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25 Amazing Tools to Create a Mobile App For Free

Today to become famous it is enough to start a blog, set a channel on Youtube, learn some basic skills to mix and combine music and pretty soon you will become a cool DJ, fashion or beauty Blogger or somebody else. You will stand out among the others and people will begin to notice you.

Or there is an another way  – to create an own app. Of course, it is possible, if you have an outstanding and creative idea which will bang the market.

For the previous variants of ways “how to become famous”, there is one important prerequisite – you need to have a laptop and pretty face. For the last, there is something else you should know. It is some tips and ways of how to become an application builder.

If you read this post, you have made approximately 50 percent of work – you found the necessary resource. We have selected ( just imagine) 25 best applications for iPhone and Andriod, which will help you to create your own application for iTunes or Google Play Store.

There you will find full reviews on these apps and tutorial videos for better understanding.

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Detailed instructions will make you the master of FaceTime customization, we promise. And one more interesting post about alarm clocks : 13 Best alarm clock apps for Android. If you want to set up a new application, all experience for you will be the real find!

Let’s start!

AppsBuilder – Intuitive Italian Design

Italians created one of the most beautiful and friendly to use a build cross-platform. More than 500,000 apps were  modeled, customized and come to live exactly here. By the way, it seems too difficult to navigate among the free trial and free account sign up.

But, a good news for you is that the interface, the dashboard, and editor are very convenient and intuitive.

Let’s talk about its features and what you can operate with. At first, there are powerful layouts designed. For what? It is very comfortable to choose layouts from the list of already customized examples. They based on proven UX best practices and will help you to create and publish an outstanding content and achieve your goals, in general.appsbuilder

There is a huge library of modules you can add to pages, such as  multimedia, maps, calculators, eCommerce and that kind of things. Everyone can find here whatever he searches for. I give you an example. You can choose from at least five modules for your content, for example, for night-club sites or restaurant blogs.

Thirdly, apps are consists of the main body, information and logos and images, of course! Their’s addition is extremely easy. A great plus is an opportunity to scale images and add necessary and fittable effects effortlessly, after their’s downloading onto the page.
Speaking about its paid subscription, there are three categories you can choose :$52 (Starter), $215 (Regular) and $269 (Scalable). Creation a native app for AppStore or Google Play store requires picking the Premium Plan

GoodBarber – Beautiful Apps

good barber
Another colorful and attention-grabbing service, which can help your app come to life. The platform came to us from the French island of Corsica and considered itself as one of the best platforms.

Let’s look at its features. First of all, you have presented a series of wonderful case studies, which show some successful working apps created on the GoodBarber.

There are 4 easy steps to create an app :
goodbarber app builder goodbarber app builder goodbarber app builder goodbarber app builder
1. Design an app                     2. Create a miracle         3. Check what’s done             4. Publish your app
(or original content)

It is a perfect platform to create a social network, Geofencing, blog, chat, and iBeacons. You are given the choice of selecting from several exciting layouts for each category.

Moreover, 50 different templates (each with their own color scheme and font style), creates a vast amount of flexibility within the design of your app and can lead to some very unique creations.

€16/ month  Includes 5,000 push notifications but lacks advanced options.
€32/ month  Includes up to 500,000 push notifications a month and access to the full mobile CMS system.
€48/ month Includes the iPad version, full access to every feature and up to 500,000

Shoutem – The Apple of App Builders

shoutem app builder
Starting at $19/ month you will get some of friendly to use service’s features and 30-days free trial to create your first application. You will be given the choice of choosing from 10 most popular and loyal sections: Loyalty app, Content, Local, Event, Advertising, Business info, Social, e-Commerce, Catalogs, and Push.
shoutem app creator shoutem app creator shoutem app creator
The main process is very simple because you are not required code skills. A huge library of layouts and your imagination will help you to design your app, great modules will help you with Content + you can sync a database through ShoutEm API.

What is more, there is a module Monetization, which can help you to turn the app into a real business and money maker. Check your app before publishing and correct some details which are not perfect. You can do it, using an Analytics – the way of monitoring the progress, popularity and so on. After all, Publish it and observe the Analytics all the time.

Standart $19,90/ month – HTML5 App, No iOS acct. required
Advanced $49,90/ month – iPhone App, Android App, HTML5 App, Push notifications
Unlimited $119,90/ month  – iPad App, iPhone App, Android App, HTML5 App, Push notifications, API access / data sync


AppYourself – Easy and fun to use

appyourself app maker
Where else you will find a platform with a lot of features and, at the same time, a good price? Here it is. AppYourself had been working properly since 2011.

Apart from apps for iOS, Android, and Windows phones you are able to create here, the Platform’s borders don’t end with a mobile app. The main feature that makes AppYOurself different from other platforms is the ability to create a responsive website, connected with your app content. This feature is in an open beta phase.

As for its other features, the app builder offers 30 modules to create an app that covers all your needs, so you can keep in touch with your customers, table booking options via Open Table and Resmio, loyalty cards, photo galleries, and the usual news feed streams.

appyourself builder app


€5 Web Only–  All app builder resources, Mobile web app, Desktop website, Native app, Push notifications.
Basic €15 – All app builder resources, Mobile web app, Desktop website, Native app, Push notifications, 5 modules, Unlimited updates, Unlimited downloads, App statistics, No branding, No ads.

Premium €30- All app builder resources, Mobile web app, Desktop website, Native app, Push notifications, Unlimited modules, Unlimited updates, Unlimited downloads, App statistics, No branding, No ads.
Business (€50 & €200 setup fee).

Try out AppYourself for free, for as long as you want. To make your app come to life and submit it to one of the app stores, you need to be on, at least, Basic plan.

Como DIY – The Swiss Army Knife of App Creators

COmo app builder
Finds out, that Israel, not the only motherland of delicious falafels but of high-quality app’s builder platforms too! It provided the world with more than 1 million apps all over the world! So it is worth your attention.

ComoSense is designed to work with your POS and create an easy, seamless experience for your customers.

Speaking about your app creation, you can choose schemes from different sections such as Food&Drinks, Health&Beauty, Retail&Fashion, Services, Entertainment, and Fitness.

There you will find out that among the customers are most popular restaurants like Papa John’s, Burger King, and Auto Retailers like BMW. There are seven different templates that you can combine with six navigational styles. Colors, background images, and icons can be adapted with your own artwork.

monthly ($57) payment option
yearly ($48) payment option
bi-yearly ($41) payment option

Important! If you don’t manage to achieve your goals, COMO gives you free six months of use.

Mobile Roadie – The Enterprise App Builder

mobileroadie-com app builder
If we talk about professionals in a question of app creation and mobile marketing, this platform is a real leader. Such famous clients in the list of MobileRoadie as Disney, TED.org, and Universal prove this statement.

About its features, you will find everything! And it doesn’t matter, whether you create an app in the Entertainment section or for e-Commerce.

  • Social Network Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Premium Badges
  • Live­Streams and In­App Video
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Track User Engagement Time
  • iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud Integration
  • YouTube, Vimeo, UStream, LiveStream Integration
  • RSS Sync

Pricing : Core plan starts from $49,90/ month to $149 , while Pro Plan is up to $799/ month

BIZNESSAPPS – That Lead Magnet

Businessapps app creator
Developers said that one of 20 apps, created in the world every day, is an app, developed on BusinessApps.Step 1- Brand your app with your own custom imagery, or use a pre-designed industry-specific template.

Step 2- Turn your app into a money machine, that can provide you not only with happiness but with a good income too! Use drag-and-drop mobile app builder to choose from an extensive list of native features and 3rd party integrations. Step 3- Publish it! The builder’s system makes sure that 96,5 % of apps are successfully published to the app stores.

But these steps are the next after you have read about How you can create an app in 12 easy steps. It helped me in my time.

What is more, there is a huge library of great tutorials,which accelerate the process of creation.


$42/ month- A Single App pricing
$250/month – Reseller

AppMachine – The High Potential

appmachine app creator
If you want all processes are working automatically, and you have required only an outstanding idea and some ideas for design, AppMachine is what you search for.

A Dutch company has created something especially different, apart from the app, you can create a website syncing directly with the app. Еhe editor is impressive at first sight, but a quite simple.AppMachine’s CMS lets you update photos, product information, colleague and team data, POIs, or any other text.

Blocks are your friends, choose the one to create your own an app by themes and templates, use features you like: Information, Photos, Video or Push message. It is important to support your app with live links to Twitter, Facebook and so on. More tutorials and information you will find on AppMachine – the high potential.


$9/ month– to create a Website on Impress.ly
$49/ month– a Professional Native App


appmakr app maker

Why should you choose exactly AppMakr? Firstly, it is fast Between built-in notifications, HTML 5 functionality, native high-resolution photo galleries, branding, and design customization, live updates and more, you’ll be able to make a robust, high-quality mobile app to show off your awesome content.

Advertise your app via blogs, latest news and article feeds, photo galleries and videos. There are interactive options like message boards, live chat rooms, and classified ads. The main idea of the platform is to help you to monetize your app, so you enjoy all benefits of your work on the App.

After all, the AppMakr platform you’ll get a working live preview of all the functions. After you’ve fallen in love with your app, you can publish it to the markets with a single click.


For FREE you can create a website
App Basics -$1/ month (billed annually)
App Pro – $9/ month
Unlimited / Reseller- $39/ month


Appsbar app maker
This review should begin with words: it’s FOR FREE! Only you exactly know how your app will look in the future, how it should work and what it should consist of.

Using AppsBar, you will achieve all meaningful goals you set up and publish your application on any platform you like the most: Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry or on all.

With several app-building tools, technical support and training videos, Appsbar makes it convenient for businesses or individuals to create a mobile application for free without having to do any coding.

All you need is to select from one of the sections like business, entertainment, music, and trust the editor which offers you all the best features like templates, beautiful colors, schemes, images, and themes.

Appy Pie

appy-pie app maker

Your app is a pie, you need to cook. Like a pie, your app consists of some details you need to find and add. Also, there should be a secret ingredient that makes you “pie” incredible and unforgettable. So that every who tastes it has to taste it again and again.

Your tasty topping can be a Pocket tool, Blog integration, Shopping Cart, Geotarget Notifications, Live TV& Video streaming, e-Commerce and m-Commerce and a lot of other features you can see at AppyPie.

Also, you should think about the process, of course. With beautiful templates, schemes and content design, the long process quickly turns into a nice time.
appy-pie-app maker
Moreover, AppyPie thinks about what are your target devices and gives you a choice of choosing what device you will create an app: a tablet, computer, iPhone, Android, iPad or another gadget.

Free for the first 24 hours of use!
$15/ month – Basic Plan ( per one app)
$30/ month- Gold Plan (per one app)
450/ month – Platinum (per one app)
All process of creation is shown here:



By the way, this platform is for already working apps.

This app provides you with the greatest templates ever. They are based on the best apps in AppStore and Google Play Store. More than 50 different color schemes and themes can make your app an outstanding one.

Templates are coded. Think of the templates as the app skeleton on which you can build you app’s ‘body’.
Developers cut up the .psd assets and put them into an app project. These template projects are coded in quality native code, Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. Once you buy one of the templates, you have an open license to develop it into your own app, which is yours to release on the App Store and Play Store as your own.

Pricing: Started at $30 to $99 per one template.

Siberian CMS

siberian-cms app maker
Well, this app akin to WordPress due to ti the same basic functionality, so you won’t have problems with adaptation. With this tool by your side, you will be able to craft a wonderful app in an uncomplicated process, by toying with modules instead of coding.

There are so many features so I can’t calculate them but the next seems to me most interesting: an ability to integrate Instagram album, display YouTube, Vimeo or another video, PAYPAL GATEWAY (PE). Also , you can lock your app wholly or partly, and create VIP access. Unlock with membership or QR code.

Everything is simple – design, create the content, preview, publish

Free for single-app edition!
€79/ month or €399/ year for multi-app edition


invision app maker
I have never faced as powerfully designed process platform like this one. Without doubts, it deserves its separate review and not only 150 words, but I will try to be brief but say fully about its features.

Firstly, it offers its users, options, features and different services for free, moreover it easy to work with. InVision has integration with Photoshop and Sketch, relate audiences to it due to serious attention to your aesthetic needs, by providing you with top prototypes and templates.
You can get feedback as soon as you correct some details. Especially, it is useful for analytics of customer’s preferences and target needs.

Such well-known companies like Uber, Evernote, Twitter have already created their apps or websites with InVision. Now, it’s all about you.

The introduction video get you a full review on this platform


In the world of prototyping and wireframing tools, this platform is one of the leader’s positions.
With a very low learning curve in mind for a professional wireframe tool, HotGloo offer all necessary elements needed to design great wireframes for your app.
Hotgloo prototyping

There is a huge Widget library, including more than 5,000 icons. From prototypes of the next award-winning app to huge e-commerce wireframe shop solutions, HotGloo is the perfect match for every web worker.

What can be more pleasant than enjoy a working process, especially if everything has been already done by the HotGloo.

hotgloo prototyping


antetype app maker
400 pre-designed widgets provide you an opportunity to create the greatest app ever . Use dynamic layout and flexible sizing, wrapping and breakpoints to adjust your UI design easily and adapt to different screen sizes instantly. Detailed Specifications – Once your design is ready, create a specification of it – with one click.

A prototype is the first thing you need to think about carefully. So pay serious attention to your wireframes and trust only proven platforms like Antetype.

Included learning tutorials will help you with developing a cool prototype for your future app. Moreover, for what platform you want to create an app choose you too.

Full plan -$189


flairbuilder app maker

You agree with me, that wireframe is the main part of an app creation. It gives a start to such points as Design, Content developing and so on. First of all FlaiBuilder target on specifications of every device, whether it is an iPhone, Android, Windows or a tablet on the same platforms.

Basically, it determines the next steps and FlairBuilder offers an exclusive design. Due to Master pages and layers, you can reuse cross-page elements like navigation, menus, and what not is a no-brainer. Save precious time and get fast feedback from clients.
Including images, you will not as creative as if you add cool icons. By the way, in the FlairBuilder there are 700+ different icons, belonging to some sections.

$99 – One User License


app creator
An Argentinian company, that makes not so good impression because of the lack o information “About Us” or ” Compan profile”. But more than 41,000,000 reviews recommend us to choose exactly this platform.

Despite the fact that the MobAppCreator don’t offer as many templates as wanted, it provides users with the most friendly -to -use interface, dashboard, and editor without sophisticated words.

What is more, it’s a nice touch having a pull-out iPhone on the side that keeps an updated, clickable representation of your app which is refreshed with each new change.

Check your app before publishing and you will be able to correct some moments working not so well.

mobappcreator app maker


ibuildapp app maker
As for me, I immediately trust websites that are designed well and all questions are in order. This app is a provider of beauty and minimalism. But I appreciate it not only for its interface but for features.

First of all, there are more than 1000 cool templates and you can choose the most suitable. Secondly, mobile features make building apps without code fast and easy and for each section, you will find cool features.
IbuilApp app maker
The platform takes to care for the future of your app, and IBuildApp exactly knows how to turn your app into a successful business, offering you promotional tools, analytics, and notifications


app maker


The process of creation is real in 5 minutes. First of all, choose a template that is the most beautiful, suitable and the best template ever, to your mind.

It doesn’t matter, whether you create an app for business or for entertainment, templates are enough. The intuitive platform offers everything you need to build a custom, feature-rich app without writing a single line of code. After all, it publishes your app for the world to see and let you make updates to your app at any time.

Premium plan ($49 per month)


appery.io app maker
This means that a user can build an app entirely in the cloud. The advantage is that you do not need download hence install any software.

You can create apps that run on all major device platforms including iOS and Android, all from a single codebase. Secondly, building your UI couldn’t get much easier: simply drag-and-drop the components to build the UI. Thirdly, templates deserve a separate point, there are a lot of so that nobody can say what is the number.

What is more, you can collaborate and share your mobile project with your outstanding team, designers, businessmen, and customers in real-time.

appery app maker


appsheet app maker
Everyone can create its own app on herself way with lovely templates, original content and other features that will differ your app from others. The process consists of 4 ingredients. Firstly, it is a Spreadsheet.

The great plus is that you have already met this spreadsheet application- it is some applications from Microsoft Office and Google sheet. Secondly, put your innovations into a cloud anyone you use.

Thirdly, add dozens, features, and other cool things, using an editor. The last step is sharing with all people in the world.

And don’t forget to lool on the interactive map!



All words have already been said, this app also has such functions as design with more than 400 exclusive templates, content developing, preview and publish. There is also an opportunity to create an app for different platforms, but they will be synced with each other and all details can be corrected in real-time.

Apart from basic sections like business, events, and locations, there are a few curious such as Design& Portfolio, Miscellaneous, and Sports.


each scape app maker

The Only Cloud-Based Environment to Build, Connect, and Manage Cross-Platform Native Apps. You should know that true native source code for iOS and Android available in Xcode or Eclipse, and this platform offers.
A feature that I haven’t met before is Third Party Integrations.

Seamlessly integrate with any 3rd party SDK. Key SDK is pre-integrated and ready to go. I think it will become more understandable after a few tutorial videos.

What is more, you can connect to Enterprise CMS or use EachScape CMS.

Another important thing is that you should bring users to your app when a web search matches the content of an article. EachScape implementation of deep search allows Media outlets to leverage web search to increase app traffic.

Thank you for your attention! We have searched the best tools for building an app of the best. Most of them have only one con- they are fee-paying.
We hope that soon we will see something standing among the others app in AppStore or Google Play Store. Maybe, someday we will include exactly your app into one of our collections. Good Luck!

Freeappsforme team
Free apps for Android and iOS