How to Promote Android Apps in 2024

Are you planning to develop an app for Android devices? Or maybe you’ve already done so? No doubts your little (or not so little) piece of art needs a promotion. The logical question here is where to start and how to hit the bullseye? Let’s see what you can do.

First of all, for everyone who is new to the subject – finding your target audience and getting into the recommendations can be more tricky on Google Play than it is on App Store. The reason is Google has a specific artificial intelligence system that promotes the apps on its own.

And that’s the reason you might need more marketing ideas for your app than you expect. By also checking checking the article about the best app marketing ideas that you can start right away, perhaps you will discover something inspiring as well.

The two essential factors that it takes into consideration are the name and the description of the app. Then, it analyzes various contacts of it, and can even translate various apps from various languages.

Starting from the earlier stages

How to Promote Android Apps1

Let’s imagine that you decided to make an app as much attractive for the users as possible long before its official release. The answer is obvious here – you need to make the design as convenient as possible to make the people stick to it.

Google itself provides documents and guides on how to develop a user-friendly interface design for an Android app.

You can also steal a couple of features from the most popular apps in your category, or, as they say, “learn from the best”.

Testing is everything

How to Promote Android Apps2

It’s obvious that even the greatest genius cannot fully predict the success of your app. Therefore, you will have to do a lot of testing, before you will actually be able to get to the perfect version of your app.

Therefore, you should turn to Android Beta Testing. You will find this tool on Google’s official support channel, once again. In case you need a link click here.

You should create as many windows for feedback as possible. Therefore, you will get a chance to compile a complete picture of your app’s functioning.

Take care about an app’s image on Google Play

How to Promote Android Apps3
  • Create a video presenting your app
  • Pick up the best screenshots, don’t forget to update them!
  • Make sure that you add an eye-pleasing description of your app (about 200 words, with passages, points, etc.) that will be easy to read for potential users
  • Leave a link to your email and website.

These 3 points are quite obvious for the senior developers, but we wanted to make sure that you are aware of all the sides of promotion. Now, let’s see what you can do when your app is developed and released to the market.

Creating positive app reviews on various websites

If you want to get as much buzz as possible working for you in the long term in 2024, then you should pay attention to the app review websites. There are thousands of them and they have various peculiarities considering reviews.

First of all, pay attention to the popularity of the website.

  • Can it be found in Google Search?
  • What is the monthly traffic of the website?
  • How many visitors per month will find the review of your app?
  • How does the website look in general?
How to Promote Android Apps4

Another crucial aspect is the reliability of the website. Find out, how long it’s been on the market. It’s better to be 5+ years. You don’t want to publish a review about your app on the website that will disappear in a year, right?

For example, our website has been on the market for more than 6 years, and it has contact growth in traffic. By one-time investment we will perpetuate a review about your Android app forever, providing you with infinite downloads. Fill out the form so we could help you to create an amazing review!

Considering all the mentioned above the prices for the review of your app may vary. There are some websites that may offer you free publications, but you will probably have to wait a long time without the proof that the review will be ever published.

We don’t recommend making publications on the budget websites, since they often have low traffic and bring you no downloads.

Popular and vivid app review websites commonly have higher prices for the publications, but they will also bring more target audiences to your app. Keep in mind that the publication on a reliable and secure app review website will bring you downloads for months and years with just a one-time investment.

For an Android app, it’s better to go for the specific Android apps reviews websites.

Work only with trusted sources, beware of scams.

Social Media Promotion

Another essential step for those who have more budget than others. Still rocking in 2024. By collaborating with influencers you can increase the popularity of your app by several times. The only thing is you need to choose carefully so the advertisement matches your target audience. It’s different for each social network.

How to Promote Android Apps5
  • Instagram – it is no secret that this media is more Apple-oriented and you need to make sure that the majority of subscribers have Android devices. Like, having an ad by Tim Cook’s account would not be really wise:) In the United States, for example, the majority of users have iPhones, so keep that in mind when choosing an influencer. Cool tip – search for micro-influencers with a number of subscribers under 10000. They will agree on the lower price or will even accept bartering. Also, try to find influencers in Canada, Mexico, Brasil, the UK, and other countries. And lastly, you can create an account for your app on Instagram and promote it using paid ads.
  • TikTok – also became a “must” in the world of PR. Just like in the case with Instagram, try to find influencers related to the theme of your Android app. TikTok bloggers charge less for the ads, so it might be a nice platform to start. Moreover, the video advertisement can be more suitable for the specifications of your app.
  • Facebook – the good old Facebook may also be an option. Sent the notification to your friends, check the groups related to the theme of your app, and buy the ads. However, paid ads on Facebook are more problematic – the number of bans of your campaign that you will have to face is crazy. But don’t forget to create a page for your app so you could gather a community around it!
  • YouTube – is another great media platform to promote your app. Here you can search not only for influencers but for various channels dedicated to mobile apps. You probably know that there are tons of app reviewing channels, and the price for them varies depending on their popularity. If you don’t have the budget, but want the audience of those channels to notice you – leave a comment under their videos.
  • Pinterest – a less popular and less explored way of promotion, however, working in the long term. It’s useful to upload the images of your app here from time to time since Pinterest is a multi-billion community and images only tend to get more popular here over time.
  • Other apps – you can acquire the ads inside the other apps in your niche. It won’t be that effective, but it will also cost much less.

It is essential to maintain the constant advertising campaign of your app on social media. We have to note that, unlike the app review websites, social media brings a more short effect – at the beginning, the number of downloads can be impressive, but as the post of an influencer grows older, fewer and fewer people see it, while on app review websites the post only gets stronger over the time.

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How to Promote Android Apps6

It’s crucial for your app to have a website, at least for your app brand. You almost have no excuses not to have it – nowadays even my grandpa can build a website on Wix or Tilda. And those developers who have a bigger budget of course can develop impressive websites.

Don’t forget about SEO promotion. Fill your app’s website with useful information and eye-catching visuals to attract more traffic. Moreover, the website of an app can become a step for an app to become something bigger than just an app.

One of the most expensive ways of advertising, but in the case of a well-planned advertising company it may work better than you expect. This step will help you to gain the attention of a broader audience and the audience that tends to use websites instead of apps.

Apply for awards

How to Promote Android Apps7

There are dozens of various awards and winning in a certain category that will give your app a certain status and will draw attention to your creation. You can apply for the following:

  • Appy Awards
  • Best App Ever Awards
  • AppCircus competition
  • Apple Design Awards
  • Appsters Awards
  • Ericsson Application Awards
  • The Webby Awards
  • Best Mobile App Awards, etc.

Buy the reviews for your app on Google Play

How to Promote Android Apps8

We don’t recommend you to fully dive into this thing, but a couple of dozens of reviews won’t hurt. And they cost basically nothing.

Promote your app between your friends and communities

Quite a trivial and not-so-working tip, but hey, it’s free and it will do a little help to the popularity of your app. Or at least you will be able to get honest feedback.

Promo agencies

There is a great variety of platforms that you can turn to if you don’t want to put your hands in the dirt. For example, App Radar will provide the services of the app promotion depending on the package that you will acquire. Moreover, lots of platforms have free trial periods that you can use for your benefit.

Just one thing is that before choosing you should see the strategy in numbers. The general PR is cool, but it means nothing if, in the end, you will get 0 downloads. It’s especially essential with the beginning apps with a low budget.

Avoid the scam

Unfortunately, there is a number of developers nowadays that insert malware into their Android apps and that’s why the Google Play platform tends to have not the best reputation. Therefore, we recommend staying away from the lucrative ads and some unecological ways to keep the app on users’ smartphone, because it NEVER works for you in the long run.

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Overall, you need to view all those methods from the angle of an Android app. Before publishing an ad anywhere, make sure the source has enough Android users, otherwise, the publication won’t make sense. Good Luck!

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