, not to mention the classic paladins.

In total, in the Age of Magic, there are more than 50 unique heroes, who represent 12 different races.

Players get the opportunity to equip their squad with heroes as they see fit. Besides, each hero needs to be pumped, given equipment, and improve his skills.

The combat system in the game is represented step by step. The player starts the battle with the number of characters up to 5 + 1 from a friend.

Age of Magic screen 2 Age of Magic screen 1

Before the battle is available information about the enemy squad, such as the level of enemy units and how many ox attacks to expect. Unfortunately, the characters on the battlefield can not be placed – the system does it automatically.


AURA KINGDOM logoAura Kingdom is a mobile 3D MMORPG, which transports to the world of Azuria. The main heroes, with the support of Gaia, oppose the Knight Reinhart with his dark army.

This game has everything expected from an RPG, including many classes, talent trees, pets, Kraft, fishing, and cooking.

Players can experience skills in the PvP arena, where battles are held 3×3 or 1×1.

Adventure seekers will open a big world. Here live beautiful characters in classic Japanese costumes and sportswear.

Items for changing your appearance are sold in the store. Things are sometimes given for completed tasks.


PvE side of the game will open Sky Tower – a hundred levels with bosses. Monsters are difficult to defeat alone. The partner can be found in the guild.

Grand Alliance

Grand Alliance logoViz Media and Crunchyroll have teamed up to create a new mobile anime game Grand Alliance in the genre of “broiler”.

In the story of the game Amelia, who is the last Princess of the Empire, goes on a journey in an attempt to unite their nation after her family was killed.

The combat system is based on platoons of three heroes who fight against large hordes of opponents in real-time.

Grand Alliance screen 1 Grand Alliance screen 2

More than 30 characters are already available in the game, each of which is fully animated and assigned to a specific class: shooter, magician, warrior, shooter.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights

Soul Seeker: Six Knights logoSoul Seeker game should please every fan of role-playing games because it got everything you can want from RGP.

It has a collection of more than 200 characters, fantastic locations, the ability to master the professions, and different abilities.

The gameplay is carefully designed and includes small game arenas where you need to choose one of the characters and perform tasks to destroy enemies, using both physical and magical abilities.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights screen 2 Soul Seeker: Six Knights screen 1

The game has an excellent combat system and high-quality modern graphics.

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Gacha World

Gacha World logoGacha World is one of the most popular and highly regarded games in the Play Store. As its name suggests, it is entirely devoted to the gacha system and is quite fascinating.

The game has many animated characters, you can also create your own, making quests and fighting with the bosses.

Your task is to save the world from destruction, learning more about the history of the character, and earning rewards.

If you have enough currency, you can choose from more than 90 characters.

Scrolling gacha, they can be customized from head to toe. And the best thing about this game is that it does not bother you with offers to buy game currency.

Gacha World screen 1 Gacha World screen 2

There are enough tasks to get it without spending real money, and that’s great.

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