11 Best Hymnal Apps for Android & iOS

Hymnals are a way of worship and a way of finding harmony with your soul and with God. The words of hymnals are very important and powerful. You can speak in the words of God when you sing the hymnals.

We can not always carry books with hymnals. Sometimes you can also get overwhelmed and accidentally forget a line or word. Do not worry! This will never happen to you again.

Download the hymnal apps to keep hymnals pocketbooks with you at all times. Enjoy classic, old and modern hymnals. We have prepared and tested dozens of apps and compiled a list of 11 of the best. Below you can read their description.

If you would like to learn more about church hymns, check out this article.

SDA Hymnal

This app will delight you with all 695 songs with lyrics. You can add a widget to your home screen so as not to waste time searching and opening the app. All you need to do is click on the play button on the widget.

The app has midis for all 695 songs. You can even read the lyrics of old hymns. Agree that looking for one hymnal among 695 is difficult. The app has a convenient search system by number, name, and words.

Searching for the desired hymnal will not take more than a few seconds. You can also find out the key and notes of the hymns. Set reminders to remember to sing hymns. Add hymns to your favorites list to always have quick access to them.

SDA Hymnal SDA Hymnal SDA Hymnal

The app will let you control your audio. You will be able to see the audio track in the notification section. Press pause if you need to stop. You can continue at any time.

If you think you need to change the lyrics, then it’s easy to do. The app supports word change functions. Add comments to your favorite hymns. Let other users see your comments and communicate with you.

This is a great way to make new acquaintances and friends. The app has no ads. Nothing will distract you. It only takes up 4.7MB. Install it and join 500 thousand users around the world.


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This app will allow you to enjoy all your favorite hymnal. The app is free, but you can buy an additional hymnal. You will be able to learn notes for different musical instruments and accompany yourself as you sing.

The app also has a collection of ritual songs. You will be able to purify your soul and find harmony with yourself. The app is great for church choir members, especially those who can sing from the note.

You will be able to download the hymnal for a fee. The app has a quick search for hymnal by title, number, or text. Create your hymnal sheets for different events or activities. Select the order of hymnal or the order of their playback. You can share sheets with other users of the app. Listen and read lists of the other members and find what you like the most.

Hymnals Hymnals Hymnals

The app has easy navigation. You will be able to see all hymnals compilations in beautiful covers. You can zoom in and out of the lyric without blur. Choose the simple hymnals option. You can use horizontal or vertical orientation.

If you want to see the whole page click on the “show full version” button. Open your favorite hymnals and you can see lyrics and sheet music. This will greatly help the members of the church choir.

Use this app as a mentor. It takes up 100MB. The size of the app will increase as you add new hymnals.


SDA Hymnal

This e-book with all 695 songs you can take with you wherever you go. It will always be on your smartphone. The app has an excellent search mode. You don’t have to scroll through all 695 songs to find the one you want.

Just enter a number, word, title, or line in the search bar. You can also play midi. The app is suitable for those who have forgotten a melody or lyric of the hymnal. It is as simple as possible and has nothing superfluous.

Hymnals will help you carry the words of God into our mortal world. Let the song light up and cleanse the hearts of those in need. The app will help you in this mission.

SDA Hymnal SDA Hymnal

SDA Hymnal has a simplified user interface with a cozy design. The app has no ads, so nothing will distract you from reading and listening to your favorite hymnal.

The app is still under development, so there may be small errors in work. If you find a bug, please report it to technical support. SDA Hymnal is only 1.6MB in size. It has been installed over 500 thousand times. Try it, and you will see that this app is very good.


Project Hymnal

Hymnal is loved in many places. Sometimes, it happens that you want to sing hymnal but don’t know the lyrics. What should you do? You need to download this app with a large collection of the hymnal at different times.

It will never happen again that you don’t know the words or don’t know how to sing hymnal. The app even has sheet music that you can use to play musical instruments.

Project Hymnal has the most updated version of the hymns. The app works offline, you do not need to have an Internet connection at all. It is a universal hymnal app that every hymnal singing person should have.

Project Hymnal Project Hymnal Project Hymnal

Create hymnal categories so you always have quick access to what you need. Click on the heart and the hymnal will be added to your favorites list. The app is 197MB, so you should have enough space on your smartphone.

Project Hymnal has a simple design with a green theme. There are no ads in the app. Download it and you can have all your favorite hymnal anywhere and anytime.


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Adventist Hymnal with piano sheet

This app has collected a huge amount of hymnals from different countries and peoples. English, old, and new Spanish, new Russian hymnals are waiting for you. Search your favorite hymnal by number, title, words, or notes.

You will be able to see the sheet music for each hymnal. Play them on musical instruments and sing along. You can change the text size in the app settings. Make the app user-friendly and enjoyable.

Adventist Hymnal with piano sheet Adventist Hymnal with piano sheet Adventist Hymnal with piano sheet

The app has technical support. If you have any problems or ideas for improving the app, please contact technical support. You will receive a prompt reply. The app is 111MB. Install it and join 10 thousand hymnal lovers.


Hymn Book

It’s always great to have a digital version of your favorite books. You don’t need to carry heavy books with you. It is enough to have a smartphone. This app will allow you to have many different hymnals for free.

You will be able to bring your whole family together and sing your favorite hymnals. It will unite your hearts and bring you closer to God. The app is like a huge community. You can follow people and add their favorite hymnal.

Stop searching the internet for your favorite hymnal. This app will give you quick access to lyrics and sheet music. Search hymnals by word, number, and name. Mark your favorite hymnals and add them to your favorites list to always have quick access to them.

Hymn Book Hymn Book Hymn Book

The app will allow you to quickly share your favorite hymnals via social networks. Add a cute picture to make more people notice.

The app has a convenient interface and a stylish design. All 695 hymnal are waiting for you. You will also get access to hymnal in different languages. This app will be useful for choir members.


The Church Hymnal

The app has over 700 different hymnals. You can always have access to your favorite hymnals. If you have forgotten the lyrics, you can always remember them. Add important hymnals to your favorites list for quick access.

The app has 2 categories of hymnals. These are the church and traditional hymnals. Each hymnal has its own number and name. You can quickly find the hymnal you want. Enter a name, number, or a piece of text in the search bar. You can customize the lyrics font in the app settings. Find the most convenient option.

The Church Hymnal The Church Hymnal The Church Hymnal

The design of the app is simple and intuitive. You will not get confused by the interface, because it fits the standard e-book interface. Everything is conveniently sorted into chapters and tabs.

The app also has sheet music for singing hymnals. If you are a member of a church choir, this is a great opportunity to try interesting and unusual hymnals. Let people hear the words of God through your singing. The app is only 6.2MB. Download it and you can always listen to your favorite hymnals.



Hymnals can clear our minds and guide us on the path of truth. This app will help you always be able to read or sing your favorite hymnals. This is an excellent hymnal handy e-reader.

Download this app and you will have access to thousands of hymnals in different languages. Do you love Italian or Russian hymnals? The app has many hymnals from different countries.

Search for hymnals by number or name. This is convenient when you urgently need to find a hymnal. Just enter its number so as not to scroll through the entire list. The app will show all matches.

Hymnal Hymnal

The app was specially designed for iOS. You can choose horizontal or vertical orientation. Listen to the hymnal in mp3 format. The app will also let you play piano accompaniment so you can sing.

The developers keep updating the app by adding new piano recordings. Download it and let your heart sing with the words of God. The app does not require permissions and also weighs only 8MB.


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Church Hymnal

The following app is distinguished by its simplicity and convenience. A whole collection of hymnals awaits you, which are sorted. You will be able to sing them anytime and anywhere. Lyrics are written in an eye-pleasing font on a light background.

If you like the hymnals, you can add them to your favorites list. You can allow the app to pop up. Hymnals motivate and guide you on the path of truth. The app is suitable for leaders of church choirs.

You will be able to find interesting hymnals and sing them during the church festival. Download sheet music for hymnals directly from the app. Give sheet music to the members of the church choir and begin the song of God.

Church Hymnal Church Hymnal Church Hymnal

The developers have also added several main prayers to the app. This expands the functionality of the app. Hymns that correspond to Anglican communion await you. You can also read about Anglicanism. This will expand your knowledge and help you understand more about God.

The app has been installed over 10 thousand times. Download it and join the fast-growing community. Church Hymnal is 8.4MB. This is small enough for such a useful app.


CAG Hymns

Believe it or not, this app has not only traditional hymnals but also a large collection of songs. You can even create your own recordings. The app has instrumentals of your favorite hymnals. Sing and the app will record your voice.

You can also watch awesome videos with hymnals. This will allow you to visualize and better understand the meaning of hymnal. Build the library of your favorite hymnals. You can create a playlist for your needs and mood.

CAG Hymns allows you to listen to hymnals and music offline. Download songs to the memory of your smartphone to listen to them offline. Browsed new hymnals and songs. Different languages ​​and artists will be available to you. This app is like karaoke.

CAG Hymns CAG Hymns CAG Hymns

Personalize your theme of the app. Choose the main color and a gradient. The app has high-definition hymnal videos. You can delete the downloaded music to reclaim the memory of your smartphone. Try this app and you will always have access to hymnals anytime and anywhere!


Christian Hymn Book

This app is specially designed for Christians who believe in the power of God. This is a huge collection of hymnals from different countries. Do you think it will be difficult for you to find a hymnal? It is not true. The app has an advanced search engine.

Enter a title or full text. The app will find the required hymnal in a matter of seconds. Play MIDI music right in the app. You do not need to download additional software. You can zoom in and zoom out lyrics.

Add hymnals to your favorites list. You can always quickly find them from your favorites list. This will save a lot of your time. You can also share the lyrics of your favorite hymnals with your friends via email. You can show or hide the song title.

Christian Hymn Book works offline, so you do not need to have an Internet connection to use the app.

Christian Hymn Book Christian Hymn Book Christian Hymn Book

The design of the app can be fully customized. Turn on the dark theme to make it easier for you to read at night. It also reduces battery consumption.

The app will keep your smartphone screen on, which will not distract you from reading hymnals. Move the app to the SD card to save space on your smartphone. Christian Hymn Book weighs in at 4.4MB. The app has been installed over 100 thousand times.


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